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  1. Boba looked overcosted when Sabine was spoiled
  2. Why is that ? Did i miss where it says i can take Bane as a commander?
  3. Hey Dr Lucky, will there be an update soon?
  4. he did, but it was like turn 5 on key positions , i needed to clear stuff off of the middle, i went in with his attack rolled like crap, then hit every unit available and rolled like crap again. then 2 wookies rolled 5 dice and hit 5 times , GG had 4 wounds left and more crap rolling. since then i have left GG on the shelf and taken Dooku
  5. i agree with everything except Grevious 1 pip, that card has failed me so often that i can no longer ever consider it good. The last straw was when i moved GG into R1 of my opponents entire army, i rolled against 11 units and made 3 wounds. Without surge that attack is so bad .
  6. But DTF relies more on Dooku's amazing cards with generics thrown in, i know i leave GG'S cards out of my deck because i find that they're hot garbage. DTF could swap out GG for Cad and not really miss GG
  7. He isn't auto include until we get a commander under175 pts.
  8. I agree,i'm getting rather annoyed at this strategy. I wanted an army which gave me more activations than the Empire, not less.
  9. You are correct, i had thought Shores had come out early July but it was actually August
  10. Empire has gotten 1 significant release since July 2019 ( which is Iden), Op Vader,Dewback are pretty much flops
  11. can't i said he and R2 would be in 90% of competetive Rebel and GAR lists
  12. Empire is also the slowest army. They can't compete with double secret mission, the AT-ST is no match for a Saber, Rex makes a joke of Veers because he actually uses his guns and his cards are superior. Empire is in a bad spot right now
  13. Is there a place where we can see the data collected from the current invader league?
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