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  1. Darth evil

    Hooray. Upsilons on sale at Amazon for 12 bucks.

    it's not just you guys, here in Canada we get screwed as well
  2. Darth evil

    we may as well get the ball rolling

    can we get back on track with Vader, there are enough threads about how bad the AT-ST and Air Speeder are.
  3. Darth evil

    Veers/Boba list, Strike team or E-web?

    i don't see the point of the IRG in this list
  4. Darth evil

    LVO Legion Tables

    tables looked awesome
  5. Darth evil

    we may as well get the ball rolling

    I dont think he really needs it but every single hero surges to crit , except Vader, so even though he rolls reds he jas more trouble against armor than Luke and his Saber throw suffers against cover
  6. As someone who has gotten into every SW based miniature game FFG has produced and even a stint with their dice based card game, i have seen a trend that the designers do over and over again everytime the design a game. The stick Vader in the first wave, give him a ludicrous points cost because they think he will be over powered, he then turns out to be over costed and under powered and then they need to make a fix for him. This has happened in X-wing, Imperial Assault,Destiny and to an extent Armada because who really plays Vader as an Admiral, and now Legion. Lets face facts Vader costs a quarter of your list, takes 3 turns getting up the board and is the only hero without surges,like any, nada, zip. Another point is at 210 points because lets face it Saber throw is mandatory there is a better option in Emperor Palpatine. Personally i believe Vader needs to come down to 180 points and Saber throw should simply be his ranged weapon. What are your thoughts Legion Community?
  7. 50$, for terrain. I'll pass
  8. it's very simple really DTL's shoot red with surge and have R4, Z6's shoot 6 dice for 1 model, Snipers have unlimited range , pierce 1 and sharpshooter 1 and Leia Veers are cheap, and Leia is pretty good with that pistol.All this makes units like Vader( slow no surges what so ever), AT-ST no Surges has white dice in attack pool for 195 points, Bikes( low wounds bad save), E-Webs' um range 3 not good enough.
  9. Darth evil

    So Rebels.

    i'm sure FFG is keeping them both for TCW
  10. Darth evil

    So Rebels.

    what would R2 and 3PO do in Legion?, you can't pass focus or hack teminals in LEgion
  11. Darth evil

    Petition to give Vader a Talent slot

    how can i add either of those upgrades if i don't own anything FO ?
  12. Darth evil

    Petition to give Vader a Talent slot

    The dev's have made SR unplayable and as of now nothing can really be played on Vader so give him a Talent slot so he can actually do something and not suck.
  13. Darth evil


    you could always use the rule that what can't be seen can't be killed and throw the doids out in the open for someone to pick them off.
  14. Darth evil


    same with the comm specialists. when you look at the costs your getting a Stormtrooper with either Relay for only 4 extra points or a Medic for 8 extra points which is less than the cost of an extra trooper. Personally i think the best place for the Specialists are Snowtroopers and Fleet troopers because you save more on personel than say regular Troopers
  15. Goodjob there FFG, you preview the Rebels last week and don't even come out with an article for the Imperial specialists on their release date. Good thing Crabbok spoiled it for us