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  1. thats like a video from 5 years ago
  2. considering they are both slow moving hover tanks the tanks probably have some form of lateral move
  3. i'm with you, this is a miniatures game not a board game. Every Miniatures game has figures on sprues, i hate the fact that every one of my unit leaders look the same, and i really with FFG had started with sprues to begin with. IMO if your not into the hobby but are just a board gamer then maybe you should look at TTS.
  4. thats an awesome looking table
  5. i can't be the only one undewhelmed by Greviouses command cards
  6. For my part i believe Vader needs an offensive surge and a cost reduction. Scouts need a cost reduction because 15 pts each is too much for flakky white saves and pistols. And IRG need a point reduction, 25 points each and no surges at all.
  7. weird a Store in Quebec city posted a photo of Outer Rim, Sabine,Bossk and the Downed AT-ST in stock
  8. no Airspeeder is immune to melee
  9. i'll take great tables, painted mini's and great players over prizes any day
  10. it is, but the fact remains that it can happen. The question is should it ?
  11. i just wish you needed dedicated Anti-tank to knock it out
  12. i played my tank last night for the first time, first activation my opponents sniper rolled 2 crits and i failed 1 save so 2 wounds. another sniper scored a crit same turn so another wound. Next round those same snipers rolled a crit each. and by turn 3 my tank was dead and not a single impact . Armour still sucks and will always suck until the remove the crit BS.
  13. Hooded Goblin, the price has been brought down to 70$
  14. there is a store in Ontario charging 100$ but are promising 1000$ in prizes. It's capped at 40 people but that basically means every participant will walk away with minimum 25$ worth of prizes which translates to 75$ to attend, which is probably why i wont.
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