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  1. I read the rules two times. However I'm still a little bit confused. Here is a list of my questions. I hope someone can help me, despite my poor english . 1) Invaders don't recieve reinforcement in the first turn, but USA do. 2) Rules for combine arms hit is applied on every army attacking a mountain or city territory. So it is applied even on USA player (if he is the attacker of course). 3) There is only one round of battle? I mean defender shoot first, then surviving attacker's units. What happed if any defending units survive? Is there another round of battle? Or defender was successfull and attacker dont't invades that territory? 4) I'm not alloved to move into enemy invasion zone. But I can attack it. Right? I only skip the invasion action. And can bombers use their bombers ability and retreat after? 5) I'm confused about victory conditions. If there are 18 city miniatures on the captured city track, invaders win the game. If there are 17 or less cities miniatures, game continue into USA turn. At end of his turn the turn marker will advance one space and if it will reach "USA victory", the USA player wins the game. All is clear until now. But there is another section bellow - Invader victory: "The Invaders collectively win if 18 or more city miniatures are on the captured city track AT THE END OF THE U.S. Player's turn or if the U.S. Player concedes." By the first section it looks like if there are 18 city miniatures out of the board, the game ends and invaders immeditely win. By the second question it looks like USA player has one last chance (his last round) to recapture one or more cities and if he succed, the game continues. Helicopters question 6) If a helicopter use it's scouting ability and land in an unoccupied territory, it will capture it. Right? Subquestion: why should I conquest terriory next but one instead of adjanced? In supply check action I will find that there is no supply line and my helicopters will be destroyed. So it is usefull for USA player only? 7) Scouting ability is used for conquering unoccupied terriory, while maneuvers movement 2 serves for attacking occupied terrioty (next but one instead of adjanced)? 8)Why helicopters have invasion movement 2? There is no reason to move them after battle. Logically I move them (prepare) into an adjanced territory to declared terriotry to use them in the battle. Move them after the battle is useless. 9) Rules page 20, general invasion rules, section "can move", last point - Into an occupied or unoccupied enemy territory if they are "flying over" it with a helicopter or a bomber. a) Invasion takes place after a battle, so how can I fly there with any unit? It must start a new battle. Or they will co-exist in some way? b) It is OK for USA, but invaders will propubly loose a supply line and such units will be destroyed. Am I right?
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