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  1. Reasons C & F equally with painting mini's a close second/third. Now I just need to find more time to paint and people who want to play a campaign.
  2. I've been a life long Star Wars fan. played the West End rpg, almost all the video games and then years later I see FFG coming out with a miniatures game for starfighter combat. I dropped 40k and used the proceeds to fund getting into X-wing. So basically Star Wars.
  3. As much as I'd like to see that kind of book I want more NPC's, creatures and ships or those entries from the core books collected into one book for each type. Carrying the three core books around is backbreaking.
  4. I hope it is with the original core box. My wallet can't handle a second core box so soon.
  5. Maybe the fish puns should be scaled back a bit.
  6. Wow! That last report with Whisper was crazy. Good job on all the write-ups. Look forward to more.
  7. Well, at least this thread hasn't gotten orca-ward.
  8. This thread is certainly reeling it in.
  9. I think this thing got way to reasonable way too fast. Though R7-T1 having a heart of gold explains a lot.
  10. This is the type of organization I've been looking for... Excellent job! I've been keeping mine sorted by cost. Separating them even further by unit type, characters, etc. along with the reminder cards, just beautiful.
  11. FFG could follow a similar path to X-wing and have cards for characters in multiple factions. Some of those characters could be Rebel/Mercenary.
  12. The Grand Inquisitor figure looks like it has both blades ignited.
  13. Wait, wait, wait... There were lists where you can just put the ships on the table and win? no moving necessary?
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