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    Hockeyzombie reacted to TheTuninator in Rebel aces must stink........   
    Well then, if those stupid scum managed to take down the Empire time and time again, what does that say about His Majesty's finest?
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    Hockeyzombie got a reaction from Martel in Is it worth getting into Attack Wing when I already play X-Wing?   
    Armada looks good. Haven't heard much from the Gencon demo but given how much X-Wing changed for the better I wouldn't worry too much. It's easy to read these forums and think everyone is an FFG fanboy, but there is a solid history of good games at reasonable prices. I told a store owner about that Imperial Assault thing and all I had to say was "the guys that make Descent are doing a Star Wars version" and he decided to order a lot of it. 
    Actually, Descent might be worth investigating. Never played it myself but I hear only good things. 
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    Hockeyzombie got a reaction from Breaking The Law in Old ships need love not recent popular ships?   
    Very well, OP. You are both wrong and stupid. 
    Well actually you have a point, kind of. Like Vorpal said, many of the ships getting new content aren't as new as they feel, and honeslty X-Wings don't need a buff. Not sure TIE Fighters should get one, unless it doesn't work in swarm lists. The TIE Advanced and Y-Wing could use help but the Y-Wing has Most Wanted and the Advanced apparently has something on the way, though beyond reassurances we have nothing (except Proton Rockets I guess).
    So you're a little off the mark but if I'm being serious then wrong and stupid don't really apply here. 
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    Hockeyzombie reacted to Dr. Quinn in Do Normal People Matter?   
    I really liked a lot of the answers in here, and it really got me thinking.  I think that, for me and my views on it, the person who said the comment about squirrels almost had the right of it, albeit a bit too simplified.  I like to think that the default view is something like that of a Beekeeper.  Bear with me, though, before you dismiss that as absurd.
    For one, a Beekeeper's job is, ultimately, protecting the bees so they can keep being productive.  For individual beekeepers, the way they view their relationship with the bees can and will certainly vary.  Some will take care of them simply because it is their duty, and there is honor in performing your job well.  Some will take care of them solely for the benefit they provide.  Some may take care of them because they value bees specifically, or all living things in general.
    Ultimately, though, the reason they take care of them, and their attitude towards the bees themselves, does not matter in the performing of their duties.  Their responsibility is to take care of them as a whole, so when a bear or honey badger or beast shows up, they take care of it.  It's not that the bees are incapable of defending themselves, and certainly you aren't going to normally be hypervigilant and protect against random frogs, newts, spiders, and "lesser" threats, but they just suck at it so hard compared to what you can do, so when it's time to get serious, no matter what your thoughts are about them, you show up and do your job.
    At the same time, since the responsibility is the protection of them as a whole, if a hive suffers blight or disease, you destroy it so that it does not spread to the rest of them.  You may feel regret or loss in doing so, either because you're killing all them, or because of the loss of their productivity, but you still need to do it, regardless of any moral or ethical qualms, because not doing it will only lead to a much worse situation later on.  Similarly, if one stings you, it dies, and barring unusual moral positioning, you do not feel great remorse that one individual bee has died.  It shouldn't have stung you, after all.
    The parallels are hopefully obvious, but in 40k, it is much the same- the role of the space marines is to protect all of humanity, not one particular human, and so they choose to devote their efforts to things that humanity cannot defend against itself.  That in and of itself implies a kind of separation from humanity as a whole, which is certainly true.  It's not like they actively think of themselves as better than regular humans, they don't need to in the same way that we don't bother thinking of ourselves as better than bees.  They *know* they are better, but they also know that their sacred duty, the purpose of their existance, is to defend them.  How they handle that knowledge varies from marine to marine and chapter to chapter, and that's where the whole thing comes in, in terms of some chapter's "paternal" attitude, some chapter's "scornful" attitude, etc.
    My whole point with all of this is that yes, ordinary humans matter, because they have to- that's the whole point of space marines.  No Iron Hands is ever going to exterminatus a hive world for the fun of it, and no space wolf or ultramarine is going to fail to slay a cabal of chaos cultists, they have to do their job regardless of their feelings.  If you want a less extreme (and  worse) analogy you could compare it to a bodyguard.  It doesn't matter what you think of the guy, you still have to do your job.  And in terms of what you think of the guy, whether you shed a tear as you pop a bolt shell into a tainted cultist and cry yourself to sleep after ordering the extermination of a world, or coldly calculate the impact its loss will have on the manufacturing ability of nearby systems, well, that depends on the individual. 
    Bear in mind too, even though chapters have trends and patterns in their beliefs, views, and emotions, it's bad storytelling to reduce those things down to a chapter level, so don't be afraid to have the iron hands who believes that any loss is unacceptable, and seeks to save every life possible.  Such a character may also have an unhealthy obsession with preserving ammunition and consummables, and never fire 2 shots when 1 will do, as he carries that philosophy over into more "conventional" iron hands thought patterns, but they're not all remorseless in their destruction of that which they see as "weak".  Similarly, the Salamander who *was* extremely protective of life, seeking to valiantly defend all of humanity 200 years ago, may now be at the point at which he has become jaded by the never ending tide of foes, and humanity's inability to properly defend itself, and as a result is perhaps a bit too fast to pull the trigger on his flamer, regardless of what guardsmen may be in the way, as his priorities have shifted to the eradication of foes, trying desperately to contribute towards exterminating them faster than they can reappear.
    Sorry for the wall o' text.
    tl;dr: Humanity is a bunch of bees.
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    Hockeyzombie reacted to Osoroshii in Earning Your Wings! A Guide For Understanding Movment.   
    Part 1: Small Ship Movement
    Hitting an astroid can be one of the most frustrating things in X-Wing, especially if you could have just gone a little faster and missed it. Understanding where your ships will land befor you place the template down will vastly improve your game.
    All the pieces in X-Wing have a relative relation to each other. Understanding this relation will help you in picking the best Movment for your ship. The small ship base and templates are closely link to each other. By now you may have figured out a 1 forward is the distance of one small ship base. The same goes for all the forward movements.

    You can practice these forward by placing one ship down and then a second to where the ship should end up. After both are on the table, try placing the template between them and see how close you come. This will give you a good eye towards seeing the distance of a ship base. Once you can accurately predict with in a half inch or so 90% of the time your ready for the hard turns.
    The hard turns have a built in sight line to indicate where the ship is going. Whether turning left or right, look down the firing arc of the ship template and there is where your ship is heading.

    Now that we know ruffly the direction it will end up, we need to know how far for each speed. In order to best see the distance we need to learn a half ship base. The width of a ships base is 1 forward and that is the same as the width of two templates. So a half ship base is one movement template

    So how far does a turn go along that sight line. For a 1 turn, the front corner will end up .5 of a ships base or one template width from the rear corner. Here are all three turns and the distance they travel:
    1 turn = .5 ship bases
    2 turn = 1.5 ship bases
    3 turn = 2.5 ship bases

    Once again you want to practice this by placing a ship down and the second one where you think the turn will take you. You will start build a good understanding of the distance by this point. You are now ready to tackle the banks.
    Even the banks have a sight line to help us see the direction a ship will end up. If you are banking to the right, imagine a line going from the front right nub on the ship base to the opposite nub on the rear of the ship base. This line will fall right where the banks will move you.

    The distance is a little tricky as we now have to use a quarter of a ships base to determine the distance. Sometimes it can be hard to see a quarter of something. It is easier to see a half template width. So here is the distance for each of the 3 speeds of the banks.
    1 bank = 1.25 ship bases
    2 bank = 2.25 ship bases
    3 bank = 3.25 ship bases

    It's time to practice these once again. Use then same method to practice as before. Now when your sitting around wishing you could find someone to play, pull out your movment templates and ship bases and practice. You'll soon find you can quickly and accurately predict where your ships will go before it's to late and your sitting on top of an astroid.
    Part 2: Large Ship Movement - http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/110115-earning-your-wings-a-guide-for-understanding-movment/?p=1144441
    Part 3: The Barrel Roll - http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/110115-earning-your-wings-a-guide-for-understanding-movment/?p=1146610
    Part 4: The Boost - http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/110115-earning-your-wings-a-guide-for-understanding-movment/?p=1152578
    Part 5: Decloaking - http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/110115-earning-your-wings-a-guide-for-understanding-movment/?p=1152870
    Part 6: Pilot Skill Level - http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/110115-earning-your-wings-a-guide-for-understanding-movment/?p=1154853
    Part 7: Formation Flying - http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/110115-earning-your-wings-a-guide-for-understanding-movment/?p=1157409
    Part 8: Large Ship Barrel Roll - http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/110115-earning-your-wings-a-guide-for-understanding-movment/?p=1222267
    Follow the links at the end of each part of the guide to continue to the next section.
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    Hockeyzombie reacted to Vorpal Sword in It's time to ban C3P0   
    You know, I'm trying to construct a logical response to this, but I'm tired and grumpy and I just can't. Maybe we could we all just agree that I composed some lengthy post explaining in detail why this is crazy, and proceed on that basis?
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    Hockeyzombie reacted to AdmiralThrawn in It's time to ban C3P0   
    OMG everything is so OP, we should just ban all ships and upgrades and to make it fair we can all just play as asteroids.
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    Hockeyzombie reacted to Hobojebus in FFG, please sell random boxes   
    I want you to go outside and think how you've gone wrong with your life, when you have that revaluation your allowed back inside.
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    Hockeyzombie reacted to BigKahuna in Have you ever sent an email to FFG suggesting / asking / crying / begging for some change in the X-wing?   
    One time I posted a request for a 3rd expansion for Twilight Imperium, a week later they announced one.  It was impressive customer service.
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    Hockeyzombie reacted to force kin in Z swarm vs. Howl Tie swarm   
    Tentative IV - the rebels' most indecisive battle ship.
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    Hockeyzombie reacted to WonderWAAAGH in New Counter to Phantoms and TIE Swarm   
    Some people have a habit of creating threads with zero substance or explanation to them. Apparently it's our responsibility to make meaningful conversation out of these types of vague, potentially divisive assertions.
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    Hockeyzombie reacted to Chris R in Wave 5, how to destroy the game   
    Sounds like another butt hurt player complaining because he can't just maneuver to avoid turret fire. If it were up to players like this turrets wouldn't exist at all and games would all be decided by who can maneuver best. Problem is this itransmission bad logic. Maneuvering is not just about dodhing firing arcs completely. It is about taking the position that will advantage you the best. Every turret released so far has a weakness that you can take advantage of.
    The ion and blaster turrets have two weaknesses. The first is that they are only range 1-2. The second is that they are secondary weapons and thus do not get an extra attack die at range 1. Also HWK-290 only gets 2 agility while the Y-wing gets only 1. So you can easily perform a range 3 attack against either 1 and be too far out for the enemy to shoot back. Alternatively you can bum rush it for a range 1 attack with your primary weapon so that you can get the extra die while the opponent has to make due with their normal roll.
    The YT-1300 uses a 360° primary attack which means it is going to be getting an extra die at range 1, but you will also get an extra die for your defense roll at range 3. You want to hit it hard? Volley off some long range secondary weapons at it. The thing only has 1 agility and it won't get an extra defense die from being at range 3 like you will. Not to mention most of it's HP is in hull so go for those crits.
    The YT-2400 is going to have two main options. The HLC will be range 2-3 leaving it open for range 1 attacks and the auto blaster leaving it vulnerable at range 2-3.
    Yes maneuvering is supposed to provide a tactical advantage, but it is only one of several game mechanics you need to master in order to win. The game is not meant to be won by maneuvering alone. Turrets are here to present an obstacle for players who rely too much on being able to out maneuver their opponent.
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    Hockeyzombie reacted to ScottieATF in Wave 5, how to destroy the game   
    I'm not calling him stupid. Just rash, hyperbolic, a bit disingenuous, and a bit disjointed in his complaints on this one subject.
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    Hockeyzombie reacted to Buhallin in My Gen Con Finals "Mistake" <<LONG>>>   
    Relax, man.
    Seriously.  Any gimmes or takebacks are between you and your opponent.  If some asswad in the crowd doesn't like what happened, or some twits think they need to start a megathread about how THEY wouldn't have let you do it, they mean nothing.
    It was fine with your opponent, and the game is between you and your opponent.  That's it.
    I'm not even going to touch the actual situation, because it's irrelevant.
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    Hockeyzombie reacted to dandirk in Wave 5, how to destroy the game   
    I'm not worried about it...
    Game was broken in Wave I with Marksmanship where you could turn eyes to hits/crits WITHOUT a focus token.
    Can you image a game that allows that!
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    Hockeyzombie reacted to Slugrage in Only squad worth playing in tournaments   
    Oh, right. We hadn't had a good "OMG TEH SKYZ IS FALLING!!11" thread in a bit.

    Well done!
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    Hockeyzombie reacted to VanorDM in Mistakes   
    That's just it, you're not beating them at their best... You're beating them at their best plus your help.
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    Hockeyzombie got a reaction from Parravon in An FYI for FFG   
    That's hardly a fair comparison. Drug addicts generally kick their habits long before we do, and then they tour schools to warn younger generations while we sit there telling the kids how great it is and offering to teach them. 
    "The first game is free but after that you'll have to buy your own figures."
    Being serious for a moment, I think I legally count as living in poverty right now and I'm still finding money for X-Wing, and will be setting aside enough to give Armada a try when it comes out. 
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    Hockeyzombie got a reaction from Rune Taq in A couple predictions   
    Let's be honest, if they packed a $50 bill in every expansion people would complain about the way they were folded. 
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    Hockeyzombie got a reaction from cynanbloodbane in A couple predictions   
    Let's be honest, if they packed a $50 bill in every expansion people would complain about the way they were folded. 
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    Hockeyzombie got a reaction from thecolourred in A couple predictions   
    Let's be honest, if they packed a $50 bill in every expansion people would complain about the way they were folded. 
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    Hockeyzombie got a reaction from Tirion in A couple predictions   
    So, in the preview article we see that different ships have "Squadron" ratings. My prediction is that these are free squadrons of TIE Fighters or X-Wings, and at some point we'll have the option to spend points to upgrade to Interceptors, B-Wings, and so on. 
    There will be at least one unit in the core set that makes an impact on the meta for all eternity, like Biggs in X-Wing. There will probably be at least one in the first run of expansions as well, like Howlrunner. Bonus points if either of these characters ends up being really important to the Armada meta, if organized play becomes a thing. 
    Somehow, people will find a way to complain that turrets are ruining the skill part of the game. 
    After the game comes out we'll see a lot of confusion over the fact that you shoot before you move, since most games do the opposite. Since I used to play a lot of War At Sea, I expect this will be an ongoing problem for me in particular.
    If the TIE Defender is ever released as a squadron, there will be a month or so of bickering as to whether it's overcosted or not. The TIE Advanced will initially struggle to gain the love of X-Wings players, who by now instinctively don't trust it.
    A year or two from now someone will necro one of the first topics and those of us still playing Armada will laugh at all the posts worrying about things that never came to pass or turned out to be great for the game. Granted, the people that didn't like the end result will have moved on by then.
    At somepoint someone will rage at how the Victory-class has more attack dice on it's front arc then on both of its side arcs combined, and they will compare it to a battleship and insist that it should rely on broadsiding targets. The fact that they recently lost because they put one of their ships directly in front of a Victory-class will allegedly have nothing whatsoever to do with their complaints.
    People will never stop speculating about third factions, expansions that haven't been released yet, or a hypothetical "Yavin Aces" pack.
    We're all going to be broke as homeless people, and halfheartedly complain about the price of expansion before admitting that we're buying multiples of some expansion or another.
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    Hockeyzombie got a reaction from Flengin in A couple predictions   
    Let's be honest, if they packed a $50 bill in every expansion people would complain about the way they were folded. 
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    Hockeyzombie got a reaction from Magnus Grendel in A couple predictions   
    Let's be honest, if they packed a $50 bill in every expansion people would complain about the way they were folded. 
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