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  1. This is an interesting house rule. After I managed to completely dominate the last round of our campaign (tabled my opponent, only losses were a VSD and an Arquitens on my end) we've been keeping an eye out for ways to prevent the snowball from getting to out of control. We were considering ruling that scars can stack, costing one token each (so a VSD with two scars only gets one defense token). Permadeath would either not be a thing, or only happen once you die with no tokens. I might suggest your rule as an alternative. I'd be happy either way so I'm willing to let my opponent choose. 

    Edit: I should probably clarify that we were playing as if we were each two people. So I tabled him in two games, and my losses were the VSD, Arquitens, and a few squadrons in total. One of my lists didn't even lose a ship. 

  2. Shields wouldn't translate well at all, but you could use armor. Maybe it's just a flat reduction in how much damage that section takes per attack, or something along those lines. That needs some tweaking, and maybe a way to shatter armor if upgrades are used or enough damage is dealt. It would definitely make MSU lists less effective since if they're trying to use three dice per attack to kill something that ignores two points of damage per attack, they aren't likely to win. Maybe torpedoes ignore armor? 

    I like the idea of fuel limitations on planes. I wouldn't want to see it in Armada but in a WWII context it would be an interesting mechanic.

    Curse you, sludrick. Now I really want this game and it doesn't even exist. 

  3. A lot of it comes down to how many options I have for dice modification. For example if I'm using Screed I'll be much more aggressive with Ordnance Experts, because if two hits turns into hit/blank I can spend one and add a crit. So with him or something that says "spend a die to..." I'm a lot more likely to reroll a decent result and hope for a better one. I only reroll red dice if they come up blank (or excess accuracy results) because the odds of improving from one hit to two are pretty low.

    If I'm shooting at anything that can scatter I'll reroll any dice that could show an accuracy symbol. All the double damage results in the world are useless if I don't block the scatter token. Scatter tokens aren't found on anything especially durable so even if I lose a lot of raw damage in the process I'm still going to be close to killing the target.

  4. I usually just think of all large based ships as "capital ships" since I picked up that term from games that used it as a way of referring to the biggest and most powerful ships available. So in real life terms battleships and aircraft carriers would all qualify, regardless of which one is the flagship. Exceptions for those really small carriers that (I think) were phased out after WWII. 

  5. On 4/10/2017 at 2:58 AM, DiabloAzul said:

    RRG p.6, Engagement:

    • If line of sight between two squadrons is obstructed,
    those squadrons are not engaged even if at distance 1 of
    each other, though they can still attack each other.

    I missed that. That's...extremely interesting. I already liked Mauler, but this makes him so much more useful. Also makes it a lot easier to set up my attack runs with Rhymerballs. Thank you.

  6. On 4/8/2017 at 1:13 AM, RocketPropelledGiraffe said:

    As an extra to this, keep in mind that Mauler does not simply affect squadrons in range 1, they have to be engaged. So if the XWing in your example happens to be in an asteroid field there is no engagement and Mauler does not deal damage.

    What are you talking about? I don't see anything about asteroids preventing squadron engagement. 

  7. It seems more valuable if you expect to lose tokens before you start running out of targets. I've had ships with no tokens at all by turn five, although it's rare enough that I don't really factor that in when list building. Devastator seems a little expensive next to the other titles, and honestly I think Avenger is more worth building around. The overload Pulse combo is pretty clunky but even just dealing enough damage to tempt your opponent into bracing works with Avenger. Devastator is more than twice the cost and doesn't provide that much more offensive power than Avenger. 

  8. 8 hours ago, evanger said:

    Wookieepedia/Legends says the GR-75 has a crew of 6. And usually no guns.

    Battlefield roles include: transport (cargo and troops).

    Modified variants include more ways to say "cargo ship": shuttle, fuel tanker, salvage ship, hospital ship, landing craft.

    If you don't care about getting the vessel back: fire ship (i.e. transport explosives).

    If you aren't the good guys: slave ship (i.e. transport slaves).


    To my mind, this vessel has no SW history of coordination of starfighter attacks or anything else during a space battle. As is befitting to a lumbering transport.

    Army semi trucks don't ride next to main battle tanks during a land war, and naval supply ships don't radio in to coordinate the efforts of fighter planes launched from a carrier. Neither cargo vehicle is the transportation method of choice for Generals or Admirals.

    Sure, but we've seen the Rebels bring them to large battles before and not use them as fire ships. Movies are at the top of the pile, so they must have some kind of use in a combat zone. Communication shenanigans and fighter coordination seem like the most likely. 

  9. 55 minutes ago, HoundsTooth said:

    In real life Navies the Admirals 'Flagship' is whatever ship is currently flying the Admirals flag. They used to be the largest ship in the fleet during the sail age as they had to accommodate the Admirals stateroom where all the fleet captains would meet and plan. Lately Command Ships are often not equipped for direct combat and during the Second World War it became popular for Admirals to prefer smaller, faster vessels to larger 'high priority target' ships. I personally don't see a problem with an Admiral in Armada co-ordinating the battle from a Flotilla that is away from the main battle. I think it's something that would fit in with the 'lore' on the Rebel side more (fewer high ranking staff, less resources, etc). I don't think Vader would be happy sitting in a 'tugboat' though! ;):D   

    I feel like the Arquitens makes the most sense. Big enough to have room for command resources, stays at the edge of combat and fights at a distance, tankier than most small ships but not a "must kill" like anything with Star Destroyer in the name. I do see the argument for Rebel commanders on flotillas, but the CR90 seems more fitting. Partly because it has some of the same strengths as the Arquitens and partly because being important and on something as frail as a GR-75 seems unwise. Granted, in lore it's not like Imperial commanders would magically know which part of the flotilla to shoot at. Some realism is lost to the importance of both players being allowed to see upgrade cards after all.

  10. I assume flotillas stay in groups so they can cover each other with anti-squadron fire. A lone GR-75 seems like very easy prey for basically any fighters that happen to have a second to kill it. The Gozanti has more effective weaponry on it but I'd still rather not be on one if there are any Rebel starfighters closing in. THey're also too big to properly move like squadrons, although I'd have been okay with a "tiny" base size to represent a single auxiliary ship. But with only one I question what the point would be. 


    I do agree that it's dumb putting the Admiral in a flotilla. I mean, I get that it's effective but I wish it weren't allowed. It doesn't really make sense lore-wise and it sounds annoying to play against. 

  11. Gladiator I because I don't even want the red die in my side armament. I might go for it if it was a blue, for Accuracy, but as it is I'd rather have quadruple black. I also don't really care about the anti-squadron die that you get for using the Gladiator II. If I have a title, it's Demolisher. I think it's safe to say it's the best title in the game.

    I use the Victory I a lot more than the Victory II. It's fairly common to go from long range right into close after everyone's activated, and triple black is pretty scary. And it lets me equip ACM or APT and ruin someone's entire day. 

    The ISD is maybe the only Imperial ship that I consistently use the more expensive option. People make a lot of effort to avoid getting into close range of the ISD I, but it's near impossible to stay out of medium. Having a defensive retrofit is also great, frees up my crew slot so I don't have to use Tua. I mostly use the ISD I as a combat carrier, because it can use EHB and another upgrade while still hitting like...well, like a Star Destroyer. I like the Avenger title, but unless I have tricks to exhaust tokens I almost always use Relentless. Great value for only three points, it almost feels mandatory. If Demolisher ever gets nerfed I might consider this the new best title just because it's so cheap for what it does. 

    For both MC80 models, I usually take the expensive one. I either want that 4 Squadron or I want the better long range attacks out of my Liberty. I'm noticing a shift towards closer range fighting in my games so I may start using the cheaper Liberty. If I'm going to be at medium range I may as well throw blue instead of red whenever possible. If I'm using a title for these things it's Mon Karren. The other two seem decent for their costs, but Mon Karren ends lives. I might start using Home One if I start using the pickle for things other than squadron support. Honestly, all of those titles seem solid but they never mesh with what I'm planning to do. 

  12. 2 hours ago, draco193 said:


    Ah yep. Brain fart on my part as I was thinking redundant shields was what you had. 

    On the plus side, it did make me think about Admonition and see why people kept telling me it's good. For some reason I kept thinking I would actually want those Evades after I got into the range I want to be in. From my first game, I can already conclude that if I'm not getting the MC30s in range, I'm probably losing anyway so the Evades aren't really important except for the first round of fire aimed at the torpedo frigates. 

    2 hours ago, Admiral Theia said:

    I was just saying that would be the best way to deal with the vics, not necessarily trying to change your list.  I agree that Admonition can be a big help for survival, but really with 30's (and any other rebel small base ship, it's mostly about speed.  You can do it with just navigates, and accepting that you won't shoot until turn 3.

    Ah, I see. I admit I keep hyping the threat of Victorys but that's just because it's what he owns the most of (it's mostly two of us, with a couple of maybes that I'm trying to turn into regulars). He hasn't yet discovered Demolishers power, but he does frequently mix it up and throw small ships in here and there. Less threatening than a Victory, but still something I need to beware of. He also has an ISD (who doesn't, really?) but X17 nullifies two of his tokens, XX-9 nullifies the Contain, and Intel Officer means he gets two uses of Brace at most (or he never uses it against the Liberty, which is what I wanted anyway). Obviously still not a good idea to play shot-for-shot with an ISD but the MC30s can either distract his fire or get in close and feed him damage cards. 

    Basically I like Dodonna in this list because he's more affordable and I get a lot of opportunities to pick the crit that helps me most, so I'm willing to sacrifice the mobility of Madine. Madine's cool as hell though, I'll be revisiting him once I get some experience with the MC30. 

  13. 2 hours ago, Admiral Theia said:

    Dodonna is fun, but if you can squeeze out the points, upgrade to Madine, then spam nav tokens hard.  Even with JJ those Vics (and even ISD's) can't keep up and you slip right into their rears.  If they're not getting front arcs then they're not getting their money's worth with XI-7's.

    I'd be more likely to modify the list a bit from there, since my guiding principle here was "wow, this damage deck is not ****ing around" and I wanted to utilize that. Not to say I dislike your suggestion, just that you'd be more likely to see that in a different thread with a list similar to this one. 


    40 minutes ago, draco193 said:

    You might consider dropping the Advanced Prone tors for the Admonition title. Same points, but far more effective at the Torpedo Frigates preferred range. 

    I want to but I'm at 400 points and can't decide what to drop for the extra two points I'd need. Although given how badly I need close range to actually achieve anything, I might be farther ahead to use Admonition over Foresight. I tried the list out with Foresight because it seems overall better, but I seriously underestimated how fast I can close the gap with a target. The improved Evade from Foresight was literally never relevant, but Admonition might have been. 

  14. On 4/3/2017 at 11:53 AM, jamie nasmyth said:

    My preference for them MC80L is Star Cruiser and Spinal armament, boosts to up to 8 dice (still 4 Red) for 3 points more. You can still include the XX7 and drop XI7s. 

    X17s make it really easy to push damage past a Redirect token, which are something I see a lot of on opposing ships. Against a more diverse playgroup I may take you up on that, but currently I see a LOT of Victory class Star Destroyers and they've basically just got that one Brace token against anything with X17 Turbolasers. 

  15. 7 hours ago, Darth Sanguis said:

    The way I understand it, when a ship is shooting, if you extend its arc lines and any part of the firing arc is within that corona they lose an accuracy... anywhere on the map. 

    That's...actually pretty good. I used to read it as basically half the map, which would be awkward to play around since you'd sort of have to cling to the middle of the map (or just use black dice). Alternatively I thought maybe the arcs had to actually cover the edge of the map which meant the objective did almost nothing. Your interpretation makes more sense, so it's a solid objective but not as clunky as I thought. 

  16. 2 hours ago, Darth Sanguis said:

    For blue take solar corona. It comes with the benefits of superior positions (forces them to deploy everything first) without giving them the opportunity to score victory points off your rear hull zone. It's also good for shaving damage at long range, as the corona can force them to lose their accuracy.

    Not bad, not bad. When it says "one of the 3' edges" does it mean just the edge or like half the map? One seems only slightly helpful, and the other seems pretty crazy.

  17. Just unleash your bombers and hammer their ships for 15 points per damage card inflicted. You don't have to set up in the field if you don't want to, the objective is still good. It kind of screws up your deployment advantage but deploying fighters after everything else and gaining extra options helps mitigate that. 

    Also I've heard of Yavaris using Relay to give Luke and Keyan round one attacks on the back of a VSD, so that's actually pretty magnificent. If enemy fighter coverage is light enough it might be worth risking the fire from ships to put a lot of early damage on them. 

  18. 11 hours ago, RobertK said:

    I've been considering a list with an Interdictor, a pair of Victory-I's,  a Gozanti, and a small fighter complement. Build close to 400 points with an eye toward going second. Use defensive objectives that "encourage" your opponent into a kill zone. That minimizes the problem of speed 2. The weakness is obviously the possibility of your opponent bidding to go second.

    Contested Outpost is pretty much a must-have if you're running more than one Victory, in my experience. Station Assault seems like another good one. I'm never sure what blue objective to take with those lists but I usually settle on Superior Positions or Minefields. I've been thinking about Salvage Run with Grav Shift Reroute but I don't think I want to use Victorys with that one, given how slow they move. 

  19. 2 hours ago, Admiral Theia said:

    Blount with an escort can seriously wreck face, all those red dice rerolls, but he really wants a core of 5-6 Z's flying with him.  Drop both YT's, take an x-wing and two more z-95's.  I say drop the YT's because Z's are slow enough as it is, you don't need to pull that down even more, and when you get to shoot you'll get to do a bit more damage.  With rerolling two dice on Z's I routinely get 3+ damage.  It's pretty nice.

    I don't have any more Z-95s, otherwise I'd probably have pinned all my hopes on one X-Wing as an escort. I didn't have a lot of trouble keeping the swarm together today, but that was partly because my opponent only had squadrons to keep enemy squadrons in check so he was perfectly content to meet me for glorious battle with our cheap squadrons. 


    I lost my first game with this list but to be fair Victory Is with X17s are an effective counter to my MC30s, since I'm not used to effectively having no defence tokens at close range. I made a miscalculation and lost the Advanced Projectors MC30 early on and had trouble getting Foresight to do anything productive. The MC80 was tearing it up, shredded the flagship (a Victory II) and would have killed a Victory I if I hadn't been forced to use my second shot to put the last point of damage on the first target. Unfortunately I did have to use both attacks on the same ship and the Victory I that would have died instead managed to kill the MC80. I think I would have been better off as first player but I'm used to having Demolisher to make it easy to smash people with black dice regardless of who moves first. Next time I play this list I'll take first player if I get the choice. I also didn't use my MC30s that well but I think I learned enough to not fly them so badly next time. 

  20. 18 hours ago, Chuntsinger said:

    #teamvenator baby. i love the empire, always have and always will.  just as mcworrell plays reb, I'm the poor imp across the table.  I do dabble in rebels for tactics sake and the fact that Dodona is the best admiral in the game.

    That's a funny way of spelling "Admiral Screed." 

  21. 4 minutes ago, Crabbok said:

    Wasn't just the tractor beam.    It said in Empire's End that it had many subsytems 10x more powerful.    Doesn't mean EVERYTHING, but I do expect StarHawks to have firewpower superior to an ISD2, at least partially.   Like maybe 5 red dice in front but no blue....  something asymmetrical but at least possibly superior.  


      I also expect a ship like that to COST more than an ISD2.   I also expect the game to be heading towards 500 points by then also, to help make way for (hopefully) super star destroyers.  

    I'm not gonna lie, that sounds like incredibly lazy design. Just randomly declaring a bunch of stuff to be TEN TIMES AS POWERFUL as if the ****ing Galactic Empire wasn't already staying close to the cutting edge. If they wanted to say it had more guns and was just generally bigger, sure. I'm down. Or maybe it has more guns but it can barely handle the power drain of firing a complete broadside. You know, give it higher performance and a drawback to match. But really? Ten times as powerful? Stuff like this is why I never got into Legends back when it was just called the EU. 


    That said if they bring it down to rational levels and throw it in Armada in the 120-130 point range that's cool. I don't like the laziness that went into describing how and why it surpassed the ISD but I'm okay with the idea that the New Republic built something better, and I'd be happy to have it in Armada. 

  22. 3 hours ago, Lord Tareq said:


    Yup, which is just a plot gimmick to allow for the ridiculous concept of a single 'starhawk mark one' to drag a 19km long super star destroyer with its tractor beam into Jakku. Heaven forbid the Alliance using superior battle tactics or even superior numbers to win a battle.

    Haven't read the book, but that was kind of how I felt when I heard about that. Sounded lazy. 

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