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  1. I was against Star Destroyers in X-Wing just because they would have to be about 700 points and take up most of a table just to be "close enough." The sliding scale isn't perfect but it keeps things sane gameplay-wise and with things at the sizes they are it shouldn't be as noticeable as having a Star Destroyer the size of a CR-90. Seriously, the Corvette in X-Wing is huge. People that honestly thought FFG should make a Star Destroyer for that game are crazy.

  2. For those of us on limited incomes, this is an expensive hobby, but we are usually pretty adept at squirreling away a few bucks to support our habit. Hmmm... sounds like we're akin to drug addicts... 

    That's hardly a fair comparison. Drug addicts generally kick their habits long before we do, and then they tour schools to warn younger generations while we sit there telling the kids how great it is and offering to teach them. 


    "The first game is free but after that you'll have to buy your own figures."


    Being serious for a moment, I think I legally count as living in poverty right now and I'm still finding money for X-Wing, and will be setting aside enough to give Armada a try when it comes out. 



    So, in the preview article we see that different ships have "Squadron" ratings. My prediction is that these are free squadrons of TIE Fighters or X-Wings, and at some point we'll have the option to spend points to upgrade to Interceptors, B-Wings, and so on.

    I suspect that is more the number of squadrons the ship can control, you will still have to buy the squads of x-wings and ties separately.

    This is my theory about the squadrons. It is a little complexish, but follows the RTS feel of the game:

    Base fighters will be free points-wise: they will come standard with the ship. This means your generic Academy Pilots, Rookies, and Blue Squadrons all cost 0 points. What they will differ in will be supply points: For example, TIE Fighters and Bombers will only cost one supply (meaning the VSD can field 3 squadrons of a mix and match) whereas Defenders may cost 3 supply (only one squad for the VSD if they choose to field them). Special pilots of a ship type (aka Luke Skywalker) won't cost extra supply for the ship type, but will cost points to field.


    This seems likely, I wouldn't be surprised. It might also be that you spend squadron to upgrade (like spending all 3 to upgrade your basic TIEs to Defenders) and then spend points on further upgrades like putting Vessery in charge. I wonder if pilots would be interchangeable, or if it will be like X-Wing where a pilot only flies one type of ship.

  4. The Victory-class has a lot more attack dice then the Corvette, so it would be pretty simple to just hammer one Corvette into oblivion until it either retreats or dies. The Corvettes have a little more hull and shields if there's two of them, but the Victory-class hits about as hard as both combined and at a guess has an extra squadron of starfighters to tilt the odds. It's also likely that the Victory-class has better self-repair options or an ability to boost damage output, that Engineering score seems relevant. People thought the X-Wing core set would be too kind to the Imperials because it came with two TIE fighters and one X-Wing, but after getting to try it most people agreed that it was fine.

  5. So, in the preview article we see that different ships have "Squadron" ratings. My prediction is that these are free squadrons of TIE Fighters or X-Wings, and at some point we'll have the option to spend points to upgrade to Interceptors, B-Wings, and so on. 


    There will be at least one unit in the core set that makes an impact on the meta for all eternity, like Biggs in X-Wing. There will probably be at least one in the first run of expansions as well, like Howlrunner. Bonus points if either of these characters ends up being really important to the Armada meta, if organized play becomes a thing. 


    Somehow, people will find a way to complain that turrets are ruining the skill part of the game. 


    After the game comes out we'll see a lot of confusion over the fact that you shoot before you move, since most games do the opposite. Since I used to play a lot of War At Sea, I expect this will be an ongoing problem for me in particular.


    If the TIE Defender is ever released as a squadron, there will be a month or so of bickering as to whether it's overcosted or not. The TIE Advanced will initially struggle to gain the love of X-Wings players, who by now instinctively don't trust it.


    A year or two from now someone will necro one of the first topics and those of us still playing Armada will laugh at all the posts worrying about things that never came to pass or turned out to be great for the game. Granted, the people that didn't like the end result will have moved on by then.


    At somepoint someone will rage at how the Victory-class has more attack dice on it's front arc then on both of its side arcs combined, and they will compare it to a battleship and insist that it should rely on broadsiding targets. The fact that they recently lost because they put one of their ships directly in front of a Victory-class will allegedly have nothing whatsoever to do with their complaints.


    People will never stop speculating about third factions, expansions that haven't been released yet, or a hypothetical "Yavin Aces" pack.


    We're all going to be broke as homeless people, and halfheartedly complain about the price of expansion before admitting that we're buying multiples of some expansion or another.

  6. My opponent attacks with a TIE Fighter, I declare no defenders. He drops in Backstabber for 3 resources and destroys the objective. The problem is, he claims that Backstabber doesn't have to focus to strike (and could therefore join the next attack, if he wants).


    I argue that because Backstabber is Ready (has no focus tokens), and participating (his ability says "as a participating unit"), he must focus to strike as stated in the "Resolving Strikes" section on p.20. 


    He says that Backstabber doesn't have to focus because he was never declared an attacker, he just sort of appeared after the fight started. 


    This will continue to be a thing with us until the internet tells us who's wrong. The same ruling presumably applies to Ackbar, Replica Droid, and any other unit that enters after units are declared attackers, right?

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