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  1. "From time to time the LOHAS will hit its target."

    Reminds me of playing X-Wing with my friend Dave. So far I've seen Biggs survive three entire games against Dave, despite being in arc almost constantly.


    "The system will fire BBs when the pilot smiles."

    People often tell me I need to smile more, now I know how to get them off my back about it.

  2. I usually nickname my lists in a way that reminds me of what's in them, like Whisper and Howl or Critswarm (Abaht, Biggs, and Bandit squad pilots). I only name them for my own reference, so a lot of in-jokes and nicknames end up getting used, like calling Howlrunner's minions the Flying Circus or calling the TIE Phantom a teleporting serial killer.


    Since my list names make sense only to me, I tend to use more descriptive names when talking to others, or just refer to them as "this list here" if we're only discussing one.




    Also, a lot of Magic decknames actually make a lot of sense if you're familiar with the nicknames for different cards. For example Second Breakfast and Sunny Side Up are built around a type of card people used to call "eggs," and using a card called Second Sunrise to crack all those eggs open again and again. Neat deck but kind of boring to actually play against.

  3. The Z-95 was an effort to make missiles more useful, and I find it worked pretty well. When you have 20 or so points left, instead of tossing in another generic X or B you can go for a Headhunter or two and arm them with whatever missiles best cover your weakness. There have been some moderately successful Bomber lists in ages past, and I still hear them being used in casual play. When not facing swarms/Phantoms they can do quite well. 


    Most missiles and torpedoes were pretty bad early on, FFG overestimated how useful they were. Assault Missiles and Cluster Missiles stand out as the best options because you can wreck swarms or ships that have low agility with them, most other options are still not optimal. Proximity Mines are also a fun area denial trick regardless of what tournaments may say.

  4. So the newest article for Rebel Aces says it will be in stores next week..... yet it is still on the boat?!?!?   Either they are really slow on updating their site, or this boat is a transformer that walks your ship directly to your door.  

    Now all I can imagine is Barricade from the first Bayformers movie chasing people down and screaming their Miniatures Market usernames at them, then cheerfully handing them their Rebel Aces before going on his way.

  5. Biggs in the Falcon with Chewie and C-3PO as crew. Urgh.


    Also scary: Wedge in an A-Wing, with PTL, Test Pilot, and Outmanoeuvre

    Vader in an Interceptor or maybe even a Bomber (TL+F and launch all in one turn)

    Soontir in a Phantom

    Maarek in anything with 3+ attack dice

    Corran with the ability to equip the HLC

    Support pilots like Abaht or the HWK pilots in a cheap ship like the Headhunter, so you can use two or even three of them and still have a respectable group of fighting ships...or you could just follow Abaht's example and put them all in solid performers like the X-Wing and let them contribute even more


    One guy had an interesting idea by saying that pilots could be barred from flying certain ships, but that could be an issue if they say that Soontir can fly whatever type of ship and then release something that he's utterly broken in that also fits that classification (Interceptors and Phantoms would probably be in the same category).



    I do like the idea of certain pilots getting rereleased with new abilities and/or in different ships. A lot of people were upset at Corran not flying an X-Wing. Seeing Rogue Squadron flying ships they stole from the Empire would be cool, and seeing Soontir join them in an X-Wing with a new ability would be awesome. 


    More importantly, if FFG does issue a cease and desist which squad builders will pay attention to it and which will throw it in the garbage where it belongs?

    If you get a C&D from FFG don't do that!


    Don't obey it or don't throw it out? 


    This is a weird by for FFG. Might just be an overzealous legal team. Not much reason for them to C&D squad builders, not like the people that make them are intercepting money that FFG would have made. Unless FFG intends to release a deckbuilding app for Netrunner? Without knowing why they shut down the Netrunner builder, there's not enough information to know if we should be concerned or if the sky's just falling again.

  7. Phantoms and Defenders don't show up in multiples when I play, neither do most large ships. E-Wings usually show up alone but I'm interested in a list that would use both named pilots to crit something out of existence.

  8. I prefer Swarm Tactics on Howlrunner before Stealth Device. Having 1 ship at 9, and then 2 more at 8, can be really handy against the rebs. However, second choice after ST is SD.


    Hm, good point. I'll probably run her with SD first, but I'll be keeping an eye out for times I wish I had run ST. 


    It's always best to play your favorite squad. This will ensure you have a good time. I like the idea of a swarm either Rebel or Imperial.

    I don't really have a favourite yet, actually. I've only played on and off with a couple friends and it's been a while, so in all likelihood these upcoming weekends will be a wonderful journey of self-discovery as I discover both what lists I enjoy and possibly the meaning of friendship. 


    That said, I like that Whisper list as a starter. Kind of a hybrid of the other lists, so I can see which part appeals to me more and try the swarm or the elites as I see fit. 

  9. My LGS may be starting to run X-Wing on Saturdays, and I'm eager to have a regular supply of people to play against. Until now my schedule hasn't been cooperative so this will be great for me. The question is, what do I run? It's gonna be a carnival of noobs so I'm not really worried about meta. I'm considering a few builds and would appreciate some feedback about which ones have glaring weaknesses or other concerns. I'm still relatively new so things like the doomshuttle or B-Wings might pose a challenge for me to fly, but I'm willing to try them out in the near future. Anyway, here are the lists I was considering.


    Angry Mob

    Blue Squadron (22)

    -Advanced Sensors (3)

    Blue Squadron (22) 

    -Advanced Sensors (3)


    Bandit Squadron (12)

    Bandit Squadron (12)

    Bandit Squadron (12)

    Bandit Squadron (12)


    Suffers from low pilot skill across the board but six ships means Phantoms will struggle to arc dodge and I can focus down anything big, like Falcons or shuttles. I'm not sure if I really need the sensors or if I should spend those six points on other things. I also considered switching out the Blues for a Biggs and some other X-Wing.




    Whisper and His Backup Dancers

    Whisper (32)

    -Veteran Instincts (1)

    -Advanced Sensors (3)

    -Advanced Cloaking Device, because why would you ever not (4)

    -Navigator (3)


    Howlrunner (18)

    -Stealth Device (3)

    Academy Pilot (12)

    Academy Pilot (12)

    Academy Pilot (12)


    Howlrunner's Flying Circus is a good standby, and Phantoms are cool. The Navigator and Advanced Sensors I'm not sure about, wasn't really sure what to do with the last six points.





    Corran Horn (35)

    -Marksmanship (3)

    -Fire Control System (2)


    Wedge Antilles (29)

    -Predator (3)


    Biggs the Bullet Sponge

    -Hull Upgrade to delay the inevitable (3)


    As the name suggests the plan is to get something important in arc and kill it with red dice while Biggs dies heroically, thus inspiring my other pilots to victory.

  10. Sorry about double posting this topic, my computer and I have an adversarial relationship right now and it froze up the first time I hit the button to post the topic. I didn't realize it actually worked, so I hit CTRL+V and posted it again. 


    It's like the computer knows that I'm about to replace it and wants to spite me as much as possible before that happens. Froze four times while I was typing the post you see in the other topic with this name.

  11. Cluster Missiles and as many ships as you can fit in a list, so maybe go for something like:


    Krassis Trelix (36)

    Cluster Missiles (4)

    Proximity Mines (3)


    Howlrunner (18)

    Stealth Device (3)


    Academy Pilot x3 (12 each for 36)


    You can drop the proxy mines if you find something you like better for the points, and dropping Krassis down to a regular Bounty Hunter is an option. I figure that newer players usually love named pilots, and if your goal is to run over the Falcon and mop up what's left, getting massive value for those Cluster Missiles would be great (between Krassis and Howlrunner, you can reroll two dice on each shot). You could also switch proxy mines out for a Recon Specialist, which would let you have a focus token for both missile attacks, but that doesn't seem great. This list isn't my finest work but it should be able to shred the Falcon well enough and still hold up against the remainder. Remember to target lock in one round and then focus before firing the missiles, otherwise the Dice Gods will curse you to roll only eye symbols.

  12. X-Wings are great all around ships, so you can determine what you like to fly that way. Like, if you would happily trade manoeuvrability for toughness or  vice versa, you can go from there.


    B-Wings are good tanks. They don't have much agility but they can take a beating and hand it right back. If you like being the Goliath to their David you want some of these.


    A-Wings and Interceptors are crazy space ninjas, if you like staying just out of reach you'll want these. Go for the Imperial Aces set if you want Interceptors.

    Firesprays are tanky and hit hard. Like a much larger B-Wing, with more upgrade options and health but also more points. 
    Phantoms are teleporting serial killers, challenging to learn but very fun when you know how to use them. 
    The shuttle can be used as either a lumbering beatstick or a support ship, though getting it turned around can be difficult. Twice as much health as an X-Wing for the same points, but flies like a brick (older threads give it names like whale, cow, and manatee). 
    The Z-95 Headhunter is the best use for those 12 points you still have, has two really cool pilots and is reasonably effective in swarms. 
    As you play you'll get an idea of what you like doing, so I'd suggest grabbing some variety and going from there. A good variety for Rebels would be X-Wing, B-Wing, and A-Wing. For the Imperials I'd say the core set TIE Fighters, a TIE expansion (you want those pilots, trust me), a Firespray, and then either an Interceptor or Phantom. 

  13. Fel's Wrath is the clear "winner" here. 


    Porkins is a bit iffy, he might never be stressed or he might die like an idiot. Not a fan.


    Ten Numb has a really weak ability for such ahigh cost, the other B-Wings are all cheaper and have better abilities to boot.


    Winged Gundark is worse than Night Beast for the points and worse than Mauler up close, no reason to take him unless you already have Night Beast and you have some points to spare. But even then you're probably wiser to upgrade Night Beast to an even better pilot.


    Lt. Lorrir is weaker than I'd hoped, if he didn't get stressed by his ability he wouldn't be listed here. I also wish he had an EPT slot but that's not really relevant to his little dance manoeuvres. 

  14. melminiatures, you don't need to mention that the Crippled sections no longer have upgrades or actions. Simply not having them on the crippled side of the card is enough. Your SD rules look interesting though, I'll read them when I have more time.



    I'm still butt hurt over mass effect threes ending though all those hours invested to get three identical endings...

    Honestly after all the hype over how bad the ending was, it didn't seem that bad. I mean, it wasn't good but I was braced for something much worse. 

  15. Very well, OP. You are both wrong and stupid. 


    Well actually you have a point, kind of. Like Vorpal said, many of the ships getting new content aren't as new as they feel, and honeslty X-Wings don't need a buff. Not sure TIE Fighters should get one, unless it doesn't work in swarm lists. The TIE Advanced and Y-Wing could use help but the Y-Wing has Most Wanted and the Advanced apparently has something on the way, though beyond reassurances we have nothing (except Proton Rockets I guess).


    So you're a little off the mark but if I'm being serious then wrong and stupid don't really apply here. 

  16. Considering Armada, what would you say then?

    Armada looks good. Haven't heard much from the Gencon demo but given how much X-Wing changed for the better I wouldn't worry too much. It's easy to read these forums and think everyone is an FFG fanboy, but there is a solid history of good games at reasonable prices. I told a store owner about that Imperial Assault thing and all I had to say was "the guys that make Descent are doing a Star Wars version" and he decided to order a lot of it. 


    Actually, Descent might be worth investigating. Never played it myself but I hear only good things. 

  17. I am thinking about ditching the interceptors for a few store games and trying my hand at one of those falcon lists. Since I think of myself as a decent player (not good or great yet) I imagine I will win a few games I wouldn't have won otherwise if there are other newbies around.


    I will try this. However I feel this is making the game less interesting for me since I love playing interceptors (and bombers) and don't feel interested that much in the falcon (and rebels in general)...

    Have you tried playing a Phantom? A lot of what makes the Interceptor fun applies to the Phantom, and using some tougher ships like Bombers to kill the MFs might work out for you. 



    Wow. Don't even know where to start here, so I'm just going to brain dump so sorry if it comes across as rambling.

    Do you know what my biggest fear was going into the final game? It wasn't losing or even flying a ship off the board or doing something as embarrassing as that. It was doing something that would cause a controversy...


    Thanks for taking the time to read my long post.



    My understanding is that both players are under an obligation to ensure that both players are doing the things they are intending to do. This obligation can be abused, and so I'm not sure I'd let someone change a dial, but the obligation exists to ensure that this game rewards people who think well and understand the game at a high level.

    The fact that this obligation drives off people who cannot bring themselves to "fly casual" is a bonus.

    You made a silly, mechanical, error. It was obvious to everyone what you had intended to do. Therefore your opponent was obligated to allow you to do it. Had there been a serious question about what you had wanted to do, that might be another conversation.

    In the mid 1980s, a High School student found an arithmetic error in Newton's Principia Mathematica. Humanity did not decide that gravity did not exist, or that Leibnitz would somehow retroactively be the sole inventor of calculous. Humanity fixed the silly error and moved on.

    Same as your opponent allowed you to do. Same as the rest of us are obligated to do. Anyone who can't live up to that obligation needs to play at home with friends, and not interfere with the game the rest of us enjoy.

    TL;DR: GG WP!



    Uh, no. 


    Enough of this self-congratulatory back patting; what I want to know is, how do you Yanks feel about a Canadian winning your National tournament? 


    I'll have to double-check, but I'm pretty sure the Charter of Rights and Freedoms says we're only allowed to blatantly engage in patriotic trash talk when hockey is somehow involved. 


    And to be fair the Canadian won because the American was being a good sport about things, so it's not like this should turn into some kind of continental pissing contest. I'm all for defying Canadian stereotypes but maybe the "polite and friendly" one would best be one we live up to, hm?

  19. Honestly most of the criticism has an undercurrent of whining to it. Guess people are mad that they didn't get to go, or didn't make it as far as you two did.


    Especially knowing that you deliberately took a weaker action when he started moving Chewie too soon. I would get why people were mad if you had taken advantage of his generosity and then pounced on his own error, but you saw him make a mistake not unlike your own and proceeded to be classy about it. We could nitpick about which mistake was more important, but honestly it doesn't matter and as said before it was up to you and your opponent alone to decide how to settle it. You earned that trophy through skill and sportsmanship, and you deserve to be proud of it.

  20. (4) Rebels have Droids. Imperials have Cloaking. Scum & Villainy has "the illicit upgrade." What is it? What does it do? How does it work? I HAVE NO IDEA!

    Advantage: S&V

    Why are you so sure the Illicit upgrade is better than astromechs or cloaking?


    And of course they got a ton of ships compared to the Rebels and Imperials, they're five waves behind.

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