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  1. One thing I've learned from what I've noticed on this forum, I wouldn't have bet money on it staying calm and peaceful.

    Ha, definitely. I remember a thread about the Dash Rendar crew card being OP somehow turning into a debate on whether or not Catholics ruined the world. 


    No, seriously. Someone actually thought that card was going to break the game.


    Joking aside, I did wonder why Arista was so needlessly hostile. My first thought was just that "she" was a really defensive person.

  2. Soontir Fel is sometimes known as "Sailor Moon," because some guy described him as the worst Imperial pilot until he has PTL. With PTL he does a "Sailor Moon power make up sequence" into one of the best Imperial pilots, as the guy on BGG put it. 


    Biggs has a couple nicknames, like Bullet Sponge, Murder Magnet, and Obvious Distraction. I sometimes call him Biggles in reference to that joke thread we had ages ago.


    Etahn is "oot an' aboot" because I somehow merged a discussion of his ability with a discussion about Canadian stereotypes. I think South Park may have been on at the time.


    Howlrunner's Flying Circus for TIE swarms. 


    "Dancers" for ships that have good dials and repositioning abilities, like the A-Wing, Interceptor, and Phantom.

  3. I don't think it's a sure thing, but honestly I don't mind the design of the prequel trilogy's vehicles. Those clone fighters (ARC-170?) looked cool. 


    Also, speaking as someone that first saw The Phantom Menace as an 11-year old, I loved it back then. I'm also much more forgiving of its flaws than most of the older fans, so there is some weight to the suggestion that as my generation gets older the prequels will be seen less harshly. 


    Truth be told if they did start printing expansions (or a game that just so happened to be fully compatible with X-Wing) that used prequel ships like the Jedi starfighters, Vulture droids, etc I'd probably just go ahead and buy them. The original trilogy is vastly superior but if they can make fun ships out of the prequels I'm in.

  4. I'm pretty fond of the Phantom, even though I'm only mediocre at using them. Those rare moments when I plan my moves just right and get range one shots at the back of a valuable ship are just magnificent.


    I also really like X-Wings. The best selection of pilots in the game, a dial that can go in any formation, and solid stats. Very fitting for the workhorse of the Rebellion. 


    The only thing necessary for a good breakfast is bacon. Maybe some bread so you can make a bacon sandwich, but even that is optional. Everyone here is complicating things with berries and sauces, yet none of them have simply assembled a big pile of meat and politely refused a fork. 


    Granted, I think I'm one of the younger people here so maybe they did do this when their metabolisms could handle it. When my metabolism slows down I'll have a heart attack and die before I even realize it.

    Bread? You mean two extra-thick slices of bacon to put the bacon in between??


    See, this guys gets it.

  6. The only thing necessary for a good breakfast is bacon. Maybe some bread so you can make a bacon sandwich, but even that is optional. Everyone here is complicating things with berries and sauces, yet none of them have simply assembled a big pile of meat and politely refused a fork. 


    Granted, I think I'm one of the younger people here so maybe they did do this when their metabolisms could handle it. When my metabolism slows down I'll have a heart attack and die before I even realize it.

  7. Personally i'd like to see a 'remounts'  pack.



    Essentially a pack of pilot cards and matching chits that put pilots known to fly more than one sort of ship in the seat of the others.


    So in the pack you might get Keyan Farlander cards and chit bases for him in an A wing, X wing and his famed Y wing


    Likewise Luke gets his E wing


    Be nice to see Howlrunner get the option of an Interceptor or a Defender


    Airan Cracken as gunner crew for the falcon (got a feeling this might already exist) as it makes more sense than a general in a z95.


    etc etc.

    Yes, this. There was a lot of rage about Corran not flying an X-Wing when he was revealed, and it would be cool to see some of these guys fly other ships. I'd also be interested in seeing new versions of the pilots. You know, like a different Luke Skywalker that has a new ability. I don't think they'd sell them without models though, since much of the cost goes into developing the game so they may as well go that extra bit and release the new content with models.


    I would love more repaints to go with either of the above ideas. A green X-Wing with a new Corran Horn would sell like nuts, I bet.

  8. I've only ever used the Tantive once myself, flew it in a mission we picked out of the list. I've only played one Epic game so far and I was Imperial for that, so I've never really used the Tantive since I felt that the scenario would be easier if I went for more escort ships than upgrades. 


    I've also never used my GR-75, but I'm thinking of using it to run fools over when I play Rebels in Epic. Our previous game was largely dominated by a mob of seven TIE fighters, which taught us all the power of formations and the importance of killing Howlrunner immediately. 


    I also barely ever use the HWK, never seem to have the points. I have a list with Jan I've been considering but it would require Keyan Farlander to charge the enemy by himself and trust Jake Farrell to circle around without any mistakes, so I'm not convinced it's the best idea. But those five red dice, tho.


    You and the Derpfender guy need to play a Team Epic game together some day.

    They should crunch some of their squints for the occasion


    The dreaded 187th Derp Squadron. Several TIE fighters, some of which even have their wings on mostly straight, led by an extremely drunk Howlrunner and supported by a TIE Defender held together by rope and careful piloting. If any of them barrel roll, a wing flies off and causes a chain reaction that destroys half the formation and does 1 damage to the survivors.

  10. The bombs will help against swarms, but I'm not not convinced that Feedback Array will do anything against Phantoms 99% of the time. As for the Accuracy Corrector, it's pretty irrelevant. I don't see why people think that replacing your roll with two hits will magically destroy the Falcon. Equipping it on one or two ships won't help much, and equipping it on several means you didn't take a ship(and won't help against any list that isn't running Falcons, shuttles, or B-Wings).

  11. Don't hit them head-on if you can't joust better than them, for starters. If you do end up flying directly towards a formation of B-Wings, then depending on range you could try angling away a bit with a boost just as you hit range two or so. If you do it right you should still have shots on one of them but you won't end up trading k-turns back and forth. Another option might be to try taking 3 turns instead of the k-turn, and then racing away from them. Won't work against Defenders, because they're fast enough to keep up. The only really reliable method is to make sure you don't start jousting at all and to flank them with something so they can't afford to fly their brick of ships at you.

  12. So is anyone still crazy enough to think that Dash is broken? I see some arguing about the Falcon but I'm curious if anyone realized that the sky is still where it should be. 


    Also, Boris the Accuracy Corrector isn't really broken either. As a modification it would be an issue, but as it is anything that can equip it has 3 attack anyway (except the Phantom, with 4) and they all have better uses for a 3 point systems upgrade than this. For the same points I'd always, always take Advanced Sensors or Fire Control System. I'm actually hoping that Scum has a good use for it, so it doesn't end up being useless like Expose.

  13. I've enjoyed a lot of success with Corran, who may be my favourite pilot in the game right now. I fly him in a formation with Biggs and Wedge. The thing to remember with Corran is that you basically alternate turns between killing something and doing everything in your power to stay out of arcs. In my last two games Corran was my last ship and he effortlessly flattened Vader in one and a pair of bombers in the other. I've been using Marksmanship and FCS for as much burst damage as possible but I look forward to trying some more defensive builds. 


    Etahn is usable as a support ship for one or two ace pilots like Wedge or Corran, but he seems like he'll really shine when I play him in an epic game and surround him with X-Wings. In a 100 point game I'm not completely sold on his ability really being that good, but there are a few lists where he might be fun.


    The generic E-Wings are pretty useless though. No argument there.

  14. Also - unless I'm misunderstanding your scenario - you both need to have selected your moves in the Planning phase BEFORE the actual moving takes place. You should not be making your dial selection based on seeing your opponent's dial or move (unless you have Intelligence Agent)

    I meant reacting by boosting or barrel rolling from where I had moved to.


    Thanks for the help guys, was really unsure how this worked.

  15. If I have the initiative and my opponent and I both have pilots at the same skill, can I choose who moves first every round?


    For example, if we're both fielding Vader can I move first in one turn to block his Vader with mine, and then choose to move second in a later turn so I can react to his final position?

  16. Wasn't Carnor Jax a Sith lord or something? I guess you could explain his anti-focus shenigans as him doing things to your mind. But yeah, if they were going to give unique dice or something to Force users that would have needed to happen back when they were developing the game. This many expansions and named characters in, it's too late to make that kind of fundamental change.

  17. This would be an interesting basis for a scenario. The Z-95 is mentioned somewhere as having been used for ground support, and the bombers would obviously be pretty relevant. You could do a scenario where ground forces are fighting a battle, and you earn victory points for blowing up valuable targets like heavy vehicles or supply depots. Maybe there are also AA guns that can attack you, so you have to balance between taking out enemy bombers, protecting your own, hitting AA guns, and actually earning victory points. Maybe extra VPs are awarded when you kill so many of the enemy bombers, but you have a limitless number of the cheapest option and you play until the victory point limit is reached. 


    Hm. Might need to examine this further at some point. Or get distracted by Civilization V, one of the two.

  18. Try this for a list focused on letting Wedge kill everything.


    Wedge Antilles (29)

    -Opportunist (4)

    -R2 Astromech (1)

    -Flechette Torpedoes (2)


    Wes Janson (29)

    -Veteran Instincts (1)

    -R3-A2 (2)

    -Flechette Torpedoes (2)


    Biggs Darklighter (25)

    -Hull Upgrade


    Pretty straightforward. They fly in, Wes strips away tokens and delivers a stress token and then Wedge shreds the target with an Opportunist-enhanced attack. Biggs soaks up fire early on so Wedge and Wes last longer. You have 2 points left for upgrading if anything catches your eye.

  19. There's not much need for a Smugglers and Spies faction in this game. Either they stayed neutral and worked as mercenaries (which fits easily into Scum and Villainy) or they worked specifically to undermine the Empire and it's allies (in which case they're Rebels like the Outer Rim Smuggler). 


    Doesn't really matter if Scum and Villainy shares it's name with one of the card game factions. The term "Scum and Villainy" gets used a lot in Star Wars products, because it was a memorable line in the original trilogy. Naming the criminal faction after it is what basically every game developer with a Star Wars license is going to do, from now until the sun explodes.

  20. Oh, you just want to know which upgrades to have on hand? Push the Limit, Advanced Sensors, Stay On Target probably, and maybe Munitions Failsafe if people like using Headhunters. Really it depends very heavily on what people in your area generally like to play.

  21. How about just make it a 1 attack dice 360 turret with range one?  You can fire it once per turn when you use your regular attack.  Counts as a secondary weapon so no bonus for range one.  3 pts.

    That seems good. The original idea is cool too but it's insanely good for 3 points (they don't roll defence dice? REALLY?!), this is a lot more balanced and something I would be quite happy to have against certain ships like the Falcon or the shuttle.

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