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  1. Planning to get into Deathwatch because the holiday sale is making it very affordable. I'll be getting the core rulebook, one or two adventures, and either First Founding or Honour the Chapter. Can anyone give me a general breakdown what options are in those two books?


    I also considered The Emperor's Chosen because it looks like it contains both player options and an adventure, but it  seems like it's not going to be useful until we hit a fairly high level. If it's relevant, our GM will be new to Warhammer 40,000 so I'm getting adventures partly so he can just conduct the train while he gets a feel for how each faction operates. 




    Meh I'm not going to bother with the third hobbit film the 2nd part was a disappointment too much legolas too much bad cgi and a ridiculous end fight involving the dwarves.

    I'll catch it on YouTube.


    Go for the trailer, leave before the movie begins.


    Buying a movie ticket to watch a short trailer seems like a terrible return on his investment. 

  3. I've only played at 3 tournaments.  Before I started I read somewhere (I think it was an ffg source) that if you're down to your last legs with no chance of victory and time is tight it is good form to concede the game.


    I've done the above but appear to be the only one doing it where I play.  I've now read somewhere on this forum that many folk consider conceding to be bad form.


    I have therefore decided to stop conceding and to play to the end attempting to minimize my loss in such a situation.

    In some conditions, especially in a tournament, it can be considered polite to concede. Not so much when each kill you score before losing could impact your end result, though. In that case there's a valid reason for wanting to fight to the bitter end. In a game like Magic or Star Wars: The Card Game where you can't really track how close the loser was to winning it's generally frowned upon to insist on playing when the game is clearly lost but actually concluding it will take a while, because ultimately the end result is the same but now you'd be wasting everyone's time. 


    In casual, opinions vary. Some people loathe the idea that you would concede for any reason, ever. Most people just have differing opinions on when the best thing to do is concede and start another game. Very few people really get all that upset about it.

  4. Speaking as a Magic player, I have no issues with Hasbro owning WotC. Hasbro's line of games isn't a great resume for owning a gaming company (Candyland was boring when I was four) but they understand market research and giving players what they want, with WotC being responsible for actual;ly achieving that. The relationship works. It's very possible that Asmodee will handle distribution and marketing while FFG still does all the actual game development. 


    Stop assuming that every corporate executive is an idiot barely capable of tying his own shoelaces. They get where they are by understanding how to make money, and enraging your existing customer base is not a profitable course of action. They might try to put out more expansions, and we can safely assume they'll put actual engines on the boats from now on. But don't assume that the game is going to instantly implode in a flurry of bad decisions and blatant money-grubbing. All the Marvel fans did that when they got bought by Disney and then it turned out that everything was awesome and their movies have been amazing, so maybe we should all relax a bit?

  5. Just out of curiosity for other Zombicide players:  Do you/your group have a habit of pulling an Abomination while still in the blue level of experience?  It seems like nearly all of games, we do that! 

    It's been a concern, but the real terror is the Berserker Abomination because he's basically a Runner that refuses to die. Unlike the regular Abomination, he's really hard to avoid because he gets that second activation. Not sure he ever shows up at blue, I think he's yellow at the earliest. But man do I hate that guy.

  6. I'm pretty casual but I still think measuring is too much. One of the most basic skills in this game is eyeballing it. However, I do allow for it with the condition that I can and will change my dial in response to what I think you're doing. That way, the certainty of knowing you won't hit an asteroid or bump a ship is countered by giving me information. 


    To be clear, I mean I'll pick up my dial and adjust it as if changing my mind, since seeing my opponent measuring his move has given me reason to reconsider my choices. Against a new player I wouldn't do this, since someone who just started playing has no idea where things will end up generally speaking.


    If we're talking boosts and rolls that's another matter. I get irritated when people want to measure to see if they'll escape an arc, but if you just want to make sure you'll clear that asteroid next turn I'm fine with people checking. When it comes to arc-dodging I feel that failing to escape and missing out on your focus token is the risk you accepted when you chose to boost/roll instead of focus.

  7. Oh good. The forum was going a little insane with the lack of news. 


    Love the new HWK pilots. Dace seems like the weak link to me, but I don't really ionize things often so maybe I'm just not able to appreciate his ability. Palob is really cool, he's like a mini Carnor Jax. Torkil will find many homes in my Scum lists, shuts down Phantoms hard. The love for bombs is awesome too, I like using them even if they aren't the most efficient use of points. That new title is going to have a lot of appearances in my future games.

  8. Ribann finally succeeded at something, basically. He posted a troll thread (with an alt, of course) that asked why there weren't more girls playing X-Wing in a very accusatory tone, then was hostile to people that responded. He was found out pretty quickly but a few people genuinely felt that it was worth discussing so Mikael started a topic hoping for a serious discussion about why so few girls play X-Wing. Then there was hostility and politics, which spiralled into this trend of posting "How can we be more inclusive of X?" threads. The main issue, as far as I can tell, was that a lot of people felt that getting more girls to play X-Wing was really unnecessary while some others felt that either A) the gender imbalance in this game is either a problem or a sign of a problem, or B) that those other guys were sexist and just wanted to maintain a guys only environment. Then everyone completely failed at making the other side understand their point.


    On the plus side, Ribann proved me right in a disagreement I was having elsewhere. Subtle trolling is way more effective than blatant. If he had shown up with an alt and been like "YOUR ALL NERDS STAR TREK ATTACK WING FOR LIFE" we'd have forgotten he even came back by now.


    Captain Awesome may have been trolling when he brought it up (anyone know if he's another Ribann alt?) but I think it's worth discussing.

    Nope, no Ribann here... I have too many things to do and too little time to bother with creating multiple personalities online.

    Besides, I figured all these inclusivity threads would be deleted before anyone read that idea. :)


    I was going to try and copy the original post from the gender inclusive thread a bit more closely, but couldn't be motivated. I don't actually think you're an alt.


    say, who is this Ribann fellow i keep reading about?

    He like the Keyser Söze of forum trolling or something?


    Yea who is this Ribann guy?

    Ribann was a member of the forum that tended to be very childish and hostile. He eventually got banned for starting a thread name-and-shaming some guy he played on Vassal under the extremely thin guise of asking whether Expose or Marksmanship is better on Corran Horn. The post included a screencap of their game, where Redi is swearing a great deal and generally not being a decent human being. Ribann proceeded to go completely insane when Wonder WAAAGH called him out on the fact that he just wanted to start a witch hunt, and after being banned he occasionally shows up and trolls the forum in a very clumsy fashion.


    Q: Why talk about gender inclusiveness in X-Wing? 


    A: Because a more diverse group brings in new ways of thinking, new ideas and keeps a hobby dynamic. Because it means more people playing, keeping the hobby financially viable and seeing it supported by it's creators for longer while increasing the opportunities to play. Because if there's anything that possible might be driving away one group, it's likely driving away other's with similar opinions and sensibilities. 


    That does kind of come back to the question earlier of why we aren't also talking about recruiting more non-white people, since a few people mentioned a significant white majority in their playgroups (my group is four white guys, for example). Some of that can be justified by the fact that North America has a considerable white majority overall, but if your reason for supporting this idea is to diversify than ethnic minorities are basically your main goal. 

  11. I think the issue I have with this thread is that I can't really be more inclusive. Where I play there are few opportunities to recruit anyone (we play in the back of the store, the only company is from other people that are playing their own games). I'm generally pretty friendly when meeting new people, and if anything I'm more polite to girls, since my abrasive sense of humour doesn't seem to go over as well with them as it does with the guys. Since I'm treating the few people I do encounter while playing X-Wing more or less the same, asking me (me, specifically) to be more inclusive is effectively asking me to positively discriminate in favour of women. I won't, because I find that both unfair and patronising. I realize that this isn't really what you meant when you started the topic but after some introspection I think this is why I've been against it. Beyond my general opinion that maybe this is just more of a guy thing, anyway. 


    It's possible that others agree, since I've seen a lot of "I'm as nice to the girls as I am to the guys" remarks, so maybe this is why a lot of people do seem to feel like you're calling them sexist. I also disagree with the basic concept that a lack of female players is, in and of itself, a problem to be solved. If there was an interest that was being suppressed somehow (such as a sexist player harassing any girls that tried to play) then yes, we have a problem and if I'm in a position to deal with it I will. But if the cause is just a lack of interest in trying then I don't see that we need to go and try to cultivate an interest from girls specifically. If recruiting more X-Wing players is a goal we intend to pursue then specifically targeting women seems kind of stupid, for two reasons. 


    The first is that it seems kind of creepy. Most likely, any effort to recruit women--women specifically--would be done in a place with a lot more girls present. Wide nets, right? But where do we take these recruiting efforts? Any place I can think of where the guys would be allowed is generally pretty evenly-balanced, as far as gender goes. I assume most recruiting efforts would consist of playing the game in public places other than our LGS and answering questions, since going around asking random people if they've played it would be weird and really reinforce that stereotype about nerd social skills. But if we do take these efforts into areas where it's pretty much all girls, that's probably going to look like we're just creeping on them. I feel like the "recruit women specifically" idea is doomed to fail because to get our gender ratio closer to even would require us to go where we aren't necessarily welcome in the hopes that we don't come across as weird and creepy in a mission to single out girls (for reasons you consider positive, yes, but as I said before I feel like it's almost patronizing). 


    The second reason is that it seems likely that any large scale recruitment effort will bring in a lot more guys than girls anyway. That's actually fine in my opinion, but since you're goal seems to at least make a point of increasing the percentage of X-Wing players that are girls that does technically count as a failure. 


    On top of that, I don't see why it matters so much. Given how many people have agreed without hesitation that sexism should not be tolerated, I think it's clear that the issue isn't the players keeping girls away with their hostile attitudes. Getting more girls to play a stereotypical guys game isn't really much of a victory for egalitarianism when there are so many more serious issues facing women. And adding more women to our community has very few (if any) benefits that just adding more players of any gender wouldn't also have. 

  12. At the risk of sounding elitist,I have a simple question for you. If you feel that being competitive requires a person to have the purchasing power or the means to acquire the aformentioned "power cards"above else and/or that FFG or whatever company for that matter does not conciously think of the "marginalized" during their game design is intently evil, why would that "marginalized" person enter the game with unreal and unrealistic expectations? Compared to a lot of other miniature games out there, many of which I have or still am playing, X-wing is relatively cheaper at the same time being better mechanically than most games with horrendous entry costs.

    In every joke thread, there must be one guy that doesn't get it. Thank you, Ichiyo1821, for heroically remaining oblivious. Thanks to your sacrifice, the rest of us can get the joke.


    Number of women involved in development/marketing at FFG

    There seems to be a good mixture; which is great to see. But that's interesting. Why does the community not reflect that same proportion? Perhaps FFG could adapt their marketing to encourage a larger female player base. Women-Only gaming evenings at LGS was a good suggestion. Sending out more female FFG reps to conventions/events is another good one. What about attempting to draw players from other games which are already popular with women? Or advertising X-Wing outside of the traditional avenues in which they are currently doing?


    That's a terrible idea. It keeps the gender separation that you're currently hoping to solve intact, will probably suffer from embarrassingly low turnout for a while (if it ever picks up), and breeds resentment in anyone that wanted to participate but couldn't because they're a guy. As I've been saying, the best method is to simply crash down on any sexist behaviour when we see it. 


    Honestly most of the girls I know would find a "Girls Only" tournament kind of patronizing. One of them would refuse to join and play with the guys instead out of some mix of spite and defiance, but if she had any interest in X-Wing she'd already be playing it.


    Ewoks are supposedly the 4th faction.


    This is going to be X-wings version of 'that's what she said' - Still better than Yuuzan vong.


    It's really more like "still a better love story than Twilight" or "still a better ending than  Mass Effect 3" than anything else.

  15. I'm not sure what people even plan to do with any information we might actually get out of the ashes of this discussion. Let's assume for a second that we did manage to nail down a couple of reasons that this game has such a gender imbalance. We'll also assume that it actually is unique to X-Wing, and not as prominent with other wargames. What then? 


    If something about the rules is keeping girls from developing or maintaining an interest, then our options are to make fundamental changes to the game or just accept the gender imbalance and move on. Making dramatic changes is unlikely to happen, and historically wouldn't end well. Nobody wins.


    If the theme (spaceships fighting each other) doesn't appeal to girls than little can be done. The girls who are interested in the game should obviously be greeted and treated with the level of courtesy we should show to any human being, but if a girl looks at the game and isn't interested what can you do? I wouldn't harass a guy to start playing it, I'm not going to do that to a girl just because "we need more girls playing this game". If anything the idea of specifically trying to recruit girls to play X-Wing sounds kind of creepy to me.


    If the issue is people being rude or hostile to the girls that do show interest, than we need to shut that down immediately. I have no patience for that kind of behaviour and neither should anyone else. I won't treat someone better based on their race or gender but I won't stand for someone being treated worse for that reason either. That hasn't been an issue with my playgroup, but it could be a problem elsewhere. 


    Basically, what I'm trying to get at here is making some kind of coordinated effort to get women playing this game seems really weird and unnecessary to me. If there are people being rude and driving away interested parties then we should step in enforce a little civility, but it could easily just be that girls aren't that interested in this game for a mix of reasons that don't have sexism as a cause. 


    So- a bunch of guys think sexism doesn't exist on this forum?



    And what is a post like that meant to achieve? How is being as sexist as possible in the other direction meant to help anything?


    For the purposes of this post I'm going to assume you're not a troll and you're not actively trying to provoke a flame war. I'm instead going to guess that you're incredibly passionate about gender equality issues and that passion overspills into aggression.


    My question is, what does that aggression, especially on a plastic spaceship forum, achieve?

    If you're being aggressive with trolls you're just feeding them.

    If you're being aggressive with misogynists you'll trigger a fight or flight response and it being the internet they'll pick fight. It's human to want to disagree with someone who takes a hostile tone with you, so they'll mentally entrench their views and then they'll either respond with aggression back, resulting in a flame war that achieves nothing, or make you look like an idiot to any third party by being slightly less aggressive. The winner of a flame war is the one who makes the other person look like a raging child to any third party reading it.

    If you're being aggressive with anyone else you'll either turn them against your cause or more likely turn them against you personally. The only people who'll agree with you are the ones which agree with you already.


    This forum is mostly fairly bright people who'll be won over by reasoning and civil discussion, flaming them won't achieve anything. Does that make sense?


    Such wisdom. 


    That's not sarcasm, I'm genuinely pleased to see someone that understands how flame wars go as well as TIE Pilot does. Also, apparently this guy has precognition or something because this is how flame wars always play out, unless the mods shut things down before events can get that far.

  17. No, it isn't. For two reasons. The first reason is that you're assuming we talk like this in person. I certainly don't; I sound like a robot when I'm online. In person I swear frequently, change subjects midsentence, and usually just point at who or whatever I'm talking about. Like this:


    "(points at Wedge) shoots...hm...(points at Jendon). Yeah. I'll do that."


    We're up to our jaws in a discussion of gender, of course we're using different terminology here. Some people just get all formal and scientific when they argue, it doesn't automatically mean they talk like this all the time. 


    The second is because you're looking at this from the perspective of someone that's been debating/arguing about it for a while now. We (well not me) have been dissecting points and examining things closely and all those fun things, which means that we aren't thinking like some guy/woman on the street who just overheard us. Most people, if they heard you say "females don't generally play miniatures games" wouldn't think that you're referring to them as a set of organs. They'd think you were weird for using such a clinical sounding term in casual conversation, but unless it was a constant thing or the actual message itself was sexist they aren't generally going to take offence. Which of these is more insulting to women?


    "Females generally don't play wargames, although we aren't sure if this is a societal thing or just a general trend."

    "Women don't play wargames because the math and violence are off-putting to women."


    Granted, someone who almost always says "females" is going to come across a bit creepy but like I said. This is an argument on the internet. I'm betting none of us talk like this offline.

  18. In all fairness, part of the reason people in this thread are saying "female" so much is because we're talking gender issues. If I were more active in this discussion I'd be using that word a lot, but in my day to day life I never use it. There's way too much emphasis being placed on whether or not people should be offended by the word female and to be totally honest I think it's hilarious. Like, WW says "female" too much and now he's the reason girls don't play X-Wing? No. 


    I would take people being nice but misusing words over a**holes who stay within the limits of political correctness every time.


    I believe it would be better for a new generation to not even consider gender, race, etc. , than for them to be taught that you should be nice to the "other" people.


    It's not pretending that the problem doesn't exist, it's detaching oneself from the problem in order to be nice no matter who is staying in front of you.

    See, this guy gets it. Sitting here wringing our hands and worrying if we've accidentally objectified women through our choice of words is completely pointless. If we're concerned about offending women (or any other group of people, really) then we probably aren't the problem anyway. And suggesting that they would be offended over someone saying "female" instead of "woman" is kind of worse, since it suggests that something that's actually really minor would bother them so much. I worked in a truck stop for years. Trust me, sexism isn't some guy that keeps saying "female". 

  19. Jeeessshhhh. Did not mean to stir up a hornets nest here...

    Let's just agree to disagree. Of course there are numerous examples in history of weapons mods. Low tech stuff wwi and wwii. All these mods were one time special experiments, not general issue.

    Again as I stated before did not mean to offend. Just stating an opinion. I thought that is what these forums are for.

    Well, if we're getting into it the bulldozers they put on Sherman tanks would probably be a modification. Maybe the flamethrower on the KV-8 would, since I believe they replaced the turret machine gun with it. Lots of the mods in this game could represent adjustments that have been made to some but not all of a given ship, either because they just decided to start or because it's only cost effective to have so many of your X-Wings capable of short boosts or something. Personally I feel that by banning them from your games you're missing out on a lot of interesting tactical decisions, but if that's how you want to play then go ahead.


    Now I want a World War II game with this upgrade system. Shermans would have so many upgrade slots, it would be awesome. Maybe have different variations represented by different cards (buy a Sherman expansion and you get the regular M4, the Crocodile, and the Easy Eight) with upgrades like bulldozers, smoke launchers, and Calliope rockets as separate cards kind of like missiles or systems. Some tanks would have an "Ace Crew" that basically adds a pilot ability, but most crews can only drive a specific tank. I would spend so much money on this game, you have no idea.

  20. A highly upgraded force can be annoying when you forget you had a hull upgrade after you've already taken the model of the table... or miss a critical shot and then remember you had predator :)


    This is exactly why every time something either misses or dies, I stare at the relevant ship's pilot card and upgrades. If I'm playing a synergistic list, I stare at EVERYTHING. Slows me down but I've never forgotten my free target locks with Corran, or Wedge's free reroll.

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