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  1. The main thing about turrets is you tend to pay a lot for them  in points, so you have less attacks overall then someone that didn't use turrets. One Falcon costs as much as two X-Wings, but only hits as hard as one of them. I myself tend to find the turrets reasonably balanced by that, although I admit that Interceptors and A-Wings really need those Autothrusters. 


    That said if you enjoy just playing the small ships then that's fine. You're under no obligation to use large ships in your kitchen table games. 

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong. The order of events when using the HLC with target lock would be roll, downgrade crits, then use target lock, right? So if I roll blank, blank, eye and crit I would change the crit to a hit, then I could use my lock to reroll the other three dice and keep any crits I rolled?


    As I understand it anything that says "immediately" on the card happens before anything else (unless that other effect also says immediately) but I like to be certain of things like this.

  3. The Flechette Cannon is pretty amazing for only two points, and since it's so cheap it doesn't feel like much of a waste if you only use it once or twice in a game. The Mangler, as someone else said, is a great alternative to the HLC if you can't shave the three points or you have an ability that makes that crit more important.

  4. I enjoyed a lot of success using Corran and Wedge as my main guns, with Biggs flying alongside them and drawing all the hate. I've never seen much reason to use the generic pilots, but Corran just has such a cool ability that even if they were really good I doubt I would have any interest in them. Next time I play epic I'm planning to play Rebels and surround (literally, surround) Etahn with X-Wings. Then I'll point that murdercube at the largest concentration of enemy ships I can.

  5. What a number of people complaining about how [ship] is [OP/useless] fail to understand is that tournaments tend to weed out all the suboptimal choices until the top eight or so have almost no diversity. I didn't look at the lists for any X-Wing tournaments, but I do know that pretty much all of them used either Phantoms or Falcons in the last big one. This doesn't automatically make them OP, it means they have a lot to offer someone that has the skill to make it that far in nationals/worlds.


    The Phantom, for example is a high risk/reward ship. If blocked and shot it dies very easily, and I for one found it difficult to get used to planning for my Decloaks. But anyone that can earn a respectable place at national tournaments has the skill to use that insane mobility to it's full potential, so most of the downsides just don't apply to them (unless their opponent is insanely good at blocking). It's not that the ship is OP, it's that everyone is using tournament results as their basis when tournament players have far more reason to use the Phantom than people playing at the kitchen table.

  6. I actually made the switch to Techmarine, after discovering that I can slap things with that huge mechanical arm. I mostly just use my gun (or the missile launcher I got with Signature Wargear) but the Pimp Hand of the Omnissiah was just too appealing to pass up.  

  7. I'm going to back the suggestion of using different types of ship (turreted, dodgy, tanky, etc). I found the rules were pretty easy to remember, what I found difficult was getting a feel for moving and learning how to fly each ship against each other ship. For some of the more complicated rules, you could print off a flow chart for easy reference. If she doesn't play a lot of games, that would probably help a lot. For example, the rules for who can modify attack/defence dice can be easily made into a flow chart that can be checked over much more quickly than looking through the rulebook. You could probably do the same with action resolution, if need be. 

  8. I think he means he'd rather just play Vader. I don't see why, Steele actually has a lot of potential to demolish people with crits now that he can actually crit something. Predator seems like a good choice, you still want to roll some hits so they can't just evade your crit and Predator makes up for not having a target lock reroll. I still like Vader better but Steele is actually a pilot worth choosing now.

  9. I'd happily put Corran Horn in a Phantom. Or Wedge, Vader, Han...anyone with a good "when you attack" ability. I'd also be thrilled to have Vader fly an Interceptor. 


    I also love the idea of Jake Farrel in a Defender or Luke in the Falcon. I actually flinched when I imagined what it would be like trying to kill the Millenium Skywalker if it had 3PO in it.

  10. The more expansions a game has, the harder it is for the developers to keep things balanced. Vader in a Decimator isn't a great example of that, for reasons already specified, but it's something a lot of tournament players should brace for. We already see a lot of talk about Phantoms and Fat Han being the entire meta, and unfortunately the more options available to the competitive crowd the more likely they are to find something that is nearly unbeatable. FFG is pretty good at balancing things, but every new release is a chance that they make a mistake and undercost something. 


    This sounds pretty doom and gloom, but I don't really care myself. Very much a casual player, most of my lists are constructed on impulses I get while rifling through my pilot cards. With my opponent doing the same across from me. I'm just observing a pattern I've noticed in a lot of other games. It's also one of the reasons that games like Magic have multiple formats, although there are undeniably business advantages to it as well. 

  11. It gets worse for the enemies of the Imperium. We're probably going to add another player, who will inevitably play a Librarian. He's always been good at abusing utility abilities. If he does then I will definitely be going for either an Assault or Techmarine, depending on how I roll on my characteristics. 

  12. I did contemplate the Techmarine, but I've heard that Apothecaries are underpowered and that they don't get any good options comparable to things like Tempest Blade (advanced specialty is the term I think I want here). 


    In the likely event that my overconfidence gets me killed, I`ll probably try a different class. I`m also considering a switch to a Black Templars Assault Marine, because that one squad mode ability offers a lot of bonus attacks. 

  13. 56668973.jpg

    To be fair everyone was busy hating Jar Jar, so the midichlorians kind of snuck by. The broadsaber is just the most easily criticized part of the trailer. 


    I actually kind of like the broadsaber. It looks okay, and people are really overestimating the odds of those crossguards taking a bite out of the Sith's wrists. I'm not a huge fan of midichlorians because they contradict the idea that anyone with the right mindset can wield the Force, and they could easily have just had Qui Gon say that this kid is basically radiating power, which is incredible since he has no training or knowledge of the Force.

  14. Gadge, you realize he's just curious as to how broken it would be, right?


    I'm not sure how strong Phantom Biggs would actually be, myself. Obviously five green dice is pretty crazy but Phantoms are always pretty expensive and at PS5 he can't reliably Decloak, shoot, and ACD his way to safety. Constant Decloaking also makes it harder to keep him near the ships he wants to protect.


    Biggs in a shuttle, however...

  15. Update. Flesh Tearers Assault Marine, Carcharodon Librarian, Dark Angels Librarian. Thinking of inviting a guy I know to play, and my money's on either Blood Ravens or Storm Wardens Librarian. He likes to be a controlly "combat utility" kind of role. So the entire Warp knows where we are but they might think twice before they try to do something about it.

  16. We shall Smite those who stand before us. The survivors, we feed to the Rending Maw. Anyone who survives that gets to go ten rounds with the Flesh Tearer. Any remaining survivors shall be caber tossed to their doom.


    The plan is elegant in it's simplicity and magnificent in it's probable effectiveness. 

  17. You can trump it by going with PS 8 pilots and giving them Veteran Instincts.   I may do that just to be cruel.  

    That won't help if you chose to go left when you should've gone right. It just lets you shoot first and boost/roll a bit. Still good but STay On Target does offer some options that aren't available otherwise.

  18. In most RPGs you expect to see a healer, a tank, a damage guy, and a control guy. Deathwatch doesn't seem to rely as heavily on this setup, although I'm a little concerned about our lack of Apothecary. Are strange squad compositions a normal thing in Deathwatch?


    Our Kill-Team is currently a Carcharodon Librarian, a Dark Angels Librarian, and a Flesh Tearer Assault Marine. We haven't chosen advances or anything yet, we're gearing up for our first game and might still gain a player or two.

  19. Why does everyone blame JJ for everything? He's directing, but that doesn't give him the power to glance at something and change it on a whim. He has bosses, guys. He also has less input than you seem to think on what the designs of ships and setting will look like, so blaming him for redesigning ships is really pointless. Especially since apparently the E-Wing so many of us hate is the one we're arguing about now. 


    Also, can we stop throwing tantrums over the expanded universe? There was some good stuff in there, but there were also Yuuzan Vong and Dark Empire, among other terrible or mishandled ideas. The issue with continuing to expand the EU over and over again is that eventually everything gets convoluted and it strains suspension of disbelief that Luke has done all the things he's done (how many wars has he fought by now?) or that anything can possibly challenge him after the fifth time he rediscovers some ancient Force technique that wrecks everything. They could still screw it up, sure, but this is a great chance to take the good parts of the EU and leave out the more regrettable stories. People really need to stop pretending that the EU was perfect.


    On top of that, what does it matter if it's canon? Oh no, they won't mention Thrawn in the movies. You can still enjoy the books he was in. Disney isn't going to show up at your house and set fire to them. Honestly, given how they had to create a hierarchy of what overrides what, a lot of things you liked might not have technically been canon anyway. 


    Also, I never liked Star Trek. I found it very boring, on the few attempts I made to watch it. The reboot is the only time I have ever enjoyed anything with the Star Trek logo on it. Star Wars may be different, since I actually like Star Wars, but I do think that successfully making me enjoy a Star Trek film is kind of impressive. 

  20. The plastic they use to make X-Wing just isn't durable enough to inflict meaningful damage to a person. At best you could scratch them up and hurt their eyes, but going for eye damage is pretty easy because they're so soft. 


    The Decimator might actually be more effective than the Tantive just because it looks more solid. One solid hit with the Tantive would cause all the engines to break off like it's Kerbal Space Program, and I'm pretty sure the model is hollow. The Decimator seems sturdier, judging by the pictures.

  21. Joining the chorus that liked both Hobbit movies, although overall I think An Unexpected Journey was better than Desolation of Smaug. Legolas did not need to be there, although it was nice to see him lose a fight. I also wasn't a fan of the romance subplot, they go from barely knowing each other to speaking in drug-induced poetry way too fast. Still, it was cool seeing Thorin demonstrate some serious flaws and Smaug himself was great even if the fight between him and the dwarves was really clumsily handled. There was more to criticize in the second than there was in the first, but I'm still absolutely going to see Battle of the Five Armies and I'm confident I'll enjoy it. 


    Also the movie makes a lot more sense if you think of it as Bilbo telling it the way he remembers, which might not be that accurate after so many years. For example, his fear of Smaug could make him think that Smaug came closer to killing the dwarves than he really did. I don't think that was intentional by the writers/director, but it does fit very well with Bilbo starting to write his book in the first movie and neatly explains a lot of the issues with the movie.

  22. Precisely. I told him some of their antics and he fell in love. Flesh Tearers sounds like a working substitute, though. TV Tropes mentioned them being pretty nuts in melee. 


    Our Kill-Team is going to be weird. One guy is adamant that he will be a Librarian, one might drop out if he can't be an Angry Assault Marine (though he's willing to play whatever as long as we let him act like an Angry Marine), and I'm contemplating just throwing sanity to the wind and playing the Fastest Marine so I can sprint around at 279 miles per hour. I'm only doing that because apparently grabbing Daemon Hunter and playing a Grey Knight won't work as well as I want it to. Our squad won't be very rounded out unless the last guy agrees to play a Tactical, but I'm betting on a Dark Angel Devastator. Diplomacy will consist heavily of waving chainswords around and making demands. As the Emperor intended.

  23. I would get Rites of Battle but it isn't on sale, and I want to buy them all from FFG this time around because of the sale. RoB is definitely interesting, though. My room-mate is determined to play an Angry Marine.


    You might be on to something with Mark of the Xenos. Our GM does enjoy creating campaigns, so once he's familiar with the setting that will be very helpful. I also considered Ark of Lost Souls because it apparently has rules for designing space hulks.

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