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  1. This article might be very useful for you:


    Someday I'll figure out that "link to anchor" thing. Anyway, Rebels often fly in loose formations and the pinwheel is perfect for keeping them from slamming into each other and losing valuable actions. It's also great for keeping Biggs in position to draw all the fire away from your other, better pilots. 


    Speaking of, Biggs is amazing. He has one of the most useful abilities in the game, in my opinion. 

  2. Yeah, you call out those people that probably aren't members of this forum. You be all dramatic about how you'll whine to the TO. That'll make you popular and not at all make people say rude things about you behind your back.

  3. So I basically skipped over reading everything until this very last post, but the idea of a scenario/campaign pack is intriguing. It's optional, could field experimental/special rules without breaking the continuity of the game, and offer a different style of play. I'd be okay with flat, cardboard walkers/senators shuttles. If the pack was successful enough, maybe they could make little models, too. The LOTR card game has different style scenarios and rules within each of it's expansions. Why not xwing? 

    We do get scenarios. I'm still watching carefully for an opportunity to play the one that came with Imperial Aces. I did play the one that came with the Firespray but my opponent made some very questionable decisions during list building and it was a very easy game.

  4. Don't worry about our new toys, they're in good hands.

    The captain of the cargo ship has a copy of the game, and he loves it!  He and his crew play all the time.



    Unfortunately, they're in the middle of a game right now - they'll head to port just as soon as the captain finishes his barrel roll.


    There's our problem. If you look closely you can see that he's using hias roll to move backward, and that guy's been placing 1 straights all game. **** slow playing boat captains.

  5. Not bad, although I prefer to lift the obstructing ship off it's base (taking the pegs with the ship) so I can measure much more closely. I also place the 1 straight template next to things and then move the base, but that's only when I need extremely precise positioning because a millimetre or two will determine if I have a shot. 

  6. Stressbot does seem like the best counter to Soontir. Sure, Fel gets his free focus token but he either took only one action or he pushed the limit and now has two stress tokens. You could also go with Stressbot and Flechette Torpedoes to guarantee that Soontir gets no actions next turn. The torpedoes wouldn't be my first pick but if I had two points left over and I'm concerned about the Baron I'd gladly take them over the initiative.

  7. They already cost points that could be going to getting more attacks per round, and in a tournament every point you put into a ship makes it that much more likely to get focus fired into oblivion. Loading up a ship on upgrades is generally a risky strategy, since it means that losing that ship almost certainly means losing the game. Fat Han is a partial exception but even he dies pretty quickly if he's up against a swarm.


    I understand where you're coming from but I don't think such a rule would be necessary, nor do I think it would improve the game.

  8. Critical hull breach. roll an attack dice at the start of each turn. if you roll a crit remove your ship from play. 


    Engine overload your ship must move maximum speed forward for the next two turns then flip this card face down and receive one stress


    Damaged flight controls; your dial cannot be changed for the next two turns and must remain set on its last maneuver. afterwords flip this card face down and receive one stress token. if ps 2 or lower receive two stress tokens.



    Crits that powerful are absolutely insane. I like the ones that shut down shielding and target locks (although they seem really favourable to the Empire) but these three are just not good ideas. Critical Hull Breach could mean that the fifth point of damage I land on your Decimator is fatal, it's just too much. Maybe if it said you take one point of (noncritical) damage on a crit result. 


    Engine Overload and Damaged Flight Controls may as well say "this ship is no longer part of the game". Seriously, two turns of uncontrolled movement, followed by stress? No, just...no. Engine Overload will almost always send you off the map, and Damaged Flight Controls isn't much better. 

  9. well, you're actually going to have to try and use that forward facing arc that almost every other ship has to worry about to do anything.  *gasp* 


    i know this will be a foreign concept to many, but i guess it's finally time for you to have to adapt and evolve... 


    stress and ion mechanics with the rest of the list could also help.

    No need to be hostile. I don't even play the Falcon these days, I'm just saying that Soontir can reliably guarantee that Han has to roll three hits to have a chance at damage. I don't think it's the end of the world because Han still has escorts that can burn down Soontir's tokens or hammer him after he spends them. I'm actually liking the fact that Falcons will have to plan their moves more carefully. 


    We'll still see people that just have Han drift in lay circles and shoot at whatever's closest but now there should be a clear divide between good Falcon players and bad ones. How they handle Soontir will be a reliable way to tell, because Soontir stands a very good chance of beating the bad Falcon players (not on his own, of course).


    I'm quite fond of the X-Wing, named pilots tend to make their way into a lot of the Rebel lists I play. I'm developing a love for Interceptors now that I've played enough to properly use the boost and roll but nobody around here plays turreted ships that much so that doesn't entirely count. 


    I did beat a guy's tournament list with Wedge, Wes, and Jan the other day. Wes and Jan had VI, Wedge had Opportunist. The entire goal was to throw six red dice against your agility (minus one). Managed to catch Whisper in a bad spot and I had the initiative, so I ended up throwing those red dice against a Phantom's two green, and only I had a Focus token. Lost Jan shortly after but it was a good game and I was very pleasantly surprised since I just threw it together because I like rolling large numbers of dice and haven't played a HWK in ages. 


    Wow your Wes, Wedge, and Jan list is well timed - I was thinking of running Wes, Jake Farrel, and Jan, but was thinking of Wedge instead of Wes. Do you mind pasting your list here?


    Happy to.


    Wedge Antilles


    -R2 Astromech


    Wes Janson

    -Veteran Instincts



    Jan Ors

    -Ion Cannon Turret

    -Han Solo


    Looking it over I would drop Han Solo for something that can help shed stress, or for Tactician. Stressing and ionizing is another thing I was interested in playing around with and Han never ended up being relevant. Using Stressbot on Soontir Fel turned out to be pretty smart, he endured that turn but was unable to be Soontir Fel at me on the next. Opposing list consisted of Whisper, Soontir, and a Doomshuttle.

  11. So as everyone knows Autothrusters are likely to bring Interceptors back into the tournament scene by letting them endure Falcons and Outriders. Most Interceptors will be balanced out by having to choose between the focus and evade actions, and if they focus they have to decide if they need it for attacking or defending (but I imagine they'll always defend with it). 


    Soontir Fel is not most Interceptors.


    With his ability, Soontir can effectively guarantee two negated hits every turn, one for the Autothrusters and one from evade. He will have a focus token available, possibly two if he didn't need to reposition after moving. And like most Interceptors, he can dance much better than the Falcon and stay out of it's arc very easily. All Interceptors are getting a buff but Soontir is the only one that can maintain a good offence with his second focus token. 


    So for someone that wanted to play a YT, how would you counter the Baron?


    Personally I think the best way would be to have the Falcon ignore him entirely and start shooting up his escorts, while the rest of your list relentlessly chases Soontir. Corran presents a solid threat, and with barrel roll he should be manoeuvrable enough to at least keep Soontir busy. The Outrider can handle him better than the Falcon, because Dash can boost and roll into a better spot and four dice are better than three, especially against a guy that can stop two dice per turn not matter how much the dice hate him. 


    The upside to all that is that it maintains a lot of the manoeuvring mindgames that people like while still letting Rebels have their turrets. You can't mindlessly drift in circles and expect to win, because you need to position your ships to keep Soontir either in front of you or as far away as possible. Likewise the Interceptor still only has three hull so mistakes will be as fatal as they always were.


    For the record I think Autothrusters are aggressively costed but not broken. I played a lot of games with the Falcon and even my most casual lists were murder on Interceptors. They don't do much if you aren't playing against turrets but I don't think they're an "I win" button against turreted ships either. They change the decisions you have to make, but if you haven't been using turrets it should actually be pretty easy to adjust.

  12. I'm quite fond of the X-Wing, named pilots tend to make their way into a lot of the Rebel lists I play. I'm developing a love for Interceptors now that I've played enough to properly use the boost and roll but nobody around here plays turreted ships that much so that doesn't entirely count. 


    I did beat a guy's tournament list with Wedge, Wes, and Jan the other day. Wes and Jan had VI, Wedge had Opportunist. The entire goal was to throw six red dice against your agility (minus one). Managed to catch Whisper in a bad spot and I had the initiative, so I ended up throwing those red dice against a Phantom's two green, and only I had a Focus token. Lost Jan shortly after but it was a good game and I was very pleasantly surprised since I just threw it together because I like rolling large numbers of dice and haven't played a HWK in ages. 

  13. The Defender MK 3 - 3 pts - When you attack with a secondary weapon, you may take a stress to also attack with your primary weapon.

    Embrace jousting and crush your enemies with pure firepower.

    That should probably only work if you don't have any stress tokens, but I like the idea. 


    Man, that and a Mangler Cannon would be vicious. No matter what range you're at the Defender gets a total of at least six red dice on you. 

  14. My comment was in response to the post. I've my last one, from R2shihtzu.

    He literally said that if scum doesn't change the game he's out. He's relying on his opponents for his "fun" which is probably the worst way to ever partake in any hobby.

    In all fairness this isn't a game that can be played without opponents. If he doesn't enjoy playing against the people in his area and he can't go elsewhere then he's basically screwed. My friend stopped playing Heroclix largely because he didn't like the people that he played against and couldn't get any of his friends interested.


    Back on topic now. 


    The TIE swarm doesn't seem to have changed much, since it still largely comes down to whether you have a flanker and who it is. So basically, it comes down to whether your list has Backstabber or not. 


    Han Shoots First as I remember it was slightly more aggressive than Fat Han. HSF, in it's earliest form usually ran Gunner and sometimes Marksmanship with the goal of killing a ship with every shot. Fat Han seems more interested in achieving immortality and waiting for you to die. I could be mistaken there, I was pretty new when Han Shoots First was a thing and it kind of faded away shortly after I started.


    Triple Firespray probably still doesn't work. I don't think this list can really improve with new releases because it clocks in at 99 points and therefore can't really do anything with any new stuff that comes out. The Firespray is in for a glorious return when new Boba Fett lands but I think we all know that. 


    There might be some possibilities for a new spin on Biggs Walks the Dogs. Maybe something with Wedge or Keyan to draw fire instead of Biggs? I don't know, I'm still trying to wrap my head around proper use of the B-Wing. I can fly them just fine but whenever I make a list with them I somehow convince myself to make "just this little change" until I've got no B-Wings and there's named pilots everywhere. Tried to make a list around Keyan Farlander and somehow built a list with Chewbacca and Garven. True story.


    I've got a fondness for playing variants of the Three Amigos. I typically drop Luke and replace him with Corran, in a list I've nicknamed the Rebel Sledgehammer. Almost every list I build with Wedge ends up including Biggs, and by then I'm pretty hard pressed not to end up playing three ships because I don't trust Z-95s to handle anything with more than two agility. I've also seen a version of this that uses Keyan. 

  15. What ship do you buff/nerf, and how? 


    You can't change how their abilities work, you can't alter the rules of the game, and you can't just change the cost of the ship. You can makes a title or modification that only works on a specific ship, however. 


    I'd probably buff the Defender. I kind of like the ship but I feel like it doesn't offer enough for 30+ points, given how vulnerable it is to stress and how predictable it is once it's stressed. I'm thinking this.


    Defender Ace

    1-3 points

    Title, Defender only

    When you reveal your manoeuvre dial, you may treat that manoeuvre as if it were green. If you do, roll one less attack die each time you attack this round.


    This provides a way to shed stress at what I hope is a fair price. The other thing I considered was letting it stay vulnerable but giving it a title that powers up it's offence, so I also thought of this. I don't think I would release both, but this would be my other suggestion.


    "Headbutter" Cannon

    ? points

    Cannon, Defender only

    When you attack a ship that has you inside it's firing arc, roll an additional attack die.


    I have no idea what to cost this. The Defender has had a weird relationship with jousting because it looks in theory like a great jouster (six hit points! White K-turn!) but in practice gets annihilated by B-Wings if it tries. I was interested in giving Vessery and Brath an offensive boost that might let them slam heads against some enemy lists and come out on top. It's a cannon because it should probably not be possible to put this and an HLC together. Five attack dice against your normal agility at range three seems a bit crazy.

  16. Thanks, Hida77. I have no idea why someone would put the minis there when they fit perfectly well with the cards and such but I do in fact have a lot of minis now. 


    Hoosteen, I actually did ask if the store would replace the box but he wanted to contact FFG to see how they wanted it done. If they aren't willing to credit the store for the product then he'd be losing money for something he had no control over, and since missing components is beyond his control I can't really blame him for not doing that. Also you're probably right about the computers weighing the boxes,but Imperial Assault was somewhat rushed to make it out by Christmas so we figured mine was a victim of that rush. Which it apparently wasn't, but still.

  17. There was a big rant here about missing miniatures (as in, all of them missing) but it turns out that for some reason they put them under that cardboard insert that fills up most of the box. I don't really understand why they did that, but the important thing is I actually did have the minis after all. I suppose if anyone else has any missing figures (other than the AT-ST, only have one) I'll just give them my extras. 


    In my defence this is the first time I can recall ever seeing a company put anything under one of those inserts. I shook the box a bit at one point but didn't hear anything, so I didn't check under the insert.


    I was mad yesterday, now I just think it's hilarious.

  18. I'd play it if the Decloak used the 1 straight. I tend to have difficulty getting the Phantom exactly where I want it because of how far it moves during Decloak so for me this would actually be an upgrade. 

  19. I for one, welcome our Ponrexian overlords!


    I got into it from watching THIS.  I especially liked Fluttershy's bit. Then i realised that the audio might be a gag dub, but i was still watching a tiny pegasus step up to a huge dragon, and i just had to go watch this series...

    I like the irony of someone using a homophobic insult while there's a rainbow around them. That and any decent use of that rant from Tropic Thunder is okay with me.


    And Black Knight Leader, the song mostly just hints at things. 

    In the Rainbow Factory, where your fears and horrors come true

    In the Rainbow Factory, where not a single soul gets through

    Apparently this is supposed to imply mass murder or something. I've never been good at lyric interpretation. Mostly I just find the tone of the song suggests there's something sinister happening which combined with the lyrics could put this song in the horror category. I did find this, a little while ago.


    I'm assuming the first segment is basically just flipping off some fansite.

  20. If you think conversion bureau is bad stay the h3ll away from "cupcakes"


    I actually wasn't fazed by that. Not the first time someone's written a gorefest of a story, so if anything I was disappointed. All these people hyping it up as the scariest thing on the internet and it was just torture porn. Conversion Bureau contains a lot of ideas that terrify me far more than a serial killer with ADD.


    As for Conversion Beaureaueu ... There are two versions. Version A is that our worlds merged, and magicless beings literally cannot survive, so the ponies turn us into ponies to save us. Version B is basically Ponrexia.




    This is what happens when I search for "pony Phyrexia" and click on the first result. I wonder if you still have to sacrifice all your permanents when you damage this thing, isn't that the really timid one?


    I don't have time too read the whole story but from what I saw it wasn't creepy


    The thing that makes it so disturbing to me is that from the TV Tropes article it seems like humans that convert into ponies lose basically every aspect of their personality. There's a concept called "death by personality loss" that essentially states that such a dratsic change in who you are is like death--Black Knight Leader dies, but Black Knight Leader the pony has his memories. If it helps, just try to imagine taking a hit to the head and suddenly hating ponies, Star Wars, and other things you really enjoy. Then apply it to almost everything else that makes you, you. It makes me think of the Borg or the Reapers, just wrapped in a less threatening appearance and with cutesier names.


    I also don't like the misanthropy of it. The lengthy rants about humans ruined everything grated on my nerves when all I had to read were a couple of quotes from the story, I can't imagine how anyone got through an entire story like that. 


     I haven't heard a disturbing mlp fan written song yet.... now that I mention it will now exist. 


    Oh, it's out there. I'm surprised you haven't heard it, I saw this when I was first trying to figure out why there were people my age watching a show called Friendship is Magic. 



    Also, the quote system on this forum is really hard to use properly. Everything else is fine but quoting only those specific parts of your posts would have been a nightmare, especially since some of you also quoted people. So instead you get yellow words.

  21. As to your question about "Conversion Bureau", I stay away from fanfics, and because you say it's disturbing I'm not even going to attempt to look into it.

    A fanfiction based on a show marketed at little girls should never make me think of the "death by personality loss" concept, nor should it make me think of Phyrexians. What makes it even worse is according to TV Tropes the author admitted that it was mostly wish fulfilment because he wanted to be a pony and hang out with the main characters. 



    If anyone's curious, here's where I got my information. 

  22. Okay, pony fans. I'm curious about something. What's your take on those "Conversion Bureau" stories? Read about them on TV Tropes and found the whole concept immensely disturbing. 


    Also, why exactly do you watch the show, if you can tell me? I watched a bit of an episode a few years ago trying to figure out why my friend's brother had come up and started ranting about ponies at me, but very quickly decided it wasn't for me. I'm curious as to what the appeal is, since I can't see it myself. 


    That was easily one of the weirdest conversation I've ever had. I'm sitting there talking about some game with my friend, and suddenly his brother storms up, points at me, and says "tell me you don't watch My Little Pony." That was how I found out what bronies were. Also what sent me to TV Tropes to try and figure out what was happening, because I hadn't heard of knowyourmeme yet.

  23. Try this when your third X-Wing arrives.


    Corran Horn


    -Fire Control System


    Wedge Antilles



    Biggs Darklighter

    -Hull Upgrade


    You can drop the hull upgrade if you want to put something else on one of your ships. The list is straightforward, relying on brutal attacks from Wedge and Corran to kill almost anything in one round. Or to kill two things, if you're lucky. Start like this:



    W B


    Depending on maneuvers, Biggs might slam into Corran. That's fine as long as Biggs stays within range 1 of the other two, because he will be dying heroically to buy time for your star pilots to deal with any real problems. The dials are almost exactly the same on these ships so formations are easy. Phantoms could be a problem but without Veteran Instincts it will die very quickly if caught with it's cloak down, and Corran might be able to smash through it's agility with his double tap. 


    I played this list with success against better players than myself (one bomber group and one trio of Interceptors accompanied by Vader), so I think it's pretty noob friendly.

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