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  1. Fragmenting forums isn't the best idea.

    There should be a hobby/repaint forum though. I'm sure there used to be one, seem to remember browsing it.

    FFG shot it down because some idiot was trying to sell stuff. Or several idiots. There's a rule against selling stuff that FFG sells on the forums, it kept getting broken. Sucks, I was thinking of painting some of my ships and that subforum would have been great for me.

  2. I would drop Countermeasures and Marksmanship to upgrade one of the TIEs to Howlrunner. Rexlar doesn't want Marksmanship because if he lucks out and rolls straight hits (or blanks and hits) he can spend the focus token on his ability. Can't if he used Marksmanship. Countermeasures just isn't going to save you a lot of damage, although shedding the target lock might make it worth having if you're expecting missiles. 


    For the price of all those Twin Ion Engines, you could upgrade a TIE to Howlrunner or someone else, maybe that TIE/FO that lets everyone shed stress or something. You could also upgrade your Delta to Vessery, and if you drop the upgrades I mentioned in the first paragraph you could upgrade him with something good. Having your speed 2 banks become green isn't that big a deal. You should probably put those on your Defenders, though. They're very helpful on Defenders. 


    TIE swarms are definitely scary in Epic, but trust me. From experience, I'm telling you that Howlrunner is still amazing and will keep some heat off of your Decimator and Defenders. And if she isn't getting shot at, count every time that her ability results in an extra point of damage and tell your opponent how much damage she helped cause. When I did that she enabled a total of 13 damage that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. 


    I actually think it's a pretty good list, but some of the upgrade choices seemed pretty weak. Just looking to offer some feedback.

  3. The only reason I would wait would be if there was a Stealth Device I wanted gone, and I would likely be getting close range shots on it soon. Under any other circumstance I'll use it first chance I get, but if there's a Stealthy Interceptor I might hold off.

  4. I'd stick with Advanced Sensors, combining those with your Cluster Mines allows for some board control as your opponent has to avoid getting right in front of or behind you. Having a somewhat high pilot skill helps you decide when to Proton Bomb something, since the generics have already moved. 


    I have to slightly disagree with Admiral Deathrain, I'd rate three Academies with Howlrunner as better than five Academies. I will back him up on dropping the Hull Upgrade on Deathrain to make all your generics Obsidian Squadron, that could be useful against some lists.


    Is it very Canadian to choose a character who shoots first and asks no questions?

    I don't think it's very Canadian (given his party at least) to choose a character who carries a gun. 


    Adjusting for population we actually have an insane number of guns. I myself own eleven, and I don't even have a career (a job, yes, but not a high paying one). We just have a very low gun crime rate, and guns never quite turned into the heated issue they are in the States. Last time I remember a big gun control debate was the long gun registry, which I believe was created in response to one of the few mass shootings we ever had. It was casually thrown out when Harper won and Mulcair became opposition leader, since the Conservatives and NDP both felt it was a waste of taxpayer money. 

  6. You could start a petition about whether we're not being inclusive to two ship metas, that would rustle some jimmies. Or just give a completely serious explanation of why you think primary weapon turrets are good for the game, and how nerfing them would be a bad idea. At the very least ficklegreendice and ParaGoomba would reach 200% mad before they'd realize you were trolling. For maximum rage, insist that using the Falcon is more skill intensive then using Interceptors. At that point I'm pretty sure someone pops a blood vessel.


    I also recall a brief period where insisting that either of the named Phantom pilots was male would cause a brief firestorm, but that ended when someone got fed up and screencapped the article to prove that one of them is male and one is female.

  7. About as much as a regular expansion, really. Maybe offer it in exchange for someone buying you a ship you want another copy of, or one of the next wave if you're satisfied with your collection for now.

  8. Gemmer seems like an all-star with this rule, throw a stealth device on him and position well and he's got 5-6 green dice to keep him alive. I suspect people will often make the effort to kill the ship with the best dial first, to hinder the pilot that was benefiting the most from that dial. Gemmer makes that a difficult prospect. 


    Psycho Tycho seems like a really good pick, since you can throw him whatever dial is convenient at the moment as long as it has the right speed on it. Makes him a kind of safety valve for ships like the B-Wing that have lots of red maneuvers. Soontir could do the same for the Imperials, and a ship with Outlaw Tech could do that for Scum.

  9. Well yes, if the lists and the dice are equal, then it comes down to player skill.

    The easiest thing to account for when list building is how good your list is (in the meta).

    Two equally skilled players with equal luck playing non-equal squads is going to end up in a game determined by how good the lists are.

    If you hand a bad player a good list, they will still lose to a better player playing a list equal to theirs. But if they face a well flown list that's merely 'okay' they might be able to pull off a win.

    That's exactly why at high level play you tend to see less variety. The skill gap is extremely small in most cases, so who has the better list becomes a bigger factor in deciding the winner. By comparison, one of my roommates occasionally plays but given that I play every Saturday compared to his "once a month, maybe" I can play whatever catches my interest and expect to win with it. Against someone of my own skill level I need to more carefully consider upgrades for maximum effectiveness.


    Assuming I'm making an effort to win. I usually just play what amuses me at the moment. 

  10. I wonder how this would work with tetran Cowell's Pilot Ability. Say I reveal a Tie/FO sloop, would i be able to make it a 1 Sloop? a 5 Sloop?

    Tetran's ability specifically refers to K-turns, unfortunately. I was all excited to redo my Imperial list. You raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly, sir. Bravo. 




    As I understand it anything that changes your maneuver works as if that was always your dial. So to the best of my knowledge you can use Unhinged Astromech to get green sloops. Also, that may or may not have been the basis of my Scum list. 


    Likewise Juno Eclipse could perform a speed one sloop if she borrowed a TIE/FO dial for a turn. At this point the only things she can't do are the things that templates don't exist for. She basically has three white K-turns, and I think I need to remove Marek Steele from my list to make room for...something.


    I'm really looking forward to the albino space manatee ballet.

    So what youre saying is Palpatine can do a 3K with Soontir Fel's Dial, while Fel can do a Red stop? Dirty.


    Exactly. Or he can do a white 4K while Vessery sits still. I was leaning towards Rebels because Imperials generally have lots of sharp turns anyway, but then I remembered that Lambdas offer the best raw value for your points. The only drawback at all is the clumsy dial. 

  12. Our X-Wing group is planning a tournament where you can assign any of the dials you have to any of your ships. It works like this. You build a 100 point list, like normal and set up the same as always. But when you place dials in the planning phase, any of the dials in your list can be placed on any ship in your list, and will be treated as if that their dial (so a B-Wing doing a 4 straight with an A-Wing dial would shed stress instead of gaining it). If a ship is destroyed you lose access to that dial, so your last living ship would be stuck with whatever they normally have. 


    Edit for clarity: we haven't fully hashed it out yet but I believe that any modifiers like Unhinged Astromech or Nien Nunb will alter the maneuver the equipped ship perform, not what the corresponding dial is doing for another ship. Otherwise having multiples of the same dial could get really confusing.


    I'm sure it's totally unrelated that I must have heard "A-Wing" more times in that one hour of talking than the last three weeks combined. I also suspect the TIE/FO will be a popular choice. The 3 point price bump over a regular TIE seems more worth it when anyone in my list could be doing those S-loops. 


    I'm really looking forward to the albino space manatee ballet.

  13. Forest snare

    We did have that going for us, although we had a hard time with the encounter deck and our threat levels climbed too far. That one was partly just bad luck, there were too many enemies for me to kill without ignoring the troll and by the time we managed to kill it and move on our threat was in the low forties. Our next attempt, it didn't come up so I had to have Gimli with Citadel Plate defend every turn (he had Self Preservation as well). 


    Tactics seems essential. Legolas is very useful for keeping the pressure off of my ally so they can focus on things like questing and healing. Next attempt I'm going to try using Spirit, it's something I've kind of ignored in the face of how useful Steward of Gondor is. If that doesn't work I'll probably go Tactics/Leadership could work but I'm not sure I'll be able to quest successfully on a consistent basis with those decks. Good thing my teammate doesn't get overly discouraged by failure.

  14. So as the title says I'm very new to the game. I have one copy of the core set, the Black Riders, and A Journey to Rhosgobel. My friend and I beat the first quest fairly easily despite having to teach the rules to the other player (and the mistakes he made due to misunderstanding certain rules). 


    Then the Hill Troll in the second scenario completely ran us over. We were having a lot of trouble questing successfully (first game we immediately ran into that Orc that gets resources tokens to boost his combat) but even in the second game we just couldn't deal with that troll. I was playing a Tactics deck, the other deck was Lore. We held the troll back for a while with that Lore card that stops an enemy from attacking but between trying to kill the troll through his 3 defence and keeping questing enough to keep our threat from climbing we struggled to deal with the enemies that were coming from the encounter deck. 


    My current thought is that the Lore deck may not have enough teeth for what we're trying to do. As it stood, I had to kill the troll and most other enemies because Legolas and Gimli were the only big hitters we had (I had to use Landroval for questing). 


    Can I get some general advice on deckbuilding and trollslaying in particular?

  15. When I was five, we played in the back garden with Star Wars toys, and ran about making "pew pew" and "whuuummm" noises. The only difference now is that I use a set of rules to help adjudicate the "I shot you, you're dead", "no, you missed", "no, I definitely did" argument. :)

    This is basically the entire reason I started playing miniature games. When I was a kid I tried to make rules for playing with plastic army men and later, Lego figures with weapons. Neither of these ideas got anywhere because they required a crazy long attention span for a kid that age, and I've got an average attention span at best.

  16. Drop the word toy and the statement becomes impossible to argue against.  We are playing with little, plastic spaceships.


    Of course the World Series is grown men hitting a ball with a large stick.  All sports and pastimes are inherently silly when viewed objectively.


    X-wing is not  a toy, as I have explained to my sons.  It is a game though.  And if we ain't having fun, you're doing it wrong.

    Honestly sports become more ridiculous when you examine more closely. Not only for how much they get paid and some of the things they demand their stadiums have, but also the culture around it. Team loyalty is crazy when you think about it. 

  17. Corran with the right upgrades is way better than any Defender, but outside of that Defenders are better overall. E-Wings offer very little over T-70s for the points and Etahn is only good in Epic (but seriously, kill him first). Defenders have four possible choices in a regular game, E-Wings it's basically Corran or don't bother.

  18. Mainly to keep it simple in the core set, I think. The first expansions gave the Empire pilots at 2 and 4. 


    The Empire is willing to run someone through a very basic program before tossing them in a TIE and throwing 72 of them at someone. Many of their newer pilots either die soon or have only ever fought in battles where they had such an overwhelming advantage that they didn't really learn anything. Rebels don't have that luxury, so they train harder. Being the underdog also means that they learn quickly or die, so every battle provides at least a bit of education for Rebel pilots when they're new.

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