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  1. Range 3 is a safe place for you unless they have a cannon. You'll have five green dice, and most likely two focus tokens and one evade token. Autothrusters will also be ready to kick in. You can withstand almost any number of two dice attacks and three dice attacks will almost certainly fail. 


    Rolling and then boosting in is usually the key to getting close range shots without letting them have one. This one you'll have to learn on your own, there isn't really a cheat sheet for how to do this to ensure you shoot and they don't. 


    You should probably use PTL every round, but if you know they won't have a shot there's no harm in leaving your dial open for the next round. At PS9 you can generally tell before you choose actions, so that helps. 


    While your Stealth Device is up and/or you're at range 3, never fear anything with only two dice. Only Blount and Omega Leader can threaten you, and the worst Blount will likely do is strip a shield. Unless he has missiles that do something bad when they hit you, then he's scary as hell and you must kill him at once. Advanced Homing Missiles are not your friend.


    To exhaust all the defence tokens on the target, so Avenger can stop them from using them on that attack. If my Gladiators end up attacking the same ship as the ISD it also increases the odds that they'll have to lose the token completely.

    It doesn't work that way. Crit effects trigger after defense tokens are spent.


    Well ****. Guess I'll either drop it or replace it, then. Thought that combo seemed a bit obscene.


    Currently debating between Ion Cannon Batteries to get a lesser version of this combo off (that actually works), H9 Turbolasers, or Heavy Turbolaser Turrets. Brace tokens seem like the ones I should hate the most, so I like the turrets that shut them down. H9 are also appealing since they can help me suppress brace tokens. In either case I'll consider switching Avenger for Relentless, since I like the faster reaction time it offers me. 

  3. Tried this today, found it pretty devastating. 


    Imperial II-class 

    Admiral Screed


    Overload Pulse

    Redundant Shields

    Gunnery Teams


    EDIT: I misunderstood the attack rules a bit, I thought Overload Pulse could exhaust tokens before they could spend them--needless to say, Avenger seemed really broken. Reconsidering them.


    Gladiator I-class

    Assault Concussion Missiles


    Gladiator I-class

    Assault Concussion Missiles


    Boba Fett

    Soontir Fel


    TIE Fighter Squadron (x5)


    Might drop Boba to put Ordnance Experts on my Gladiators and another TIE squadron, or something along those lines. My opponent and I play very casually so I didn't sort out a proper list of objectives, but I did have Opening Salvo and Hyperspace Assault picked out. My basic strategy with this would be to hammer a big target and a small one with the ISD while the Gladiators team up on something and trigger their Assault Concussion missiles every round thanks to Screed. 

  4. #AllTIEsMatter



    But yes, being able to give them Crack Shot or Ruthlessness and having solid pilot skill makes them worth considering if you can afford the points. Most EPTs are too expensive to go on Black Squadron, but the cheaper ones can be good on them. Just remember that you still only have 3 hull, so don't think they're any tougher than Academy Pilot is. 

  5. Yeah suits scum best.


    I am imagining a fleet of 12 point uglies,(at points cost between 8-14 with various upgrades and ... issues) some engines failing at critical moments, others firepower increasing from 2 to 4 for a turn but getting a face up card for the overload...

    Yes, this. Could be fun as a casual thing. Have a deck of cards with effects ranging from pure benefit to upside/downside, to crippling. Ships can take a cost reducing title but have to draw from the deck before planning. Maybe some cards are blank, just to keep things from getting too crazy? But yeah, this seems like a fun idea.

  6. Sorry mate, no performing the same action twice in one turn.


    So either you boost or use the ability fully.

    That's not even close to what he was asking. 



    No, you don't have to have boost on your action bar. Same way that Expert Handling allows anyone to barrel roll, even if they don't normally have that action.

  7. New settlers seem to automatically start farming, or at least they have for me (PC, if that helps). Try using the workshop to directly order someone to farm tatoes. Otherwise, just hit up Abernathy Farms. All they have is tatoes.


    Stores seem to be the best way to increase happiness. I've thrown a few Minutemen flags up as well but I don't know if that helped at all. Currently I'm planning to shift my "personal" base away from Sanctuary and start living in a house I built on the roof of the gas station. 


    Can anyone tell me what settlers do if the settlement is attacked while I'm gone? I want to build a panic room where I can concentrate a lot of turrets near a walled in section with the alarm inside it but if nobody's going to ring it then there's no point.

  8. It would be interesting to do a combined troop transport shuttling over to a Star Destroyer/Mon Calamar with fighter support and gain points for keeping them alive and getting them on target. Troop transport players could man the guns and fighter support can take pot shots at incoming fighters. Could be cool.


    Transport lands and those players now have a ground mission to do. Fighters can land and go to troop mode inside, do sabotage, take out ship turret defenses. Lots of playability.

    Battlefront II was like that, but it wasn't all that engaging. Throw time bombs on the thing until it dies, then lurk next to an ammo droid until you had enough time bombs to do it to something else. Maybe it would be more interesting with human players, but in all honesty space battles in II got really boring if I didn't decide to just fly starfighters for the whole game.

  9. There are farms that provide all the ingredients if you do the minuteman missions they'll lead you to them.

    I now get nearly 50 adhesive from a harvest which is a big difference from how I was scrapping by before.

    I still have one settlement to found. Supposed to make the recruitment beacon, but couldn't spare anyone for a supply line and didn't feel like hauling parts everywhere. That place is still empty, except for a robot that is permanently high as a kite.

  10. Crew


    If all dice rolled are critical hits, disintegrate (destroy) enemy ship. Roll one bonus attack die if attacking unique pilots.


    Cost: 10

    That is a massive waste of ten points. Or, as the one guy suggested, stupidly effective on a HWK with Calculation. Really not a well balanced ability. 


    I like the target lock theme we seem to have going. It fits that a bounty hunter would single out his target and ignore all other ships as much as he realistically can. Maybe he lets you change an eye to a hit if you have them locked or spent a target lock on them? Not quite as good as TL+F but only requires one action. Or maybe if you attack a ship that you have locked, he gets an extra hit result if he doesn't spend the lock? Sort of like ATC but less powerful. Might be too strong on ships that start with three red dice. Then again the Advanced really only pays 1 for the upgrade so maybe at 5 points this would be okay. 

  11. Water purifiers and stores will cause purified water and bottlecaps to appear in the workbench every so often. Not sure exactly what scavenging stations do but I think that's where the bobby pins are coming from, and probably other stuff as well. 


    Adhesive, aluminum, oil, screws. These are your new gods. Crystal and nuclear material are also valuable but you won't use them nearly as much. 


    When something is scrapped for parts, anything left over will go to the workbench if you're in a settlement, or you inventory anywhere else. So the game scraps a desk fan you had in your inventory for a gear you won't lose out on the other parts. Tested this myself.


    If you plant crops and wait a while you can harvest them and plant more. I had trouble finding corn so I kept harvesting and planting the one I originally managed. Now I have six. 


    Three corn, three mutfruit, three tatoes and one bottle of purified water at a cooking station. Now you have five adhesive. 


    Steel and wood are also important but there's tons of them to be found everywhere. You need a lot but you have more.


    Dogmeat doesn't count against the Lone Wanderer perk. You can have your attack mule and still get the benefits of travelling alone. He can carry 150 pounds. No idea where he stores it. 


    Pretty sure Deathclaws know to avoid anything they saw you throw on the ground. Try to deploy mines before getting their attention, that worked for me. When I threw mines at the Deathclaw he just lunged to the side and then killed me. They have an insta-kill move but I don't know what triggers it or how to avoid it.


    I have yet to determine if there's any meaningful benefit to having multiple settlements, but I enjoy working on Sanctuary so once that's done I'll start on the others. It would lead to insane amounts of purified water and bottlecaps but by the time you would have that you'd have them anyway from quests/wandering.


    I don't want to spoil anything but the best character from Fallout 3 makes an appearance, sort of. When it happens you'll know. 


    Listen to the melee weapons seller in Diamond City. Not because he says anything useful, his understanding of baseball is just hilariously wrong. 

  12. Fighter Squadron is so far the only multiplayer I've tried since the beta. Quite fun. A bunch of AI controlled TIEs and X-Wings will fly around, not sure they ever kill anyone. They do help keep the game down to a good length, since killing them earns points and they don't dodge as well as human players often do. 


    Survival is a lot of fun. Seems a bit easy but next time I play I'll try it on hard and see what it's like then. 

  13. Vader's criticals deal damage to capital ships in Armada, which are not normally possible unless a ship has the bomber keyword (normal Advance do not)


    Vader's criticals also deal damage to enemy squadrons (also normally not possible), which makes him an absolute monster against enemy squadrons and quite capable of one-shotting generic A-wings


    quite possibly was Armada :P

    He's actually better than that. Normally ships without bomber get nothing from crit results, ships with bomber deal damage to ships and can resolve a critical effect. In Armada there are lots of things you can potentially do with crits, but a faceup damage card is still the default. Vader's ability lets him count crit results as damage results and he gets a black die to go with the three blue, so he is possibly the hardest hitting squadron in the game. Wedge and Soontir can compete but in exchange for higher potential they also rely on certain conditions being met. Vader has more consistent damage than either.

  14. Depends on how reliable the ship is at getting into range 1, really. If it flies like a beached whale then the two unstoppable hits are part of a high risk/high reward gamble, since you may go multiple rounds without getting to use it. If it flies like an A-Wing than nobody is safe, especially if it has repositioning actions and decent pilot skill. 


    So in other words the best balance is to make sure that nay brutal combos aren't supported by the dial. A ship that could equip those upgrades would need to be fairly easy to outmaneuver to keep balanced, or have a limited arc through which to fire the turret. Maybe give it a cone aimed backwards and a title that grants it a turret slot but locks the turret to the primary and auxiliary arcs.

  15. Honestly not many people were calling you a jerk, Darkcloak. I should clarify that in my other post I was basically just saying to ignore ParaGoomba's advice because it seemed like he was suggesting a needlessly hostile way of dealing with your players. I'm with you on fixing their play, and I know how frustrating it can be to be the only guy even trying to follow the rules, I just think that starting off by rewarding them will give them incentive to try playing properly. 


    A lot of people are advising that you double down and be firm but that will just reinforce the idea that you're a rules Nazi to these other players. I used to be similar to those guys (I was terrible for taking backs moves in particular), and attending Friday Night Magic was what fixed that. Players there were not willing to let the game descend into a storm of reversed decisions and confusing house rules, and I found that once I had the basics down it was more fun to play correctly than to deal with the complications caused by changing a decision you made two turns ago. 


    Diplomatically explaining why not knowing exactly where you'll end up or if you have a shot is more fun will go a lot farther than all this NEVER COMPROMISE, NEVER FORGIVE nonsense that some people are encouraging you to try. 

  16. I may have underestimated Juke. I didn't really think about how often people choose not to use focus tokens on defence, so I wasn't very impressed with it initially. 


    Why did they target lock so much? Especially the X-Wings. The only thing I can think of is so that if they roll straight hits they can have focus+target lock next round.

  17. point them to the official ffg rules for tournament etc.


    if they handwave it, just tell em that at least when they hit regionals etc there really is no room for houserules.

    also house-rules have their name for a reason. 

    I'm all for "flying causal", but that also means to follow the rules as good as you can. the casual-part is for those minor errors no-one does intentionally.

    deliberately ignoring parts is NOT casual, it is rude to the person your playing with and probably doesn't know about -your- houserules.

    imagine a 100p tournament with 100 different houserules.. chaos. chaos a.d. disorder unleashed.. ;-) 

    That assumes that any of those people care about regionals. I play by the rules and I don't care about going to regionals, and these guys sound way more casual than me.



    Guys, stop encouraging OP to be ruthless and dickish about enforcing rules. That will just kill the X-Wing community he's trying to build. Offering prizes in a tournament that requires proper following of the rules is the best suggestion so far. 


    Striker8, these guys are playing in a store at what may be sanctioned events. House rules should not apply there. He isn't going to their houses and telling them how to play. X-Wing is not so broken that it requires house rules to become playable, so those house rules have no place at events run by the store.

  18. Well, first of all on basic conditions cards facup are not flipped back facedown.

    so if you randomly flipped a card  faceup it remains faceup.

    Blinded Pilot takes away your attack. Instead of shooting, you flip it face down (even if you wouldn't have actually had an attack). 

  19. Put a bunch of damage cards or tokens on the track, facedown if cards. Shuffle a bunch of upgrades into a deck and draw one when you run over the cards/tokens on the map. 


    Obviously some ships are just not going to be functional in this setup, but I liked Sekac's idea to keep fragile ships in check. That combined with having the slower guys shooting you in the back should keep it from being Interceptors only. 

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