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  1. Get guys

    Op poster here

    I did make this thread as a joke and a way to help lower my own expectations

    I loved it though, I think it's on par with 6 if not better

    I figured, but with this forum I can never tell for sure. This community is rather prone to panic, and nerds in general are bad for hyperbole. 

  2. "Modify" means anything that changes the dice from what they were when they hit the table. Omega Leader prevents you from doing literally anything except just rolling the dice. 


    Evade tokens I'm not sure on. 

  3. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/196163-a-call-for-decency-profit-is-encouraged-but-crooked-profiteering-on-uninitiated-and-uninformed-new-players-is/page-3#entry1942552

    A few pages into the thread he actually said "I stand corrected" and that he wpuldn't bother us on this topic anymore. No one seems to have noticed that.

    I find myself in the odd position of hoping that he lied. I may have sent a rather unkind PM to him. Y'know, hypothetically. 


    In my (theoretical) defence he still shouldn't have posted three or four separate threads before getting the message. Even if he was sincere when he said he would give it a rest that was still incredibly bad form. His punishment must be more severe, as Tom Hardy once said.

  4. I was thinking they should release a cannon that has "M3-A only" and is undercosted a bit. The squishiness would still be an issue but metas change, so that wouldn't be a problem forever. With some cost effective teeth the M3-A could be useful. Yes, they'll get shot down but if they weren't so expensive to put cannons on that wouldn't be as big a problem. I don't know if that would push them onto the competitive level but frankly I don't care. There are enough ships that inevitably some of them just aren't going to be good enough for nationals, for whatever reason. As long as they became good for casual play I'm happy.


    3 - cool dialogs, cool visuals... But they don't explain the main thing for me : why it's a so evident rip off of episodes 4 and 6? That ruined it for me.

    Fans wanted movies that were like the originals for 15 years.

    Don't you dare start complaining it was too much like them.

    I give it a solid 5/7.

    No really though 4.8. I can't give it a perfect score because I do have a couple of beefs tbh, but it was a REALLY good, honest entry into the Star Wars franchise.

    And also sh*ts all over SWTOR which just FILLS me with utter GLEE.


    Found a fellow imgurian. 


    Have to agree with you overall. I swear it's the nature of nerds to complain endlessly that things never change and then react with extreme hostility to any changes. Comic fans are the worst for this. 

    "Supermans's gotten stale, reinvent him!"

    "The new Superman sucks, why did you mess with the classic?"

    "No one ever dies, there's no danger!"


    ...And so on. Star Wars fans have similar tendencies, as a collective. I was actually thrilled that they discarded the old EU, it would have turned the movie into three hours of awkward references to what [guy with four seconds of screen time in ESB] was doing. I feel like this was the right distance to be from the original trilogy. 


    Would have liked more variety in the starfighters, though. And I think the Starkiller was a bit much but they at least made the concept plausible, unlike the Suncrusher. Any other complaints I may have will depend on what the next two movies bring. Without the whole story it's often impossible to tell if something was actually a mistake or a bad idea. 


    I'm going with a 5. Might go see it again tomorrow.

  6. I doubt it would work that way, seems like a bad system really, open for abuse.

    They need moderators anyway to keep an eye on what's being posted. At least over here websites are legally responsible for what gets posted on them.

    Perhaps you feel you are being treated unfairly if enough people ignore the same guy it triggers some kind of automated system that tells a mod to see if the Banhammer needs to carry out it's sacred task. 

  7. I've been having success with Defenders lately despite all of those games taking place before Imperial Veterans was revealed. They do need a buff but people tend to think "they're overcosted" and then forget that 3/3/3/3 is a very strong statline and Vessery is a nightmare with any support. 


    The TIE/FO is better than it generally gets credit for. At worst you can use leftover points to upgrade basic TIE fighters to have shields and better dials, but some of those pilots are scary as hell. TIE/FOs are like a strange middle point between TIEs and Interceptors, but people tend to look at how they're worse at swarming or arc dodging and forget that they're more maneuverable than TIEs and cheaper than Interceptors.


    T-70s seem very good, although I haven't really expanded past Poe yet. I've heard good things about Red Ace with R2-D2 and Comm Relay, and I'm considering ways to use Ello. Blue Ace has done reasonably well with BB-8.


    Starvipers fly like an Interceptor and a B-Wing had a drunken affair, and I mean that as praise. They aren't as consistently tough as B-Wings because dice are less reliable than raw health, but they can avoid jousting a lot more easily when it suits them because Mom was an Interceptor. The Virago title also means that they can have a somewhat Interceptor-like dial with Advanced Sensors and Inertial Dampeners, which gives you a lot of power to respond to unexpected moves by your opponent if you have higher pilot skill. Xizor can hit 9 with VI, after all.

  8. The way this forum gets I am having actual difficulty trying to determine if Tailsgod is being sarcastic or not. Normally I would just assume he was and go about my day, but this is the same forum where a 3 point crew upgrade led to cries of Rebels being unbeatable and someone seriously thought that you could put Long Range Scanners and TIE Shuttle on the same ship so long as you equipped them in that exact order. 


    Tailsgod, help me out here. Are you joking around, or are you currently under the impression that the sky is in fact falling?

  9. The FAQ doesn't need to address it, xanderf. We already covered in considerable detail why you can't pair TIE Shuttle with LRS. If you still don't get it than I don't know how we can make it any clearer to you.


    We understand the concept perfectly well. But no, you cannot equip an upgrade that has requirements, and then equip an upgrade that explicitly takes away those requirements. As I said before, there are no stages or "legality checks" in list building. The only steps are "working on it" and "done," and only whne I say my list is done do we check to see if it is legal. 

  10. One attack dice doesn't seem like that big of deal. The tie fighter, tie/fo, and Z-95 also only have two attack dice and I've done well with them.

    Think of it as the Interceptor hitting 150% as hard as the A-Wing. Interceptors also have barrel rolls, which is huge.


    Soontir also effectively gets three actions because of the free focus token, which puts him ahead of Tycho by one action per round assuming that both pilots are able to perform actions every round. Tycho can climb to those heights with Expert Handling, Experimental Interface, and Push the Limit but at that point he costs more than Fel with PTL does and his actions are a bit clunkier since Interface can only ever give him Barrel Rolls. It usually isn't too big a deal but Soontir has the option of two focus and one evade, or boost-roll-focus, and so on. Soontir hits harder, has more versatility, and can take Stealth Device and/or Autothrusters if he doesn't want to stay cheap. 


    Then again, Tycho literally covering his pilot card and upgrades in a mountain of stress tokens is hilarious and the fun value is definitely there with Psycho Tycho. He isn't as good as Soontir, but he's about as much fun to play. 

  11. The E-Wing is an obvious choice for Rebel Veterans, as non-Corran E-Wings may be the worst ship in the game now that the Advanced is fixed. Fixes could be balanced with Corran by providing powerful benefits when attacking, once per round. That helps all of them while making Corran's ability more costly to use, since you not only lose an attack but the opportunity to trigger the bonus. Alternatively, they could just provide upgrades that say "non-unique pilots only" and accept that Etahn is only useful in Epic but excels in that format. 


    We'll have to see how well the Integrated Astromech works before we can say for sure, but the T-65 is the most likely candidate otherwise. I don't know what strange and beautiful titles the T-65 may receive (Yavin Veterans? Rogue Squadron?) but I imagine Wedge will reemerge as a man to be feared, respected, and shot at first if/when the pack is released.


    Well, that's the thing - I think it is not the 'whole, cohesive build', but that builds iterate in the same way anything in the game does.

    Is that so? Well then! *rubs hands*

    • Let's take Keyan Farlander
    • Equip B-Wing/E2, granting a Crew slot
    • Equip Ezra crew
    • I changed my mind, I didn't want B-Wing/E2 (but Ezra crew stays)
    • No, wait, I want to equip B-Wing/E2 after all
    • Equip C-3PO crew
    • I changed my mind, I didn't want B-Wing/E2 (but C-3PO crew stays)
    • No, wait, I want to equip B-Wing/E2 after all
    • Equip Chewbacca crew
    • I changed my mind...
    • ad nauseam


    "Why does Keyan have the Emperor equipped?"

    "I had a lot of trouble deciding on a faction. And on whether or not I was using the E2 upgrade."

  13. Holy crap you guys.



    Vessery+ Tie/D + cannon + Ruthlessness.




    This is really evil. Turning ion cannons of all things into a damage dealing monster that still ions things. Brutal.


    So I no longer feel compelled to use VI on the Colonel every time I feel him. Not sure why. 





    Vessery will probably wet himself thinking about a TIE shuttle with a long range weapons engineer painting targets for him everywhere...

    Sadly that's impossible, you can't take the long range sensors and the Shuttle title on the same ship. Long Range Sensors require that the ship have a missile and torpedo slot on his bar but the title remove them all.


    I don't think they conflict, actually.


    The TIE Shuttle says that your upgrade bar 'loses all [torp], [missile], and [bomb]' icons, not that it was required for the ship to have any to begin with.  Since you can equip upgrades in any order you want (else how would any of the upgrades that add slots ever work?), and the Long Range Sensor upgrade doesn't SIT in the slot, just require they once have been there...just apply the long range sensors first, then the TIE shuttle.


    No, I really think they conflict.


    By your logic, I could equip a missile, extra munition a bomb and then equip the title.


    Tie Shuttle title says that you 'lose all torpedo, missile and bomb upgrade icons'

    Long Range Scanner says that you can 'equip this card only if you have a torpedo and missile icon in your upgrade bar'.


    Seems pretty clear to me that you can't equip both on the same ship. Might need a FAQ to clarify it for the more skeptical.... or to show me that I'm the fool.... would not be the first time.



    You could do that, sure, it's just that when you equipped the title the missile, extra munition, and bomb would go away because the slot they were in was removed.  So if you wanted to pay the points for them and have to discard them before the match began...okay by me.  (Similarly, if the Long Range Sensors had a torpedo and missile icon on them, the way Palpatine has two crew icons, I'd absolutely agree it definitely couldn't be equipped.  Or, more specifically, that it could be - but you'd lose it the moment you equipped the TIE shuttle.)


    I mean...how could something like the 'Slave-1' title ever work if you couldn't equip it in an order of your choosing, before you tried to add a torpedo to the ship?  Obviously it can only function if the upgrades can be equipped in specific order.  And the Long Range Scanners doesn't occupy any slots at all - it just checks to see if you have them when you equip it.  Once that check is done, it doesn't interact with those upgrade icons any further.


    No, you're blatantly wrong xanderf. As someone already pointed out, that would mean that players could get disqualified for picking upgrades in the wrong order. Kdubb already showed us why that is completely insane, so instead when all upgrades are chosen we look over the list and ask, "is this legal?" (at which point Palpatine assures us that he will make it legal). 


    Putting torpedoes on the Slave I works because at the final stage of list building, we look and see that I have a Flechette Torpedo on a ship with no...wait, I have Slave I, so I do in fact have a torpedo slot. All is well, list is legal. I could even have LRS if I want because I have both a missile and torpedo slot. 


    TIE Shuttle and LRS don't work because one says that I must have certain upgrades slots (filled or not) to equip it and the other one directly says that I won't have the slots if I equip it. List building does not work like playing the game, the game does not check to see if the upgrade is legal and then grant a a free pass on it. Only the final build matters. My 100 point lists don't magically become illegal if I add a Gozanti and remove it before finalizing, they are only illegal when I actually declare that I'm going to use the Gozanti as part of a standard game. 


    Quoting the rules on pilot skill was completely beside the point. We're talking about list building, not the way the game is played once lists are on the table. 


    You just really want this combo to work, so you're getting weird with how you interpret the rules to try and make it work. Just accept that TIE Shuttle and LRS are just as incompatible as TIE/x7 and TIE/D, and just as illegal to equip simultaneously. 


    Ion Defenders should be fairly strong against TLT Y-Wings. Get behind one, ion it, and it will never escape. Alternate banks to stay behind it. The high health and strong agility of the Defender should help it endure the wrath of the other Y-Wings, and you have other ships that can pour it on either the ion target or another ship as needed.

    Plus that white K-turn never hurt after the initial volley to get behind said y-wing


    Exactly. One or two Defenders in the right place can wreak havoc on a TLT swarm flying in formation. Ion the front two and then tear up the back two with range 1 primary weapons. 

  16. Ion Defenders should be fairly strong against TLT Y-Wings. Get behind one, ion it, and it will never escape. Alternate banks to stay behind it. The high health and strong agility of the Defender should help it endure the wrath of the other Y-Wings, and you have other ships that can pour it on either the ion target or another ship as needed.

  17. I can't speak from a math perspective but for awhile I flew a very fun Carnor/Defender list:


    Carnor's Light Cavalry - 99

    Carnor Jax - 31

    PTL - 3

    Autothrusters - 2


    Delta Squadron - 34 x 2

    Ion Cannon - 3

    Twin Ion Engine Mk II - 1


    It wasn't necessarily competitive but when the dice were with you the list was incredibly tough to crack. If you ignore Carnor, bad things happen as he slips behind you and leaves you vulnerable. If you ignore ion cannon toting defenders, you're in for a bad time as they lock down your maneuvers and shepherd you off the board. The only real downside was damage output. The list really struggled with swarms and some of the Aces lists could just out damage the defenders.


    Now, with it's damage output doubled, I'm thinking Carnor's Cavalry is coming back with vengeance :)

    More than doubled. Those 3 red dice won't be screwing around on their second shot. You'll either tag them with ion while they hold tokens to brace against your primary, or they'll burn tokens to stop the ion and be wide open for the main guns. Not every time, but enough that you can expect a bigger increase in damage than mere doubling.


    TIE/D is just so cool. Vessery will get a ton of use out of it. TIE/x7 is great in general, who doesn't like doing a k-turn and having focus+evade tokens to show for it?

    Not a bad pick, but I'm loving Vessery with Ion/Flechette cannons - he'll be getting his free Target Lock on both attacks.


    Rexler, though, will be dancing through the universe with evade tokens as far as the eye can see... and I am happy for him. :) He loses the HLC (For a 9 point discount!) in return for having survivability when burning Focus tokens offensively. Easy trade.

    TIE shuttles will help too - hand out Fleet Officer to either Defender, and they're laughing.


    Exactly. Vessery really wants TIE/D because he always has a target lock available, everyone else can go either way. Most will take TIE/x7 for the raw value it offers. I do marvel at the possibilities that Tactical Bombers paired up with ion Defenders. Control used to be the Empire's weak spot. Now they may be able to properly assert dominance. Tractor Beam seems like it will compete with the other utility cannons just because it helps your second shot get through. 


    Rexlar Brath



    -Ion Cannon


    Col. Vessery


    -Veteran Instincts

    -Ion Cannon


    Scimitar Squadron

    -TIE Shuttle



    Comes to 100 on the dot. Might trade an ion for a flechette, we don't see a lot of large ships in my area and double stress is usually better than double ion anyway. 



    Except that you lose the considerable power of being able to reposition after moving. Kanan is definitely good, and I'm going to try using him on the Outrider for sure. But dropping EU? No. Having the boost provides a lot of flexibility even when I actually get to use my entire dial, and is definitely worth the four points it will cost me. It's good for a lot more than making up for lost speed.



    You do realise that you still have BR built in right? as I pointed out in my earlier post, 95% of the time all the boost does is get you to the location you would have gotten to had you done a 3 or 4 speed manoeuvre in the first place, the loss of manoeuvrability is only at the extremes (again as I mentioned in my previously post) where you lose the  option to 1 bank, BR, Bank Boost.


    I guess the question is whether having that 1 extreme movement option (and making yourself far easier to block being restricted to 4 moves on your dial) outweighs the 16 moves Kanan offers  + the 4 points extra for the rest of your list.


    BR is good, but not always what I want or need. Boost can get me out of arcs when barrel roll can't, if they're directly to my side, and lets me adjust my position if my opponent did something I wasn't expecting. That and sometimes I may need both to get where I want to be, though that won't happen as often with Kanan. 


    Flying Vader has shown me just how much return I get on my four points by equipping EU, and large ships arguably get a bigger benefit from it. 


    The loss of focus affects the HLC dramatically, especially against phantoms and interceptors. I'm still convinced the standard 58pt Dash is better, if less mobile.


    I think the thing to consider is that current 58 point dash most turns has a dial that is 1 & 2 straight and 1 banks.


    If you drop the EU you get 4 points back in the rest of your list.


    Now a 1 straight + a 1 boost is actually a 4 straight with a big ship.


    A 1 bank + a 1 bank boost is only a bit further than a 3 turn.


    So in reality by getting rid of the EU and playing Kanan you're getting the same effect but for 4 less points.


    Yes you lose some of the more extreme mobility (bank left, BR left, Boost left), but you gain the flexibility of not needing to use boost as 1 of your actions to get distance, effectively gaining back the 'action' that you lose from dropping Kyle Katarn.


    The way I see it you have a virtually identical ship but for 4 less points, sounds like a bargain to me. (as long as you can put those freed up 4 points to good use of course)


    Except that you lose the considerable power of being able to reposition after moving. Kanan is definitely good, and I'm going to try using him on the Outrider for sure. But dropping EU? No. Having the boost provides a lot of flexibility even when I actually get to use my entire dial, and is definitely worth the four points it will cost me. It's good for a lot more than making up for lost speed.


    Note that I'm not saying it'll be easy and that the Ghost is dead in the water. But it also isn't the green nuclear army out of Return of the King.

    Agreed, but the Ghost is pretty powerful, and almost a hard counter to every single type of list out there regardless. Regular lists like imperial aces, PWTs, 2-ship meta, TLT stressbot, swarms perform badly against it.


    TLT swarm should do alright against it. The Ghost can at most make three attacks a turn, because the Phantom title works like Gunner. It won't allow both attacks from a TLT. Four Y-Wings can lay down eight shots on the Ghost, which are basically guaranteed to land eight damage. 


    It gets a bit more complicated if the Attack Shuttle deploys and starts chasing the Y-Wings, but we'll have to see the dial before we can even try to sort out how that would go. The Shuttle also has low agility protecting four health, so TLTs should be able to shred it pretty quickly. 

  22. Ghost with title, the cheapest Phantom available, and Blaster Turret. Dorsal Turret if the dial is really good or I have Engine Upgrade. Which pilot depends on what each of them do, but right now we only know Hera. Don't know if I'd use any crew but I would consider that shield regen upgrade. 


    For the VT-49, I go with Chirpy. Give him Predator, and then hope that all those points the Ghost spent that the Decimator didn't can be put to good use. The Ghost seems much more expensive overall but will almost certainly annihilate the Decimator in a 1v1. Especially if both are being built to fight each other.


    Edit: xanderf pointed out that TLT doesn't get along with the Phantom title, so I removed the TLT.

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