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  1. 9 hours ago, wifflebat said:

    I agree, and I admit that I'm kind of counting on the QB cards to make the game more of a "pick up a few ships and play" experience for me. 

    I understand that in a way, it's the same as netdecking, but I'm not looking for a premade squadron so much as "here, try this out" builds for ships. (If that's something that exists, I'm just not far enough down the rabbit hole to know where it is.)

    At any rate, there seems to be more enthusiasm for the quick build cards than I expected, so maybe we'll see more soon!

    Netlisting is only really frowned upon if you consistently just play whatever is currently dominating regionals or whatever won at Worlds. Seeing a cool list and trying it out for yourself isn't really netlisting, even if you copy the list exactly. I can't imagine anyone would judge you for using the quick build cards to assemble a list quickly, it's the entire purpose. I also suspect they'll be decent but never optimal, but I haven't got any games of 2.0 in yet. 


    Honestly, I like building my own list and I'm still pretty pleased by the quick build cards. It seems like an easy way to let someone new try out the game without restricting them to the less interesting "two TIEs against an X-Wing" setup, which I feel isn't a very accurate reflection of what the game is like with actual lists. And if you don't feel like coming up with a new list but you do want to play, they might be very convenient. 

  2. So it's basically power level from Warhammer. Honestly, not a bad idea. Seems better implemented than power level. Might see if we can come up with a draft format. Maybe split pilots into "packs" of four or five with all pilots in a pack sharing a power level? 

  3. "Now everyone will want to upgrade their miniatures just so they can lock their s-foils in attack position!"


    **** it, he's right. I'm even gonna say it. Even when my opponent gets annoyed and hints that I should stop. Especially when my opponent gets annoyed and hints that I should stop.

  4. 23 hours ago, Fuzzywookie said:

    I do come from another FFG game. X-Wing. Most likely go Imperial. There uniforms are so crisp and clean. Mmmm. Plus. Being bad is good. 

    In that case, I suggest the Chimaera for your first expansion. Get yourself an ISD and (almost) all the goodies you could want to go with it. 

  5. He always belonged in Scum, they just didn't plan on releasing such a faction when the Slave I came out. Between Rebels and Empire he obviously fits Empire better since they hired him, but that's just it. They hired him. He has no loyalty to the Empire or concern for their ideals. He's still a bounty hunter. 

  6. That ship looks much better at this angle. I wasn't a huge fan of it when I saw the first image of it, but I was hopeful that it would look better in the movie. Looks like I might be onto something there. I still don't like the guns on the bottom, though. I mean, I get what they do and all, they just look weird. I like the Resurgent-class a lot more. 

  7. On 9/3/2017 at 9:12 AM, Wraithdt said:

    Not sure why some of you are so worked up about this? So things are bigger in the Sequel trilogy. So what? Its not like that never happened in the old EU. Remember Dark Empire, New Jedi Order?

    Some of you are acting like your live's will be ruined by this design decision that may not even effect the quality of the actual film. 

    Anyway you'll always have Rogue One and the OT to rewatch over and over again. Let the rest of us enjoy and be excited for the Sequels.

    I like how people threw a giant tantrum over the EU getting pushed into "canon if we use it again" because it was allegedly so good, but the EU also had Death Star superlasers mounted on Star Destroyers and Palpatine creating Force Storms big enough to destroy solar systems wherever he wanted. And complaining that Rey is "just Luke as a girl" but it was fine when Dash Rendar was just blond Han Solo? I'll admit that I'm concerned that we actually are going to see a retread of Empire Strikes Back, but it's amazing how many people seem to forget that a villain with seemingly infinite resources and a fixation on superweapons is basically the fuel that runs Star Wars. 


    That said, I will be pretty salty if they prove me wrong. I've said a few times that while TFA does follow the original movie in many ways, there's a lot of room for it to go in different directions. Rey and Kylo have a different dynamic than Luke and Vader did, for instance. The Death Star destroying Alderaan was an excessive show of force from the ruling power, the First Order using Starkiller base was more like the Pearl Harbour attack if it had been aimed at Washington. There's a lot of little differences to the "samey" bits that could make the sequel trilogy go in a very different direction from the original, and I'll be disappointed if they don't take advantage of that. I'm fine with nods and homages, those are basically mandatory. But I will be upset if it really does just turn into ESB 2: Scifi Boogaloo. 

  8. On 9/3/2017 at 4:40 PM, goncardoso said:

    I'll ask here since people here probably come from X-Wing. What's the better game ? Armada or X-Wing ? 
    I love star wars and i heard X-Wing is one of the most rental games from FFG. I'm trying to get into one of them , and i was going to go for X-Wings , but then i heard this one had the cool stuff like Thrawn's ship or Admiral Raddus ship from Rogue One. And i was like.. i dont know what i should go first. If they could be played together but people said that it doesnt work and cant be done like that.. 

    honest opinions pls guys

    I feel that Armada has greater depth and greater variety in competitive play, but honestly you might want to see what's more popular in your area. Armada's a better game, but I'll take a game of X-Wing over not being able to find an Armada player if that's what it comes down to. If you're asking on behalf of you and some friends, go for Armada. Just pool resources and form a group. 

  9. On 8/26/2017 at 10:32 AM, Battlefleet 01 Studios said:

    FFG may have been trying to make us think Wave VII was the something big, but I am of the opinion that Wave VII is misdirection for this something big.

    Anything big enough to make Thrawn count as a misdirection would probably be big enough for them to delay a bit. They need to stagger releases a bit so we have time to restore our Armada budgets, unless they intend to release the "something big" right the **** now, with no previews. The SSD seems like the only thing that could qualify, since it would be bigger (literally and maybe figuratively) than Thrawn and those who don't want Epic Armada would just see wave seven as the vaguely mentioned big thing instead. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Wraithdt said:

    Personal preferences aside I'm still excited for the Chimaera. I'm just bummed out I won't be getting an ISD-I miniature to go along with my ISD-II.

    I was really just after you for not using the meme in your first sentence. I don't really have an opinion on whether or not the Chimaera should have a different model than the ISD, it make no difference to me either way. 

  11. 2 hours ago, Norsehound said:

    But also only two Gauntlet fighters... not to mention the upgrade cards packed within.

    I only see one new card that isn't unique. Early Warning something or other, Defensive Retrofit. I'm suspecting the Gauntlets might be a pair of unique squadrons but it's more likely that they aren't. 

  12. 13 minutes ago, Frimmel said:

    It certainly looks like the same ship symbol so I'm thinking any of the already released ISD titles will work with these new versions. 

    I sat there hitting next/previous image and couldn't see any difference, so I'm certain that Kuat and Cymoon refits can equip Avenger, Relentless, and Devastator. This also means we can be extra hyped when we get to see what those new titles are, since they'll probably be available to the ISD I and II which means more possible upgrade combinations. It also looks like almost all of the new cards are unique, except for that Early Warning thing. I'm wondering if the idea is you only need one Chimaera?

    Wonder if the Mandalorian Gauntlets will be uniques with different names or something. If I'm not mistaken, that's a new ability symbol on the unique one, along with Rogue. Looks like the Escort symbol but the small arrow is aimed at the big one instead of protected by it. Maybe some sort of anti-Escort ability? Or something that makes them more effective against ships. Interested to see what these things can do, since right now they seem like the main reason to consider a second Chimaera instead of another ISD. 

  13. Just now, evanger said:

    Sounds like Thrawn...better at planning ahead than the rest of us.

    Yeah, people were wondering how they were going to communicate his next level chessmaster ways. This is a really great way to do it. Also an ability that requires a bit of planning to really abuse, which is fitting. You can always go Repair/Repair/Navigate to play it safe (or maybe Nav/Nav/Repair is the safest option?) but if you plan and execute well you could alpha somebody with your all of your squadrons despite having low squadron values, or do some Tokyo drifting that would make Jerjerrod proud. 

  14. 6 minutes ago, Cade Bulkin said:



    .... is his ability good? I legit don't know how to play, I'm just always happy to see Thrawn. 

    Yes. Big ships typically have to plan what they want to be doing three turns ahead, which makes it hard to react when things don't go as expected. Thrawn not only lets them change plans, he lets them continue the old plan as well. So you can keep your increased attack power and repair some damage, or swing around to keep on your target while sending out a bombing run. It's like cheating except you can actually do it within the rules, and he's at a solid price. Using him poorly won't amount o much, but good timing of his ability could lead to some legendary turns.


    I just realized I already replied to your question. 

  15. Oh my God, Thrawn. There are so many possibilities if you use that ability correctly. Raddus will be harder to use because of the activation loss, but I always want to play Hyperspace Assault and with Raddus I can always play Hyperspace Assault. The new ISDs are also very exciting. A friend of mine has been saying he wants the Empire to get a true "battleship"--low squadron value on a strong brawler, like the Liberty. This wave is basically everything he asked for. Fleet Command seems very fitting on a big beast like the ISD, and dual turbolasers is something I've been wanting on an Imperial ship ever since I saw them on the MC80. 

    Note that they share the icon with the old ISD, so you can also use the titles. 

    1 minute ago, Card Knight said:

    It's screaming for Vader

    Might also get something for the turbolaser slot. But Vader would definitely be a strong option.

  16. On 7/4/2017 at 10:52 AM, SkyCake said:

    Well we are assuming RW system is better than armada at this point. While runewars strives to tackle since of the issues previous games have had, I think it has yet to prove that RW has fixed those issues without creating any new ones.

    One thing about runewars is every units dials are different, and contain a multitude of possibilities at different initiatives. When there are four factions and like ten units per, good luck remembering what that elf rider can accomplish this turn versus your archers say. It almost seems a bit too random but I haven't played it much. I do enjoy it though, but armada has a simple elegant system that I find quite enjoyable.

    Given time you probably get used to remembering more or less what everyone can do. You most likely won't be able to list off most of it from memory, but you can probably remember specific details when they become relevant. "Can this guy charge far enough to hit my archers," for example. Over time you get used to correctly remembering the answer to that question even if you'd forget some of their move options if you tried to list all the actions and modifiers off the top of your head. 


    Anyway, I don't see what this does for Armada. Would ships activate in the order of their commands? That could be interesting but it would require another overhaul to the command system. Maybe use the two dial system from Rune Wars, with the left dial just being the options we already have, and the right providing modifiers. So Engineering's modifiers could be things like extremely high initiative with minor repairs, or go late in the turn but remove two damage cards. Smaller ships would get faster actions (generally speaking) but have weaker modifiers. The actual initiative value would probably go on the modifier dial, since the idea would be that yo're either doing it NOW or taking your time to do it better. So Concentrate Fire might be one the 'fastest' options available if you don't actually get an effect out of it, or you could go last to add a die and get the token. 

  17. On 6/19/2017 at 0:21 PM, Alzer said:

    Is it just me. Or are MC30/Glad based lists going to love seeing HH swarms on the board? Same with VICi bomber lists. 

    Demolisher will probably have a field day. It wouldn't be unreasonable to expect two kills in one activation if you manage to position for it. Victory Is maybe not as much, the Hammerheads can probably get around it if Jerjerrod isn't there. That's a big "if" though.

  18. On 6/12/2017 at 6:05 AM, Ginkapo said:

    So if I play you on vassal I am directly contributing to a nine year old not doing her homework.....?

    Homework does as much harm as good in helping kids learn. I bet I wouldn't have had such a hostile attitude towards schooling if they hadn't periodically stolen an hour or two of my free time. 


    So go ahead, you may actually be helping her prepare for adulthood by getting in the way of her homework. 

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