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  1. Greetings! Even if just for fun, here is my attempt at addressing commentary regarding the Elementalist class. These touches are based on comments by user Charmy from this forum, labcoat_samurai questioning from reddit, and general discussions regarding its comparatively stronger starting point, the unexpected ease of battlefield control. A million things can be invented, of course, but I stopped myself from anything that deviated too much from the designer's concept. (Italics indicate change. If card not present, not change suggested). · Staff of Conflux - 2 Handed - Magic,Staff - Blue, Yellow. If 2 or more of your "elemental" cards are exhausted: 1 surge: +2 damage. o Reduced occurrence of surge bonus to attend stronger start. · Blaze - 1 Stamina - Exhaust this card when you perform an attack, after dice are rolled. This attack gains your choice of either: Pierce 1, 1 Surge: Pierce X, where X is equal to the number of exhausted of "elemental" cards. · Grasp - 1 Stamina - Action: Exhaust this card during your turn to choose a non-lieutenant monster in your line of sight and within 3 spaces of you. If the number of exhausted "elemental" cards are equal to or greater than the number of spaces that monster occupies, that monster is stunned. o Action deemed appropriate/needed. · Gust - 1 Stamina - Exhaust this card during your turn to choose another hero figure in line of sight and within 3 spaces of you. Move that figure up to a number of spaces equal to the number of exhausted "elemental" cards in a straight line. o Added requirements that increase tactical play/thinking. Hero figure as here discussed, to avoid cheesing with quests. · Tide - 1 Stamina - Exhaust this card before you perform an attack. After resolving the attack, a monster adjacent to the target and undamaged by your attack suffers "damage" equal to the number of exhausted "elemental" cards. o Attended effectiveness by adding small gamble element. · Sun and Sea - 0 Stamina - When you use Tide or Blaze, you may exhaust this card to reroll 1 power die. When you purchase this card, gain an additional "elemental" skill. o Removed avoidance of "Miss" to harmonize risk concept with Tide, as a damage reroll is also good enough. They can't be good in everything! · Storm's Fury - 0 Stamina - Your elemental cards gain the following: Tide: You may choose instead a monster within 2 spaces of the target if they have received damage. Gust: Action: Perform this card's effect instead targeting 1 non-lieutenant monster. o As redacted "a non-lieutenant figure", it already allows to choose yourself. No 3xp card required. I additionally add "monster" to avoid Quest trickery, as discussed before. o Pre-damage requirement just to allow the occasional maneuvering by the OL to avoid damage through formations. Less essential. o Action to move enemy figures deemed appropriate.
  2. Exciting news! The co-op system they devised in those past packs got very good reviews, and I found it suspicious how "little" they were doing with that afterwards. My guess last year was that a big box co-op expansion was going to be one of the next releases. This seems great. Now I'm hoping again to see new uses for the Nerekhall material. (Their third co-op pack should have been for it, their new hot item, not for LotWyrm!)
  3. The art for all of them looks pretty cool. And the crow hags were a surprise! Shiny anti-clerics. I was also waiting for Grey Ker. He gives me a fantasy batman vibe. (I remember one of the designers posting around long ago that they were trying to make his ability work/be cool. I think this redaction works well to avoid confusions: "After taking your first action, you may interrupt your turn to continue and end it later, right after another hero's turn." Then you could add a bonus related to how the field can change in the mean time, like "Each of your attacks against monsters that were attacked after your first action gain +1 H." Or something with automatic movement if nearby heroes move? I'm guessing they went with a new scout concept, like they did with the Bonds of the Wild cast.)
  4. Man, I feared her whole agile/defensive concept was gone. Goodbye my long-awaited beautiful Conjurer. F**k. I think many of the cast is being moved more closely to the basic ideas of what their class does (Vyrah from attack and defense debuffs, to range and damage, Lyssa from dodging to more damage, Ronan from tactical defense to picking treasures. I can see this other concept is cool too, and I get their rationales (claws idea and tying the collection together.)
  5. And more specific than that, both the Descent and the Battlelore expansions deal with the same arch, the ominous mist in a kingdom that announces the rise of necromancers bringing the threat of bone horrors and reanimates. I guess I like this. Shake that brand!
  6. To me, the tainted cards seem like a campaign specific thing. Cool idea to up the pressure. I have previously read people saying that expansions should focus more on new monsters and campaign options, so I'm glad they get their expansion style. I get giddy with heroes, but I see their point. The new figures are cool indeed. Also, the art of the Lieutenants is awesome.
  7. - Trent - Bansee/Lamia - with crazy hair with maybe a mouth or two hidden on it. - Hydra Lieutenant - Uthuk Y'llan Melee unit & - Uthuk Blood Sister
  8. [uPDATE: The defense die is grey ] This does fix my issue, though I'm still contemplating if this familiar should receive just the weapon's dice (or at least not the condition surges).
  9. I am super giddy with the selections on this pack. Its almost custom made for me. Some observations and opinions: - Challara's art looks great, though I imagined a somewhat older lady a la Michelle Pfeiffer in Stardust, which would have given the roster more variety. Brightblaze is plain fierce. - Sculpts all look great. - From what I can see, I think Lyssa's and Vyrah's art is from the style/artist I tend to disfavor, which stresses me as they were my most awaited for heroes, though no major offenses at glance [Edit post-release: Art looks pretty good for them]. I wish, though, they would have given Lyssa an odder skin color (grey?) to avoid the Josie and the Pssy Cats effect. - They could have easily tweaked their looks to differentiated Ronan and Vyrah more, starting with not giving a cape/sword to both. I made a joke once around here that they looked like brothers, maybe they went with that. -.- - I think they changed Lyssa's ability. I can see "you perform" in the card, and her old ability was a defensive one, in which she didn't "perform" anything. She might have been made a 5/8/5/Black and given a small ability related to attacks or attribute tests? I liked how a defensive ability/bonus rounded the unique 5/8/5, so I hope that stays. - New mechanical version of kobolds. I embrace changes to it, but we will see.
  10. Yeah the appearant downgrade in character-art is alarming imo. I agree, though I guess is not intrinsecally bad, but unfitting. With that disclaimer said, Mordog looks to be by the artist who did Silhouete, who's face/neck im still mourning. Her pose was also an odd choice. In my opinion, it should have been of running as shes mostly played (and known) as the dashing thief. I'm more annoyed by the artstyle of who did Sahla, Jaes, and Gherinn. It has an unsharp colored pencil look that, dunno, in it things have a hard time popping. Jaes head looks like "The Scream" painting, and Gherinn has no highlights in its illustration which is a weird choice or overlook. Corbin, Lord Hawthorn, Laurel, Shiver, Mok and the Crusade gals look great in terms of style. I'm looking forward to the Visions of Dawn previews.
  11. At least in the conversion it was the same way. It still ranks among the higher tie monsters acording to polls around. Its forte is in encounters with pits and lava. Its red die for the minion was changed to a yellow, but this now triggers the surge +3 damage more ofted. More reliable damage, though I'm not doing the math. The new Fleshmonger ability, yeah, it appears to be of lower utility/durability. I guess its more fun/gamey while solving the awkwardness of ordering for a mini that might not available in a 4p game. The Ogre and Manticore (how cool does ranged Ravage sound?) were my two most awaited monsters . The heroes always take me by surprise, even with my analyses of popularity/variety-apportation. Lyssa, my dear, I'll see you one day. As an overlord, Ispher's bump startled me! Hard to take down or annoy indeed. As a cleric, I wish it had a battle hammer instead of a blade.
  12. Cool team! I like Astarra but I was hoping to soon see Lyssa. Tetherys looks fierce (specially with her upgraded Feat), and the Golems appear to have been hitting the gym. Lets see if we get a dark skin hero in Tahlia.
  13. NO! Right Color! Like Ringskipper menitoned, they are the Overlords equivalent of a hero. Like a Dark Link! Grey brings that concept visually. I love that they did that.
  14. Explanation: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_npm_sec.asp?eidm=232&esem=1 Regarding decisions, well, its you money and anxiety. You have a great amount of stuff already.
  15. The card apparently reads: Play this card at the start of an infected hero's turn. Each hero within 3 spaces of that hero must test [might]. Each hero that fails gains 1 infection token and then suffers [damage] equal to the number of infection tokens he has in his play area. I'd rule in favor of it including the chosen hero, as it doesn't say "each other hero."
  16. If you're about to start the Labyrinth of Ruin, the Ariad pack might be a good idea. The plot deck has some fun flavor abilities related to mirages, like teletransporting monsters if you fail to damage them in an attack (as if they were an illusion copy). Plus, you get the mini for the final boss. Other good options: Raythen or Serena: You get a figure for the ally (And a hero sheet for other campaigns, no hero in LoR) Splig - I've read that between all releases, it appears in quests the most. Fun with common wilderness monsters. Bol'Goreth or Valyndra - Cool big minis. Bol goreth spreads diseases/poison status, Valyndra makes large monsters scarier. Merick - Different fun tricks, and creates a little inside drama by transferring damage between heroes. Using them as agents shouldn't be your main worry, because its not easy to pull of. The all around plot deck and just having the mini are more relevant, I think.
  17. I agree with the Merick recommendation: the aforementioned plot cards add a little drama. Alric is pretty straight forward monster buffing. The Raythen pack allows to move the search tokens around and away from the heroes, which could be fun too (and you get a new hero.) It offers little to no attack/defense buffing in comparison to other plot decks, though.
  18. Yes. This is so visibly lacking it makes me uncomfortable, specially when I'm with my game group. And it doesn't "fit" only if creators don't want it to. Remember that.
  19. I don't particularly oppose the idea of adding Red Scorpion to D2.0, but I really disagree with the mindset I've seen around of these releases having to "fix" every character that were questionable in some way. Not adding some of them to D2.0 seems even better! The conversion kit's main purpose was to pacify tantrums of those who played the old games. This is my point: This is a new Descent game, made by new designers, and the focus I think should just be to bring the coolest things, or the things that make D2.0 cooler by adding a non-present variety. The former mindset skews this focus.
  20. Like others menitoned, you're thinking of Ironbounds, which look pretty cool Changelings look very competitive on their own without the transforming cards. Those cards (which are said to be quest rewards) are not necessarily their "true form", but are a flavor element of the campaing. With that said, we still don't know all the details.
  21. You dont mention price qualms, so the big expansion, of course! Either Labrynth of Ruin or the new one coming this March, Shadow of Nerekhall. The main draw is another big amount of quests to play which could be tied in a whole new campaign. Oh, and forget your worries about things "only tied to expansions".
  22. Not if you own the first edition monsters it's not! I would rather they keep them separate for people who don't wish to spend even more money on figures they already own just to get one new hero Besides being optional, it never stops being an upgrade! Those new sculpts look beast. Im a sucker for things with wings, but my favorite among the new ones has to be the raging Beastman. Plus the card art. I just though it would make for a shinier package.
  23. I was really excited with the announcement of these packages. Great idea. I like heroes that bring their own personality. Laurel was actually on my shortlist. Lyssa - Cat-folk! First choice. Astarra - An Asian sorceress retheme would look pretty rad. (8 health probably, as she is ~6 speed) Grey Ker - With a huge cloak, stern and mysterious. (Not green, too much already) Steelhorn - Beast warrior. Okaluk - Pretty unique healer with both his dog and movement ability. And a scout with a familiar! Vyrah the Falconer (preferably), or the red panda one. I just noticed they look like brothers. Also, combining three old heroes and one new seems like a fun idea. And monsters that are competitive. I was somewhat disappointed that all three monsters chosen for the first package were pretty low tier. But like others have mentioned, those 3 are very classical of the Rubebound universe, though. I'd like to see Manticores mostly, and then Ogres, and Hellhounds. Oh, and Ferrox are said to be pretty usefull.
  24. I'd too like to see further support for the previously released conditions. It seems natural. By doing this it cements that they are not a gimmick, but they are part of the game. Like the aforementioned green die and damage tokens, they reappear in different expansions because they are part of the system. A new lonely condition for each expansion is an arbitrary mindset, that might not necessarly be for the best. At the moment there are 7 conditions, awesome, the whole rainbow. The later expansions should cycle through these conditions again (even if sharing with another new one), by including monsters that can aflict them. This opens the strategic approach for the Overlord, as he or she can decide to do for fun a quest focusing in his favorite condition, Burn, for example. This is less fun if you are obligued to just use the same two monsters for that. The "expansion for expansions" discourse could sound misleading and way more complicated than it is. Its just some status cards and surge result in a future monster card. Why not? (rethorical)
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