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  1. If this in any way helps keep people's jobs and moves them forward to a new stability (that this part of a larger plan), then I wish them well. Kris40K is right that they haven't really participated in the forums, in my experience. I can say I am a bit concerned that some of my pre-orders have been delayed here in Canada (all Arkham LCG) - I was told that quite simply stuff just never arrived, and that 401 didn't have a reason why to share. A lot of changes and Covid complications to be sure, I just hope Asmodee doesn't whittle down the tree so much that it falls over. Lots of decent years with FFG, and just as many red flags as of late - but all is speculation, for sure.
  2. All FFG forums shutting down on Feb 1st. Just another coincidence? It seems like one closing announcement after another.
  3. I have to say, though as mentioned before - I am not in the game industry but have been involved in branding, etc. for a long time: I am holding in my hand the physical copy of The Doom of Fallowhearth which arrived minutes ago, and still believe that this is not the sort of tie-in done for a 'dead line'. Of note, too, is that they have redesigned the Descent: Journeys in the Dark Logo and used it here. This is just not done unless something is (or was) in the works. Like the second hand info above, take this insignificant detail with a grain of salt; I'm just thinking out loud and all is speculative (and when not speculative, fluid), but its got my eyebrows raised.
  4. I am not on the inside of the game business, but the paring off of various lines from FFG have had me wondering for a bit. Ending FFG sleeves bothered me as I loved them, today they announced that Asmodee is paring off all the Star Wars Miniatures games (Legion, X-Wing, Armada) from FFG to Atomic Mass. This can't be good Or could it be? (i.e. focus on Board and Card) Anyways, thought this might have a place in a 'future of the game' thread.
  5. I'm not worried about the app - if they don't support it some creative member of our community will get it running (look at Valkyrie!). But I have to say, I have so many 'worry questions' before I even get to think about the 'hype questions'. I wish they would double down on news for this one. Latest: just how durable are these tiles that we are going to be assembling into levels and taking apart over and over? In the end I have decided to hold off preordering until I know more. That price tag has to be met with content and a more granular understanding of what I am signing up for. That's fair, I think. I really want to love this one, as a Descent fan. I'm doing my bit to get there, meet me half way with news! Surly they see they need to push this?
  6. Well, at 401 Games it's back up in price - this time to $189.95 CAD.
  7. Thanks for the head's up Aerexx. I'm in Canada as well; a $60 drop is significant.
  8. That was my first thought as well when I first saw it; Wizards. That said, give the Elf a break - he lost his whole family! (I am looking at this all now as a Descent Graphic novel you can play - more interested to hear more of the story/campaign and more mechanics at this point)
  9. Rugal, you've been around for awhile - longer than a lot of us. I'd hate to think that something like this would put you off a hobby you are truly passionate about. I get that this is disappointing to you - and no blame there, the expectations were high and so were the hopes. Anywho, I am honestly not trying to bait you when I say that this will all level out. For my sons and I, after we finish our Folklore Campaign, we are jumping back in to 2e 1vsMany which is in no way diminished by the Legends in the Dark. Who knows? Perhaps the success of Legends, if it ends up that way - and I hope so for the designers - it will reinvigorate the entire Terrinoth IP in ways that will good for all of us. Hang in there! But I'll apologize if this note is unwelcome.
  10. I am looking forward to both! I knew about the mention of a article on combat, did not catch mention of the next steam content. Thanks for the head's up.
  11. Having slept on it I still have issues with the Tiles, that one is not going to go away. I've rationalized everything else, including the price- though this is a FOMO sort of thing as someone that has been adventuring in Terrinoth for a long time. I have felt the concern that Terrinoth might be a test bed for other IPs, yes. I would like to see more of the app in action, and like Crimsonsun, I would like to know more about the writing - this last will make or break this entire line. The truth is, and I hope I am wrong, that I felt an impression from the stream that they were almost 'tentative' about the whole release. Like the creators and designers were having to 'go it alone' without the presence and support of a strong Marketing engine to push them along. Its way early yet of course, but from my experience marketing either over-pushes or woefully under-pushes - you hope for the earlier even when it gets 'in the way' and starts laying in pressure and eating up time and resources. All this said, I am likely willing to take a risk for the designers and hope this is one of those games that just knocks it out of the park with surprisingly great writing and narrative with interesting emergent-from-all-the-little-systems gameplay. Like I alluded, I guess feel if the fans aren't behind them they may be out their on their own - and so is the whole idea of Terrinoth. Not a small amount that price or entry, though.
  12. The Tiles are killing me. Having read everything released officially now I started coming round to the idea that this might be something pretty great. Start small with a band of new misfits, wandering through Terrinoth (which I love - lots of great lore back in 1e and Runebound 2e). Get swept up in a story. I started getting those wonderful how-cool-is-Syndrael vibes from Brynn.. but those ugly tiles. Man. If they were a bit more evocative, I'd be already explaining my newest game expense to my wife. Well she's home now, and I have be 'reasonable'. That said, something else I thought. Do I really need another Gloomhaven, Frosthaven, Jaws of the Lion, Folklore, Dungeon Universalis, WHQ, AHQ, DS, etc.? (my wife, here beside me and who I have since been boring with Descent related news, wants to say that that I found a reason to need all of them and that's why we had soup tonight..) But also, do I need another D1e or D2e? How or what could replace those? I have so many sprawling, wonderfully intricate, complex Dungeon Crawlers on the shelves and coming over the next year, maybe a good story and some perhaps lighter app assisted delving is exactly what I would want.. But them tiles. Man. I am poised to preorder, right on the tipping point then back again, for the chance at something wonderful in Terrinoth.
  13. I am looking forward to seeing the game in action, even for a few rounds. A little too much seems to be handled by the App - the description of combat seemed more like a videogame first hearing it than an app driven board game even - but I am willing (and should, I tell myself) to suspend my pre-conceptions and assumptions right now - there are hints that there may be some clever stuff here, in and outside the App. Right now, though, I would like to see more just as soon as they are able to get it up. I am still discombobulated by the tile art - I take it the image they are showing is their center piece? I actually really like the Character art (and wish it would have carried over into the tiles even - it may not be everyone's cup of tea but it would be more consistent, and visually, well, something) though the graphic design holding everything together is a little bland - but a clean design can be good if there is a lot going on. Art and story is a big thing for me, I hope the story will be a bit more mature - and by this I mean written for an audience that can handle complexity and deeper narrative and that, by the way, is pretty much everybody - it doesn't have to be a Saturday morning cartoon to be non-offensive. No story or character needs to be apologetic, or the trope - no matter how much I like those in Fantasy, or the 'power' versions of who they are. Well written characters and narratives are well written characters and narratives. Price tag was a shocker. But it really shouldn't be for me, I've dropped a lot more all at once on other games - legacy and no. Sixteen missions, with some branching? How many did we get with Descent 2.0 boxes and other like games? I'll have to check and think on that. The way I am trying to think on it now is that this is the first really big price tag from *FFG* I've seen, and that's why it hit like it did. I'd hate to think how much I spent on my collection (complete) of 2.0. Admittedly still getting over my assumptions and expectations and all of that. Again, like to see more.
  14. Ok. Just catching up here - had a meeting to finish so I am way behind. First take. Ok, not Descent 3.0. Little else is overly surprising based on FFG approaches in design for awhile. The Tile art desperately needs a look. How could you make a Dungeon/Wood/Lava, etc., look so uninteresting?
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