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  1. Absolutely, no disagreement. Having worked a long while in a corporate advertising/campaign climate I have reason to suggest that this is actually pretty common. Its part of building expectation, this said, an author working on a tie-in book given this much freedom may make me wonder - and no judgement is implied here, I work in the same world - but it is no less possible or indeed probable. Again, just giving my reasoning for the passive speculation on my part. It is, as you say, likely exactly what's 'on the tin'.
  2. Or.. he wasn't given a choice and they are doing something with new with Labyrinth of Ruin - there was some talk about competing with Gloomhaven on reddit, and that means campaign play to my eye, via RTL or something new? Actually I just found the bit: As Labyrinth was the first major campaign expansion post the base, ..maybe? I appreciate the groans here from long time players: "Oh here we go again with the whole 'hope' thing.." I deserve that, and will stick around on stage for all incoming cabbage, empty bottles (for those particularly displeased) and other rotting produce.
  3. Re: Name. Terrinoth/Descent. I caught that too. Could be a separation between board game and RPG assets, referencing the same structure shifts FFG has been making that you mentioned?
  4. This was an excellent analysis, kris40K. As mentioned I pre-ordered soon after I found it too, as from past experiences the 'physical copies' of such things are usually niche comparative to expansions and the like, as such numbers produced are far fewer and disappear quick. Thanks again.
  5. I will pick up anything Descent related, pre-ordered this already. It will be interesting to see what they do with this, and what its intent is. Usually tie in books mean there is something to tie in with (I am and apparently shall ever be hopeful from the slighted suggestion of 'news')!; odd that there was nothing posted about it here, again I thought I must have missed some announcement.
  6. First saw this link posted on BGG (by user toots mcgoots): https://aconytebooks.com/book-announcement/join-us-in-terrinoth-for-epic-adventure-youll-not-soon-forget-introducing-the-doom-of-fallowhearth-by-robbie-macniven/ Its been up since late May! Any idea why its not posted on FFG? Any other word of this came out and I just missed it?
  7. rgrove, As mentioned I'm revisiting Descent 1e at current as well, but from the perspective of someone who had never played it. I did find the FFG 'Definitive FAQ' here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2012/7/11/a-definitive-guide/ It's still up on the site! Hope this helps.
  8. Don't know if you caught it beneath the above LotR announcement but they ended Organized Play for Runewars Miniature Game yesterday as well (from The Land Endures article on the main page): That, I think, spells the beginning of the end, if not the end, for Runewars. In respect to this, I am not a RW player, but it does make me hope a lot of people played the recently released RtL: Embers of Dread. Why? Well, It could be seen as more emphasis returned to Descent (especially with the Runewars shake up), which would be wonderful - Descent has to be their strongest fielded Runebound-now-Terrinoth IP asset over time. Or, Embers of Dread is a market test. I'm sure it's a bit of both. But in respect to the later, again, I hope it and RtL in general saw a lot of play. Looked at in one light, aside from direct sales of Descent product, RtL is an excellent marker from which to draw an understanding of current player interest. That (i.e. player interest) and sales will decide the future of Descent 2e or 3.
  9. I completely relate to this sentiment as well. I've been really smitten by (many) other games, but there is something about Descent that brings me back again and again to remember how much I love playing it; OvP or Solo. Descent 2nd Edition was the second modern board game I owned, the boys and I just got through playing it almost daily over the holidays via RtL, and as I mentioned elsewhere I have never regretted picking it all up. This said, rgrove0172, I have been slowly buying up Descent 1st Edition, having been curious about it for years and hearing repeatedly the differences Hinge of Infinity has mentioned above. One box expansion to go but we are set to start digging into the rules, or rather: I'll be following your request for popular house rules.
  10. If you don't mind ordering from Canada, both are present at meeplemart.com - one is even on sale. (Not connected with them, I was simply just there)
  11. Bought them all (and everything else) over a few months some time ago, and did think about the cost when looked at from the 'all in' perspective. That said, since having played a great deal of Descent, both Overload vs Players and RtL, I have honestly not regretted it one bit. We are in the final Stories of KF (a warm up for the new RtL campaign after a long absence) and find if anything the diversity of Monsters really has made it shine. It's just such a great game. ;)
  12. A little late to the party here, but my son and I just today opened the last H&M we needed to complete our collection. Obtained also the remaining two POD's we needed. We are giving a pass on the CK which we considered briefly only as a thread on BGG; which dug into the RtL App, showed the artwork appears to be already present for our missing heroes. So, all going well, soon perhaps no one's collection will be complete! Edit: clarity
  13. So we played it correctly, just tactically poorly! Thank you Zaltyre, and while I have you thank you for all your hard work in support of Descent. We have referred to your Glossary and LOS guide often!
  14. Sorry to revive this thread, but I came looking for this very question. My additional question in respect to the Bard's Song of Mending is if an other hero's knocked out token is within three spaces at the end of the Bard's turn does the knocked out hero have to revive? The card is not written in the form of a choice so we played it as it would. This caused our Warrior to be revived twice and knocked out twice, thanks to standing up with a single health in the middle of a large fight which also had us cornered, it was down to keeping everybody alive, so putting the warrior on a revolving death's door was our best option IF we were playing this Song right.. the second time we just forgot. This unfortunately brought us to within one more morale loss of losing very quickly. Edit: clarity.
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