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  1. This would align with the adventure at GenCon this year, which featured six ronin PCs.
  2. He is a terrible person. He is a terrible person with great depths to his terrible-ness. Like, in the duel against Toturi? He is straight up having a panic attack that he might not actually win. You don't have to be a LIKABLE person to be a well-written person. In fact, as a writer, making a solidly unlikable character is actually harder than a likable one. On the first note about Tyler - while I do believe you are correct, there is an opacity to FFG's daily operations, especially in the design space of this game. I am not a playtester, so I do not have direct, QUOTABLE authority to refer to Tyler as more than "one of the Lead Designers". Brad Andres, for example, was listed on the Crane Clan Pack along with Tyler as a Lead Designer. It would be nice for FFG to address this directly, and provide some solid answers so I do not have to couch my statements in ambivalence. Regarding the lack of communication, this was written before some of Matt's recent statements. Like, this was written last Monday, as my first thing I did after I got back from GenCon. I plan on addressing Matt's increased communication and engagement in my article about August. And as always, thank you for the response, Mark!
  3. https://www.cardboardrepublic.com/articles/dave-of-the-five-rings/dotr-chapter-forty Wherein I do a bunch of GenCon shout outs, and talk about the lack of news in July.
  4. So, in the content guidelines for Genesys Foundry (https://support.drivethrurpg.com/hc/en-us/articles/360031042772-Genesys-Foundry-Content-Guidelines), it does state that creators are allowed to add to the established worlds of Terrnoth (RuneWars) and Android (as long as they are not explicitly dealing with NetRunner). They are even provided Art Collections to fill their work, which is a huge step in presentation. Regarding @Avatar111's point, I highly doubt a comprehensive system update / correction is coming any time soon. An L5R Foundry would not be the place to publish such, either. However, it WOULD be the place to show your ability to adjudicate and modify the existing rules with creations of new Techniques, Schools, and NPC profiles and the like which would get you involved with the next edition of the L5R RPG. At this point, I think it is a pretty openly acknowledged fact that the L5R RPG was rushed out the door before it fully had time to cook, and there are a lot of areas which needed more playtesting and work. Doing that playtesting and work costs money for a company like FFG, while supporting an open platform for publication takes a lot less. However, I personally feel an L5R Foundry really would be the ideal platform for: A Minor Clan write up (keep in mind, unless it comes from an official source, it is not canon, and entirely optional) A collection of new Kata, Shuji, Invocations, etc. A "Unexpected Allies" sourcebook of various NPCs with plothooks and storylines Modules. So many modules. A gazetteer style write up for various cities, not unlike "The City of Lies" or "Otosan Uchi". To @AtoMaki's point - Is the "current system" you are referring to Foundry? Or the "one sourcebook, one adventure, with some DLC, every three to six months, FFG only" system?
  5. For those who have not yet heard, FFG just launched a new user-created, paid content platform with Drive Thru RPG allowing creators to sell PDF creations compliant with the Genesys RPG system. For more information on what this entails, check out the article here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/8/2/the-genesys-foundry/ For Genesys fans, this is excellent news. This is, quite literally, a platform by which people who want to make content for Genesys can GET PAID. This is basically a win-win all around, as it allows creators to get some kick back for all their hard work, they do not have to pay to platform their content (which is HUGE in the digital distribution world), and it gives FFG a wide talent pool from which to find product to promote and hire freelancers. If you have never tried to break into writing gaming materials, THIS IS LITERALLY THE WAY TO DO IT. But what does that mean for those of us in the land of Rokugan? As Dave of the Five Rings, I broached this very subject with several of the people at FFG during GenCon. While they confirmed that there were no public plans at present to expand this platform to also support L5R content, they were very encouraging with the idea that if this is something we want? We should absolutely start talking about it. And in the words of an excellent 1990's music group, what better place than here? What better time than now? So, thoughts? Is this something we want? Is this something we will support? And if so, what kind of content would we want to focus on?
  6. The primary note about playing burakumin (one of the characters is a down-on-their-luck geisha, and the other is a highly skilled artisan born in the wrong caste) (like, seriously, the character is truly gifted at making pottery, and their backstory talks about them almost being mutilated as a child because of how offensive their existence is to the Celestial Order) is that you avoid dealing with samurai whenever possible. The gaijin do not have the same restriction, but there is definitely an element of "Rokugan is not as monolithic as it tries to seem".
  7. Howdy, folks! Dave of the Five Rings here! So, I got to play in "The Highwayman", and the person running the room let me go home with a copy of the characters, but not the adventure. I did get to have a good conversation with the person running the adventure, though, so I learned about the roads not taken. I will be posting more information in my full review / GenCon blog post later this month, along with pictures of the materials I was given. But the skinny on the scenario is that we were a group of Ronin whom had been working together for some time, who were hired to track down a lost sake shipment, along with the peasant who was transporting it. This lead us onto a "shortcut" through the Shinomen Mori, a ghostly encounter, and a sinister estate. Intrigue led to violence, and we all got paid in the end. Hats off to FFG for representation in their characters, as they were split 2-2-2 along gender lines (male / female / NB), and had 2 burakumin and 2 gaijin. There was no story result from this module, however, but I would expect to see it online eventually.
  8. There really isn't. They crop up in a couple of the art pieces from the LCG, and may get described in one of the supplements, but there is no physical artwork to accompany them. So I highly suggest using the Mon created by Rhiannon McCullough. You can find them here: https://www.deviantart.com/doppelgangergeisha/gallery/55456329/legend-of-the-five-rings They are based on traditional Japanese mon, using the descriptions provided from previous editions.
  9. https://www.cardboardrepublic.com/articles/dave-of-the-five-rings/dotr-chapter-thirty-nine Wherein I discuss the month of June in L5r, the new Restricted List, Gateway to Meido, Winter Court 2019, and Courts of Stone.
  10. Updated to include the Families, Clans, Schools and Titles from Courts of Stone.
  11. I hope it does come out clutch. I do think that with the Restriction being placed on Spyglass, Steward grows in value. Having a draw engine in place once everyone in on 1 bids is going to be necessary in the meta pretty soon, I expect, and having one vs not having one is going to be quickly a watershed for successful vs unsuccessful decks. Or, in other words, if Steward kills your deck, your deck is going to deserve to die in the near-future meta.
  12. OOOOOO. I like that one. Chrysanthemum Steward into Stolen Secrets, too.
  13. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/6/26/shojus-duty/ And the hot takes! Storyline-wise - Yeah, sorry, no. I do not see Shoju taking the throne as an outcome of "Daisetsu's Regent". I see this flavor-text and the sequence of this as being a result of both Sotorii and Daisetsu thought to be dead (with Shoju possibly knowing the truth of Sotorii being alive) (no, seriously, Daisetsu has to die or turn evil) (or one, then the other), and Shoju taking power because someone HAS to, and all the other choices (Toturi, Yoshi) are gone. And he knows he has to be the villain to be unseated. Hence, duty. But now, the cards! Bayushi Shoju - Henceforth referred to as Shoju2, this card is a solid staple for the Scorpion draw-bomb dishonor strategy. He accelerates the game in a good way, and denies Censure. Which is actually pretty awesome, considering. I like it. Good card. Student of Esoterica - Ahem, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS CARD DOES. But it's a 1/1 for 2 Fate with some text about spells, so this is obviously a bad card. Obviously. Chrysanthemum Steward - 2 Fate for a 1 Mil / 2 Pol Imperial Courtier is not something even an Imperial focused Scorpion deck wants. The ability is counter to a strategy of making your opponent's deck run out of cards, and what is your best case scenario here? You are both at 1 bids, you have out Shoju2, and you make them redraw that Censure they can use... and then they draw two more? Yeah, I am just not seeing how this card is useful. Someone enlighten me? Castigate - Set up for the kill. Keep in mind that once this card is on a body, it stays on, so while it is somewhat gated on when you can play it, it paints a big bullseye on the back of whomever has it. Never underestimate the power of kill. Gallant Quartermaster - As we expand the Crab actions to feed the machine (In Defense of Rokugan, Way of the Crab, Steadfast Witchhunter), I expect to see this card step up in use. It is a slightly less versatile Kaiu Envoy, but I expect it to see some play regardless. Definitely a card to watch. Yasuki Hatsu - Well, then. A slightly gated, slightly more expensive, slightly more powerful Agasha Swordsmith in Crab? This will unlock certain strategies, and makes me glad that Spyglass is on the RL now. Root Out Heresy - I like this card. It's a strong Crab offensive card. It eats a card out of your opponent's hand, and lowers Province Strength. Using this on the Defense is an... interesting idea. Makes Upholding Authority a better province for the Crab to run.
  14. I will be picking up my copy of Courts of Stone later today or potentially tomorrow. I will have the Index updated at that time.
  15. From Imgur (https://imgur.com/a/Kcr5cdT) Are they still hot takes if they come several days late? Conflict Between Kin - Oh, sweet kami, this card is a format writer's nightmare. WHAT DO YOU DO?! There is the one interpretation, which is probably correct, that it prevents your opponent's Characters from being targeted by Events and Attachments which share the Character's faction alignment. However, without a comma before the "if", it can be interpreted as just preventing your Opponent's Characters at that province from being the target of Events AT ALL, and ALSO prevents them from having Attachments played to them which share their faction alignment. No matter way, it's bad in the mirror. Either way? This is a Void Province that is not Shameful Display or Pilgrimage. Thus, it is trash. Kitsuki Yuikimi - Another solid Dragon Clan 3 drop. With all Events being triggered Abilities, along with several Character Abilities, Province Abilities, etc... This is how teflon in Dragon Clan should be working. Furthermore, she's a Champion, so she is perfect for a Daimyo L5R deck. A New Name - Void Role locked because this attachment does nothing? HA! It's a free +1 Mil / +1 Pol without Restricted. That's not nothing. This gets bigger in Dragon, and it is going to be nasty in the Crane dueling deck. It does not have to do much on its own if it turns on For Shame + Duel to the Death or Justicar's Approach. Forbearer's Echoes - Good to see the Phoenix expanding their repertoire into Yellow Cards. I'm sure the Unicorn will also appreciate the support of gaining a second, unrestricted Charge!. Oh, wait, this is supposed to help the Lion Clan? Then why is it Air Role when they are not going to get one at World's, and why does it not require a Lion in any of its targeting? And why is it 1 Influence? Justicar's Approach - Continuing in our tradition of cards which are amazing for factions other than the one they are printed in, allow me to introduce this fine Green Card which is going be amazing in Scorpion and Crane decks. But wait, their courtiers don't have good Military skill you say? Oh, you don't understand this card at all, I respond. In Kyuden Kakita it is LITERALLY a "I have more Military skill than you on my Courtier. Dishonor / Bow / Die or give me honor equal to the difference of our Skills." Losing in KK literally costs you nothing, because you can just rehonor your dueler. In Scorpion, this is a STRAIGHT UP KILL. Shoju1 and Kachiko can murder you HARD with this card. An Honored Favored Niece can eat you with this card. ****, even an Illustrious Plagiarist or a Young Rumormonger loves this card. The real question is if this card is good enough to replace the other splash cards which compliment Let Go. Student of Anatomies - A little overcosted for stats in Crab, but a phase-agnostic sacrifice to Cloud anyone on the board that sticks to the end of the phase is pretty good, honestly. And they turn on the ability to play Cloud the Mind. Double win. Ide Ryoma - Finally a reason to play Seal of the Unicorn! No. Seriously. Hear me out. This punishes people for splashing Unicorn for Iuchi Wayfinder, and if you just run Seal of the Unicorn, it lets you basically ready someone not in the Conflict to bow their biggest body in the Conflict that Ryoma is participating. Add to that effectively GOD tier stats for Unicorn (0 Mil / Pol 4 for 3 Fate on a Cavalry Courtier?!?! *scouter explodes*), and you have a staple if the Unicorn ever get their GPO / Shiro Shinjo mid range Courtier deck up off the ground. Smuggler's Cove - Welp, Seeker of Water just got playable. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. Though in all seriousness, this is a solidly good province. Reusable Favorable Ground is awesome. Period. Petal Village Estates - Huh. I wonder if the Imperial Scorpion Swarm deck will be a thing in the near future. A Kuni Labs which does not cost Honor sounds nice. Hm. Hmmmmmm. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. *the jank intensifies* Inferno Guard Invoker - Mediocre stats for Shugenja and Fire with a potato-ing Glory and a Conflict-gated ability makes this not the incredible card people seem to think it is. However, I think it will have some distinct legs in a Kyuden Isawa, Lion Splash, Shiba Exploding Honor Runner.
  16. So... Who else is going to be rocking this combo?
  17. 1 PM Central / 2 PM Eastern.
  18. https://www.cardboardrepublic.com/articles/dave-of-the-five-rings/dotr-chapter-thirty-eight Where in I discuss the last month of news, the lack of new releases, the new RL and the Errata, how the current Role Choice seems to make it smart to NOT pick the Role your Clan is best at for Worlds, and bring to print my contribution to L5R: Daimyo Format. Daimyo L5R is a fast and casual singleton style of the LCG. My thanks to the folks at NEL5R and Meek Informant, along with everyone else who helped me playtest it, as well as Rhiannon McCullough for providing me a fantastically made Stronghold.
  19. The fact that the Falcon Clan only got one school, and it was a shugenja school, while the Deer Clan is getting two is definitely something I would love to see fixed. As someone who also homebrewed a Falcon Clan bushi school (before the Shadowlands book), I really like the inclusion of a focus on Threshold Barrier. I would expand it slightly, however, and add something allowing them to add a Kept Ring die set to Opportunity on all Survival checks and Skill checks involving ghosts. I will need to take a longer look at this Tortoise School and give you my thoughts.
  20. ... I had forgotten about this, and I think this is the single most important fact called out in the OP. This is a "gun on the mantel piece" sort of foreshadowing, and does not happen by accident. In checking the fiction "Imperial Gifts", it's the same author as "The Last Stone Played".
  21. I find Cloud the Mind is worth it as long as I am packing an attachment or two that I want to keep. If I am playing Dragon? Definitely packing Cloud the Mind. Crab? Definitely. Phoenix? Not so much, post Embrace the Void showing up on the RL, but it does not cost me much deck space. If I am playing a shugenja-heavy Lion, then yes. Crane and Scorpion, I can usually skip it. And Unicorn comes down to the deck, again. Pure Military Hisu Mori Toride blitz, don't have room, but a more midrangey Shiro Shinjo deck that makes use of Shahai and Daiyu, I would. This way, they have more targets for their Attachment removal, which keeps my Spyglasses, Reprieves, Mirumoto Daisho, and the like alive longer.
  22. Updated to reflect the new Courts of Stone preview article (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/5/24/tread-softly/). Outreach has been made to the designers to confirm the Deer Clan family name (and if it is Shika).
  23. No set rotation in Daimyo format L5R... just saying.
  24. https://www.cardboardrepublic.com/articles/dave-of-the-five-rings/dotr-chapter-thirty-seven Where in I discuss the last month of L5R organized play, review some fiction, talk about the Shadowlands book, sing the praises of the Khan Who Was Promised, and give shout outs to the amazing podcasts currently in the community.
  25. Because there are so many better Fire Provinces for us to run?
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