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  1. You and I are on the same page on this one. Right now, I'm looking at Crane since they have a Fire role, and we can actually hit the full 40 card Dynasty deck with all Imperial cards (Kakita Yoshi, Silver-tongued Magistrate, Chisei District). If the rumors are true, and we are getting both the Heirs, as well as big daddy Hantei 38th, that will bring us to being able to run a fully Neutral Dynasty deck as long as we get a Fire Role. Conflict... Let's just say that this is going to be my Enlightenment go to deck.
  2. This is basically a straight update and re-do of "Murder at Kyotei Castle" scenario from Honor's Veil, back in 1st Edition. And no, the title is not a spoiler, since the scenario has undergone a significant revision.
  3. sndwurks


    In my opinion, no. It is not "too good". Quite the opposite, it makes the whole Strife system better by its inclusion. Or, more accurately, it gives you a reason to have Ninjo you actually care about as a player. Without a Ninjo that rewards you for pursuing it, why would you ever select a Ninjo which would conceivably come up during a game session, from a sheer "game" perspective? As in, ignore the RP / Fluff aspect of the game (which is always very subjective, mileage-wise), but look at the mechanics. Without the inclusion of some kind of carrot to the Ninjo vs Giri system, all a Ninjo gives you is punishment when it comes up. Either it restricts your RP, or you take Strife. It was my biggest critique of the Beta, and its inclusion is one of the things that I have praised about the current game. Having your Ninjo be, effectively, the ultimate Strife sink means you want it to come up regularly, arguably more regularly than a Passion. Also, Passions are meant to be simple, easy, and not inherently dishonorable. No one is going to lose honor over making some Ikebana, or by tasting some hard to find Sake, or by reading a book on Military History. A Ninjo is bigger than a Passion, and by its nature, it is supposed to be selfish, in a societal sense. "Create the most perfect work of art" is much larger than a simple Passion about Origami or Painting. Taking some time Painting would lose you some Strife if that is your Passion. Neglecting your morning appointments because you NEED to capture the exact way a specific crane takes flight from this garden just after the attendants clean the grounds? Now that is a Ninjo.
  4. My thoughts on the cards previewed: Overall - Well. That certainly is a lot of dueling. No idea if it will shake up the meta sufficiently to become its own thing, but that is a lot of dueling. Illustrious Forge - This is now the reason to run Seeker of Fire, now that Feast or Famine is Restricted. I expect to see this as the go to Fire Province for Unicorn and Crab as well. Meditations on the Tao is nice, but any deck which runs a decent amount of Attachments is going to want to run this. Crane with Seeker of Fire are going to like this, as are Dragon if they ever get a Seeker of Fire role again. Finally? I like it. And it synergizes with Kitsuki Yaruma, so hey. That's cool. Kakita Dojo - I see this having a place in the post Masters of the Court Crane deck, which just wants to get more duels on the table to increase the use of their box. Blanking text and bowing is also nice, but ultimately it takes a Holding slot, so it must be compared to Favored Ground, and I'm not sure if it is worth it just yet. Kakita Toshimoko - Yeah, that ability is something I would have expected to see on a Lion Clan character. He is a nice Charge! target on the new Crane box, but yeah. I'm just not seeing it. He is somehow even more situational than Kaezin. At least he's a reason for the Scorpion to swing Political with only - Mils on your SH? Iaijutsu Master - I want to say it is just plain better than Mirumoto Daisho, simply because it's only 1 Fate? But it's the Duelist restriction that really hurts it. Again, this is a card for the post Kyuden Kakita Crane, but it is the sort of card which will really help you push that Honor win. Contingency Plan on a stick is just nice. Can't wait to see the Keeper of Air Crane bully dueling dishonor deck. Prudent Challenger - The best parts of this card is Courtesy and 0 Glory. Otherwise, it's a blank 2 Mil / 2 Pol for 2 Fate. Okay, maybe that's too harsh. You can use its ability to clear off Poison Attachments, saving your Let Go's and Miya Mystics for better Attachment removal. I expect to never see this used offensively, except by Togashi Yokuni. Mirumoto Dojo - ... See, now THIS is what I was expecting from Dragon dueling. Yeah, losing a Fate from your own guy isn't usually good, but I can see it being done to clear Fate from a body who got Cloud'd or the like. And then there's the offensive super-advantage. The greatest thing about this? Doesn't say "At this province". Just having it face up at all means you can rip someone's Fate and get them one step closer to being eaten by Raitsugu. Mirumoto Hitomi - Okay, looks like the Dragon have found their replacement for Niten Master. Give her a Seal of the Dragon, and watch her go to town defending a Sacred Sanctuary, or chewing about apart the Phoenix, Crane, or Unicorn. Amusingly, she is terrible for dueling the Crab, which amuses me to no end. A+ on flavor, FFG. B+ on design.
  5. sndwurks

    Clan Descriptions

    As we all know, Hiruma scouts are not known for being big. They are known for having given their pants to Shinsei.
  6. http://www.cardboardrepublic.com/articles/dave-of-the-five-rings/dotr-chapter-thirty-four Wherein I discuss the situation of the Unicorn Clan and their upcoming Clan Pack, new RPG supplements, and due to the holiday season publication delay, comments about the Kotei season that are no longer up to date!
  7. My overall take - I dislike how the Crane Clan "over-meta" seems to be counter-interactivity, but at least it is on brand. The goal of the Crane Clan play is to make it so their opponent cannot play the game. Not exactly my favorite approach, but at least it is weak to the Scorpion Clan's style of play. My take on the cards: Kyuden Kakita - No surprises here, and not sure how good it is going to be. It's no City of the Open Hand, Shiro Shinjo, or even Hisu Mori Toride. It is a limited boost which requires other cards to set it up. Unless there is a card coming which lets the Crane Clan dishonor themselves to win a duel, I don't see this being more useful than their Core box. Kakita Yuri - Okay, HERE is what I was expecting from a Crane box. Being able to choose my champion against this ability keeps it from being incredibly abusable, but it will still shut down both types of HMT, and guarantee no one shows up to fight him when you are First Player. Distinguished Dojo - This is the card I was hoping to see. With their Challenger coming in CotE, along with other cards, this has the potential to hit 3 tokens very easily in a single turn. Having two of these show up on the same turn can get you 6 honor fast. This might be what the Crane need to finally start pressuring the Honor victory condition, when combined with Kyuden Kakita for the extra +1 Honor each turn. Asahina Takemori - Good. Not game breakingly good, but good. Cards like this will guarantee that Favorable Ground remains a 2x or 3x in most decks, along with the power of movement effects. Definitely hits Dragon the hardest, as he can keep Raitsugu and the Investigator safely at home. Political Sanctions - And we have ANOTHER Dragon-killer. Fortunately, this is an attachment, but between Cloud, Sanctions, and Kirei-ko, I expect the Scorpion and Crane are going to have enough answers for the powerhouse abilities being packed by Dragon, Unicorn, and the others. This card also increases the value of Let Go and Hand to Hand. Akodo Makoto - A blank unique 4 Mil / 1 Pol / 1 Glory for 3 fate out of Lion?! That's amazing! Oh, wait, there's an ability on it? Oh. Yeah, I guess there is? Uhhhh. Sure. An ability that will never trigger, but even if it does? It triggers before the Void Ring, so that limits its use. If she sees play, it'll be because of her stats, and not that ability. Also, my local game store owner will be happy to see his boy, Daidoji Uji, back in action.
  8. I expect to see this card in Dragon, some Scorpion, and HMT Lion. In Dragon, Mirumoto's Daisho makes this card skyrocket in equity. Drop a Daisho on Raitsugu or their Challenger coming in CotE, and you have guaranteed Composure. Once you have Composure, you can literally go: "Warm Welcome to Warm Welcome a Void Fist." for 2 Fate. It's Void Fist recursion without Mitsu, and the oldest lesson of card games is that if your deck is designed to exploit something, building another exploit into it just makes it better. In Scorpion Dishonor, this card will let you fetch a Kachiko, a Cunning Magistrate, or an event which is a killer, and all you need to do is have Maze of Illusion to guarantee it, and you will also have Social Puppeteer. Lion have cards like Tactician's Apprentice and Gifted Tactician, along with enough cheap to free Actions which allow them to open a bid with 3 on T1, and get double mileage out of Banzai, Way of the Lion, Army of One, or the like. HMT lets them potentially break two provinces on 1.
  9. The problem is that it becomes a dead card once you cross the borderline where "Draw 5" becomes "Draw 1". This would be a CRUSHING card to see on the turn both players flop to the Bid 1.
  10. This. The "I have a lower honor bid than you" is a far more restrictive cost than a lot of people think, and it is a self-correcting one. I can see this card finding its way into Dragon because of Mirumoto's Daisho, Scorpion if they run Maze of Illusion, and Unicorn if they run that new Courtier which lets them change their dial after the reveal. Otherwise, it really is too unreliable to pack more than 1x of.
  11. Regarding the Release Date of Children of the Empire, we only know that it has been delayed until after January. As @Schmoozies points out above, this appears to be a shipping issue and not manufacturing. Ironically, this might actually be a result of our current governmental shut down here, stateside. While the Customs and Border Patrol does not shut down entirely during an event like this, my research into the situation has revealed that their customer service center DOES go on furlough, as does the Consumer Product Safety Commission. In the case of the latter, anything behind held up for inspection is SUPPOSED to simply be released, but as anyone who has dealt with supply chain logistics within governments can tell you, Murphy is the only consultant who never takes a day off.
  12. I'm expecting Toshimoko in the Crane Clan Pack, with a new Stronghold built around dueling, honestly. Kuwanon is more likely to be the 4 coster in CotE, probably with a Military focus around attacking alone, like an upgraded Brash Samurai or Cautious Scout.
  13. sndwurks

    The Big Bad Thread of Homebrews

    @ludo199 - Excellent start, and I'll definitely go through this with a fine toothed comb later. Two quick notes: You have no School Ability listed Your Mastery Ability is a direct copy of the 4th Edition Rank 5 of the Badger School, which uses rules which are no longer applicable. For a School Ability, I would probably emphasize the hardy, reliable athleticism of the Badger Clan and their overpowering might. My suggestion: "Power of the Mountain: Once per scene, you may reduce the cost of Opportunities needed to inflict the Immobilized or Prone condition as part of an attack on an opponent at Range 0. When making a Fitness check, you may add a Ring die showing the Opportunity symbol as a Kept Dice." This allows them to grab and knock down opponents who are not in the Earth Stance more easily, and also makes them better at athletic actions as well as more versatile while soaking Critical Strikes. For a Mastery Ability, you might want keep to the feel of the first ability by having it be something activated while rolling Initiative at the start of a Skirmish. I would recommend making it cost a Void point. More than that, I would have to think on for a bit.
  14. Honestly? Yes, because it also has a shot at killing one of their bodies, but only in a Seeker of Water deck for greater equity.
  15. My hot takes on these cards: Kiku Matsuri - Interesting, and has its place in a defensive Honor runner. Not sure if its enough to ALLOW for such a deck to exist, and I doubt that this will be replacing Manicured Gardens or Fertile Fields, but it is an okay card which will have a deck which wants it. Flagging this as a "Young Rumormonger Ban Bait" or #YRMBB2019. Ikoma Orator - Uhhh... Yeah. No. Just not good, and no help for the Lion. Though it seems that Ikoma cards are going to keep having the silliest flavor text. Matsu Tsuko - Fate reduction action on a body with decent stats. Not sure if she's going to be the Push 4 Fate the Lion need, but she's not BAD. Glorious Victory - Oh. Okay. Uhh... huh. Ummm. Huh. Yeah. Sorry, all I can see with this card is how it synergizes with Force of the River and Cavalry Reserves and Kitsu Spiritcaller to create some bizarre Honor bomb deck. Otherwise, I cannot this this is worth the high Fate cost. Gift of Amaterasu - 1 Fate to honor a body with an extremely restrictive situation. Sorry, but Benten's Touch is just a better card. Period. Path of Man does not see play, and that is ALSO just a better card. Unmatched Expertise - 0 Fate, +1 Mil / +1 Pol attachment that protects you (somewhat) from Dishonor? This is more weight for the Phoenix Splash in Unicorn, and might see some play there. If the Dragon ever pick up a Fire Role again, this is going to be another staple card for them. Also, Card 2 of the #YRMBB2019 cycle. Isawa Ujina - Just to make this clear, you RESOLVE the Ring before you CLAIM the Ring, which makes this Forced Reaction potentially powerful. It also makes it potentially terrible. Luckily, SWITCHING the Ring (with Know the World) does not count at Claiming the Ring (it enters a claimed ring pool, but is not claimed), so that is one synergy we do not need to worry about. Ujina is going to be like playing with dynamite. Sometimes, it's really powerful, but you have to be REALLY careful with it on the table. Utaku Kamoko - **** that Horse has got some legs! Hachiman gets Kamoko up and going if your province gets broken, AND Honors her to boot? I think this card will officially make Appealing to the Fortunes THE Unicorn Void Province of choice. Being immune to the principle debuff of Dishonor is also nice. Ide Negotiator - Cavalry Courtier! There are a lot of my fellow Pony players who will be over the moon for this card for just those two traits. Personally, I think the Bid manipulation will synergize well with Honest Challenger, and allow you to actually run Good Omen + Charge! / Cavalry Reserves, which is a combo I have been quietly wishing for, for a while. Challenge on the Fields - A Duel which does not cost Fate to play, heavily favors the Swarm deck, AND can be a duel you WANT to lose (as sending home your own guy to use in a later fight is a good ability)? Yup. I am happy with this. So, the short of it is this: it is going to feel GOOD to be playing Unicorn in 2019. Thoughts and prayers to the Lion Clan.