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  1. Updated to include Schools, Clans, Families, and Titles in the Shadowlands supplement.
  2. It's a bipod mountable heavy crossbow capable of killing an ogre in a single shot. AND IT'S CALLED THE DOOM CROSSBOW. This is almost better than the fact that the book gave us (and the Crab totally use) shields, picks, and truncheons.
  3. Not gonna lie... I kind of want to play the Yasuki - Kaiu Engineer with the Large Stature Advantage and the Doom Crossbow weapon of choice.
  4. As someone who grew up in a similar situation, as in the nearest gaming store was a 2 hour drive away and this was before the internet, I understand and respect getting your games through that sort of pre-order. I have no judgement on the consumer who is in that situation, or even the one who deliberately chooses online direct pre-orders for any of the many other reasons to do so (cost of product, storage space, shiny pre-order bonuses, etc). My judgement and criticism is for FFG and their choice to pursue exclusionary business practices which hurt gaming stores. The fact that a gaming store can not get these art prints through normal means, and that they can only be secured through a direct pre-order, hurts local gaming stores, which is honestly a marginal market to begin with. And there are plenty of gaming stores which provide the physical space to RPG players to gather as well as advertise, so it is not just card and board game players who benefit from it. I offer no judgement on someone buying direct from FFG for the pre-order bonus when they have the option to support a local gaming store. They are simply choosing to support a business practice which harms local gaming stores, and not everyone is aware of that. To @Stuntie - Oof. Sounds like a bad situation all around. I am not shocked about the problems with the eCommerce store. From what I have heard, both Amazon and Cool Stuff are good at delivering product reliably, but you just won’t get the fancy art prints, I do not believe.
  5. Do you have a local gaming store you can alternatively purchase this product at? Most local gaming stores will have a distributor who can take your order, even if they themselves do not directly shelve the game line you want to order. Unless you are doing the direct pre-order for the extra art cards, in which case... you really shouldn't. And you should instead work through a local gaming store that serves the function as an inclusive community center, because direct pre-order bonuses only hurt gaming stores.
  6. Thank you. I was informed by the tournament organizer that it was the largest American EC to date. I'll send a message to my editor to get him to correct it.
  7. Was that this tournament: https://thelotuspavilion.com/tournaments/3270?
  8. https://www.cardboardrepublic.com/articles/dave-of-the-five-rings/dotr-chapter-thirty-six Where in I discuss Children of the Empire, previews of Unicorn, Crane, and Inheritance, and strongly urge you, dear reader, to not directly pre-order from FFG just for the art prints. Support your local gaming store.
  9. sndwurks

    BMG EC TO summary

    This is my first time hitting a Top 8 in a major tournament in the new L5R, and my best finish since I went 4-1 at the Kiku Matsuri. I was definitely feeling it by the end. Tournament fatigue is real. Hats off to James Balthis and Raymond Ortgiesen for handing me my two losses in Swiss, and to Derek McConnell for taking me down in the Finals. While I am sad I have not yet played against Ian, I know it is only because my record is never good enough. Mark ran a banger tournament, and I cannot wait to see the matches up on the Meek Informant (who were recording). Thank you again to Black Moon Games for continuing to be a center for the community, and thank you to everyone who donated to the Charity Drive for Rich Gain. This community remains one which looks to do the greatest good that it can, and I remain a proud member for thing like this. And by the sound of it, New England is going to have a packed Elemental Championship Season 2.
  10. sndwurks

    Honest Challenger Ruling??

    Yeah, I would think so. Since "Resolve the duel." is a game effect which can impact the game state, it should be usable. Report it!
  11. sndwurks

    Bonds of Blood

    Phoenix, with Support of the Scorpion. Running Oracle of Stone, Stolen Breath, Pacifism, Softskin, and Tadaka. Just crushing spirits.
  12. sndwurks

    Honest Challenger Ruling??

    Yes, she has to be at the Conflict. This is due to the wording of "initiate a Military duel". Additionally, the opponent must have a valid target for the duel on their side of the Conflict as well (basically, any character who can be targeted by Actions and is not a - Mil). Since the Duel itself can affect game state due to the Honor Bid, neither player needs a second character at home. If Jigoku was not letting you activate it, were you at a Conflict with a legal opposed character? It is a very effective harpoon ability, but the opponent has to be a valid target for the duel in order for it to be triggered, and thus it can be played around.
  13. sndwurks

    Bonds of Blood

    The cards: Also, artwork: I love that Unicorn art. But seriously... do not direct pre-order for these. Doing so hurts your local gaming store, and FFG needs to stop making these offers. They need to support local game stores, which means they need to make these available through the distributors that the game stores work through. While yes, your store CAN direct order on your behalf, doing so impacts their profits and hurts their relationship with their distributor. It's bad all around. Do not encourage this. But now, Spoilers. Yeah, yeah, takes that are mildly lukewarm to potentially hot. Yogo Preserver - I do not know your Glory, but I am willing to bet that A) you are a Dynasty character, and B) your Glory is either 1 or 0. I think this would find work in my Scorpion Swim Team, should I ever resurrect it. But a 2 Mil / 3 Pol for 3 Fate? Yeah, no. Not in Scorpion. Festival of the Departed - Keeper locked Earth province? This will only see play when an HMT Lion deck gets dominant in the meta, and even then, I do not see how this overtakes Entrenched Position, Upholding Authority, Public Forum, or even Vassal Fields. I would almost see this getting a second spot in a Seeker of Earth deck, but... oh yeah. Keeper only. Isawa Tadaka - Okay, I'm sorry, but.... what is going on with that artwork?!?!?! Ahem. Sorry. The Clan Restrictions are good, because this actually keeps it from being run in the Scorpion Clan who would REALLY love that ability. Regardless, blowing up a bowed Steadfast Witchhunter who has used her ability to bring out this body for 1 Fate is a good play. Then smoking a late game stack of bodies from your discard in Crab for a useful ability? Meh. The Disguised keyword is what is going to make this card see play, but I do not think he is worth splashing Phoenix for in Crab over Unicorn right now. Earth Becomes Sky - Now... now this. This is worth splashing over. I am seeing a future "Scorpion Outta Lock It Down" build using Phoenix Splash in Scorpion that just goes "Yeah, your dudes? They don't... do anything. This is your life, and it is ending one Round at a time." Arbiter of Authority - Refusable duels? Nice. It is a "Bow and Move Home" duel, however, so it is anti-spammable. It is a Conflict side Duelist, however, so it is one more thing to round out the Crane Dueling strategy. The real power is combining this with Steward of Law to make it unrefusable, but then you are a 2 Pol duelist. So... meh? Duel to the Death - Heh. Hehehehehehehe. So, I heard you liked running Steward of Law. Crane now have the ultimate anti-tower tech. Just get a bully duelist, drop Steward, and pay 1 Fate to kill any non-Honored body in the game. Well played, Crane. Well played. Softskin - Now... now this is the perfect card for SOLID. Combine this with Earth Becomes Sky, and you have a nice gut punch, especially if you are pushing for the mill-dishonor kill. Weirdly, though, I am picturing a weird Bid 1 Kyuden Isawa Deck that uses this to fill their Discard Pile with spells for them to use. Huh.
  14. Updated for newly revealed products.
  15. Sorry, but I got my fill of "two good heirs to the Throne, which should we CHOOOOOOOSE?!" melodrama during the 20 Festivals. It was boring then. It will be boring now.