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    The Big Bad Thread of Homebrews

    And done, for the Falcon, for the time being.
  2. Do you have a problem with the group? They have ties to both M:tG and Netrunner, so I figure getting some more visibility using their platform would be good for the community.
  3. So, for those who do not follow strange Canadian sketch comedy, I would like to bring your attention to this charity group: https://desertbus.org/ Every year, they do a charity drive for Child's Play, a charity focused around putting games in the hands of children who are in hospitals. This takes place over the course of nearly a week, with each hour of their charity marathon being "purchased" by charitable donations through their website directly to Child's Play. They have raised over $5 million USD to date, across 11 years. 2018 was their largest year to date, having raised just over $700,000 USD and run their comedy streaming marathon for six days and sixteen hours. The team behind Desert Bus has a lot of support from Wizards of the Coast, as many of its members are Magic: the Gathering judges and the like. As a member of the Legend of the Five Rings community, I think that this is a worthy cause and a worthy challenge for us. As such, I will be reaching out to other community organizers online and in the United States about setting up an informal, online L5R LCG tournament for next year's Desert Bus for Hope charity drive, and I would like YOUR support! In short, what I envision this would consist of: An online Jigoku tournament, which starts on Day 2 of the Desert Bus charity drive with a $15 suggestion donation "entry fee", payable to Child's Play through donate link on Desert Bus's website. For maximum effect, I will set a two hour window for those donations, and a request to put your Clan in your Donor Account so we can show some L5R and Clan pride. Local charity tournaments that weekend, with local tournament organizers donating the proceeds to Child's Play through the Desert Bus website. Just an ongoing Desert Bus League during the Charity Drive with players participating in Desert Bus's greater community while playing L5R. For at least the first one, I have a commitment from Rhiannon McCullough (http://www.rmccullough.com/) to provide a unique playmat as a prize to the winner, and I will be reaching out to other L5R artists and the like about support for the event. Is this something you would be interesting in helping me organize? If so, please let me know! Either drop me a PM here or reach out to me on Discord!
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    The Big Bad Thread of Homebrews

    Go for it!
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    The Big Bad Thread of Homebrews

    Updated the Falcon Clan write up.
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    I am with @omnicrone above. I think that Titles are everything the Alternate Paths and Advanced Schools should have been. They are dynamic, powerful, and a great form of alternative advancement. I do disagree with the houserule that you can have multiple active Titles at a time, somewhat. I think having a single title you are currently pursuing as "Active" with other Titles you have available to you as "Inactive". You can only pursue one "Active" Title at a time, and to begin pursuing another Title, you have to either complete your current Title or abandon it. You still keep the Title, socially, but you abandon the Status gain, the Special Ability, and the Curriculum it gives you.
  7. By and large in Rokugan, if you need to get a message to a person who is not immediately present, you had one of three options. Send a peasant messenger. Typically, this would be a dedicated servant of your household or the household you wished to contact. Often if a servant arrives with a message, they will stick around until they get a response. Depending on the importance of this message, this person may be a peasant or a samurai. This faces all the normal challenges of people crossing borders in Rokugan. Give your message to a Miya Herald. The Miya Heralds travel the Imperial highway, delivering the Emperor's proclamations. This also means that their duty involves carrying any and all diplomatic mail, and they can freely travel across Clan borders. Also, they are not likely to read your mail. Supposedly. Still, it is moderately secure as bandits very rarely strike on the Imperial Highway, but it is not quite as far ranging or fast. Give your message to a monk of the Barefoot Brethren of the Order of Koshin. As monks dedicated to the Fortune of Roads and Travel, the monks of Koshin can freely travel across the Empire (as no liege will bar the entry of a monk to their lands, not if they do not want to seem highly suspect), and will carry messages in exchange for simply the food they must eat on the way. This is probably the slowest of the three, but it is the least obvious and the farthest reaching.
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    The Big Bad Thread of Homebrews

    #Naga #Faction #Creature #AlternativeOrigin So, for those who know of my history in Legend of the Five Rings, my long term loyalty to the Naga is nothing new. For those who do not... Hi. I started in L5R with the release of the Shadowlands expansion set back in 1997, when I picked up the Naga starter box. The Naga have always been an aspect of L5R near and dear to my heart, an aspect of the game which heightened its fantasy elements and presented a fascinating counterpoint to the world of Rokugan. I have often likened the setting of Rokugan to Tolkien's Middle Earth, and the Naga very much fall into that comparison. In L5R, the Shadowlands are the equivalent of Mordor, Fu Leng is basically Sauron, the Black Scrolls are basically the Rings of Power, and the Naga are the elves. The Naga are an ancient race of strange people who have battled the darkness threatening Rokugan in the past, and whose society in in a sharp decline. They are the last gasp of a once great civilization, who stand with humanity in this hour, knowing it to be their last and entrusting humanity with being the stewards of the light. And so, I have always wanted to play a Naga in an L5R RPG game, but I understand how they differ from the game of "gripping samurai drama". I understand the problems they cause (arguably as much as the much loathed Spider Clan) (yes, I am a Naga player who later played the Spider Clan, #dealwithit). However, this is our Homebrew thread! So why should we let that hold us back? The Naga Deep in the heart of the Shinomen Forest, something ancient stirs. For thousands of years, they have been but legends, strange beings who appear and vanish from history. Above their waist, they are identical to a human save in the color of their skin. Where a human would have legs, however, these beings possess a long, thick serpentine tail, covered in scales and capable of propelling them at prodigious speed. The Falcon Clan speak of ancient, bizarre ruins in the depths of the Shinomen Forest, containing intricate carvings made from pearls and ivory, overgrown and forgotten, but filled with an otherworldly sense of being watched. Members of the Forest Killer gang speak of terrible nightmares that plague them in such places, to the point where they will avoid them at all costs. The Crab Clan contain accounts of ogres, goblins, and other creatures of the Shadowlands, attempting to enter Rokugan through the Shinomen Marshes of the south, only to be found butchered without explanation. A Kuni shugenja of the 8th century even took a record of a conversation she held with a strange robed figure in a hood, holding a glowing pearl which whispered in her dreams. But now, something has changed. A tide of darkness is coming, and the sleep of the ancient people has been disturbed. They have begun to awaken to a changed world, knowing one thing for certain. The land will burn again. Playing a Naga Playing a Naga is significantly different than playing a Rokugani samurai. Mechanically, all Naga are non-humans who cannot become Tainted. As they are not part of the Celestial Order as Rokugan understands it, they do not have a Status or Titles within Rokugani culture. Treat Naga who are not integrated into Rokugani society as having Status 0. Instead, all Naga have a Caste score, which functions similar to Status as it relates to how other Naga view them. Additionally, Naga can earn a Name from their place within the Akasha, the great shared soul of the Naga people. This Name functions identically to a Title, possessing a Curriculum and granting a Special Ability and Caste increase upon its completion. Instead of choosing a Clan or Family, all Naga receive the same bonus Ring in the place of Clan and choose a Bloodline. The Bloodline grants the Naga the benefits similar to a Family. Naga school a School normally, but most will choose a Naga specific School. Naga Schools grant access to Akasha Techniques, which require access to the group soul of the Naga people. These Techniques are not normally accessible to non-Naga, though special circumstances could change that. Naga cannot learn Maho Techniques or Shadowlands Powers. Finally, all Naga also possess the following Special Ability: Serpentine Body - Naga are Silhouette 3. During any scene, a Naga may move up to 2 range bands instead of 1 for free, before or after taking an Action. Naga Ring Increase: +1 Void (representing the connection of all Naga to the Akasha and the Atman) Caste: 30 At the dawn of the world, long before the Five Ancient Races bound the Spirit Realms into their separate places, the Sun and the Moon surveyed the world created by the gathering of the five great Elemental dragons. One by one, they began to name the world and all the things within it. But as the world began to take form, the Pale Eye grew sad as its mystery would be lost as things were named but there were none to dwell within it. And in that sadness, he cried a single tear of perfect, black crystal. The Black Stone fell to the world below, and from it came the first Naga. Each was golden and perfect, but carried with them the tremendous sadness of the Pale Eye and the great love of the Bright Eye. Each one thought they were the most beloved of the Bright Eye, and soon the Naga warred among themselves. So terrible was their conflict that the one of them called out to the Pale Eye to take away what caused the war, and so the Pale Eye sundered the people. From that day forward, there would be no more golden Naga, but instead the five bloodlines were created, joined together in the shared soul of the Akasha so that the loss of one life would be a loss of all to the Naga. Asp Bloodline Ring Increase: +1 Fire or +1 Earth Skill Increase: +1 Command, +1 Tactics, +1 Smithing The warriors of the Naga people, the Asp are brown to black in skin tone and range between 15 to 20 feet in length. The second most populous bloodline of the Naga people, the Asp are lead by the Shahadet. ((More to come.)) Chameleon Bloodline Ring Increase: +1 Air or +1 Water Skill Increase: +1 Survival, +1 Skullduggery, +1 Fitness Cobra Bloodline Ring Increase: +1 Fire or +1 Void Skill Increase: +1 Theology, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Medicine Constrictor Bloodline Ring Increase: +1 Earth or +1 Void Skill Increase: +1 Meditation, +1 Culture, +1 Labor Greensnake Bloodline Ring Increase: +1 Air or +1 Fire Skill Increase: +1 Sentiment, +1 Courtesy, +1 Commerce More to come - Naga schools. More on the Bloodlines. Akasha Techniques. Probably after I finish my work on the Falcon Clan.
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    It is said that the Crab do it sideways.
  10. Yeah, no, inclusiveness in gender identity, ethnicity, religion, race, sexual preference really, REALLY is not the same thing as inclusiveness in faction preference. If L5R ever reaches a level of cultural importance that people are getting killed over being Crab Clan or Mantis Clan, we will talk. But seriously, yeah, no. Also, there is no proof that this card cannot be Mantis Clan, Shadowlands, or anything like that. It just can't be Neutral. And if a Neutral Akodo Toturi, champion of the Lion Clan is proof of anything? It is that you can have in-faction cards that are not in your Great Clan. Bring on the NagaMcBoatface no Oni of the Scorpion Clan!
  11. Arguably, this is because the Dragon do not NEED more characters. Having less characters one of their central themes, and the fact that the Dragon Clan characters are widely believed to be the best characters in the game.
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    Honestly, it would be awesome if FFG were to host a "fanfiction contest", with an open submission for just general, non-storyline fiction to help build out the setting. With a paid publication prize, or something.
  13. Updated the index to reflect the newly spoiled school names.
  14. Updated to reflect the information from this article: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/11/6/those-who-serve/ Outstanding pieces to be spoiled - 1 more schools and nine new titles
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    Owl Clan colors

    Grey and Tan were the colors from HoR4, from the times I have gone to their LARPs.