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  1. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2456155/close-quarters-combat-momentum-still-confused
  2. I considered using Verena Talos for the first time, read her abilities, then my brain started hurting. I know there are already numerous threads concerning this topic, both here and on BGG. And I know others have already used this excuse to re-post this same question, but after reading through some of the long discussions, I'm still unable to make sense of the timing of "Close Quarters" & "Combat Momentum." "When an adjacent hostile figure is defeated" do both, "Close Quarters" and the top part of "Combat Momentum" trigger at the same time, allowing me to choose which to perform first? Or, do I only get to choose one to trigger and resolve? Considering this form the RRG pg 20: "• Spending movement points is not an action and may be done at any time during the figure’s activation. They can be spent before or after performing any action but cannot be spent while resolving an action. • If a figure gains movement points when it is not its activation, those movement points must be spent immediately as an interrupt or be lost." If I get to do both actions in any order, can I spend movement points between each action, thus potentially allowing me to move up to 3 spaces before attacking (1 strain to gain 2mp, spend 2mp, then 2 strain to move 1 space and attack)? Other than the fact that the 2mp gained from "Combat Momentum" must be spent immediately, would it work any differently outside of Verena's activation? Also, can these two actions be used multiple times in a row if adjacent hostile figures continue to be defeated? I hope I asked the right questions. If I didn't, somebody please help me. @a1bert 😕
  3. Rules Reference Guide, Page 13. Player Turn • During a player’s turn, they resolve the following steps in order: ·· Planning Step ·· Action Step ·· Encounter Step • If an effect ends a player’s turn, that player cannot resolve any of their abilities, perform any actions, or resolve any remaining steps of their turn.
  4. Choose whichever situation you think would be best for Imperials/worst for Rebels. Legends of the Alliance Rulebook, pg 14: THE IMPERIAL RULE When resolving activation instructions, players frequently have multiple options that satisfy the instructions. When this happens, players should follow the Imperial rule, which means always choosing the option that is most punishing for the players.
  5. I use a Sterilite 1427 Stack & Carry storage container. All my tiles go in one section and all my minis in the other.
  6. Page 5 of the Rules Reference Guide under Contact Tokens: If an ability instructs a player to “exchange” two contact tokens, each of the two contact tokens is taken from its current contact space and placed on the contact space that the other token was taken from. Each contact token that is exchanged remains in its faceup or facedown state, as appropriate.
  7. As you have stated, the "spend to gain fame" instruction is during the Encounter Step. This is not a Market Action during the Action Step and does not require the AI to be on a planet. Think of it as the AI player encountering a situation that costed him some credits but also awarded him some fame.
  8. "The tale of Imperial Assault is not done." - Steve Horvath (Asmodee North America President / Head of Publishing)
  9. What a scummy thing to do. It does seem to be a thematic move on his part.
  10. I don't see any reason in the rules why you should be able to do so. Since it's a list of steps I would think they should be followed in order. However, it does say that step 1 is optional.
  11. "This map's not complete. It's just a piece." -Han Solo Awesome mod! Would love to play the game this way. Great job!
  12. In the original campaign mode, the Stunned condition simply forced the Imperial player to use one of their two actions to discard the condition. Usually, a human player would sacrifice a move action so that an attack action could still be performed. It's a little difficult to see this reflected in the LotA app due to the Imperial figures being buffed quite a bit. Extra movement is given to most of the figures and sometimes even extra attacks. Furthermore, moving and attacking seem to take place before the condition is even removed. However, in the end and considering the buffs, I think the outcome is similar to what a human player would do. Movement points were sacrificed so that an attack could still be made. The stunned condition in the app just isn't as powerful as it is in the standard campaign mode. To keep from causing confusion, frustration and disappointment, I wouldn't even use or show the condition card to other players in the game. Just use the token and read the rulebook. Your Troopers being stunned, shook their heads in disarray, but so eager to get a kill, jetted themselves into a position that might have left them vulnerable to Rebel attack. That would be my thematic interpretation of the app instructions.
  13. Without seeing the actual instruction list, I think you played this correctly. Bonus Effects don't seem to be considered as "instructions." Page 14 of the LotA Rulebook makes a distinction between the "bonus effect" and the "instruction list."
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