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  1. dwaynedauzat

    1.5.0 - Return to Hoth Released

    Our out-of-place wampa will finally feel at home.
  2. dwaynedauzat

    What should the next campaign use?

    I but it's HOTE too!
  3. dwaynedauzat

    User Made Quests

    I'm already thinking about how user made quests could be done. It doesn't seem very difficult to me to make custom cards that match your landmark and token numbers. I can also envision an app that creates a random "unique" quest each time you play. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  4. dwaynedauzat

    Looks promising!

    Well, the Habitat tag is included on the deployment cards of some figures. It would be nice if they incorporated that feature into the app version of the game.
  5. dwaynedauzat


    I actually liked the game. Like @player1329291 said, it was never an issue for me, but I too feel like the amount of content was lacking. I would rather have paid more for the game and get ALL terrain types and characters with a campaign for each terrain. I don't really care that this game is Unique. I mostly play solo and couldn't care less that some other person in the world has a copy that is different than mine. For me, an even better idea would have been to make the campaign/story vary somewhat so that it is different each time you play. As for now, I'm looking on eBay for inexpensive used copies with the specific terrain types that I want.
  6. dwaynedauzat

    Win Condition unattainable

    I second what @kanooshka said. From what I am seeing in forums, many people are missing the keywords that are found in the flavor text. Certain items will have you look for keywords in other cards allowing you to draw a card with the next number higher, allowing the game to progress. People are skipping over the flavor text, missing the keywords, and come to a conclusion that they are missing cards or their game is defective with no way to win. And again, used feature tokens should go in a discard pile until all have been gathered, then just shuffle and reuse.
  7. dwaynedauzat

    Rules Questions

    Spending and discarding are different. If you are thirsty and you drink the water, you spend it (and roll the die for dirty water). If you are careless and you spill your water, you discard it (without rolling the die).
  8. dwaynedauzat

    Organizing components?

    Here's what I've done. I made a little tray insert for the cards using foam core board and hot glue. The tokens I've stored in two little organizer trays. The foam core board and trays were all purchased from the Dollar Tree for a total of $3.00 plus tax. Everything fits perfectly and the booklets lay right on top. I got a little messy with the hot glue but you can't tell once everything is in its place.
  9. dwaynedauzat

    LotA map tiles spoiler list?

    @Siygess I haven't yet played with the tiles from Jabba's Realm but I've played the FotFF app campaign several times with other box expansions. I keep all my tiles in one big plastic storage container (mostly unsorted). During setup and when revealing new tiles, I used to hunt for the tile labels that the app instructed me to place (03A, 05B, 18A[2], etc.) and, as you've experienced, I found this to be a pain. I then realized that several tiles were functionally the same with just varied artwork. So, I just started looking at the picture and grabbing tiles that look similar (making sure that the terrain type is the same of course). I find this method much easier and less time consuming. It's nothing innovative and may be obvious to most people, but it's just a little tip that some, like me, may not have realized at first.
  10. dwaynedauzat

    Suitability for Solo Play?

    I too play mostly solo and found One-Deck Dungeon interesting. I decided to purchase it on Steam and found it to be just an OK little card/dice game to pass the time. It's a bit of a grind and every dungeon feels pretty much the same. I usually always lose the boss fights until I build up enough abilities and potions. It's a bit repetitive but if you like rolling dice and leveling up it's cheap enough to give it a try.
  11. dwaynedauzat

    Ion Cannon Paper Model?

    @Force Majeure Thanks for the motivation. I used a 4" Styrofoam ball, highlighter tip and 1/4" audio plug. It's not exact, but like you said, I think it catches the spirit of the weapon well enough.
  12. dwaynedauzat

    Ion Cannon Paper Model?

    Never mind. I figured it out. (Editing the topic title that is)
  13. dwaynedauzat

    Ion Cannon Paper Model?

    Not sure how to edit the topic title.
  14. Hello. I'm building various terrain pieces for X-Wing using card stock. I've found paper templates for the AT-AT, Turbolaser and Shield Generator. The one thing I'm having trouble finding is a template for the Ion Cannon from the Battle of Hoth. Anyone know where I might find one? I've Google quite a bit with no success.
  15. dwaynedauzat

    Best options to play the app on laptop

    Playing the App on an Android tablet (or in Steam on a laptop) and with the physical components has been the best experience in my opinion. I've found that using VASSAL (for any game) is clunky and has not been a very pleasant experience for me.