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  1. RR Page 18 "They always move toward the nearest goal token on the map. If their space contains a goal token, they do not move." Once you reach the nearest goal token and you feel the need to use up all of the AI's movement, just keep hopping on the same space. Moving into another space would be moving away from the nearest goal token.
  2. Wow! These are amazing. They look great. I'm not a big fan of the bases, I'd rather something more simple and less bulky, but the ships are perfect for Outer Rim.
  3. I don't have a Facebook account so I won't be able to see those photos. What I usually do is link to photos that I've uploaded to my BGG account.
  4. Please post pictures when you get them done.
  5. These are great! I'd like to use ship minis for the patrols as well. Between the Armada and Mel minis, I'm sure there are solutions available.
  6. I searched through the forums before I made the post but couldn't find anything related. Perhaps I just overlooked it. I did submit the question over on BGG too. Thanks to everyone for the suggested theories.
  7. While punching out the pieces, I noticed that only one of the damage tokens was smaller than all the rest. I haven't played the game yet and I'm sure it's probably nothing, but I was wondering if anyone else had this in their copy and if there was a purpose for it being smaller.
  8. I really wish they had used the Skirmish cards for all figures in this Raid mode. I often want to play solo as characters other than the heroes.
  9. Interesting. The dimensions of my card tray completely depended on the size of the storage containers for my tokens. If you use different sized containers you may want to go with a different sized card tray. The overall dimensions of my card tray are 6" x 6 3/4" x 1 7/8". I basically just made the tray to fit the empty space that was left in the box, making sure that the cards would fit into two rows. The pieces on the inside of the tray are about 1" high (about half the height of the tray). This allows the cards to sit at a slant, making them easy to identify and remove.
  10. Also, on page 15 of the Rulebook: Resources and Carry Limit "Some items have the Quest Item trait. These items are crucial to completing some quests, and cannot be discarded, even if the survivor is exceeding their carry limit. These items still count toward the carry limit." Concerning Master Keys, page 13 of the Rulebook calls these cards "items." Key Items "Some items have abilities that are resolved when drawing an exploration card. These items allow the survivor to resolve a different exploration card instead of the card they just drew. The survivor must decide which card to resolve before seeing the replacement card’s ability." So, according to the Carry Limit rule on page 9 of the Rulebook, things that count toward that limit are, "resources and items" (Crafted items, Quest items, Master Key items, etc).
  11. Yes, as stated on page 9 of the Rulebook: Carry Limit Each survivor can have a combined maximum of 10 resources and items at a time. If a survivor has more than 10, they must choose which 10 to keep. Resources not chosen are placed in the survivor’s space, resource side faceup, and cards not chosen are discarded (see "Discarding Cards" on page 6). Some items have the Quest Item trait. These items are crucial to some quests, and must be kept. Some items allow survivors to carry resources on them. This allows the survivor to place some of their resources on the item card. Those resources do not count toward the survivor’s carry limit (but the item itself still counts as one card toward the carry limit).
  12. While we have all imagined ourselves being Luke, Han or Leia in the Star Wars galaxy we mustn't forget that there might have been a Joe, Bob and Sally that possibly contributed to the Galactic Civil War in some capacity. That's the point of view in this game. It let's us play as some rag tag team, trying to make a difference is some small, but exciting, way and occasionally we may cross paths with those iconic characters that we all know and love and, who knows, we may even get to fight right along side them, blasting stormtroopers with Han or blowing up AT-ATs with Chewy. I encourage you to give this game a chance. There are a lot of cool characters to play and learn. You can always play as Luke in the skirmish mode if you wish.
  13. Neither Luke, nor any other blister pack character, is playable as a hero in this game. You can earn him as an ally in the standard or app campaigns or you can use him in your squad in the skirmish mode.
  14. So what are your plans to do with these? You mentioned perhaps making a similar Scarif scenario. Do you have any specific ideas yet?
  15. Wow. These are awesome. As you said, the scale is probably fine since you'll be looking at them from an altitude. I would probably splash a little black wash on them to dirty them up a bit. Are the legs articulated?
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