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  1. I really like this alternate plot line you have laid out. As far as trying to foresee problems, odds are your players will do what you least expect when you least expect it. Just have some contingency plans ready. As for the 10,000 credit payment, it seems like plenty. You don't want to make the mistake of giving your PCs too many credits up front. If you need to, you can always supplement the payment with supplies and/or equipment upon delivery. Good luck, this campaign sounds like a lot of fun.
  2. I have a meta-gamer who comes from the D&D mindset. It's annoying to watch him try and min/max his character and loot everything, but, that's what he's been trained to do I guess. Nothing a few encounters on a weapons/armor restricted planet or well timed imperial search and seizure won't cure him of. I think EotE has done a good job finding ways to prevent looting too much from becoming an issue. To answer the original question: I like offering my PCs plot hooks as rewards. Things like bases of operations, the opportunity for more lucrative missions, invitations to high stakes sabbacc games, often feel like more of a reward than a pile of credits.
  3. First of all, I wanted to express how hilarious I think this April Fool's game is. Second, I'd like to offer some suggestions for Vignette 1: I am personally a fan of filling a co-worker's office full of balloons, though I generally reserve this for special occasions. You could wire the drawers shut on a co-worker's desk. You could hide a wireless doorbell somewhere in their desk and ring it randomly throughout the day. There is the always popular, wrap a co-worker's office or cubicle in cellophane or aluminum foil. Fill up cups of water (or mousetraps for the truly devious) and place them to where there is no way to step into their office or cubicle without removing them.
  4. Thanks for the quick responses, we'll actually be playing in a few hours and just wanted to make sure I had everything cleared up.
  5. That makes perfect sense. I guess my next questions would then be, how often should a group come out of hyperspace and at what intervals? How often should a ship have to refuel? Let's just assume they're using a major trade route.
  6. Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, or if it's supposed to be obvious, but, how would a customs agent go about stopping your ship if you were traveling through hyperspace? I would like to make a routine stop part of my group's next encounter. Thanks in advance for the help. Just to clarify, I'm only hazy on the physical act of stopping a ship, I feel I can handle what happens in the actual encounter just fine.
  7. The group I GM consists of: Boma Zlahtan Day: A Bothan smuggler/pilot who finds himself in trouble with the Empire for his brother's rebellious acts. He serves as the face of the group. Jaden Vondar: A Human turned bounty hunter/gadgeteer after being kicked out of the ISB. His wife is now enslaved to a Hutt because of a botched job. He is the tank of the group Sirlahn Alsek: A Sluissi technician/slicer with a hint of kleptomania. He wants to be the greatest slicer of all time, and his ambition has landed him in some sticky situations. Asaak Ti: A Togruta explorer/big game hunter framed for murder on his home planet. He does more damage with an air-rifle than most other characters do with blaster rifles. Their ship is the Temerity a slightly modified Loronar E-9 Explorer. The group has run through Escape from Mos Shuuta and is finishing Long Arm of the Hutt, modified to account for the new characters. They are a combat heavy group and made quick work of all the enemies in both adventures. That will all change soon though..
  8. Personally, I'll take the virtually silent air rifle with the tranquilizer rounds. Or maybe mix it up with a neuroparalytic dart. One question: How would everyone spend a triumph on a weapon with no critical rating?
  9. Journeyman Bounty Hunter has vicious 5 disruptor rifle w/Lethal blows 1? If a GM ever needed a reset button of an NPC...
  10. If you go to wookieepedia and click the rebellion era, it gives you all of the EU stuff that is supposed to take place in somewhat chronological order. The only story that sticks out in my mind is Luke and Leia's visit to the wheel and the administrator Greyshade grenade incident. Beyond the Rim makes a very subtle reference to these events.
  11. Let me pose another question since this seems to be a suitable thread for it: I'm channeling SWTOR and was wondering if there is any place in EotE for reverse engineering technology to build a set of schematics to sell. There are so many narrative uses for something like this. I could probably write a whole campaign based on stealing or gathering technology from somewhere and selling it to the highest bidder, or bringing technology to a lower tech world. So I guess my questions are, what kind of things could be reverse engineered? What talents or checks would you use to make schematics from a piece of equipment? How long should it take?
  12. I'd say just put any reference sheets in sheet protectors and use the sticky note labels to mark them clearly and throw all of that in a file folder or binder (preferably one that stands on its own so you can have it open at all times) In time you'll get faster and faster at looking up information or you'll eventually just get to the point where you have the most pertinent information memorized.
  13. I would say if smuggling compartments count against ship hardpoints then there should be an option of using the hardpoints OR the encumbrance. As far as cost of bacta: Maybe you get a discount when you buy in bulk?
  14. According to the adventure, if the PC passes a mechanics check they are able to discern that the droid parts in the cargo hold can be assembled into an astromech droid though it would be a long arduous process. It goes on to say that the expertise and equipment are not available to the PCs at the moment, but could be a future project. This seems to end a little vaguely with: could be a future project, but offers no insight into what expertise and equipment would be needed. As GM I'd rather tell my player yes than no. Who wouldn't want to test their mechanics mettle in the given situation? Why mention it in the story at all if you're not going to allow it do be done? However, I also don't want my party to have an army of droids at their disposal. So, given all of the feedback (thanks to all that replied by the way) I will be allowing the "repair" not, "construction of" the astromech droid. I will be upgrading the difficulty of the checks and increasing the number of hours to complete said droid, unless a set of schematics shows up on the market somewhere. Maybe someone will want to trade for some of these Wookiee pelts At the suggestion of themensch I will certainly be using the little droid as a plot hook!
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