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  1. Dang! That looks great, I've been wanting to do this upgrade too, but I've not had the opportunities to play as much as I'd like, and I've been spending time in other hobbies over the summer. Maybe Fall/Winter will change my X-Wing time, either way: Great mod and great pics guys! I really want to do this.
  2. QuinnCee

    Game Table

    Oh! That's going to be nice
  3. Here's a side project, sort of Star Wars related: - - - I needed driver/passenger for my Defender, and well; Han & Luke Black Series figures fit perfectly!
  4. So I pre-ordered the Tantive back in April anticipating that I would get it with that late May release. However, I did the $99 minimum order for the free shipping from MM, I placed my Tantive order with another pre-order thinking "Meh, it'll be out by the release of the Tantive" - wrong. I pre-ordered 2 of the HCD Starfield mats, like the planetary mat that's been talked about on here by others and myself, and I just got my ship confirmation this afternoon :/ - Needless to say, I'm behind the curve a little. Should arrive Friday. I'll post some pics of the new mat.
  5. We're sharing a brain! Exact same order amount, and gaming situation, for me...
  6. QuinnCee

    1 peg or 2?

    1 peg for me. I also use 1 in the Falcon. Looks sort of cool flying close to the surface.
  7. Mine came today too. Got the email notification 2 days ago. It was like opening another core set...
  8. I have 1 too. Totally agree. I'm only posting because somebody was saying a 3x3 was more what they wanted.
  9. Here's your 3x3 mat. Probably very similar material. I have the planets and waiting on the star field, but these are 3x3 mouse pads. http://www.miniaturemarket.com/hcd96669.html http://www.miniaturemarket.com/hcd-starfield.html If these mats that Swedge is talking about are 4x4 mouse pads, I may have to pick up one of those too. I like the design on it.
  10. QuinnCee

    HCD Mats

    I may be late for this, or maybe most people don't care, but I got my 'shipped' email yesterday from MM, so I decided to check out the site and I saw that they (HCD Supplies) heard some of our complaints about producing a new HCD mat with a simple star field... http://www.miniaturemarket.com/hcd-starfield.html I'll buy 2 when they're ready...
  11. I pre-ordered Aces and they shipped the day they were released. Think I got mine 2 days later, so I decided to pre-order the transport from them as well.
  12. I was tempted by those GF9 mats, but my main concern was that the surface was a little too slick for playing on. I guess it's really just a matter of opinion and whether or not you like the mats/designs on them. Truthfully I liked the designs they offered, at least some of them, but I wasn't a fan of the material. A couple of us here bought the HCD Supplies Game Mat http://www.miniaturemarket.com/review/product/list/id/39120/ - I love it. A few others here liked it a lot too, but the main criticism was that it's not a 'true' 36"x36" - mine and other's actually measured it out to 36"x35.5", so if that half inch is more than you can bare, then I would suggest looking around a little, but this thing lays flat! It's exactly like a 3'x3' mouse-pad. I have been very happy with mine and most of the reviews on Miniature Market have been 5 stars... in a 3x3 space
  13. I like the prices on those, now which size and what size ball bearing to use for the stand. I'm seriously interested in modding all my ships with this setup. Great post!
  14. QuinnCee


    This is the one I bought: Plano Molding 1363 Stow N Go Toolbox http://www.amazon.com/Plano-Molding-1363-Graphite-Sandstone/dp/B001TH8P1E/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1396448366&sr=8-10&keywords=plano This is the one I compared it to: 1374-01 Four by 3750 StowAway Rack System http://planomolding.com/product.php?BCCID=110&PID=645 I liked the second option, because it has flip-up compartments in the top lid and has 4 pull out trays instead of 3. The draw back to the second option is that it has 4 shallow trays; where option 1 has 3 trays, with 2 of them being deep, like twice the size in depth of the 3rd tray. So I have all my ships in the deeper trays, with enough room in the 3rd tray for tokes, stands, etc. I do have 1 YT-1300, but I keep that in the top portion with the cards, range rulers, etc. I don't have anything in the ship trays except sticky-sided bubble wrap, because I figure the box isn't supposed to tip on it's side, so I I'm not that concerned with damage.
  15. QuinnCee


    This is what I've been using for a while now. It's been solid - I just added 2 Aces (not shown) comfortably in here as well.
  16. I know others have had trouble posting pictures to this forum as well. I got a photobucket account for this and other forums I'm part of. I don't like having to use an additional site just to post to a forum, but photobucket made it easy, and if you use it and still have problems, just make sure you use the 'direct' link from their site when you're posting the URL into the image field. I've found that was the easiest way for your photo to show up. Some of the other options, from Photobucket anyway, give you an http://... that won't show on this forum, but the 'direct' link has worked every time for me.
  17. 2-3 each I think. Probably more for the Z95s.
  18. That kind of sucks. That was a useful little tool.
  19. QuinnCee

    Storage Solution

    Been using this for a while. Probably upgrade though once wave 4 comes out.
  20. QuinnCee

    Weekend Match

    Forgot I took this photo, but this weekend I was playing my friend again, only this time he decided to play Rebels for a change. I play Empire against my wife, because she's sympathetic to the Rebellion. Since I don't normally play Imperials; I'm not used to particular maneuver dials, so I found myself in a 3 range situation defending against Wedge. I hadn't (to this point) been rolling well initially, so I decided to do it up Yatzee style with a Styrofoam cup which was dubbed the 'Cup of Life' - I rolled 4 dodges... My fortunes changed at that moment and the game fell apart for my friend. Since I had done so well rolling with my new pimp cup, my friend made the attack counter-part dubbed the 'Chalice of Malice' - I had mixed success.
  21. I use/recommend Litko templates/tokens too. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the quality of them and Litko was good about correcting a mistaken shipment for me. I'll stump for them every time...
  22. What is Vassal exactly? Is it Star Wars Miniatures Game for PC? I was looking at this earlier and I couldn't figure out what this is used for, but it sounds like a turn based parable of our beloved table top game.
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