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  1. Very cool and timely too! Look forward to running it through a few paces as I create my character for a PbP
  2. That's the point though. if you don't have a Force Rating to begin with, even those +1 Force Rating talents won't do anything for you. You apparently need a Force Rating of 1 or higher for those to be effective. Even if you've spent 150Xp and gotten 3 or 4 of the +1, if you haven't taken a career or spec (Force Exile/Emergent) with "Gain Force Rating 1" you still don't have a force rating. But if you take one then you will have a 4 or 5 in addition to all the other Force Talents being usable.
  3. This was clarified in the Order 66 podcast I believe. According to FFG_Sam, any character can take any of the F&D specializations and spend XP on any talent. However, without a Force Rating of 1, none of the Force Talents or +1 FR talents will work for you. At the moment, the only way to get a FR of 1 is to take one of the F&D careers, or take the Force Exile or Force Emergent spec. A point I found interesting is that if you have taken talents from these other specs before you take Emergent or Exile, is that one you take either, you instantly gain access to all talents, including the +1 FR ones so you shoot from non-Force user to perhaps a powerful one with just one small XP expenditure
  4. If you want someone to test it, I'm willing! I've got a PbP I'm creating a character for and could really use it.
  5. Based on the comments, I definitely think that the usage of an "effective" Force Rating could be of value. This EFR would be used for the prerequisites of the Force Powers. Cybernetics would lower an EFR by 1 or 2 points per unit, and this would also allow for reduction or increases in other ways. If an EFR was less than the minimum needed for a force power tree, then the character would lose access to that power until his EFR rose over it again.
  6. Daeglan, Are they part of your career or specialization skills? I know I've looked for skills under the human list only to find out they were part of the career I'd selected....
  7. How many other talents through all the EotE and AoR books provide a setback die in certain circumstances? Are there any? If not, then I'd say just the boost die is fine otherwise "Multiple Opponents" should probably have the setback die added.
  8. I have to say that I'm of mixed mind about the sidebar. While I haven't gotten to even play EotE or AoR, in my experience having something up to the GM's discretion stands about a 50/50 chance of being "Rules Lawyered" to death (even when the GM makes it clear he's using the optional rules). I feel it might work better to have the resistance ability written directly into the rules, especially as BrashFink says a lot of the stated mechanics have already been in use as house rules.
  9. I know, I'm in a similar situation of hunting for a PbP because that's all I have available to me. I would love to find someone willing to run F&D in some shape or form...
  10. I completely agree with this, and it makes a lot of sense.
  11. So........ Any chance of sharing that idea here? Unfortunately, any feedback I might have looks to be all theory. There's no group in person even close that I'm aware of, and I can't find a PbP on any of the sites I visit regularly.
  12. @Khaldun: I had that issue too. then I saw mention that the extra obligation needed to be manually added as it doesn't automatically increase the values. Same if you'd taken the extra credits, you'd have to add the actual credits yourself. That help?
  13. Thanks Ogg So the next version, if I select Forager on the FSE spec it would automatically select it on the Survivalist as well? Or would I need to go ahead and manually select it on the Survivalist? And I'd only be charged for the Talent once? Thanks for all you're doing on this! TC
  14. As a mostly PbP gamer, I'd love to see a way to export a character as a plain text format. No real formatting, but simple so that I could pull the information into whatever format I need.
  15. Howdy! I have to say that I am very impressed with this piece of software. It's pretty well taking over as my character tool of choice. I'm seeing one bug though and I hope I'm bringing this up in time to get it in the next version I have a Bounty Hunter with the Survivalist Spec as well as the Force Sensitive Exile Spec. Forager, a non-ranked talent appears on both trees. It's my understanding that, as a non-ranked talent taking it on one tree should carry over to the other tree. So, if I take it on the FSE tree, it should show as taken on the Survivalist tree (without charging the extra 5XP as the Survivalist) and allow taking the 10XP rank of the Outdoorsman talent. Right now, I'm having to simulate this by adding the appropriate amount of XP above my normal starting amount, but it seems like a problem doing it that way because if I show the sheet to someone, I show more XP than I should have. Looking forward to all things SW TC
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