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  1. I'm afraid I have just 5 words as direct rebuttal to this statement....Star Wars - Anthologies: Rogue One
  2. ITunes should have it today.... At least that's where I got one although I do have the Season subscription and in the US, so don't know if that makes a difference for you or not....
  3. Having never watched TCW, I can't speak for Ashoka. However, one thing I really enjoyed from this episode is seeing Kanan really go to town against the Inquisitor in a lightsaber duel. I think we see that up to this point, he's had a bit of a confidence problem that affected his overall performance not only in terms of teaching Ezra, but in simply fighting. It took what he saw as losing everything to give him that kick in the rear he needed. And he not only performs well with Ezra's saber, he shows he's fairly well trained in two weapon combat as well. I especially appreciated him charging the inquisitor firing Ezra's stunner while his saber was in his other hand. It also shows just how quick it is to go from gun to saber mode with Ezra's weapon as well.
  4. How does he get up to that high a soak in the first place?
  5. <mechanical breathing> Search your feelings Quicksilver, you know it would be good. Just one more..... <mechanical breathing>
  6. i just want the FaD core to get here. LOLI've been dying to find a PbP that allows a force user, but no luck so far. (I had some RL issues that kept me from posting in a couple that I found a while back.... )
  7. If you take the bolded parts and look closely, it seems to me that you can hit one target for each additional hit you generate.Generate 1 additional hit? Hit one additional target. Generate 3 additional hits? Hit three different targets in range once. Generate 10 additional hits? Hit five different targets twice each. This to me seems like it would justify the 25 XP cost and truly make it a talent worthy of a gunslinger.
  8. Yea! I discovered a package from miniature market came today with my copy of Fly Casual. Unfortunately, I have to wait until I get off work and get home to check it out... (Oh, and spend family time... That sort of thing.... Lol) dang it! Lol
  9. Ogg: I know Braendig has contributed some data for FC, but I was wondering if there were still any areas he hasn't provided yet? I just got the book in the mail today.
  10. Depending on how soon my book arrives (just got the shipping email) I'll gladly contribute whatever I can if anything is left.
  11. Woohoo! I just got the notice that my Fly Casual has shipped! With luck I'll have it early next week....
  12. Very right there I submitted a request through their page last night, and this morning I had an email from Chris B. About how to handle the extra shipping to split the order. That kind of service wins me over every time. Now if it'll only were able get out of the docks, and to the store to send out we'll be in fantastic shape
  13. I do too, but unfortunately, I ordered the Force and Destiny Beginner game in the same pre-order thinking it wouldn't be much time between the two.. Anyone know if they would split the order if I paid extra shipping? LOL
  14. I tend to only increase one or two attributes, usually to a 3, but I'll increase one from a 1 to a 2 most times, it depends on my concept. That way I have more points for skills and talents, maybe even starting a second Spec Tree. A lot of it is based on how I see the character and what fits. min-max I think hurts more than it helps..
  15. I do have what I guess would be a feature request. I would love to be able to do a plain text version of the character sheet that I could use to post on forums here and there. Something with BB Code bolding, etc....
  16. I know it's pretty much a pipe dream, but I would love to see these tools as an iPad app. I'm on my iPad more than my laptop lately, and hate not being able to play around with SW characters on it......... LoL
  17. I think having a set number of "encounters" in a day/24 hour period is the best way to go. There was mention of 4 encounter periods and that sounds good to me. I'll probably be going with that for a standard day.
  18. I look at it this way: I get to see and help out with feedback, and then I have 10-12 months to save up 60$ for the full book. That's about a dollar a week (or less than your favorite caffeinated beverage out of a vending machine). This makes it a great value and easy to save for the final version. Instead of getting that drink, drop the change into a jar labeled for F&D. You'll have saved up for it in no time
  19. hiyas: I believe it's nestled in the Lightsaber section's comments. Not spelled out specifically in the Ancient Sword entry itself. LMTFBWYA I thought it said as long as the weapon uses the skill it is considered a Lightsaber for modding purposes. It's now 'every weapon in the Lightsaber Section' of the Gear chapter and not 'every weapon that uses the Lightsaber skill', which seems explicitly intended to omit the Ancient Sword. Yep, now the Ancient Sword uses Melee as it's listed...
  20. What changed in the Beta Update 1 for the improved Parry and Reflect other than adding incidental to the type for the talent? I don't see any differences....
  21. Ok, there's one thing I'm not sure I've seen a clarification on with combining the three core books that I think really needs a clarification. If a character has Obligation, Duty and Morality all for the same character, do they get to choose a XP/Credits bonus for each? Or are they limited to taking one of the three? To me, it seems like it would balance out, because for Obligation and Duty the balance would be the increase in the rating, and for morality, it's basically a freebie anyway. Thoughts?
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