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  1. I'll pretend I didn't read that... I know, it hurt me too, but I had to try it to be thorough.
  2. I thought it was my browser, but it happens in Safari (ipad mini), firefox, chrome and explorer.... I see the same issue with the disappearing Morality box though.
  3. I'll be using brown for Dev'rio's speech. ALso, has anyone else had issues with swsheets and the Force Powers? I can't list more than one upgrade because if I do, all but the last one disappears.
  4. As Dev'rios had mostly been just an observer so far, he nodded and quietly slipped out to check on Kell and H4L. Diplomatic things had never really been his glass of Corellian Whiskey anyway, unless they served it that is. He was more the active type but the last few days had shown him that he really needed to focus on his personal interaction skills if he was going to be of any help.
  5. Things got hosed up with wife's surgery due to nurse not telling wife she needed to stop two meds she's taking two weeks ago. So, surgery rescheduled in couple more weeks, but been dealing with over family/medical stuff, so had to get away with wife to take her mind off everything. I'm double checking everything and should have a Destiny die roll here shortly.....
  6. Things for me will definitely be slow this week, not sure how much opportunity will have to post. My wife is having surgery Wednesday, and tuesday will be all tied up with everything getting ready for that. After surgery, it's going to depend on how she's recovering, etc as to how much free time I have to post....
  7. Means that the base cost of any force powers is 5XP less. So, (off the top of my head) Enhance (Basic) is 5XP instead of 10XP. Also, with Jon dropping, is it too late to swap around a bit? If changed Career to Warrior could pick up Shi-Cho and keep both my specs in Career. I avoided that before with Jon to prevent stepping on his toes, but if he's dropped......
  8. Link added in sig, am working on transferring info to the swsheet format. Also working on expanding the background info.
  9. I tried unselecting all sources other than one each of the CRBs (the minimum you need for things to work properly), and each CRB by itself worked fine for both adding and for randomizing. That error sounds more like it can't find any motivations and that the combobox's are empty. Are you running from the web install or the ZIP install? Hmmm..... I did the Web install. Let me try the zip and see if get the same.
  10. It's odd. All sources are selected and I have no custom motivation entries at all.
  11. I seem to be having an issue with selecting Motivations on a new character. I get an Index Out of Range Error and nothing works after. this happens when hitting New or Random.
  12. I should have my info up by end of day today, just have family obligations most of the afternoon (happens when it's a major birthday for mother-in-law ).
  13. to give him the benefit of the doubt with the math, he is counting the beginner games as the 3 additional core rule books. Not that they're really core rule books, but still... Maybe he can count at least...
  14. I think I'd go with a Human Mystic/Makashi Duelist, Starfighter Ace..
  15. I'd be interested in the Heirs to the Legacy game myself. Not sure the concept yet though....
  16. Or even one that looks crystalline Transparent Stickerless Cube would be a neat prop I think....
  17. I just received my GM Kit from Miniature Market. My CRB is still in transit. They both were filled at the same time, but once they got to shipped status, they became separated in their timings. Hooray for the USPS.... LOL And I actually got the GMK quicker than I expected using just Priority Mail option... I definitely would rather support my FLGS since am friends with the owner, but if I have to order online, I have had nothing but good experiences so far with MM.
  18. And I just got the shipping notice for my orders as well.
  19. Being the curious type, I just logged in to MM to check on my two preorders (separate for the CRB and GMK). Imagine my surprise to see "Contents Verified" instead of the previous "Processing (preorder)". I'm thinking maybe tomorrow I'll see the tracking number and the package middle of next week depending on the post office.....
  20. Hi all! As someone without a group in person, but giving consideration to running F&D online once I get my preorders in, I would be interested to hear what folks thoughts are on using the adventure from the Beginner Box with the CRB. Those with the book already, any thoughts on what would need to change, adapt, etc? All advice welcome. (ps: I know there's a new adventure in the back of the CRB, but I'm having to think about what I have access to at the moment in my planning. )
  21. I'm having this same issue. I downloaded the manual install, and it's working fine, but I'd prefer the web install myself
  22. I got my preorder from Miniature Market in the mail yesterday. It looks sweet, but I have t had a chance to look at it in depth yet....
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