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  1. Yeah, but I'm halfway thinking that he spent a lot of time as a prisoner of the Empire, and only recently back to working on his own stuff...
  2. @April: What are your thoughts on creating items with starting funds?
  3. I'm considering it as a backup. I kind of like TheShard's idea of us two techies having been working together for a while. If that's the case, he usually relies on the other character to translate for those who don't know the language, and only have the translator for when he has to be out and about on his own.
  4. I'm actually considering going Wookie. A former student and mentee of Master Kirlocca from the Almas Academy who left just before Kirlocca left for the peace conference where he was killed. Since then he has been drifting, putting his technical skills to work as he tried keeping out of the Empire's way.
  5. I'd love to get in on this as the Armorer/Outlaw Tech type.
  6. Remember, Alan has done this kind of thing before..... I, Robot comes to mind. I haven't had a chance to see this wondrous story yet, but even following spoilers I am excited for when I finally do.
  7. I would love to get in on this with a Force user... or are we limited to just EotE books?
  8. You ever have one of those times when you just can't narrow down the details/crunch of the concept you have? LOL I'm pretty sure I have and will have my sheet available to it or tomorrow. For backstory, Xylas was instrumental in keeping Jaelan out of the Kessel Mines, and I'm definitely willing to work on other connections. Something I've been meaning to ask...... Do we get to use the Mentor discount on our Force Powers?
  9. I completely missed that.... How long has it been since the clone wars was over? I'm thinking it might have been a Seperatist attack led by a Dark Jedi, or even something like Black Sun. Although it would be interesting if it was Ventress. What if Xylas was one of the ones to help Jaelan escape from Pembric II and the Kathol Sector? Helped to get him on a ship and recently reconnected?
  10. I just can't seem to wrap my head around this version of Jaelan. Here is what I see for the potential Group B: Shlambate - Xylas Novar, Devaronian Sentinel/Shadow, Shien Expert ( http://swsheets.com/c/shjhmwxtc-xylas-novar ) Arctanaar - Virion Tormal, Human Seeker/Executioner ( http://swsheets.com/c/pgqmtzsjr-virion-tormal ) TCArknight - Jaelan Dahr, Human Rakaydos - Merline Aran, Sathari Technician/Modder ( http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=945407 ) eryrwyn - Zeltron ("Face") I see a need for an outright Pilot type, or a Medical type... Here's my two Backgrounds for the concepts....
  11. WaywardGM, Rakaydos: Not sure if Jaelan might be stepping on Merline's toes with the Armorer bit... I could go a slightly different way with him and go more Soresu Defender and Sage or Mystic. That would take him more on the "personal quest for the Jee'dai" and Force user route. I would go with the same thought though as far as the lightsaber goes and focus it more at first on the 'Truncheon' aspect. Thoughts?
  12. That would be more of a Motivation - less an Obligation, unless perhaps someone else has tasked him with finding more out as a last wish? I can't see any background information on the SWSheet link, and don't want to assume one way or the other, but usually Obligations are something relatively neutral or negative to the character - like taking care of a family, having an addiction to deathsticks, so forth and so on. Well, I was looking at it as more of an OCD kind of thing, if there's a chance to find something more out, he has an Obligation to find that out. I'll adjust it to part of his Motivations and come up with another minor Obligation. Also, I took it as 5 obligation for +5 XP, and 5 for +1000 credits for a Debt 10, and New Obligation 5. Is that ok?
  13. I think Jaelan is good except for gear. For that, I'll do it a bit later, as I need my laptop with OggDude's generator to be sure I'm right on things.
  14. Ok, here's what I have for Jaelan Dahr so far. One thing I thought about, and have included in his obligation, is that he recently learned about the ancient Jee'dai civilization and wants to learn more than just the small kernels of information he's found so far.... Thoughts? TC
  15. @WaywardGM: Would you allow this Modification for a lightsaber hilt? This is what I see a hilt with this looking like:
  16. I could see Jaelan connecting with Ka'Ching because he sees an opportunity towards getting his own shop and backing. He's unsure about the Hutt, having seen how they treat folks in general, but something tells him that Ka may be Hutt on the outside, but in spirit he's just as caring and compassionate as Jaelan.I could see this happening on Ord Mantel as well....
  17. "Ahhhhhhhhh but zhu villl talk......... Send in the Inquisitors and Interrogator Droids!"
  18. @WaywardGM: In case missed it, I did update the backstory. I also welcome input from all others as to possible links, ideas, etc to make the whole... Better.
  19. Give me more, TCArknight! I need details and backstory, friend. Sorry, I was posting from my phone at the time. Growing up on the outer rim, Jaelan Dahr was an atypical farm boy. He was a dreamer like many boys his age, but he actually enjoyed the work on the farm. It seemed like everything he did with planting and tending crops brought about a bumper harvest. Folks said that there was something uncanny about his talents. They said it was unnatural how even in the driest year his family's farm had a full, healthy harvest. After Jaelan's father and mother left on a trip to the core and didn't return, rumors persisted that they were tried and imprisoned for witchcraft. At the age of thirteen though, Jaelan knew the secret of his family and it was one his grandfather helped keep as well. Jaelan's parents had both been members of the Jedi order before his birth. They had never shown the skills required for a Jedi knight, but they had shown other talents. Jaelan's mother showed a talent for using the force to heal and his father showed talent with plants. Being assigned to the rim allowed them to disappear into the wilderness and start life anew. They were surprised when his mother's father showed up at their door, but welcomed him into their house in any case. He told them that he'd always known they would end up out here, and he was just waiting for it to occur. In truth, his grandfather had known because he had his own connection to the force. Jaelan didn't give any of this any thought, because he was enjoying life. That ended, not because of some military action, or an attack by animals but by the power of nature. The largest storm ever recorded hit the area around the farm shortly after Jaelan's 16th birthday. The tornadoes and lightning decimated the fields and destroyed the family home. All Jaelan could find (he'd been visiting friends) when he arrived was a few credits. He felt something shatter inside him and he simply walked away after burying all the family he'd had left. Drifting from place to place, he made a slight living gambling and performing sleight of hand in city squares He slowly came to the realization that he had a true adventure ahead.....
  20. If there's still room, I have an idea for a Guardian/Armorer who was raised on the fringes and lost everything when a massive storm hit....
  21. In my campaign, I've made this attachment for a lightsaber hilt, the Weighted Vane/Spike: **************** Some lightsaber users find that adding a Vane or Spike to the design of their lightsaber not oly allows them to disguise the weapon from a casual detection, but really give them an option in close combat that doesn't force them to ignite their lightsaber blade. Base Modifiers: A lightsaber with this attachment more closely resembles an ancient mace or morning star than a modern lightsaber. This gives anyone searching the wielder an additional Setback dice to determine the weapon is a lightsaber. This also allows the wielder to treat the lightsaber as a Truncheon for purposes of close combat (Dam: +2; Crit: 5; Range: Engaged; Special: Disorient 2). Modifications: 1 Damage +1 Mods, 1 Decrease the weapon’s critical rating by 1 to a minimum of 1 Mod, 1 Item Quality (Disorient +1) Mod. Hard Points Required: 1 Cost: 100; Rarity: 5 ******************* I've created the attachment with the truncheon a built-in weapon, How can I get the additional mods to apply to the Truncheon instead of the lightsaber?
  22. Just found this ruling that may be important for us with Enhance......
  23. Initiative (Cool): 2eA+1eP+1eS 2 successes Will also take 1 Strain for Rapid Reaction talent to add an additional success for a total of 3 successes
  24. i opened a issue ticket on the Github site for the sheet last night. This morning, Scott responded saying he'd get it fixed. I also brought up the disappearing Morality box for editing as well as missing a spot for Obligation/Duty. He created a bug for the Morality box and was asking if the Obligation/Duty thing was common for F&D characters. And I've already gotten notice of both issues being closed so I expect to see the fixed sheet before long.
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