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  1. As I mentioned in a previous thread, I am working on this conversion of the Post-Apocalyptic The Morrow Project RPG. I'm hoping this will inspire folks somehow, and I also welcome any suggestions and input. The Morrow Project - Genesys Conversion (Draft) I look forward to all comments. TC
  2. Whoops! I forgot to include that it’s a 1/session ability like most of the other human archetypes. Would that make a difference?
  3. I’m working on my Morrow Project conversion and m drawing a blank on a couple of Archetype abilities. I have two archetypes, The Strategist and the Determined. The Strategist is a Cunning individual (Cunning 3, Presence 1) and I have his Ability named - (I love it when a ) “Plan Comes Together”. With inspiration from shows like The A Team or Leverage. I’m thinking spending a story point at any time to gain an automatic success and an advantage to a roll (or add a failure and a threat to an opponent’s roll) when prior planning could have helped/hurt. The Determined is a Strong-Willed individual (Willpower 3, Intellect 1) and I’m drawing a complete blank to what their ability should be... Thoughts/Suggestions?
  4. Yep. T2K was fun, especially when finally got to the revised versions. I only got to play a couple games of both T2K and Morrow Project, but MP drew my attention because of the M.A.R.S -1 / Landmaster (Damnation Alley) / Ark-II (Saturday morning kids show) Vehicle.
  5. Thanks. That’s a lot of meaty information in the conversion that I think would be highly applicable.
  6. It’s the in-game insignia for a group called the Morrow Project. The Morrow Project RPG was originally published back in the 1980’s, and recently had it’s 4th Edition published through a kickstarter by Timeline, Ltd. From the Timeline website: The rpg has a lot of good source material, but the system itself is a bit too “crunchy” for my tastes. Hence the consideration of a Genesys conversion.
  7. Maybe this can spur thoughts for more than myself. When converting, what are absolute must have? Good to haves? and Meh?
  8. LOL Ok, my bad for posting it that way. Looking at converting The Morrow Project.
  9. I remember seeing elsewhere, Crimson ( https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/Crimson ) - is a very close alternative to Minion Pro Any chance on the host(s) including Crimson instead of defaulting to Minion Pro?
  10. I am considering beginning the conversion of a Post-Apocalyptic setting. I was wondering if anyone had any Word templates for this kind of thing? I have seen some good material so far, and I don't want to just have a plain word document to share.. LOL Any help or advice would be appreciated.
  11. If you want languages to be a thing, I think a combination of your 1 and 3 work best. Start with half your Intellect in languages, and add 1 language per rank of Knowledge - Linguistics. The skill also lets you recognize/analyze languages.
  12. Have you considered looking at the Alpha Strike (link is the entry on BoardgameGeek) version of the BT rules as a basis for your Genesys conversion? I haven’t played any form of BT in quite a while, but it seems the simpler AS version would be more easily adaptable. ESP. With regards to Heat, Grouping Weapons, etc...
  13. What's the timeline been for On The Boat -> In Our Hands? Just curious....
  14. OOC: Has R'Rowlka had a chance to hear or see anything going on from the ship?
  15. Waiting for an opening. Had messaged our GM, but I don't think the opening has come up in the thread yet.
  16. It should just be a couple more days out for me travelling on way home after wife's surgery which went exceptionally well. really jonesing for putting R'Rowlka into action... lol
  17. FYI - I will be still out of touch for a bit longer (wife is having a surgery tomorrow, and I'll be in the hospital with her while she's recovering there.) With the timing, it may be Monday before I have time to sit down and catch up to post again.
  18. Unfortunately, looks like I will be unavailable for a couple of days at least due to a family emergency in another state. please feel free to use R'Rowlka however needed in the meantime and will catch back up when can.
  19. R'Rowlka rolled his eyes and shrugged, his voice coming out as a series of growls and whoops. *Better to take care of an obnoxious and dangerous Hutt using sentient for sport than just letting them get away. I would think that you would welcome any chance to take on a Hutt and get paid for it. If we get rid of a few Rakghouls in the process, the planet will be better for it. Force Dice: 1eF 2 Dark Side
  20. The large, hairy figure standing next to Zyi relaxed a bit as he set down a bag that had been slung over his shoulder. (As he turned around slightly, there were noticeable random streaks of discolored fur across his back. The typical result of slavers or some Imperial taskmasters at the more 'free' confinement facilities). The well-worn tool belt around his waist and across his chest seemed to indicate a familiarity with the use of the objects on it. Although there were no visible weapons, he did carry himself like he wouldn't need one to cause bodily injury or break things. He shrugged at appropriate points and barked out what seemed to be a complaint about Zyi's handling of a situation previously. While it seemed sharp and pointed, Zaire knew the wookie well enough to know that it was no hard feelings, but an underlying sense of gratitude for making sure they both were here to rebuild their lives and shop. As he took the card from Gilt he raised an eyebrow then smiled and nodded his understanding as the man changed his mind about receipts in other than basic. He then flinched a bit and his eyes narrowed at the apparent violent demise of the previous employee. He gritted his teeth, trying to keep from associating those actions with what had been the Empire and his own treatment.
  21. I have to admit, they turned out better than I hoped. It was coming up with the Inbuilt for the hilt that inspired to create the axe. I see it as an outer casing made of wood, with a look similar to this: https://saberforge.com/collections/all-sabers/products/juggernaut Here's the PDF from OggDudes (I'll get it moved over to SWSheets asap) with only needing to get the rest of the gear: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3134427/My Share/R'Rowl'ka - Wookiee Guardian.pdf axe - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3134427/My Share/G'rroth Axe.pdf armor - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3134427/My Share/V'Rath Light Armor.pdf
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