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  1. Yes, they all are. L3 PDF is available over on WOTC Dungeon Master’s Guild Store. And at Dragonfoot.Org there is (for free): L4 Devilspawn L4C Lendore Isles Companion L5 Map Pack L5A The Kroten Campaign Guide L5B The Kroten Adventures L5C The Kroten Campaign Companion Thank you for getting me looking. I think the L4C and L5 (all) will be perfect... once I download and peruse them.
  2. I’m actually trying to come up with some kind of conversion of Secret of Bone Hill/Assassin’s Knot to start my campaign.... will probably post some progress here and there
  3. Yep, I got the email about an hour ago since I follow FFG. (having issues downloading, but that may just be me...)
  4. Purchased, but every time I try to download it, I get a corrupt file (at least on my iPad, I’ll have to try again from home later...)
  5. I posted over on discord, but haven’t heard anything yet........ definitely love to get in a PbP.
  6. Thank you everyone! I'm going to try to take a middle run of detail-vs-narration and go for an overall feel rather than a detailed crunch like the original game. This has definitely helped with that and I truly appreciate it.
  7. I’m at a point in my Conversion where I’m looking at the Weapons. In the original game, there are many different versions of pistols, rifles, heavy weapons, etc. For Pistols in the Genesys version, I’m looking at breaking things down to Light/Medium/Heavy versions of Revolvers and Automatics. Rifles I haven’t decided on the breakdown yet. Table X.X Firearms Weapon Name Skill Damage Crit Range Encum Price Rarity Special Pistols "Zip Gun" / Holdout Ranged (Light) 3 6 Engaged - 50 1 Inferior, Inaccurate 1 Light Revolver Ranged (Light) 4 5 Short 1 75 2 Accurate 1 Medium Revolver Ranged (Light) 5 4 Short 1 100 3 Heavy Revolver Ranged (Light) 6 3 Medium 1 300 3 Pierce 1 What would the difference between Revolvers and Automatics in Genesys terms be? What about something like the difference between a Bolt-Action rifle, something like an M-16/AK-47 and a lever-action Winchester .30-.30? Thoughts and suggestions?
  8. Here's the link to the beginnings of my Top Secret/S.I. conversion (borrowing some of the ideas from this thread. ) https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-L5t_XvsGWzyRiLEYARI I'd love to hear comments, suggestions, etc...
  9. Perfect! Thank you so much! As a note, I did notice that it works if you are using the * for Italics, and not wrapping the words using the html <i> element. I'm assuming it would work the same if added one with the font-type: 'bold'. What if wanted italic+bold? (sorry, not too familiar with CSS stuff, I'm more of a mainframe Cobol programmer.. LOL )
  10. I posted this over on the reddit, but thought I would post here too for completeness. I love the way the first letter is a drop cap for normal characters. It looks very good. /* Makes the bigger 'first letter' in paragraphs under H1 and H2*/ .phb h1 + p:first-letter, .phb h2 + p:first-letter { font-family: 'Crimson Text'; color: #326DA1; font-size:32pt; line-height:95%; margin-bottom:-9px; margin-right:2px; margin-top:-5px; float:left; } However, if I apply an italic or bold to the word/sentence, then the -5px in the margin-top: portion of the style causes some of the top of the drop cap to be cut off. Is there a way to change this for only italic or bold characters to have a margin-top:-1px; instead (or add an additional padding-top:5px entry as well)?
  11. I like. Those sound good. Can I use them?
  12. Yep, I’ve got those as the Archetypes. I know one career out of that would be Investigator (for Nate). Would Elliot have Soldier or some other career?
  13. Hi all! In addition to my Morrow Project Conversion, I’m also considering a Modern setting for Espionage/Heist style games (Inspired by Mission Impossible, Leverage, Oceans Eleven, Bourne, Bond, etc...). While I can carry over the archetypes from my MP conversion, the careers are giving me a headache. I know the once from the CRB are applicable (maybe with tweaks, maybe not...) but I’d like to have several additional to choose from. Any suggestions on some that might be theme appropriate? (And I’m already including Hacker because the setting will be considered to be using those rules...) All help is greatly appreciated! TC
  14. I like, I may have to borrow this for one of my conversions. would you have a ranked talent that allows for an additional culture per rank?
  15. Maybe we’ll see something along those lines in Realms of Terrinoth...
  16. The easiest way to do this might be to create a duplicate of the Uncanny Senses talent, not assign it to a specific tree and then Grant it... not sure how well that would work though, just rattling off top of head.
  17. Technically...... only 29 years, but who’s to squabble over a year......... :)
  18. Well, I’d love to see that too. I’m going to keep plugging away at the Powers themselves, see what I can contribute.
  19. Interested in seeing the Psionics for sure.
  20. I kind of started doing something similar for my Morrow Project conversion, trying to turn them into Psychic powers. I didn't get too far, but I did do an Increased Range (Ranked) and Increased Magnitude (Ranked) Talent starting at rank 2, same as the Powers themselves. So, I'm definitely interested in seeing your take, and helping as I can.
  21. Darn, I would have loved to have gotten in on that since Robotech (in all its forms were my first exposure to Mecha and it's left a lasting impression... )
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