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  1. Thanks for the feedback. i haven’t decided on the Exclusivity of the Talents yet. Since the original Edge of the Frontier was based on EotE with careers and specs, I’m going through and making the Spec Abilities into Talents first, then will probably trim them down. Regarding the Buckshot quality, thanks. I missed modifying that when I went with the way the GCRB handles shotguns. hopefully, should have some more revisions, etc up soon.
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    That would be because GM Binder uses CSS to format documents for both web view and PDF export. You can use some html functionality, but overall it’s CSS Styles. I have several documents I’m working on with a couple of different styles. It took me a while to understand CSS since it was my first exposure, but now really rocking it.
  3. Howdy y'all! As a fan of the old west settings (and needing so step back from a couple of other things), I found Edge of the Frontier setting converted by Jonathan Green from Edge of the Empire/AoR/FaD a while back. I contacted Jon with the thought that I convert his fantastic work to use the Genesys core rules. As that was something on his mind to do, but not having time to do it, he graciously agreed to let me do the heavy lifting on just that. I still have some work to do on talents, adversaries and rules for shootouts, but i present to you (courtesy of GM Binder, so Chrome is your friend for this... ). (See most recent post for latest update) Please, please look it over and let me know thoughts, feelings, suggestions for improvement, criticisms and whatever else might come to mind ? TC PS: Oh, and yes, it is in the back of my mind to expand on this to include the use of magic and the supernatural for those who want to take it there... <insert cackling laugh here>
  4. I actually just started listening to this episode and it’s a case of it coming at the right time for me. I have just started trying to stat up some ‘modern’ military vehicles for my Morrow Project Conversion. I’m hoping that there will be an example of statting up something similar. i have a couple questions in mind too, but i’ll wait and see if they are answered in the episode.
  5. Ah, I swear I had clicked it... I'm in the server now.
  6. I think I’m already there as TCArknight....
  7. I like this setup.... may have to give it a try. Speaking of which... if I did that, how would I incorporate the roller from the Genesys discord?
  8. I think the posted characters show two things in particular. For a one shot or “experienced” beginning for characters, +100XP is about right. nice assortment of “pre-built” spells for characters. Just my .02
  9. LoL ive always thought of Discord as a RT thing, not a pop in, make a post, leave kind of thing. How well does it work like that and is it easy to do separate IC/OOC threads? i always thought that if nothing else, I would set the forum and game threads on Obsidian Portal since I can do that....
  10. Added above. I've used Orokos in the past, but if you know of another roller you would prefer, let me know.
  11. Hi all! For me, play by post is the easiest way to play due to work, family and other obligations. Over on the SW boards, there are several threads of PbP, but no one has gotten one going here yet. i would consider running one. Game would be here (an IC and OOC thread), and some files, resources etc would be on an Obsidian Portal site for the game. Dice rolling could be handled on Orokos.com as they have an EotE/AoR/FaD roller. It would have the SW symbols, but spell out the result. If anyone has any suggestions on another roller they would prefer, please let me know. would there be interest? Would be looking for 3-4 folks... TC
  12. Thanks for all the input! heres my revisions: SIL: 3 Max Speed: 3 Handling: -1 Def 0 Armour 2 HT 5 SS 5 Weapons: Heavy Machine Gun (Fire Arc All; Damage 12; Crit 3; Range [Long]; Personal Scale, Auto-Fire, Pierce 3, Suppressive 3 (Target and each character engaged with them (friend or foe) takes Strain equal to the Rating), Vicious 3) And my take on a Humvee: SIL: 2 Max Speed: 4 Handling: 0 Def 0 Armour 1 HT 2 SS 6 Thoughts?
  13. Agreed. I was just looking at the handling ratings in the CRB, and looks like -1 is a light tank. I would say this is right along those lines, if not a 0... Ok, that does fit a TOW it seems. And with Damage 20,Breach 2, I think it fits that it would have a good chance of eliminating another V-150. Although I may change the TOW to be something like Damage 3 (vehicle/planetary scale) to simplify the write ups.
  14. Ah, I forgot the vehicle is on the same scale. It should probably be on a 2, since can hold like 12 people.... Thank you. I completely missed that “Planetary/Personal” scale difference. It would probably be better as HT: 2, SS: 3, Armor 1, Def 0 (Since I cant think of anything that would make it higher). It is just an APC after all. When I get to more dedicated combat vehicles I’ll start bumping those values. I will be sure to add the Personal Scale quality to the MG for all variants of this. what would you say something like a TOW missile would look like for its weapon listing?
  15. Hi all! I thought I would drop in and get folks thoughts on dealing with Military Vehicles in Genesys since one of my conversions makes them kind of a big deal. This is what I’ve come up with for a fairly simple APC for players. Feel the scores are ok, but as have never dealt with vehicles in Genesys (or SW really) I thought about reaching out to more knowledgeable folks. All feedback is welcome on all portions of this design, from the Thresholds to the Hvy MG. TC Cadillac-Gage V-150 (APC configuration) The Cadillac-Gage V-150 is a 4x4 Armored Car with bulletproof tires. The APC variant can carry 10 people in addition to its crew of 2. SIL: 1 Max Speed: 3 Handling: +2 Def 3 Armour 2 HT 30 SS 35 Control skill: Driving Complement: 2 (Driver, Commander/Gunner) Passengers: 10 Consumables: 1 day Encumbrance capacity: 25 Hardpoints: 1  Price/rarity: ?? / 9 Weapons: Heavy Machine Gun (Fire Arc All; Damage 12; Crit 3; Range [Long]; Auto-Fire, Pierce 3, Suppressive 3 (Target and each character engaged with them (friend or foe) takes Strain equal to the Rating), Vicious 3) Special: None
  16. Thanks! I look forward to seeing any feedback, esp. on the weapons and vehicles.
  17. Most Recent File: https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-L4M5oFaH15nwrZmoVHI History (Most Recent at top): Change history 1/27/19 Revised Psionics optional rules Hazmat Suit, "Road Warrior" armor Vehicles: HAAM Suit Descriptions for various vehicles Slight revisions to Humvee, V-150 stats 5/10/18 Vehicles: Humvee MARS One Science One Landmaster XR-311 Commando Scout 5/09/18 Indirect weapon quality, revisions to V-150
  18. I’m setting up this thread to keep my Morrow Project Conversion. Any and all comments are welcome. Once I have access to my laptop, I’ll post the link to my GMBinder file.
  19. That seems very similar to what I was trying to do here: Psionics as Magic I was trying to expand on that for incorporation into my Morrow Project setting....
  20. That’s what it is. I’m looking at it on my iPad.
  21. I like what I see. I may have to play around a bit, but offhand, I see the character is missing a talent sheet?
  22. I for one would definitely love to see it. I’ve been trying to come up with one myself, but not making it too far at the moment....
  23. Interesting take on diseases. I may have to see how they play and adapt for my Terrinoth game...
  24. Ok, I want to be sure I understand, given a Minion Group and Rival with Parry: A) A Minion Group wouldn’t be able to have Parry (or any other Talent, etc.) where it’s “Spend X strain to do Y” B) A Rival with Parry (or any other Talent, etc.) where it’s “Spend X strain to do Y” can Spend X Strain, but it comes off wounds instead. Am i understanding correctly?
  25. On the surface, looks ok. I'll have to take a closer look and give feedback. For the name, what about Mirage?
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