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  1. Love the work in this and as a new SotB user, anxiously awaiting the Talents allowing a choice of Career skills. :)

    One minor thing. :) On the Talent list, would it be possible to display "-" for the rank of Talents that are "Not Ranked"? At first glance, I thought I had chosen a lot of Ranked Talents... LOL

  2. Ah, I see what you’re asking.

    an individual with Powers does just fall into one category. Although there will be a Tier 4 or 5 Talent to use an ability from another category. Initially there would just be 1 power, although a Tier 2 Talent would expand the ability, as well as a Tier 3 one.

    I haven’t decided if want to go the “Heroic Ability” style  for Powers or with just a “Talent Chain” style though.

  3. 1 hour ago, Morangias said:

    What is it in particular that you're trying to achieve by introducing a superpowers taxonomy to your setting? There are so many ways you can skin that cat, and I'd like to know more before I start brainstorming in a direction that's completely irrelevant to your needs.

    There have always been people with extraordinary abilities, but only recently (last decade)the phenomena of these ‘advanced’ people has come to the forefront for the world to see. Someone with these abilities is highly likely to just have some minor ability such as a highly sensitive sense of smell or balance. Those others  though, they will walk through walls, turn invisible or rapidly heal all injuries from a 10 story fall.

    That help? :)

  4. I'm looking into doing a superpower setting where powers fall into certain categories. I wanted to share the categories I've come up with to see if anyone might have some better terms or classifications than I. :)



    Biologic - Abilities in this category represent natural, physical capabilities of the human (or other form) taken to the Nth Degree. Heightened Senses, Enhanced Strength, Exceptional Quickness, Edetic Memory and the like belong here.

    Transformative - Changing the nature of an object or individual physically from one thing to another. "Werewolves", Alchemy (changing lead to gold), and changing the current weather conditions are examples of this category. 

    Ex Nihilo - Creating something out of nothing or bringing a distant object close to hand. The opposite applies as well in sending objects to distant places or destroying them by breaking down their molecular bonds. Teleportation, Summoning, Melting and Disintegration are examples of this.

    Elemental - Abilities involving natural elements or energies fall under this category. Abilities such as expelling or controlling the flow of fire or electricity, projecting microwaves or increasing or decreasing the ambient radiation in an area are prime examples of this.

    Psychic - Abilities involving the mind such as mind reading, seeing places without being there, telekinesis or knowing future events are examples of Psychic abilities. 


    Any thoughts or suggestions?


  5. Thank you! No Disintegrations is definitely going to be an inspiration. :)

    I want for these to be any genre, so noting which will be more wuxia and which more down to earth is in my plan.

    With that noted... I'm considering about using this for an adaptation of Into the Badlands...

  6. Hi all!

    I'm working on a setting that heavily involves Martial Arts. For this, going with Talents seems to be the way to go. 

    I've got a document shared below...

    Please let me know any thoughts or suggestions!


  7. 45 minutes ago, _PNW_ said:

    I just want to mention that I really appreciate that within the first few pages you call out the issues of prejudice in settings like the Wild West. 

    And the iron plate in the armor section is nice nod to Fistfull of Dollars (or Back to the Future 3 😉)

    I really can’t take credit.

    Both of those items were present in the original Edge of the Frontier by Jon Green. :) Mr. Green gave me a heck of a basis to work from, and it looks like there was a lot of research he put in. I’m just honored he is allowing me to expand on his work.

  8. The link above is updated. I've added some new Talents, and reformatted a bit. I've very anxious to hear everyone's take on the Talents. I'm also open to suggestions for new ones. :)

    On 1/30/2019 at 4:39 PM, _PNW_ said:

    Very cool. I've been wanting to introduce psionics to my setting so I might steal  borrow some ideas from this.

    Question: would you handle strain in a similar way to the Genesys Core Book? Specifically, taking two strain each time you cast a spell/use a psionic power? 

    Also interested to hear how you might reflavor magical implements such as wands, crystal balls, etc.

    Yes, I was considering it identical. :) 2 strain for each casting/use of a Psychic Magic Action. I also thought about it causing 2 wounds as well, but I decided to roll that into the Body Fuel/Body Fuel (Improved) Talents to allow for lower difficulties at the expense of taking wounds.

    Do you have any suggestions for the implements? I definitely want to include them, but I haven't gotten that far yet. 

  9. 7 hours ago, Roderz said:

    Unless I'm missing something, Road Warrior is what Mad Max was called in the USA for some reason. Another title is Mad Max: The Road Warrior. Rest assured, I've seen it.

    Here in the US, there’s Mad Max (still the Cop), Mad Max: The Road Warrior (the one with the Semi) and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (Tina Turner). And then there’s the recent Mad Max: Fury Road with Tom Hardy.

    All four, to me are good. :)

    Id be interested to see any further development in this too. :)

  10. Very odd. :(

    it seems to depend on the browser and what using to look at it. If I look at it with safari on my iPad, the first page is that way. If I look at it in chrome, the 2nd seems broken as you mention. 

    I had a few minutes to try to straighten it out. Please let me know if it's working for you...

  11. 46 minutes ago, c__beck said:

    Not sure if it'll help, but I managed to do a rough conversion of AOR's Fully Operational to Genesys, and you can view it here.

    It also has expanded rules for making vehicular weapons.


    Im at work on my iPad at moment, but will check it out when I get home. :)

  12. 5 hours ago, BluSunrize said:

    I think at this point you are setting the Hull Thresholds a bit low. The default four-door in the CRB has 4 Hull, 5 Strain. I'd give an APC probably 8 HT and the Humvee 5.

    They do get a bit tougher than realistic with that (single rocket vs 2 or 3) but it also means that if your PCs are driving them, they're less likely do die to a single lucky shot.

    Thanks. :) i’ve Been looking at getting back to my MP Conversion, this helps. :)

  13. Howdy!

    I've done some updating and thought it about time to put it out there. :)

    I've given Adversaries stats, given stats to creatures and wagons, and a few other visual updates. I would love to hear the thoughts of whoever is looking at this as to the Talents and Showdown rules. I still need to weed through the talents and set tiers, etc. Nearly all of the talents are from the original Edge of the Frontier, so there is definitely room for improvement.

    You can find the most recent version here: Most Recent Version: New Frontiers (Edge of the Frontier 2.0) - Beta (version 0.6)

    I really look forward to any and all feedback. :)



    On 6/11/2018 at 6:34 AM, Swordbreaker said:

    I've gone and converted everything to GMBinder, and made some significant changes. I'm going to call this version 1.0, and the previous version 0.5.



    16 hours ago, Erahard said:

    I have been reviewing the Duel ruels and I have a few comments:

    1-  I believe you should a a short text explaining the different Duel objectives:

             - Duel to First Strike: Wins whoever hits the other even if he/she does not cause any damage.

             - Duel to First Blood: Wins whoever causes the other 1 or more wounds.

             - Duel to the Death: Wins whoever kills the other.

    2- During the Assessment Phase you can add another option:

           - Focus: The character makes a Discipline check with a difficulty of Daunting (or maybe Hard).  If the character succeeds, they upgrade their next combat check once once, plus once per additional ss on the check.

          - Provoke: The character makes an opposed  Deception vs Vigilance check. If the character succeeds, they upgrade their next combat check once once, plus once per additional ss on the check (or maybe the opponent dowgrades their combat check once, plus once per additional ss on the check) .

     I believe those add more options for other types of characters different form Cranes (Quick and with high Cool skill) and Crab (high Coercion skill).

    3- I would remove the option of spending 3 Advantages during the Assessment check to Force the target to drop a weapon they are carrying as it seems odd to cause this effect even before drawing your sword. I would remove this option from the Table 4.1 and leave it as a normal spend for normal combat rounds. I would probably substitute it for Add +20 to the first critical injury the character inflicts before the end of their next turn.

    4- Maybe you should add some tables like Tables 6-2 and 6-3 found at page 163 of the L5R 5TH Edition Beta rules. They allow for scoring points and valuing the duel when in doubt. I have used them and they add a lot of emotion to the duel.

    Well, I hope this helps you.

    I took a look at this and I am impressed with the Duel Rules. 

    Would it be ok if I adapt what you have for the Showdown rules in New Frontiers? (My Edge of the Frontier Conversion...)

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