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  1. Love the work in this and as a new SotB user, anxiously awaiting the Talents allowing a choice of Career skills. One minor thing. On the Talent list, would it be possible to display "-" for the rank of Talents that are "Not Ranked"? At first glance, I thought I had chosen a lot of Ranked Talents... LOL
  2. I've taken a look at No Disintegrations and Knights of Fate. Good stuff there. The document here https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-LF0c1r7bU_SEwBg0oz5 is updated with some additional talents and comments. Would love to hear more suggestions and comments.
  3. Im seeing it as rare, but I’m thinking they can, but probably as a Tier 3 Talent.
  4. Ah, I see what you’re asking. an individual with Powers does just fall into one category. Although there will be a Tier 4 or 5 Talent to use an ability from another category. Initially there would just be 1 power, although a Tier 2 Talent would expand the ability, as well as a Tier 3 one. I haven’t decided if want to go the “Heroic Ability” style for Powers or with just a “Talent Chain” style though.
  5. There have always been people with extraordinary abilities, but only recently (last decade)the phenomena of these ‘advanced’ people has come to the forefront for the world to see. Someone with these abilities is highly likely to just have some minor ability such as a highly sensitive sense of smell or balance. Those others though, they will walk through walls, turn invisible or rapidly heal all injuries from a 10 story fall. That help?
  6. I'm looking into doing a superpower setting where powers fall into certain categories. I wanted to share the categories I've come up with to see if anyone might have some better terms or classifications than I. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks! TC
  7. Thank you! No Disintegrations is definitely going to be an inspiration. I want for these to be any genre, so noting which will be more wuxia and which more down to earth is in my plan. With that noted... I'm considering about using this for an adaptation of Into the Badlands...
  8. Hi all! I'm working on a setting that heavily involves Martial Arts. For this, going with Talents seems to be the way to go. I've got a document shared below... Please let me know any thoughts or suggestions! Thanks! TC
  9. I really can’t take credit. Both of those items were present in the original Edge of the Frontier by Jon Green. Mr. Green gave me a heck of a basis to work from, and it looks like there was a lot of research he put in. I’m just honored he is allowing me to expand on his work.
  10. Another slight update to the most recent version. I’ve included a table of Talents for the setting pulled from the CRB and RoT. Next I’ll be going through and trimming down the new Talents.
  11. Well, Undercity is now available on Drive Thru (epub and mobi), so hopefully that means SotB isn't far behind
  12. Now, if the PDF would just hit DTRPG I would really be happy at least.
  13. The link above is updated. I've added some new Talents, and reformatted a bit. I've very anxious to hear everyone's take on the Talents. I'm also open to suggestions for new ones. Yes, I was considering it identical. 2 strain for each casting/use of a Psychic Magic Action. I also thought about it causing 2 wounds as well, but I decided to roll that into the Body Fuel/Body Fuel (Improved) Talents to allow for lower difficulties at the expense of taking wounds. Do you have any suggestions for the implements? I definitely want to include them, but I haven't gotten that far yet.
  14. Here in the US, there’s Mad Max (still the Cop), Mad Max: The Road Warrior (the one with the Semi) and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (Tina Turner). And then there’s the recent Mad Max: Fury Road with Tom Hardy. All four, to me are good. Id be interested to see any further development in this too.
  15. Very..... I may have to see about printing it to a PDF and putting it on a google drive or such....
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