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  1. Thanks for the unput. I'll start looking at what to pick up. I've checked a few buyer guides but I may stray slightly to get cards I think my wife would enjoy more.
  2. So I can use any player cards anywhere I want, or are there some that wouldn't work correctly?
  3. So, some quests would be unplayable without having certain expansions? But what about the players cards? Would they be useable regardless? Like if I wanted to get some dwarves for my wife (not a question I really ever thought I'd be asking...) could I pick up The Long Dark, Over Hill and Under Hill, and On the Doorstep, and be able to use them all together?
  4. So I have the core set and will eventually want to add to it. I've read that in order to access anything beyond the Adventure Packs for the core set, I have to buy the expansions and then I can play the Adventure Packs that coincide. I guess my question is...why? I see videos of people mixing all sorts of cards together so I'm not entirely sure why I would need to buy anything specific to make certain cards useable. Can someone please enlighten me? My wife and I are enjoying the game, and I know she would be happy with some of the cards I've read about but I want to better understand this so I can make smart purchases of things we want and can use.
  5. No I don't. I lied. But only because I wanted you all to open this and read it because I'm just so dang excited they added subforums! Seriously, I was gone for like 2 days and it looks like some type A personality came in with shelves and boxes and colored coded post it notes and just made this place so pretty. I love it!
  6. I tend toward Rebels because I like the synergy. I may eventually move into Scum because they have synergy and an interesting narrative. I myself tend to be a bit against the grain IRL.
  7. Fly Casual means act like a mature human being and realize that not everyone shares your view point. And be okay with it. It's okay to want different things from your game experience. It's not okay to project your desires onto other people or degrade them because they choose a different path. Seriously, fly casual.
  8. So I recently picked up Hearthstone on my tablet and have been enjoying it. I figured I'd read up on some things to get better and decided to check out the forums. Holy whinesauce, Darth Vader! Every other post is about how something is imbalanced, broken, a bug, etc. There are complaints about players got screwed by bad players having good luck, et al. And while some of this stuff reflects a small sample of what we see here, I'm quite happy to feel like these forums engender some decent and genuine discussion and not feel like every other post is some spam or phishing scam, etc. So, TL;DR - thank you!
  9. I'm reading this while on the john.
  10. Kavil in the YT-2400. Add HLC and Title and you can roll 5d outside of your arc.
  11. Palob is a perfect platform for this. Steal the Focus from someone in your Blaster range. The R4 Agromech is also pretty nice. Spend the Focus and gain a TL to spend on your roll. Kavil + Blaster Turret + R4 + Opportunist. Move and Focus, spend Focus to roll 5 dice at R1-2. Gain TL, Spend TL for better roll.
  12. Kenobi: 'Action: Rearrange the asteroids on the board and whine about people dying.'
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