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  1. I think that was only Klink not Schlutz. Both were played by jewish actors but from what I've read Schlutz's actor didn't hate his character and didn't consider Schlutz to be a dedicated Nazi just someone who was trying to get by under the Nazi regime. If I remember correctly wasn't Schlutz either drafted or had to join the military because it was the only job he could find after the Nazi government converted his family's toy factory to military production?
  2. Schultz is actually much more intelligent then most people think. He knew what Hogan's Heroes were doing he just didn't want to stop them. I believe its in the pilot episode where he tells Hogan he knows what is going on and won't interfere as long as Hogan agrees to let him come along if the group decides to escape the camp.
  3. Edge of Empire for favorite line followed closely by Age of Rebellion. I've always had a lot of fun with privateer campaigns in various RPG systems. I'm also a massive spaceship stats geek so my favorite books are often tied to my favorite ships within those books. Lords of Nul Hutta (I love the Kossak class), Strongholds of Resistance ( I also love the MC30C and playing naval officer type characters), Stay on Target (Pretty much all of my favorite Legends fighters that have appeared in FFG Star Wars were in that book and I sometimes like playing fighter pilots..), and Fully Operational (I love playing Engineer/other type hybrid characters and designing ships for games)
  4. True I was meaning that we can't say definitively that Lincoln wasn't trying to set himself up as a dictator because there is no solid proof either way. And there are enough things the Union did during the civil war without him intervening, or intervening but only after taking advantage of the situation like in the case of Vallandigham and General Order 38. that I feel assuming that he intended to set aside his powers after the war is naive. Yes he might have restored constitutional rights after the war but he also might have not chosen to do so. As for comparing Japan and the Empire versus Germany and the Empire Germany was newly transformed into an Empire much as Palpatine's Empire was while Japan had long been an Empire. I don't know enough about Japan's super weapon projects to comment on those. However Germany had its own plans for super battleships some of which were significantly heavier then both the Yamato class and its planned Japanese successor class.
  5. Honestly we don't know what Lincoln would have done after the civil war had he lived. He might have set his emergency powers aside and retired in a few years. Or he might have kept the emergency powers in place either out of lust for power or an honest belief that he needed them to fufill his duty. Do you really think many people in the Galactic Republic thought Palpatine was out for absolute power before his We are now the Empire speech? And to be blunt I find the idea that many of the things that were considered to be acts of rebellion, providing aid and comfort to the enemy, treason, or some combination of the above during the civil war and were treated as crimes disturbing. Especially since many people view Lincoln as a champion of freedom. True champions of freedom don't allow those kinds of things on their watch.
  6. Lincoln's feelings on race can be found in his debates with Stephen Douglas. Any half decent book, article, or paper discussing the constitution, and constitutional rights in the era should cover rights that were suspended during the civil war. I'm away from home ATM, and even once I get home my civil war library is mostly cut off behind tons of boxes from spring cleaning so getting to them to provide specific examples will take awhile. The third paragraph specifically referred to Burnside's General Order 38. Clement Vallandigham, a politician from Ohio, was tried for treason by a military tribunal because he spoke out against both Lincoln and the civil war. (If memory serves there were Union personnel at the speech specifically watching him to see if he would disobey the order to cease speaking out against the war though I'm not sure if they were assigned to do so or decided to on their own.) He was sentenced to prison for the war's duration but Lincoln changed the sentence to exile before declaring that Burnside didn't have the authority to impose Order 38. As for the comparison between Lincoln and Palpatine, as I've already mentioned, both were elected as leaders of a Republic. Both ended up facing Separatist movements in a civil war and both claimed emergency powers during the conflict. Lincoln was assassinated after the war was won but while the fighting was still winding down. Palpatine got the Senate to declare him dictator at war's end. And how does any of the sections you bolded in your reply apply to Palpatine other then the last, and with much stretching the second? Germany's military was hobbled by treaty restrictions while the Republic hadn't had a military in a thousand years. Hitler was elected in the aftermath of a war that Germany lost with the terms imposed by the victors wrecking it both military and economically, the latter made all the worse by the Great Depression. Palpatine was elected after a thousand years of peace, and the economy seemed to be doing fine. Plus the Republic had won its last major war decisively and the Naboo won the minor war they were involved in when Palpatine was elected.
  7. Engineer the war perhaps not but Lincoln certainly didn't try very hard to prevent it. He outright refused to meet with southern representatives that came attempting to negotiate with his government in hopes of preventing bloodshed. Not to mention the fact that he used a minor skirmish where no one died (The only fatalities sustained at Fort Sumter were caused by an accident with their own artillery while firing a salute after the battle was over) as an excuse for an invasion and a war that cost hundreds of thousands of lives, and who knows how people to be maimed. And Lincoln had no love of freedom, or at least no love of freedom for those who disagreed with him. He had no problems with arresting people and denying them their right to only be held if charged with a crime. Plus there were his governments violations of freedom of the press such as using force to shut down newspapers that condemned his domestic policies, and in at least two cases arresting publishers because they were planning to publish a book written by an imprisoned newspaper editor about his experiences. If the government did that today the public would be calling for the president to be impeached and rightly so. And even in some of the few cases where Union forces were violating the rights of northern citizens where Lincoln did intervene he sometimes wouldn't. Such as when he countermanded an order to arrest anyone who spoke out against the war and try them by military tribunal rather then jury, violating both freedom of speech and right to a jury trial. Sure he did away with the order but only after exiling a politician arrested for speaking out against the war. While Lincoln certainly opposed slavery, I think setting in motion its end was the one good thing he did while in power, he was not a believer in racial equality. Read his pre-war speeches and they'll show that he was racist as **** and would have most likely supported some of the abominations known as Jim Crow laws. And no one has ever shown Hitler reigning during a full scale civil war. Palpatine was elected then used a civil war to turn himself into a dictator. If Palpatine's rise to power was so close to Hitler's where was Hitler's civil war? **** even the biggest internal assassination plot against him that I know of, which was nothing close to a full civil war, didn't come until long after Hitler was dictator.
  8. Perhaps but after the PT it looks closer to Lincoln then Hitler to me for the reasons I stated in my first post. The biggest change comes at the end of the US Civil War for Lincoln and the Clone Wars for Palpatine with Lincoln dying and Palpatine living to become Emperor.
  9. How does Hitler's rise to power compare to Hitler's? Abraham Lincoln I can see. Both are leaders that rose to power during a crisis with member areas threatening secession followed by a civil war pitting the central government and loyalist regions against the secessionist elements. Plus Lincoln and Palpatine both used their civil wars, well Palpatine's first civil war, as an excuse to seize powers they weren't supposed to have in the name of security. The big difference is Palpatine tricked the government into granting him those powers, which is really the only way I see his rise to power being like Hitler's, while Lincoln just did what he wanted and ignored the courts when they ruled he didn't have the authority to do so.
  10. Disappointing. In the Saga stats the main guns were significantly more powerful then standard heavies. **** if memory serves, and I might be wrong, the description of the command and control variant from Lead by Example specifically says the heavies it uses as prow guns are weaker then the prow guns on standard Munificients. Plus I don't see why FFG is so opposed to using a Battleship grade turbolaser class.
  11. What are the dual prow turbolasers on the Munificient? Standard heavies or something stronger to better match their damage level in older sources?
  12. Too bad. I was hoping for some CIS warships that are smaller then the Munificient class Heavy Frigate as well as some Republic warships that are between the Arquitens-class and Venator-class in size. Thanks.
  13. My traditional first question when a new book comes out, what ships are statted in it?
  14. The Great Hyperspace war was only 5,000 years before the movies in Legends with the KOTOR games being around 1,050 years after that. The Jedi Order only existing for 1,000 years before The Great Hyperspace rather then 20,000 years isn't a big problem IMO. Also Palpatine specifically said "This Republic which has stood for a thousand years". Combine that with the Death Watch leader from The Clone Wars stating that his weapon was obtained from a Jedi Temple during the fall of the Old Republic and IMO it is pretty clear that in canon there was more the one republic so Obiwan's comment could have referred to how long Jedi had served in both the Galactic Republic that was converted into the Galactic Empire, and one or more previous republics.
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