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  1. The thing is there was debate among the rebel big three over treating former Separatists as individuals. One was willing to accept former Separatists not guilty of war crimes, one wanted nothing to do with any former Separatists and the third was Mothma who eventually allowed former Separatists who would disavow the Separatist cause to join. And the way the book describes the war as there many many areas where the rebels and separatist remains staying out of each other's way while in other regions the war was a three way fight between the Imperial forces, the Rebels, and the local Separatist holdouts
  2. Yeah but the whole Galactic Republic having no centralized military for a thousand years only makes sense, what little sense the idea makes at least, if there are no widespread conflicts. Once a conflict spreads beyond the sector or neighboring sector level there needs to be a central military command coordinating the war effort and a military force controlled by that command. Pulling local defense forces from one area to send them to a distant region is not likely to go over well with worlds the forces are drawn from to put it mildly.
  3. Right because I'm sure FFG really wants to not get the money they would make from more RPG material... The ST is complete so there's plenty of room for RPG material focused on that Era. Project Luminous will open up a whole new era. And of course there's no reason they can't do more OT or PT era material. As much as they sell the books for they have to make an incredible profit to cost ratio even splitting the profit with Disney.
  4. Small conflicts and local wars wouldn't violate the thousand years of peace IMO since we know those occurred during the period. I don't see how a multimedia series in Star Wars will work well without a much larger conflict though.
  5. I have a bad feeling about this... Seriously how much action will they be able to do without making the thousand years of peace a lie? What will the story be a shadow war between the Jedi and whatever the **** the Nihil are? I hope we at least get a few starfighter and fleet engagements but I'm not holding my breath. And even if wee do the new ships will probably end up being crap that makes the TLJ Resistance capital ships look well armed in comparison. And most of those ships were complete and utter jokes compared to PT and OT ships. The only ships that weren't badly outgunned compared to OT ships with the same role were the medical frigate, and maybe the bombardment corvette.
  6. What news? I know the inhouse RPG team was let go but is the run an overreaction to the fact future RPG books will be written by external writers or has some other bad news come?
  7. In Empire at War the Rebels are by far the faction I play as the most followed by the Zahn Consortium and in distant third the Empire. I never play ground battles except when forced too in story campagins. In the Rebellion PC game I almost always play as rebels In the X-Wing mini game I have an array of rebel ships, and several Scum ships but no Imperials. And for the Armada I only play Rebels though I might get soume Republic or Separatist ships. In games the Rebels almost always get more ships I like.
  8. I'll probably try the Alderaan condition sometime. I'm not a particular fan of large capital ships so making a fleet without any is no problem for me.
  9. I always liked the Ugly concept but I didn't like the selection that appeared in Legends. It seemed like pretty every Ugly fighter type in Legends had modern parts. B-Wing bodies or X-Wing or TIE parts. I wanted to see older Uglies. Like Z-95 wings on an R-41 body or vice versa
  10. I think the galaxy will fragment into a number of small states instead of one huge state. Worlds and sectors will have different ideas on the appropriate courses of action after the war with states forming based on agreement about future actions. I also see lots of proxy wars in regions with divided opinions, and probably lots of covert ops disguised as mercenary or pirate fleets but no galaxy spanning conflicts for a while. I just don't see anyone in the Resistance who can tie most of the galaxy back into a superstate.
  11. Larger Uglies can certainly work. **** the first Disney canon Ugly that I know of was the size of a large heavy cruiser, or small destroyer. It was patched together from parts of various separatist warship classes for an early anti-Imperial rebel group. More parts came from Providence class ships like Invisible Hand then any other type but there were peices and gear salvaged from other CIS warship classes as well.
  12. Victory clas Star Destroyers are significantly smaller then Venators so it makes more sense for the Victory to be medium and the Venator large IMO
  13. The Arquitens is nice, and a frigate in literally all but name, but I would like to see either the Imperial Razor class Frigate from the Canon EU, or the FFG created Imperial Active class Fast Frigate mentioned in the RPG make it into Armada. Now if either of the last two make it in I'm sure both they and the Arquitens will appear in most, if not all of my Imperial fleets. And I'll probably make at least one fleet entirely of what ever combination from the three classes makes it into the game.
  14. Completely and utterly thematic. I'm the same way in miniature games and CCGs. I don't care how much my fleet, army, or deck sucks, or how much I lose as long as I like what's in it. I put an MC30C and a Nebulon-B in every Armada fleet I build. And the main reason I haven't at least started gathering ships to make an Imperial fleet is because so far the Empire has no frigate type vessels in Armada. A decent Imperial Frigate (Nothing absurdly overspecialized like a Lancer, or Star Galleon) gets announced for Armada and I'll start trying to pool the money for an Imperoal fleet. The one Star Wars tabletop game where I prefer playing the Dark side is the old Pocket Models TCG/Minis hybrid because the Light side had two medical frigates while the Dark side had two Imperial combat Nebulon-Bs and some Separatist Heavy Cruisers/Frigates. When the Scum and Villainy set was announced I hoped it would include Far Orbit or Free Lance but no such luck. Then I hoped some Alliance or New Republic combat Nebulons would come once they finished their Clone Wars cartoon sets but that never happened. And every Light Side Star Wars CCG/TCG deck I've built included a frigate or had one added ASAP once a frigate card was released for the game. I even included a pair of Lancers in ,my Dark Side WOTC TCG deck despite hating the class.
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