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  1. To all of you. Thank you for listening to what good I tried to contribute. Thank you for putting up with my jokes and complaints. In all that you do continuing, be mindful. This is my goodbye.
  2. While I'm brainstorming: Force Move + 3x Magnitude + Manipulate = Turn the safeties on enemy weapons on four at a time. Requirement: 2 Force pips. Force Move + Manipulate = Activate any grenades an enemy happens to be wearing in the open. Requirement: 1 Force pip. Force Sense + Upgrade Ability + Double Aim = 4 Blue added to combat checks (+Precision blaster pistol/rifle + Quick Strike 2 = 7 Blue Dice for my scout) Requirements: 2 strain + Commit one Force Die Force Move + Pull + Strength 1 + Magnitude 1 = Bash two enemies together. Requirement: 3 Force pips.
  3. Just looking for a laugh. "Yep. Once again, wanton destruction has solved all my problems." "Nice patterned shirt there." / "What pattern?" >BLAST<
  4. What do you think some good player habits are? What do you think some good GM habits are?
  5. I keep reading over the description for Heightened Awareness and it says: "Allies in close range add (Boost) to Perception or Vigilance checks. Engaged allies add (2 Boost)." Does that mean that they add the blue to me or that I add the blue to them? Thus far we've been playing the latter. Also feel free to get added utility out of this topic by asking your own questions about specific specialization skills.
  6. Just wondering what everyone else finds annoying in an RPG group. Also feel free to detail your solutions to these problems, if any, and how they have succeeded/failed.
  7. Has anyone here had to deal with character resurrection? If so, what were the circumstances of the death and resurrection?
  8. Just a little friendly competition with the guy requesting the Bounty Hunter expansion. Thus far we've got Pilot, Scoundrel, and Thief, so to me some logical expansions could be: Pirate - A pilot specialized in the use of disabling equipment and outdated sharp pieces of metal. Cargomaster - A pilot specialized in driving large vehicles and handling shipboard systems, with some trade thrown in for all those nasty port fees. Super Hidden Storage. Sidekick - An expert co-pilot with all the skills that your average cocky space-buccaneer lacks. Sneak - A natural information gatherer and stealthy guy. Like scout or infiltrator. Trickshot - Can precisely shoot holes in coins out of a deep-seated hatred for currency. Desperado - An expert at boosting his fellow gang members. Racer - It's all about the speed. Just don't ask him to actually run on his own two legs.
  9. Cosplayers should stitch together! While I have yet to cosplay from Star Wars, I was wondering how many of you cosplay from it. Any pictures you share would be greatly appreciated.
  10. It's easy to conceive of these plucky rebels having been thrown together by command in recognition of their admirable/unconventional/ruthless modus operandi, but how would you do it? I would like to have maybe an intel guy and a bodyguard following a smuggler on some journey to transfer supplies from his ship. While this is supposed to be a virtual milk-run, the corvette in space gets attacked by a Star Destroyer and forced to flee mid-battle, stranding a squadron of Z-95 Headhunters who flee to the planet pursued by TIE fighters, engaging in the airspace above the stranded trio. The fighters engage in a long dogfight, with the Z-95s clearly outmatching the TIEs but slowly losing in attrition as the TIEs continuous reinforcements afford them the luxury of numbers. Finally there is only one Z-95 left but its systems are failing from sustained damage and it crashes into the forest ahead of the trio. Its pilot manages to crash safely with her astromech droid and from there she has to choose whether to head out or stay with her ship. The group meanwhile can choose to either attempt to investigate her crash site, which is several clicks from where the smuggler hid the supplies, or continue with their mission and hope the smuggler is willing to risk his ship to help the rebels. Whatever the players choose to do, the star destroyer starts sending waves of TIEs to hunt down the downed pilot and any rebels on the surface...
  11. For those carrying over characters from EotE, GM permitting, will you be rolling into FSEm in addition to FSEx or upgrading from FSEx to FSEm?
  12. My impression from AoR is that players will be engaged with handling their own minions if they choose to roleplay appropriately. Naturally, there's always room for the standard party format of a small group of PCs, but what I'm wondering is how having several groups of NPCs under PCs functions in gameplay. My imagination lends itself at this point to having one player who is a scout in charge of a squad of scouts, the heavy gun PC sticking with a different squad and following behind, the pilots providing air support - several PCs split apart and surrounded by minions all trying to accomplish the same mission. If one finds that one developes a favorite NPC (think Barney from Half-Life) will it be possible to promote him as time goes on? Would losing NPCs significantly affect one's standing within the ATRR or the Empire?
  13. I'll start: My group has killed: 6 Stormtroopers (1 Unit) 8 Imperial Customs Agents Member(s) have been present for the death of: 16 Stormtroopers (Killed by Bothan Commandos) 2 Officers (Killed by Bothan Commandos) Vehicles destroyed: 1 Armored Personnel Carrier (Destroyed by Bothan Commandos)
  14. I am curious as to what happens to people when they lose combat in space. Thus far my crew has managed to avoid picking space fights bigger than we can handle, but what I want to know is, when's the best time to try an escape pod? GMs, when your ship goes to 0 hull, do you give people one last round to escape or do you kill them? Should I as a character decide that when we're down to 5 hull I need to get the heck out of there? What about fighter craft? It would seem that getting hit in one is a rapid way to die from the hull points, but is there a shot at ejecting?
  15. Just wanted to clarify something: Rolling Force die is done as an action. Each Light Side result generates points for use with powers. Each Force power used is also an action. Commit Force Die means you roll the die as your Force Power's action. Can I store up Force Points across several actions (similar to double-aiming)? Are Force Points like Destiny Points but just for my character and Force powers? Can I spend Light destiny points to use Force powers? Thus far I've played by choosing a force action and rolling the die, but the wording of the book implies I need to store up Force points as resources that I can then spend. Have I been using the Force wrong?
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