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  1. Hehe wow! I guess I did have my game face on there. The glare was likely due to the fact that Ryan was about to use my favorite pilot to knock me out of the running In all seriousness though Ryan put on a clinic on how to use a phantom with advanced sensors. It was MUCH more difficult to predict his most likely landing places with how effectively he made use of AS. Hats off to him!!! @ Sunny: So I guess this is the point where I share information only to have it used against me later. Hehe I'll never learn. Well this is just my opinion, and by no means gospel so YMMV. I think outmaneuver is necessary to make an expensive 2 dice ship (somewhat) viable. They also have to be super mobile and have high PS so that upgrade is being put to use all the time. The Proton Rockets are an absolute necessity. The key is to pick the biggest threat and target lock it early at long range. This really makes your opponents future moves much more difficult. Especially if you are moving after them. The shot when you get it off is absolutely devastating but I think the quasi-control you get over your target can also be extremely valuable. I didn't get them off in my game against Ira, but did in my game against Ryan. Ryan out flew me in our initial approach. I was concerned that I had Vader in a bad spot so I was turtling him up instead of taking the TL on Whisper. As a result when I finally did get off the shot I did not have the TL. I came up 1 damage short of Whisper and over the next 4 turns Soontir shot 3 times at r2 and once at r1 and couldn't finish the job. In my 3 wins I fired them twice. I didn't fire them in the first game. I was really happy with my flying that game and had super hot dice. The combination rendered the rockets unnecessary. In the 2nd I was tied going into the final turn against a z swarm. My opponent did a great job all game of putting ships in spots where they had great potential block moves for the following turn (if that makes sense). As a result I was having to move to spots I knew would be clear and therefore my shots were spread out across whatever ships happened to be in my arc. On the last turn I finally saw it. I was almost 100% sure I had a z that I could get in R1 shots from both Soontir and Vader. I was right and nuked him for the 36-24 win. Tough game! In the third Vader and Soontir were trying to hunt down a full health Corran with R2. I moved Soontir into what I was hoping was a blocking position to try and set up the one shot for next turn. But by not choosing the moves that were ideal for that turn my opponents maneuver really missed the mark and he planted Corran directly between vader and Soontir. Vader survived the R1 strike without spending focus and he and soontir nuked poor Corran. Ohh and don't forget about IA on the shuttle. When flying 2 super mobile ships against ships that move after me, he is worth well beyond the 1 point spent. @Darph: Definitely! If there is one nearby I'll do what I can to make sure Shane and I are there!
  2. Is that a... I take it all back, oneway. I take it all back. Caught red handed!!! I set a pretty high personal goal for worlds... Make the top 32 with a list that no one thought should be there! I brought: Darth Vader — TIE Advanced Outmaneuver Proton Rockets Engine Upgrade Soontir Fel — TIE Interceptor Push the Limit Hull Upgrade Shield Upgrade Royal Guard TIE Omicron Group Pilot — Lambda-Class Shuttle 21 Fire-Control System Intelligence Agent In that shot I was 4-1 playing for my seat in the top 32. My only loss thus far was to Ira (the eventual #1 seed at the end of the day). I ended up losing to Ryan's Whisper plus mini-swarm. It was a great game with some major momentum swings. I ended up 4-2 with a MoV only strong enough for mid 20's. I tried for the lottery on day 2 but was one of the few names not drawn. Ohh we'll guess this just wasn't meant to be Vader's year . Had a blast though. Already looking forward to next year!
  3. Congrats on your win! Its cool that you have some interest in giving it a name. I don't remember actually how it came up but at one point I was joking with someone about the list being a nightmare (both to fly against and sometimes even to fly). So I jokingly call the list "Yorr Worst Nightmare" at times. Other times I just call it "My Nationals List" as boring as that is.
  4. The stores I know that have active players include: Gamers Armory in Cary Event Horizon Games in Garner Game Theory in North Raleigh Atomic Empire in Durham I've played at all of these and all are good. For the last few months I've been playing mostly at Gamers Armory. Monday is XWing night. They've been running leagues but are currently breaking from league play until October. In the gap a couple of guys are doing an Escape from Hoth campaign. One of the players there started a FB page. XWing TMG North Carolina is what I think it's called (I'm not on FB so I'm not yet a member). Best of luck and welcome to the area.
  5. I don't mind chiming in. The coolest thing (IMO) about this list winning nationals is that it was built for fun, not specifically to succeed at a national level. I actually came up with the 1st version while on vacation with my extended family. When the wife and kids went to bed at night my brother (who also plays XWing and who I get to see about 1 or 2 times a year now) and I would stay up way too late drinking a few beverages, catching up, reminiscing about the good old days, and most importantly playing XWing! I built this list on the very first night. I had recently won a phantom at Imdaar Alpha but hadn't been able to play it much because it was illegal in our local league for most of the season. So I definitely wanted to play it as piloting mobile ships had become an aspect of the game that was appealing more and more to me. I naturally tend to move away from hard counters so whispers ps 9 seemed an obvious choice over echo's ps 8. I then decided to pair it with the next most mobile ship, the interceptor. Again Soontir seemed the obvious choice to have 2 ships at PS9 and to mitigate some hard counters. I then put in the shuttle. It was a ship I hadn't really figured out. I played a doom shuttle and knew how to make that work but I wanted to move away from that and try to use it as the center point of my squad. With 3 red dice, a wide arc, and 0 forward maneuver I thought it could be a great board control element, if I could figure out how to fly it. I think the 1st version had an OGP w FCS and TC on Soontir, but Whisper was decked out is (I'll come back to this later). It won our first game and to make a long story short it kept winning all week no matter what we threw at it. At the end of the week there was a regional scheduled about an hour away from where we were vacationing in Kingston ON. I had 2 first round regional byes and was already planning to go to Atlanta so this regional was a bonus. I decided I'd bring a fun list to Kingston and a competitive list to Atlanta. So towards the end of the week I made he final tweaks to the list which was dropping TC off Soontir and upgrading the OGP to a naked Yorr. From there the rest is history. I win Kingston with my "fun list" earning a 1st round bye at Nationals. I stick to the plan and play my "competitive" list at Atlanta and go 3-3 not even making the top 16. I figure that's got to be a sign so I take my "fun list" to nationals. I barely make it past day 1, finishing 28th. And then go crazy on day 3, not dropping a game (albeit I had some close calls!). So that's a bit of the back story. On to the questions about the list. Now I've read a couple times where people think Yorr is overpriced, a mistake, that there are better options, etc. One of the cool things about this game is that different players can be successful with different options. For me Yorr is the best option there. He does what I want him to do as he is shuttle, he is ps4 which is nicely in the middle (I move before a lot of the things I want to move before and I shoot before a lot of the low PS stuff, minimizes predator,etc.) and his ability is critical when I need it. I look at this like collision insurance (not liability which everyone us required to buy) on an automobile. If you are struggling to put food on the table then the money you could save by not buying collision insurance is much more important to have on-hand. So if I wasn't having the success I needed with Soontir and Whisper as they were, and needed vader, or fcs or something else out of my shuttle then it would make sense to try and get more offensive output from the shuttle. But if you can afford collision insurance then in those few very rare times that you need it...it's an absolute life saver. That's what Yorr is. He doesn't win me games I would already likely win. He wins me games where I'd almost certainly lose without him. Stress is becoming more and more prevalent in this game and is very effective against both Soontir and Whisper. That is why Yorr is there...and for the rare K-turn fun which I'll talk more about later. So on to Buzzsaw Whisper....between games at Nationals a couple of us were chatting and Paul Heaver made the comment that when he builds a list it starts with Biggs. My response was when I build a list it starts with Gunner! It's been my favorite upgrade since I started playing and if I'm flying a list with at least 1 crew slot there almost always at least 1 Gunner in there. I think everyone agrees that VI and ACD on whisper is almost a given for tournament play. FCS is an extremely good value. It essentially gives you a certain amount of free TL actions over the course of the game and if you are taking Gunner it's really an auto include. Like Yorr there are lots who believe that Gunner isn't necessary on a phantom and again I think it all comes down to style, how you play, the ships role in your list , etc. Again there is no one right answer. My list revolves around Gunner. Gunner supports my list in many different ways. While we may be able to pick some as more important than others, it's the sum of them all that makes it so good for me. First I want the freedom to be able to really choose my action on whisper and I think Gunner is great for that. Whisper needs to hit to get his free focus so gunner let's me BR or evade with little fear of not getting the free focus. I can't stress the importance of the evade token. With all the good players and turreted ships out there you are going to get shot and are going to need to roll green dice. In most cases you shouldn't be getting shot at by a lot of ships in a single turn. The exception may be in the case of a skilled swarm player but even then they should be 2 dice shots. So you likely don't need 3 focus tokens. There are only 2 focus results on the die in comparison to 3 blanks. My preferred mix therefore is one evade and focus when taking fire so gunner really gives me the confidence to take evade. Gunner is also great at stripping tokens / effects. Having lots of attack dice actually helps here as many times when an opponent is trying to get to that magical 1 damage number they 'll use all their tokens and effects to get there allowing Soontir and Yorr to shoot at a clean target. It also can lead to huge swings of the dice. In my finals game at one point I rolled 5 blanks / focuses I had a TL but instead of taking it I let it go and used gunner then TL on the gunner shot to get 5 hits / crits. A huge swing. We could go on and on but even in the worse case scenario gunner allows you to score one hit. My build only has 3 ships and there are times when whisper is the only one shooting at a particular target in a turn. I roll the first set of dice and rather then risk the gunner being better my opponent (wisely) just takes the 1 or 2 hits rather then focus / evade. That's huge and over the course of the game it adds up and even if you never actually roll the 2nd set of dice Gunner has paid for itself. Finally I look it at the same way as I look at Yorr. In games I'm going to lose is there a better choice that could help me win...and then if I make that change what is the effect on the match ups that were previously in my favor and am I now winning more games then before or not. For me, Gunner is the best crew option for Whisper in this list. And most importantly, it's great fun! So briefly on to how I run the list (This post is already longer then I thought it would be). I see Soontir and Whisper both as flankers. They also both like to have their space to maneuver so in many games I'm trying to create a pincer with Yorr in the middle, Soontir on one side and Whisper on the other. Now every game has tons of different variables so it's never the exactly the same but if my opponent is coming at me in a blob i want to engage them at a spot on the mat that is most ideal for me with Yorr in the middle and Soontir and Whisper pushing in from the sides. Eventually the 3 ships get close and this where Yorrs ability can really come into play and free up potential K turns. I played one game on the final day of nationals where a VERY good player was hunting Whisper with his Soontir Fel. He was starting to gain position on me when whisper K turned allowing Yorr to pull the stress and I was now directly behind where Soontir ended up. He couldn't arc me dodge me in either of the next 2 turns and Soontir was dead sealing the game. I also had a game in Kingston where whisper was blocked in a bad position likely to get ionized off the board. I was able to K turn Soontir within mms of the board edge and directly in front of whisper. My opponent succeeded in ionizing whisper but on his next turned moved the ion turret out of range rather then face 2 R1 shots from soontir in a row. Whisper bumped soontir staying on the board before soontir moved away. He was out of range of the ion on the next turn, hard 1 turned back into the fight and I won the game. If I would have lost that game I wouldn't have made the top 8 in Kingston. So as you can likely tell I really like this list. I make no claims about it's overall greatness or general effectiveness, etc. It's a list that is both fun for me to fly and allows me to feel like I have at least a fighting chance against most stuff currently out there. If you have a chance to fly it and enjoy it that's awesome! I also encourage you to try new things and find other lists that are both fun and effective in your hands. The more of us who are doing this, the better chance we have of facing a variety of lists in competitive settings rather then just cookie cutters of the same thing. Best of luck and Fly Casual!
  6. I was really pretty conflicted about whether or not to even publish this post. When I finally decided to do so I told myself I wasn't going to reply, I wasn't going to "like" I was just going to move on. Reading through all the replies so far I'm blown away. Thanks to everyone for their support. Some of the stories you all shared were just awesome. This is an amazing community and sometimes posts like these really give people the opportunity to share just how awesome it is. So many "likes' to you all. So I wasn't going to respond until I read Ben's post. Ben, thanks bro. You are a stand up guy. All is definitely forgiven and I hope we have the opportunity to play some time. ...Ohh and to the rest of you...keep your hands off my new ships!!!! Have fun and fly casual all!!
  7. Wow. Don't even know where to start here, so I'm just going to brain dump so sorry if it comes across as rambling. Do you know what my biggest fear was going into the final game? It wasn't losing or even flying a ship off the board or doing something as embarrassing as that. It was doing something that would cause a controversy...bump a ship, a dice issue, an asteroid issue, who knows what...just don't do anything you'll regret, Rick!!! And well, look where we are now. I'm just a regular guy. I used to do tournaments for some other gaming systems but I don't anymore. I have a wonderful family and work life and get to play some games one night a week or so as a means to relax and have some fun. A friend of mine got me into this game almost a year ago and I immediately fell in love with it. We started playing in some leagues at some local stores and got to meet some really great people. We picked up another regular to our core group and when FF announced the store championship series we decided we should give it a shot. I asked my loving and understanding wife if I could play in a few of these and she said sure. I started messing around on Vassal some and started getting better at the game. At some point I got exposed to the whole "Fly Casual" concept and loved it. One of the biggest reasons why I stopped playing tournaments for other systems was the "win-at-all costs attitude". I participated in a store championship and had a situation with an opponent who had rubbed me the wrong way. He made a mistake and there was absolutely no way I was letting him take it back. I was right, he was wrong but I was brutal about it. I had become the biggest a$$ in the room. Afterwards I did not at all feel good about myself. I decided that I wasn't going to let that happen. I was going to play this game for the fun of it (still flying tough mind you) but I was going to make sure it was fun! So I took Fly Casual and ran with it and in some cases I took it to extreme's that even I couldn't believe I was taking it to. • At a store championship semi-finals game I decided to concede the game rather than take a judge's ruling that would have given me a win. • At the Kingston regional I decided to concede the game rather than take a judge's ruling that would have given me a win. • At Kingston I had a player tell me he didn't believe in "give and take", afterwards I proceeded to remind him of 6 missed actions during the course of our game but never asked for any in return. • At the Kingston regional semi-finals with 10 minutes to go and the game easily in the bag I had a golden opportunity to run away and take the easy win. Instead I decided to make the game fun for both my opponent and I, went after Han and nearly lost. • At the Atlanta regional when I was 2-0 in a very close game my opponent revealed his dial as a 1 forward putting Wedge directly on asteroid. He cussed and starting moving the ship and when I asked he said his dial slid. I allowed him to change his move and wedge proceeded to destroy most of my list. I won on a lucky shot at the end of the game otherwise the game was his. • At the Atlanta regional when I was 3-0 (very next game) I had the game well in hand and had disengaged Corran with 1 hull left. We were running out of time but instead of running away I turned around and came back to mix it up because it would be fun. He killed Corran on the last shot of the game and won by 1 point. Things are just some of the off-the wall things I was doing. So OK I realize some of these actions aren't normal but it's me. It's how I have come to play this game and to be honest with you it's something I am proud of. In game I'm going to do my absolute best to out-pilot you. But if a situation comes up where I think something disadvantageous to me might be fun, I might do it. If there is EVER any question about doing the sporting thing I always try to do the sporting thing. That is how I play this game. So shoot...getting back on track. When I won a couple store championships and the next step was Regional's I again asked my wife if it was OK and she said sure. Some time before my first regional I checked the FF forums and someone had announced "Only 4 tickets left for Gen Con". To this day I'm really not quite sure why I did it, but I immediately logged on and snatched one of the tickets completely on impulse. I started to have some buyer's remorse and wasn't sure what I'd do so I just told myself "If I can win a regional I'll figure out a way to go and if not I'll sell the tickets". I never really thought I'd win one. I knew I was getting better and had a chance but I didn't think it would happen. To make a long post, a little less long, I won one. I again had to ask my wonderful wife if I could give the next step a chance. She's so awesome and supportive of me of course she said yes. I did have a problem though. I didn't know anyone going and hotels and plane tickets were priced crazy. We've been working hard to stay on budget and this was definitely not in it so I decided the lowest cost way for me to attend was to drive alone 10 and a half hours through the night on Wednesday. Sleep in the car when I got tired. Then sleep in the backseat of my car at the KOA campground (where they have showers...personal hygiene is a must!!!) before driving back on Saturday (which due to my making it to the finals became 2:00AM Sunday morning) immediately after the tournament. <<<Let me interrupt myself here. I'm not making excuses or looking for sympathy or any of that crap. I really enjoy this community. Sure there are people I may not agree with but as whole you guys are awesome. I want to continue to be a part of this community without you judging me before I have at least had my chance to speak my peace. So I guess that's what I'm doing here. >>> So I decide to bring a list that is fun for me. Yes it has hard counters. Yes it counters some other lists well but it's fun. It's so much fun for me to fly both Soontir and Whisper and I have really been focusing lately more on playing what is fun rather then what is the most competitive. So I'm running with it and hey it worked in Kingston, maybe it will work again!! Thursday is grueling. I had already decided that if I lost I wasn't going to try again on Friday. I'd spend some time in the exhibit hall on Friday then leave to get back to family. It wasn't looking good for me so I decided to see if could try to score some wave 5 ships and rebel aces. I went back between every round and it wasn't looking good. Then during one break the line was way too long but the card guy was at the back of the line and immediately gave me the cards for the ships. All I had to do was figure out a way to cash them in before 6. I did so a few rounds later and nearly missed the start of the 5:40 round because of it, but at least I had my ships. I finished up my 3-3 sure I was going home but when the results came out I had barely slid in at 28th place. Win-win (or so I thought at the time) I have my new ships and I get to play on Saturday!!!! I fly my a$$ off on Saturday. I'm no national power-house in this game. I'm just another guy and yet I'm in there mixing it up with the best of them. There I am with my crack-pot list beating some of the best players in the world (all of whom I have the utmost respect for). So enough of the back-story. Let's jump to the situation. I make it to the final game: The whole attack sequence of events with whisper as I have him set up can be very tedious. 1. Roll attack dice. 2. If focus and / or tl is used remove token(s) and reroll dice if necessary. 3. FCS kicks in and tl tokens are replaced. 4. If all damage is cancelled gunner kicks in. 5. Attack dice are rolled again. 6. If focus and / or tl is used remove token(s) and reroll dice if necessary. 7. FCS kicks in and tl tokens are replaced. 8. ACD kicks in and he re-cloaks so the token is placed. 9. If he causes a damage a focus is token is placed. The first couple times of each game I go through this process very deliberately with my opponent (unless of course they cut me off and say..."Yeah I know how Whisper works" or something like that.) After that point it gets very tedious and in most all cases I don't think either player wants to take the time to go through it all step by step, pulling tokens, etc. So normally I work the whole sequence out then place the final tokens at the end. Again this is only done after I feel my opponent understands what is going on. I have never yet had a player tell me they had a problem with me doing so but if they did I would gladly go through it every time for the entire game. As I was attacking Chewie in the final game for whatever reason my brain was having a lot of trouble understanding how the damage was being cancelled. I never doubted Jeff, I just didn't understand. Yes I know how C3-P0 works, I know how focus and evade tokens work and I know how DTF works but at that point in the night my brain just wasn't computing. I'd stare at the dice and the damage and not understand. I can't tell you why for sure, stress, fatigue, pressure, who knows. Alex and Jeff actually had to walk me through it a couple times (and then to be quite honest with you all I STILL couldn't make it compute but I knew they wouldn't do me wrong). Well all that happens after I roll dice and before I place tokens. So at some point ( I don't recall when) I look down at Whisper and the tokens aren't there. My stomach sinks to the floor. He's supposed to have the tokens. He always has the tokens. Why aren't the **** tokens there???? It's all a blur to me. I have no idea what I said. I don't know if I asked to place the tokens, if I asked to do the actions (which the focus wouldn't have technically been an action), or if I just mentioned that he was uncloaked or mentioned he didn't have the tokens..I don't recall. But if my memory is right it was I who somehow pointed out to Jeff that the tokens weren't there. I didn't mean to be unsporting. I didn't mean to be anything. I just remember being horrified that they weren't there and somehow communicating that they weren't there. I don't recall his exact initial response but he indicated that it was acceptable for me to place the tokens. So the game goes on. To say that wasn't a pivotal point would be untrue. I don't recall the exact dice but the 4 extra green dice and 1 extra token was used over 2 attacks and whisper escaped undamaged. The next turn he starts to move Chewie before allowing me to move Yorr. At this point I know that Chewie and Yorr will bump (thus making the ideal action for Yorr a TL on Lando) but I let him know that I would have focused had I not known and that so I will keep focus as my action. Again we are having a fun fly-casual game. It was the right thing to do. We continued to have a fun game until I noticed one person in the crowd was apparently very upset at the decision Jeff had made to allow me to place my tokens. He approached him at least once as we were still playing the game to ask him to challenge if I had actually cloaked or not. Jeff never did so and was a super sport all the way through but it was at this point I realized that my greatest fear had likely been realized. Someone was apparently very upset about this and wasn't likely going to let it go. When I won the game I was super excited but also had a sinking feeling in my stomach. At one point I had Alex and Frank off to the side and apologized to them about the mix up. I asked them if everything was still going to be OK with community and they assured me it would be but in back of my head I knew someone had a big problem with me. I put on my best happy face and moved on. I also tried to do the same through the TC interview. You want a spoiler...It was so much on my mind that I even had a Freudian slip during the interview when asked how to beat the list I said "punish me when I make a mistake" I nearly puked after I realized what I said. So I jump in the car at 2:00AM to drive home. 14 hours (counting the 3 I spent staring at the ceiling of my car at a rest area just east of Louisville). I spend the evening trying to enjoy the time with my family but this crap is in the back of my head. I try to sleep last night but can't with all this crap in my head. I can't do it anymore. So this post is going to be the end of it. I'm at a point right now where I regret even going to the tournament. Those 6 new boxes of ships that I was so excited about on Thursday are sitting behind me and I don't even want to look at them. I need to move on. So that's what trying to do here. When I left early Sunday morning Jeff, Alex, and Frank were OK with things. If any of them feel differently now I hope they contact me and I promise to do whatever I can to make things right by them. If I get the chance to play any of you reading this one day I hope we have blast regardless of who wins or loses. And I absolutely promise to you that I will do all I can to be the best sport possible. Thanks for taking the time to read my long post. -Rick
  8. Just got through talking to Frank Brooks to confirm the start time for finals on Saturday (as the "start time" published for the preliminary rounds was actually the start of registration). Since there is no actual registration required (just show up and start playing) they want to try to start PLAYING at 10:00am. He asked me to help get the word out, thus my post. Thanks.
  9. @Khyros: No problem. I don't have the math in front of me but in the exercise I did I came up with 5-2 to make the cut. I think my assumptions included 16 superbyes, all full wins along the way, and best record prevailing in pair up/downs. Obviously there are some potential flaws there but I was just trying to get a rough idea. Best of luck and see you there. @MajorJuggler: Double checked the entire email and no tournament contact was provided.
  10. Check your email. This is the one I received following registration: "You have registered for NMN1453542 X-Wing North American Championship Preliminaries - Flight 1. The event organizer wanted to send you the following message. If you have any questions specifically about this game, please contact the event organizer directly, if they listed their contact information. The tournament will consist of multiple Swiss-paired rounds, cutting to Top 32. The Top 32 players of both Flights will be seeded into a 64-player Swiss-paired tournament, cutting to a Top 8 double elimination final, with one player claiming the title of X-Wing 2014 North American Champion. The North American Champion will receive free entry to the X-Wing World Championship on the weekend of November 6-9, 2014 in Roseville, Minnesota, as well as a 1st Round Bye. Tournament registration closes at 11:50am on Thursday, August 14. Round One of the Swiss Pairing will begin promptly at 12:00pm. You must bring a 100 point squadron to participate and have two copies of your squadron sheet ready to be inspected by our TOs for tournament legality. In addition to your miniatures, you are required to bring your own support materials including: movement templates, range rulers, core set damage deck, dice (or dice app device if you agree to use it as explained in our tournament rules), and asteroids. The times listed for this event include registration time (11:00am-11:50am), the preliminary rounds (up to 7 75 minute rounds), plus time in-between rounds for pairing. If you advance to the Top 32, be prepared to return on Saturday, August 16 for the Swiss Finals. The first round of the Finals will begin promptly at 10:00am. For the most up-to-date rules, FAQ/Errata, tournament rules, blank squadron planning sheets, and more, please visit our X-Wing Support Page at http://tinyurl.com/xwing-support "
  11. There's actually been a lot of research and discovery into the sensation you are feeling. One of the most prevalent conclusions is that there are situations we are exposed to which triggers a "fight or flight" response deep within our subconscious. These situations usually involve some sort of "fear". I put fear in quotation marks because I'm not talking about Hollywood's definition of fear, but rather at a subconscious or conscious level we are are concerned. Athletes, first responders, soldiers, all of normal every-day people everywhere experience this so I'm not talking about how tough or macho we are or are not. In the case of x-wing it could be bad dice, being out-flown, making a mistake, playing against a jerk, etc. It 's that fear / concern (call it what you want) that then triggers fight or flight. When fight or flight is triggered our bodies go through physical changes. Adreneline and other enzymes are released from the brain to prepare ourselves physically for self preservation. That feeling you get in your stomach, the way you breathe, having the jitters or shakes, etc. are all results of this. So there's 2 sides to it then. The mental and the physical side. Vorpal and others have already given some great suggestions for tackling the mental side. If the fear trigger is conscious then you need figure out a way to overcome it (easier said then done sometimes). Subconscious fear triggers are much more difficult to root out but can also be minimized, managed or eliminated. For the physical side one technique is to consciously change your breathing. Fight or flight will usually trigger Thoracic breathing (from the chest) or Clavicular breathing (from the shoulders). The third way we can breathe is called Diaphragmatic (diaphragm contracts). The theory is that fight or flight and diaphragmatic breathing don't mix so if you force your body to breathe this way the brain will stop or at least suspend the release of Adreneline and related enzymes thus stopping those physical manifestations. To breathe this way put your fingers just below your rib cage. Push your stomach out as you breathe in (thus using your diaphragm to breathe). If you are doing it right your fingers should rise as you enhale. Taking a few deep breathes this way causes the physical manifestations of fight of flight to decrease in most of us. Just be aware that they can come back. A trigger hits you and you start to get a little shaky. You focus on diaphragmatic breathing and it goes away so you start focusing again on the task at hand and you a hit a trigger again and the physical manifestations can start again. That's why for severe cases it's really important to address the mental side. It's also note worthy that if you are highly athletic this can be difficult. Athletes live in the Thoracic and Clavicular breathing world and when exposed to adreneline have even stronger tendencies to breathe in those ways. In the case of x-wing I'd guess most who get this usually experience it early in competitive games and after a few minutes it passes. So they just need to get into the game to deal with the mental side. In that case some early diaphragmatic breathing may be all they need. Anyways this all theory and everyone is different so your results may vary. Best of luck.
  12. I believe registration opens at eleven and the first round starts at noon. Great. Thanks!
  13. I can neither confirm nor deny that I fly into Atlanta tonight Anyone have confirmation on the start time. I've read 11:00 here, but the pre-order tickets say 12:00? Thanks!
  14. Did the same thing running him with whisper and soontir. It wasn't always easy to set up with the range 2 limitation, but I'm not sure I would have won my 6th game if I hadn't k turned soontir the turn after he bumped. Lots of fun!
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