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  1. Don't sweat, Decayda87. I just won my first match in my 8th game. Eldritch is cruel, but i like it.
  2. It's in the FAQ. If Trish's total dice is 1. Her passive ability can't be used.
  3. You are the second person on this forum to win cthullu after the Rl'yeh Risen mystery being the last mystery of the match (which makes a little easier because you are already on space 3, same space Cthullu rises when he awakens). The only time i beat a GOO on Eldritch horror was against Cthullu too. But it was very different from most people who defeat him. My entire post about how i defeat him is here: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/93953-eldritch-horror-statistics/page-5 You can read and compare with your victory. o/ Have fun! Hope you enjoyed your great victory!
  4. [English/inglês] I'm from Brazil too and i bought the forsaken lore expansion on www.mercadolivre.com.br You can also buy on mundo 10. The site is: www.mundo10jogosdetabuleiro.com.br There's no national version (brazilian version) of forsaken lore yet. Just the original eldritch horror was translated so far. [Portuguese/português] Eu sou do Brasil também e eu comprei a expansão "forsaken lore" no site: www.mercadolivre.com.br Você também pode comprar no mundo 10. O site é: www.mundo10jogosdetabuleiro.com.br Não existe nenhuma versão nacional (versão brasileira) do "forsaken lore" ainda. Apenas o "eldritch horror" original foi traduzido até agora.
  5. Each investigator discards clues equal to the number of rumor mythos card in play. That may be 1 or 2 (all the current AOs have 2 rumors in his/her mythos deck. If one of those rumor cards is in play, everyone must discard a clue. If both are in play, everyone must discard 2 clues. (if there's some investigator with no clues, that investigator/player doesn't need to discard anything) IF NO rumor cards are in play. You go to your game box (cards that were removed from the game), get all blue border (rumor) mythos cards, make 1 pile and choose one randomly. Now, this one you just draw is in play. You don't draw anything from the current mythos deck (nor its discard pile) already in play. P.S.: Discard piles don't count as "game box".
  6. If doom goes to zero in the same turn you solve the last mystery If doom goes to zero during the mythos phase in the same turn when you met the requirements to solve the last mystery (3rd), you don't win because you need to wait the entire mythos phase to end to solve it. Thus, the AO awakened in the middle of your mythos phase, just then you'll solve your last mystery. With that, you still need to solve the final mystery if you want to win.
  7. Get over it. Say that arkham horror is making your GAMEROOM (you have a GAMEROOM, MAN) stink? Say that you hate fantasy flight? Grow up, man. Seriously.
  8. Yes, you passed. According to the rule book you just need one success to succeed. Mind though your character will succeed, but it'll take the sanity damage because s/he didn't get enough successes to avoid the damage.
  9. I have a doubt. Let's suppose i have 3 of health at the moment and my max health is 5. If i lose one of max health my max will drop to 4. But my actual health continues to be 3 or it drops to 2? (there's almost an year i don't play AH so i 4got entirely about this rule)
  10. Last quarter of 2014 according to the official site: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4996
  11. Yeah, i don't mind it too. They were really overused (core elder sign has the same characters from core Arkham) and i think fantasy flight did a good thing to replace the debut investigators. New game, "new" investigators. Funny thing: Ursula Downs on the picture looks like a Lara Croft with loose hair. Hahaha!
  12. Something i was noticing. All eight new characters seem to be from Arkham horror expansions. Core characters from Arkham horror (like Dexter Drake and Jenny Barnes) will be the last ones to be released in a far upcoming expansion.
  13. Yeah, but if you lose the game in the MIDDLE/DURING the next mythos phase. You lose the game cause the mythos phase didn't end and with that you haven't solved your last mystery yet.
  14. Give a look here: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/96726-favorite-investigators/ The hints on that post can help you. There's only one thing i can say: if you are already choosing your investigators, get a random AO (ancient one) so things become more interesting and not so predictable.
  15. Thanks for the answers. Then we were playing correctly here.
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