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  1. Hey there. Is this still a live project? Thx!
  2. Howdy all. Is anyone playing this online and would perhaps have room for an extra adeptus? PURGE THE UNCLEAN! thx.
  3. Hey, Tom Cruise. Thanks for all your work on this. Please keep it going. I am just posting to say thanks and offer encouragement and props. Would love to see full Deathwatch and RT done. Way to go mate!
  4. Please consider a Deathwatch, Rogue Trader, and Only War expansion. Also a a mixed force (titans, etc) section would be awesome. Thx
  5. Nice work. Care if I copy and paste this into a doc and ad it to my homebrew trove if I credit you? How would you like your credit to read if you okay this?
  6. I just can not figure out what sourcebook it will take to give us "official" Jawas...
  7. So where is this Master List living? PM me link? Thanks!
  8. Rogal Dorn. You said if folks were interested you would post Deathwatch rules for upgrading weapons. Would you be willing to? Are their quirks,etc? Thanks!
  9. So my question to all folks... Does anyone have a rule set or document with stats and mechanics for either Assassins or Sisters of Battle out there? I know that there are lore and fluff issues but I am looking for something like the SoB beta Acts of Faith from above, but finished. I have a hard time creating my own that have balance since I have not had enough experience with all the systems to make stuff work. Any help all? Thanks!
  10. Is this still a live project? Have you PDFed it up somewhere? I love your work BTW. PM you for more questions? Thanks for giving back to the community.
  11. Thanks. How do people get spells? I am still a little confused on how to run this. Did you require searches to find Items? Library Aptitude? Would you ever consider doing a basic tips, tricks, and quickie rules summary for this? I know you have already put much work into this and the quality is awesome. Really, thanks for sharing.
  12. What do the symbols that look like body piercing rings mean on the spell cards? Like elder sign has two of them to add an extra seal and the seal lasts 3 rounds plus "the circle and dot symbol". I can not figure out what you mean. Thanks this looks awesome BTW.
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