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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, OK that totally clears things up. Thanks for your help!
  2. Oh, so what he should have done is pick up the treasure and then put the card back in his hand? Does the magical object only drop if he dies or if someone is able to steal it?
  3. Hey all! Last night my buddy dropped his magical item so he could pick up a treasure. If he chooses to do that does he discard with the object going back in with the other chits, or does the card get set off to the side with the object chit remaining on the board for another wizard to pick up?
  4. Thank gawd, lol. Appreciate your help, Ocelot42. One question that just occurred to me. The mines booted my wife out to the tavern last night (much to her dismay, hehe) so would that mean when she gained access to the inner region again she'd have to encounter the mines again? Or is it just retreats that would have you encounter the spaces again when you return?
  5. Hey all. In order to get to the CoC, do players have to finish each space in the inner region, or can they just pick which route they want to take and make their way? If so, after they have encountered the space do they have to encounter it again? In other words, do they have to complete everything in the inner region before CoC?
  6. Just saw this post. Planning on buying the game next week and I'll make it out. You guys still playing Star wars at Guardian?
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