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  1. Hi Eridine, Why don't you just state in this thread that you are not employed by FFG or have any association with FFG? That would convince me.
  2. Maybe I am being paranoid, but this whole thread is very fishy to me. It's almost as if the OP is trying to bait people to give him information. For example this question to Alsciende "what is your opinion on the NetrunnerDB C&D?" seems strange. I maintained earlier that this is a FFG employee and nothing leads me to change my opinion. The same OP is on the Boardgamegeek Forum under the name 'John Smith'.
  3. Signed. I am sad about this. No NetrunnedDB will mean I will be less interested in this game.
  4. This thread is pretty much irrelevant since nobody really uses the Netrunner Forum on the FFG website. Anyways, my feeling is that what FFG is doing to netrunnerdb is completely unreasonable. They are trying to force feed cardboarddb down our throats, but it is very substandard compared to netrunnerdb. FFG should make cardboarddb a better site and not use these kind of heavy handed tactics in order to gain market share. If find it pretty repulsive. Also - it seems like the guys on this thread actually work for FFG. Strange....
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