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  1. Eindhoven, Netherlands July 24 Players: 37 List Juggler: TBD Champion (Rank 5) Marcello de Manna Pablob Goldalhi, Attani-Mindlink, Dorsal Turret, Boba Fett, Cloacking Device, Stygium-Particle-Accelerator. (29) Contracted Scout, Attani-Mindlink, Extra Munition, Plasma Torpedo, Zuckuss, R4 Aggromech, Guidance Chip. (34) Contracted Scout, Attani-Mindlink, Extra Munition, Plasma Torpedo, K4 Security Droid, R5-P8, Guidance Chip. (37) Runner up (Rank 3) Charlie ter Horst Soontir Fell, Royal Guard Tie, Push the Limit, Auto Thrusters, Stealth Device. (35) The Inquisitor, Push the Limit, Tie/v1, Auto Thrusters. (31) Omicron Group Pilot, Emperor Palpatine, Sensor Jammer. (33) Top 4 (Rank 2) Faan Langelaan Dengar, Lone Wolf, Plasma Torpedos, Zuckuss, Overclocked R4, Glitterstim, Countermeasures, Punishing One. (57) Manaroo, Push the limit, "Gonk", R5-P8, Feedback Array, Engine Upgrade. (41) (Rank 8) Johnny Jennekens Vader, Veteran Instincts, Advanced Targetting Computer, Twin Ion Engine, TIE/x1. (32) The Inquisitor, Juke, TIE/v1, Autothusters. (30) Colonel Vessery, Veteran Instincts, Tie/D, Tractor Beam, Twin Ion Engine. (38) Top 8 (Rank 1) Steve Libert Soontir Fell, Royal Guard Tie, Push the Limit, Auto Thrusters, Stealth Device. (35) The Inquisitor, Push the Limit, Proton rockets, Tie/v1, Auto Thrusters. (34) Omicron Group Pilot, Emperor Palpatine. (29) (Rank 6) Thomas Laverze Corran Horn, R2-D2, Fire-Control System, Push the Limit, Engine Upgrade. (48) Bandit Squadron (12) Bandit Squadron (12) Gold Squadron, BLT-A4 Y-wing, R3-A2, Twin Laser Turret. (26) (Rank 4) Jelte de Boer "Omega Leader", Comm Relay, Juke. (26) The Inquisitor, Push the Limit, TIE/v1, Autothusters. (31) "Wampa" (14) Omicron Group Pilot, Emperor Palpatine. (29) (Rank 7) Rick Porsius IG88 B, Crack Shot, Glitterstim, Heavy Laser, Fire-Control System, Auto thrusters, IG 2000. (50) IG88 C, Crack Shot, Glitterstim, Heavy Laser, Fire-Control System, Auto thrusters, IG 2000. (50)
  2. Hi Paul, Check your PM for info on the regionals in Eindhoven.
  3. View the event here: Sign up here:
  4. FFG halp!!
  5. My god! This is horrid.... I just wanted to get my geek on.
  6. 56 points • Lando Calrissian YT-1300 Marksmanship Luke Skywalker Nien Nunb Millennium Falcon 22 points Green Squadron Pilot #1 A-Wing Push the Limit 22 points Green Squadron Pilot #2 A-Wing Push the Limit So much fun to fly
  7. Yep, the open formation is the key here. You can catch/bump an ace and pulverize it. Then just fly away and recover and go for a second run. Its why Howlrunner is cycling out, range 1 makes the swarm to predictable versus aces. But at range 3 the game's open. I think the Puberty swarms are all about timing and not using the rage too early.
  8. Stop trying to make Youngster happen, it's not going to happen. An 8 Tie swarm is strong and if you have the potential to upgrade their firepower significantly it is very strong. Rage just made Youngster the Howlrunner of its erra. This is finally an action ability with minimal cost and high potential. ITS HAPPENING!!! (I would agree with you pre-Rage, but man, double action economy for an entire swarm at range 1-3 for 16 pts.... yeah, gimme some arguments how this will not be staple in non character swarms)
  9. Youngster + rage 7x Academy pilot Anything at range 1 will die. 8 TIE's that at the oppertune moment can focus and 'targetlock'.... good game. Just dont start spamming it. Wait for it, wait for it. Range 1/2 unload and watch stuff get wrecked. Its a poor mans Howlrunner but with triple range and nets you an additional ship!!! IMO this upgrade will make swarms insane.
  10. Argh! I have not yet recovered from my carpaletunnel F5 refresh from last preview.
  11. Scyks are not over-costed until you put the Title on them. Problem is that 2 Firepower is such ineffective against double green token c-3po/autothrusters you need the cannons to make them have a chance of an impact. Tie swarms still get into a lot of cuts at the store championships, even though they are 2 attack. A veteran is as much points as "Scourge" and 3 points more than a black squadron. Cannons can make an impact but they tend to become as much points as a 3 attack ship with less hit points.
  12. Tarn Mison [R7 Astromech, Integrated Astromech] (25) Blue Squadron Novice [R2 Astromech, Integrated Astromech] (25) Gold Squadron Pilot [Twin Laser Turret] (24) Gold Squadron Pilot [bTL-A4 Y-Wing, R3-A2, Twin Laser Turret] (26) This should not be to hard to fly, you do not need a solid game plan as each ship is strong on its own. Just get a bit of practice with the stresshog to counter aces and you should have great games at competitive level. Edit: Heavers WC list is stronger but does need a very strong game plan. Though for pure simplicity and efficiency 4BZ, 5Kirax, 6CrackTies takes the cake.
  13. I think you really want Sycks to work so you give us reasons why they are tier 1.5 and not 2. That is ok, I just gave reasons why I think they do not even belong in tier 2, I feel I am getting pushed in a corner. No one as even mentioned fixing Sycks, only that most feel they are over costed by so much that other ships do the same job better. On the Palpatine shuttle, it has a different job. It exist solely for getting your aces to the late game. If it manages to impact the game with its primary weapon in any way you are very happy. The shuttle is just a vessel for Palpatine. The stresshog is a good jouster and totally destroys any ace its game plan. Turr is a good pocket ace as others have mentioned and you are happy if this ship gets to the late game due to movement shenanigans. They are all main ships or have a very very specialized role. The Syck just cannot live up to these, as I have mentioned, I have tried. But just left them to casual games, which in my mind is fine.
  14. Dit I not mention I was talking about the PS5 ships, with veterans I meant Ansarii Point Veterans.? Ive flown them with Ioncannons for first shots at lower PS and escort killing them. With veteran instincts as super ace fighters. With heavy laser cannons as backfield artillery while having other ships engage in close so they could continue to shoot at range as long as possible. Everything just ended in the same thing other ships do it better for less...
  15. You are talking 29 points as a side sniper? I consider a nearly 30 point ship a mainstay ship in any list. This is the thing with the sycks they are just one or two points over costed, but on that low amount of points its a big deal. The veterans are a very intriguing idea but I've tried them with nearly everything. The best I've found was veteran instincts or another 1 point skill. But even then, at those points we are talking high end Tie pilot characters. For casual play, go for them! I love playing with my defenders in any casual game, but just looking at the bang for buck...meh. We try, but we fail.