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  1. PS10

    Arvel is not taking Intimidation?!

    Ok thank you for the insight... I really misread Intimidation, thinking it would work only on itself. But with intimidation and predator he clocks in at 39 points, thats near 3 attack dice ships. I might try running him naked next time I want to run a ps1 awing and have a couple of points leftover.
  2. After a couple of games I decided that arvel is best off with Predator and Crackshot instead of Predator and Intimidation. I have yet to have a moment were I was bumping and not in the bullseye arc. He feels a bit more solid allrounder and a bit cheaper. I am also less tempted to do a "crossing fingers and hope to bump" move. Is the crackshot just more bang for buck on Arvel?
  3. PS10

    (Yes, it is early but...) Meta predictions?

    At least the ps4 ones cannot all take juke now.
  4. PS10

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Thank you for adding Admiral Sloane! Testing swarms as we speak.
  5. PS10

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    I really like what everyone did with fly casual, I have played the crap out of it. But has anyone looked into doing an actual campaign mode for heroes of the arturi cluster?
  6. PS10

    What are the differences between factions?

    But don't you think if the points go up for some strong scum cards (and redline) and a slight point reduction for rebels it would be enough?
  7. PS10

    What are the differences between factions?

    Meta's change. Points adjustments will be incoming. Personally play the factions with your playstyle or like the background of. Every faction will have a hype and a low at some point. So I would put that at the bottom of my priority list.
  8. PS10

    What are the differences between factions?

    I'd say in general (like the biggest general you have seen!): Rebels: Solid all-round ships, get action anvantage though other ships. Win condition is setting up superior (1 on 1) jousts. Empire: Ships that are on the end of the spectrum. Tie or VT. Ussually use one big force multiplyer to gain advantage. Win condition is overwhelming amount of attacks one target a time, or win the late game with powerful aces. Scum: Ships fall between the empire and rebels in stats. Use disruption of actions and placement to gain advantage. (Currently also have the easiest way of gaining additional actions, this might change due point cost in the future.) Win condition is though small advantages in movement and/or disrupting. This is only a vague representation of the factions.
  9. PS10

    Happy Friday - Let's talk B-Wings

    Named b-wings are doing pretty well, Ten Numb can keep turning and turning. Probably a slight cost reduction but just slight. Maybe a sensor that fits with the b-wing doing lots of reds. Before a red maneuver you may perform a target lock action on a ship in your primary attack arc. 3-4pts? It should mostly favour b-wings and other ships with a lot of reds that want to keep jousting.
  10. PS10

    So if theres an app now. Why do we need cards?

    I like cards! I like laying stuff out, it just feels complete that way.
  11. PS10

    Happy Friday- What ship is surprising you in 2.0?

    I agree with most, but for me its the B-wing, and by that their dial. My god is it good. Yes I know there is a LOT of red on it, so not as much actions. But if your dial has every option to position yourself in a shooting position, screw actions. Plus, Ten Numb what a beast. All your options, all the time. I dont give him upgrades because if your opponent really wants him dead, he will die...but still bang for buck.
  12. PS10

    Force Upgrade Speculation

    I really like anger, but do we really want force shield on Luke Skywalker.... In general Luke will break a lot of force abilities.
  13. PS10

    The A-wing is where they dropped the ball

    How...was there in 1.0 ever a time were an A-wing ace was a high level pick in a big tournament. A worlds runner up made it with a PS1 A-wing. An ace will give you options. but a straight up 2 attack high PS ace does not make sense in high level play. Also lists within waves have changed quite a lot between big tournaments lists. In 1.0 way more high level A-wing lists were at PS1 than any other, although never top tier lists. You can find them on this forum. This may all change in 2.0, but making calls this early.... And just for the record, I played the crap out of Psycho Tycho as ultimate arc dodger and his tail of stress tokens dragging behind him, but he was never competitive. Although... one of my favourite, hopefully he will be in an expansion.
  14. PS10

    The A-wing is where they dropped the ball

    Why is it a shame? The ship is made for this role. I love messing up my opponents movement and taking risks with this ship. Let the X and B-wings do damage and close out, that's their role.
  15. PS10

    The A-wing is where they dropped the ball

    I love the build in semi-push the limit and barrel roll. Especially on the PS1 ships as that was never an option before. I only ever used the ship as a disruptor for formations and blocker, and it does that job very well, even better in 2.0. Imo, it finally has a reason to be played over the Z-95 as it's far better at blocking and flanking with the PS1 pilots. For me that sounds like a job for your adrenaline junky ace pilot.