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  1. Also I want ask 1 when one deck of encounter cards all be draw, then I shuffle the discard pie make a new deck? 2 when finish one expedition card, I put the active expedition token to a new place which show in the new back of the expedition card is that right?
  2. Hi, I want to ask some question about the rules. 1. Nightgaunt's affect move this monster 2 spaces toward the nearest investigator, if the nearest investigator is beside the nightgaunt then what's happen? Just move it on that investigator? 2. If a monster at the same place with a investigator, at action phase, can that investigator move to another place? 3. If a new gate open in a place which contain a investigator then what's happen? 4. Can investigator move cross the place which contain a gate and monster?
  3. When you roll two combat dice for your viper legion, you rolled one is heroic and one is lore, can i first use heroic to use the ability give enemy unit one poison token, then use lore side to give enemy a damage?
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