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  1. Just an update on Walmart.  I got them to acknowledge that it is released right now but the two people I talked to both said that as far as they can see, it's not going to ship until the end of April.  So, I actually cancelled my order from them and I'm going to get mine someplace else.  Interesting thing happened when I cancelled... it said it might not cancel because it was shipping soon.  Yet the order still said expected arrival date in May.  I asked them about it and they still stuck to late April.  Still, after all that, I wouldn't be suprised if they they got it next week or something.  Too late for me, though.

  2. This is the Walmart shipping date for the Armada pre-order.  They say Ship 4/28, recieve by 5/5.


    I just emailed them about it and they are sticking to that date.  However, they honestly might not know any better.  A few other times I've emailed them about other issues and they've given me answers to different questions.  Most of the emails are automated I think.  The site is really half **** most of the time.


     I'm a manager at a Walmart store and have had to deal with issues from the site quite a bit.  I might try calling the associate hotline tomorrow and see if I can get a better answer.  I'm pretty much obligated to buy the core sets from them... not only was it discounted already, but I get another 10% for working for them, and if I ship to my store my store gets a portion of the sale which leads to a bigger bonus down the line for me :P

  3. I'm kinda in the same boat.  There's a small game store about a hour and a half from me that does X-wing one day a week.  I haven't asked if they plan to do Armada.  The local game store near me literally only does Magic.  I just found a place 45 (Hour and 15 if driving from work ) minutes from where I'm staying at the moment that might play.  My problem is that I have a rotating schedule each week for work so it's hard for me to do a single day consistently.  Not sure what I'm going to do yet.

  4. We likely won't hear much about this movie till after the summer.  There was some sort of spat in Hollywood over the name.  There's a Mission Impossible movie called Rogue Nation out this summer, so the studios agreed not to promote Rogue One till after the Summer.

  5. I think its easier to think of these as the freighter is the squad leader, with normal ships in the squad. (Say Han and 2-3 x wings) it would have a different attack profile by the nature of the large ship, and to keep it easy to see on the board and identify, you just use the large ship. That's how I'm rationalizing it anyway


    The Falcon did lead a couple of fighters into the heart of the Death Star.  I think that's a pretty good idea you have there.

  6. So, before the announce of wave 2, I thought of the fighter group models as representing a full squadron of fighters in a abstract way, just like they are not the scaled the right size.  Twelve ships if we go by the traditional number for Star Wars squadrons.  But do the models actually represent three ships, exactly as depicted by the model?


    The wave 2 set of Rogues and Villains have one small model for each ship.  Do they really represent one or a group of them?  And if it's a group, I think it would be really odd to have multiples of most of them in one battle acting as one unit.  Also if it represent a group, I would say that must mean the normal wave 1 fighters would represent a group of 12... it wouldn't make sense, for example, an average single Firespray to be about to take out a full squadron of X-Wings, but a Three X-Wings vs. a single Firespray might be about even. 


    I know it really doesn't matter, and there's likely not an answer to this right now... I just want to know what to picture in my head during the battles! 

  7. I have a feeling that it won't be what most of think it's suppose to be.  I haven't read the whole thread, has the concept art been pointed out?



    The concept art makes it sound more like a movie about a commando team than X-Wing pilots.  I hate to be a pessimist, but you all need to remember that the Hollywood types making these movies don't give a **** about the old EU and they might have a completely different idea of what Rogues are in Star Wars.  I mean, the movie might turn out completely different than the concept art... but if it isn't, you all really shouldn't except "Top Gun" in space.  You'll be disappointed.

  8. So some good news here. I was in my local store this morning and the owner looked up her distributor and shows all sets in the warehouse. I don't know how much stock to put into this, but she said that whatever I ordered through her would be there by next Tuesday at the latest O.o


    Hate to say it, but I think she might have some wrong intel there.  The upcoming page would have updated for shipping.

  9. Any thoughts on how future objectives could be handled? 


    Basically, if they release new objectives in future expansions how would people feel about that? Is it unfair that your opponent may have an objective you don't own?? Does it matter?


    Just curious on people's thoughts.


    I don't think that's really any different than any other upgrade that you can't get in the base packs.  Besides, you still get to choose 1 of 3 of your oppenents objectives.

  10. I must have missed when they announced the only six rounds part before.  Or I don't pay attention enough.  I kind of wish there was more than six rouunds, though.  I wonder if things will stay balanced if you extend the rounds for casual matches.


    How desperate can these scum be if they have to hobble together any freighter they can find to fight the Empire?


    Why not, when these freighters seem perfectly capable of eating those flying coffins the Empire tries to pass off as starfighters for breakfast?


    What does that matter?  The empire always has more personal and fighters.  We threw enough of them at you and they get the job done eventually.

  12. As much as I would love to play something like this... where would you play something like this?  All the arcades in my area are long gone.  I've heard that's the case with most areas.  I'm surprised they even developed this.

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