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  1. Without looking it up, can you remember the name of Donnie Yen's (Blind stick guy) friend? The guy with the blaster hooked to his pack. I can't. Honestly don't remember Donnie Yen's character name. Or the Imperial defector. I can't really connect with them besides "Oh, Donnie Yen is awesome like usual!" and "That guys weapon is cool, look at him mow down troopers" and "Those goggles look just like plain shop goggles." I mean, I'm bad with names, but after ep. 7 I remembered all the main characters names. I liked Rogue one better than ep. 7, mind you. They both have their ups and downs.
  2. I wouldn't call it the best, but I liked it a lot. Not going to go into specifics to avoid spoilers, but the big thing was that character development needed a lot of work. The majority of the characters in the main crew we hardly know anything about even by the end of the movie. Smallest gripe I had was James Earl Jones sounded too much like himself and not Vader, if that makes sense. I know certain people have a problem with the CGI characters but I honestly thought they were well done for the most part.
  3. Yes, because it was already difficult for me to afford both games in the first place. Also, if I order, I usually do it in a batch of $100 so I can get the free shipping, even though regular shipping is like $6. That $2.50 adds up. I still haven't got the last wave at this point and another wave is on the verge of coming out. Last point, I'm probably buying more than an a erase person because I buy extra of certain ships to cover for my friends.
  4. Unfortunately, if this is true, I'm going to have to quit Xwing. I just play with my friends, no lgs. I buy the majority of the pieces and let my friends use mine. I have been getting xwing, armada, and sometimes imperial assault when I have extra money. I'm not up to date on all the xwing releases right now, and if the prices raise I'm likely going to have to just focus on armada because thats what my group likes the most.
  5. ... the Kylo Ren mat... I bought a dinner mat version of it for really cheap at Walmart. I mean, I assume this one is made of better material but I just find it funny that it's the same exact image
  6. It's been announced that Claudia Grey (Lost Stars) is writing a new book called Bloodlines and Chuck Wendig (Aftermath) is writing Aftermath Life Debt. Wouldn't count these new characters out yet.
  7. With that other topic about the interdictor in Rebels, I thought now would be a good time to talk about other things new (And some old stuff) with the new canon. So... I thought I would share a few characters I would like to see in the game. Spoilers ahead from the new comics, books, what have you. Continue at your own risk. I haven't read all the new works myself. Some of the ones I have are kinda bad. I don't know about abilities... I'll leave that to those wiser in the game. I'm hoping down the line they release new pilots and such for the current fighters. Shattered Empire: Shara Bey: Awesome A-Wing pilot. Took part in the Battle of Endor and battles after. Married to a spec forces solider named Kes Dameron (Possible ship officer?). Mother of Poe Dameron in episode 7. Lost Stars: This has honestly been the best book out of the new canon so far, and it really surprised me. Thane Kyrell: Trained as an Imperial officer, defects to the rebellion as an X-Wing pilot. Took part in the Battles of Hoth, Endor, and Jakku. Ciena Ree: Extremely loyal Imperial Officer. Can fly Tie/Lo and Tie/In, but is mostly a command officer. Was in the Battles of Hoth, Endor, and Jakku. At 25, she becomes one of the youngest Star Destroyer captains and takes over the Inflictor that goes down in the Battle of Jakku (The one we see the remains of in the trailer). She tried to go down with the ship but Thane intervened. There's a ton of other characters who could make for decent officers. I don't have my book on me at the moment, but there was an Imperial Officer with the last name something like Windrunner. He was the flight commander of the Inflictor, and he was sort of fanactically crazy loyal to the Empire after they blew his planet up. Really stood out to me. There's a ton more out there already. Anything from the new stuff that you would all like to see?
  8. These were also in the Canon Luke Skywalker novel Heir to the Jedi... Luke takes one out by himself <. <
  9. Just got home from work and I'm watching the recording right now. Wow, those new ships look impressive. Really disappointed there wasn't a tournie in my area. For some reason the sound is really choppy in the video, though. Thanks for sharing! Edit: Oh, looks like they fix the sound about five minutes in.
  10. This looks like the Black series version. I have no idea how big this thing is suppose to be but I don't think it scales well with Armada... it's around the size of the gladiator model. I got mine for 5 dollars at Wal-Mart and last I checked they still had a lot there... most people went for the figures.
  11. It is a brilliant business move really. It keeps models flowing off FFG shelves and it provides everyone some profit Except that FFG has no problem moving their models. They are sold out of some for months at a time.
  12. So is Warmachines/Hordes a trading card game? After all they use cards for stats too? No, it is not a TCG. CCG, or LCG. The focus is not the cards it is the models. Cards just make it easy to track model stats, special rules and load-outs, otherwise you would have to use pen paper and write or print your list from a book. You do not build decks there can be model trading but to just trade the cards without the models and the cards become useless. In a card game cards can run independently of the models. This is not that case, it is a miniatures game that utilizes cards not a card game with miniatures. Why can't they sell cards without the models? Just because they haven't done it before? Before Scum and Villiany came out in X-Wing, a lot of people were saying there was no way they would introduce a third faction to the game. I realize it's very unlikely to happen, but I really don't see any reason why they should not give it a go. Hypothetically, let's say they did put out a small "booster" of non-randomized cards with either new versions of ships already out or unique upgrades of existing ships. If you had model of that ship or ships included in the booster, would you not want to buy the booster? Especially down the line when certain ships are not performing that well in the meta. Some people who did not buy a certain model before might like one of the upgrades and decide to pick up one or two of the old packs. You're right, this isn't a card game with miniatures. But you need those cards to play the game, you cannot play it without them. FFG is pretty good about power creep but it's going to happen down the line of this game, and the only way to fix that is new cards for old models.
  13. People had four B-wings before Aces came out. Now they have more B-wings. More B-wings than they will ever need. Unless they play epic. X-wing packs are cheaper than Armada pack. So say they take a page from the Aces pack and make a double miniatures pack for Armada. That's at least $40 dollars. For two miniatures one likely does not need and new upgrade cards which are really just glorified cardboard. Sure, one can buy the extra cards from a split pack somewhere... but at that point one would think that somebody at FFG would look at that and see that they are missing easy sales. Personally, I don't care that certain universal upgrades come in only certain model packs. I usually get at least two of everything that comes out. Right now I have two core sets and two of everything else (I had extra money when I pre-ordered, I suppose I should have cut my order down a little <.<). Down the line, I would just like to see a way for me to get the unique upgrades for ships I already have without having to buy another model... and card packs would be an excellent way for me to do so.
  14. There's a difference between this and X wing. People are typically going to need less ships, and I bet most people have all the copies of a particular ship that they want already. For example, I'm never going to need another victory model... but down the line it might get outdated and they might want to put out more titles or unique upgrades for the Victory. I'm not going to want to buy an elite pack just for the cards. In this case, a card pack would be ideal
  15. Team Covenant has some awesome pictures of the ISD. And the other ships. But mostly the ISD. https://twitter.com/teamcovenant The ISD is in the same case with the X-Wing version of the CR90.
  16. 360 arc, like the Falcon, Decimator and Outrider. Aha, thanks. I never use those ships and I guess I never noticed that before.
  17. What are the red arrows on the base of K-Wing suppose to mean?
  18. Change this to " new toys in the fall" and I'm all in. That's actually what I meant to say, thanks for the correction. My sleeping mind just wanted it to be the summer I think.
  19. Wouldn't it be awesome if they revealed the new x wing is one of the next releases? Like an ace pack set to release with all the new toys this summer.
  20. You're forgetting the new canon books and comics. Oh, and Rebels. There's been new ships in them already, and they have validated old EU ships. We really don't have to worry about them running out.
  21. There's so many ships that they could feasiblely do as many waves as they wanted. Hell, they can make up more of their own ships if they had/wanted to. That's what the Raider is, if you did not know.
  22. Anyone good with math want to field a guess on the cost of the ISD and the Mon Cal based on the ships we already have? I'm thinking with the 400 point limit that we could field two, but I'm curious how many points we'll have left over.
  23. There's already been a lot of talk about this. The Imperial SD shown is unfinished. They likely placed it on a medium base because they don't have a large base made yet to display it on.
  24. That price is in line with standards set by third party mats of the same quality and material. Except that if you find something cheaper you can't spend less... you're FORCED to spend that much... Nobody is forcing you. Do you really plan to play in official tournies? If not, go buy whatever mat you want. If you are... you don't have to buy one. It's bling.
  25. You couldn't do the exact same thing on a FFG mat? Yes. But at least both players would likely be familiar with it and could both take advantage of it, instead of just one player (The player who owns the potentially unique mat) using the advantage. Other companies do it for their games. I don't see a problem with it.
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