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  1. @Imperial Stormtrooper I think the dock master is currently either tied up or dead in the C-Roc we liberated and we need to keep them from sending someone to look for him. It may be risky but I have an idea. @Ryoden If I understand the setup he's not far away, back to us, heading back to towards the entrance on the other side of the street? I want to rush him and tackle him into the alley (DP needed?) that he's about to pass in front off. S'zish'll be right behind me and either clock him on the head with the but of his rifle or zap him with a neuronic whip. It's dark enough now that we shouldn't be noticed. Especially since everyone is all worked up over the imps that just visited.
  2. *sadface* I really enjoyed the campaign and playing with everyone. Thank you for a fun game @Ryoden. @Mattimeo84 @Imperial Stormtrooper @TheShard @Darzil I enjoyed playing with everyone. I am however going steal the story so far if I ever run a game. It was a really fun and engaging plot.
  3. It's interesting that the majority of the weapons are all on the bottom. Suggesting that it's used to assault or blockade a planet.
  4. One piece of advice I would give is that you had no reason to launch TIEs. The interdictor (any carrier type ship on patrol really) should have had a few squads of ties on CAP (Combat Air Patrol). Those are the ties that would have been assigned to intercept any ships that drop in. The interdictor would have some ties on alert status, but they would still take a round or two in order to launch. Most likely they would be used for the CAP to replace the TIEs that pursued the new arrivals.
  5. Feel free. Side note, I'm on vacation right now and won't always have internet access this week. I'll keep up as best I can through my phone so it may be a little messy in the grammar.
  6. It's completely reasonable to for it to hold the same low level of threat, but it's also completely reasonable that it's more dangerous. What you have is a preference for one over the other. The game went the other way in their number balance but it also gave everyone the tools to make it less "*deadly". Whether you use them or not, even if they don't fit your preferred game style is up to you. But complaining that the game didn't give you exactly what you want is simply howling at the moon IMO. * I say deadly in that ships are disabled easier than PCs are and it's more difficult to get them back into the action. Especially if it's one threshold (single ship) vs individuals (multiple PCs or ships). Whether they go boom or are simply disabled is completely in the GMs hands. Except that unlike PCs which specifically limits death to a high crit, the rules allow for a ship to be destroyed once it's threshold is gone. It's a GM decision. Additionally, having one threshold instead of multiple means that when you are down you are pretty much done. There isn't another ship that can fly up and stimpack you back into the action. Sure you can repair the ship, but it leaves you severely crippled. So as long as the GM chooses to have opponents be bloodthirsty killers that take the time to kill off any ship they disable, there's virtually no getting back up once you are down. This is part of the reason that I'm a fan of shield points that can be stripped off. That way the PCs and everyone else know that once their sheilds are low or even down the crap has hit the proverbial fan and they can bug out. Otherwise you rely on a very narrow band of HT that can be stripped off in less than a round before you have a chance to react. Does it lessen the threat? A bit. But it also provides the players a more dramatic choice IMO. I'm not going to play the NPCs stupid, but I'm also going to tell a star wars story and not a Generic NPC #23 was a deadeye hero today story. Just because a choice to spend advantage is optimal from a Kill-em-all mentality, does not mean that it's optimal for a story. It also doesn't mean that advantage is going to be spent stupidly either. Spending 2 advantage to activate linked and cripple your players is effective but can be boring. Spending two advantage to have a missed shot knock something (asteroid, ship debris, etc) into their path and forcing them to take a penalty on their next piloting roll still penalizes the players while keeping the action exciting. NPC vs NPC is story. No dice required so on that I agree.
  7. I hate sounding neagative but I don't think this conversation is going to get very far because I'm seeing some circular logic in here. 1. I must use every option at my NPCs disposal to crush the PCs because it's what they would do. 2. Space combat is way to deadly in this game and it's no fun. 3. All of the options presented to me aren't feasible because they don't fit my style. Goto #1. Pretty much, from my point of view, as long as you look at the game options from the NPCs point of view of "I must use everything I can to win" and not from the GMs "What makes a cool story" point of view then space combat is always going to be deadly. Just my 2 credits.
  8. You're reading too much into my words. I didn't say I was creating a balanced weapon (although I do think it would be) I said that a linked feature strikes a balance between the options. I'm saying that I feel a linked 1 or 2 weapon strikes a balance between the features. As in it falls between the two current options of auto-fire with all of it's bonuses and penalties and of a single "shot" (1 hit/1 target) weapon. Since some think that removing the increased difficulty is too much in exchange for removing as many hits as your dice can generate and hitting multiple targets what would you suggest be the balance (had to use it) between the feature sets? I also don't think that it would ruin two weapon fighting. I would happily make a Star Lord like character with twin linked 1 guns. Now a two weapon wielder can hit up to 5 times and as a gunslinger up to 5 targets. Reminds me an aweful lot of the character from the movie. Granted that takes a heck of a lot of advantage, but Star Lord is a high XP gunslinger so it's feasible. Not to mention that this example is already possible, but there's only one pistol in the game with linked that I can remember right now. Not to stray into the real world arguments when we're talking about space wizards and asteroid slugs but the main reason modern militaries favor burst fire over full-auto is that you regain most of the control while still being able to hit a target multiple times. I get that one roll of the dice is not one shot. But the rules still restrict you to one target and I feel that linked is the best fit for being able to hit a single target an extra time or two without adding in all of the other features of full-auto.
  9. Vader is definitely one tough dude. But how tough is a tough dude without plot armor? Because, to me, the moment something enters the game, whether it's Vader or Boba, it loses it's plot armor and is kill-able by the characters.. So it really depends on the game. In some games a 600XP character is super powerful. In others a 1000+XP game might be where the players/GM start to feel really powerful. So it's pretty hard to suggest what to give him or any named villain without knowing what is considered powerful in your game. There's always the rocks fall everyone dies type of NPC, but where's the fun in that?
  10. It is. But it also strikes a balance between auto-fire pumping damage into a target by spending advantage and a regular weapon's only one affected target.
  11. I'm a fan of giving the ships shield points. Say 5 points per shield rating. As those shields wear down so does the setback die. That way once you start taking hull damage you can decide to bugger out or not.
  12. Modify a grenade: 1eD+1eC+1eS+2eP+1eA 4 successes, 1 advantage I don't want to actually shut it off, but if we can trip an alarm or something and make them think that it is they may high-tail it out of here. Or at least it may cause enough chaos that we can free the slaves and get them out.
  13. You could call it concentration. Shooters get to aim (concentrate) so why not allow it for other checks? Spend your maneuver concentrating on doing your action= +1 blue.