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  1. An option would be to only allow one stimpack per encounter, or hour, and keep the 5 per day. That way they don't become the goto option in combat. They're useful but more limited. Another option would be to make them temporary. A stimpak may heal 5 points, but those 5 points will fade in an hour, but the clock resets if another stimpack is used. So any character had better seek medical attention or risk going unconscious. This models the "stim" approach to stimpacks. They keep you going and help you overcome your bruises and fatigue, but you are going to feel it later if you don't see the doc.
  2. But, would that mean that larger creatures would be more powerful with the force?
  3. There are varying levels of terraforming that can require different levels of technology. Changing out native flora and fauna can be done with an army of droids. Changing the composition of atmosphere, soil, and water requires much more. Doing it on an uninhabited planet is an order of magnitude easier than doing it on a planet that has an established population that you don't want to wipe out or displace. If you did want to go Andromeda route you could have a massive fleet use an new interstellar hyperspace engine to get to another galaxy, but as usual they get there and there's a problem and are stuck locally. Maybe once they get there they discover that normal hyperspace is greatly hindered meaning that they can't branch out to explore that galaxy for a while. There's always the lost in space angle where the "super hyperspace" engine is sabotaged en-route stranding the fleet. In the anime Martian Successor Nadesico, the martian soil was being slowly terraformed by small worm like robots. In Red planet humans were using algea to create an atmosphere. What if the majority of the fleet sat in orbit while the "trouble shooters" had to go down for their missions or maybe a small base is established to set out from. The teams could go out and take care of local fauna that would feed on the animals being used to terraform part of the planet. Or perhaps there are more hostile fauna that attack the atmospheric processors so teams have to go out, fix them, guard the repair teams, investigate why, etc. Perhaps this galaxy has sentients that don't take kindly to outsiders. Maybe a Geth or Tyranid like species.
  4. There was a species in Saga edition that used biotech ships. They lived in some rift area or other. Their ships were a lot slower than regular ships if I remember correctly. I've always liked the idea of bio-tech ships and such.
  5. Here I thought it had been a couple of years that he had been frozen. Long enough for Luke to train up in being a jedi at least. Why freeze them at all though? Carbonite freezing seemed like it was very dangerous for the subject. I remember 3PO saying that Solo would be well protected "if he survived the freezing process". Why not just use the specimine containers from the hunter book? They put the subject into stasis with no side effects. Not as handy for long term storage, but it would do the job for a trip across the galaxy.
  6. Sorry about that. I read it earlier today and thought it was the perfect example of his "creative" acceptance of reality. I should have known I wouldn't even make a dent in that bubble.
  7. Quoted from the Mandalorian thread... ---- You are awfully inconstant with your acceptance of what is said in canon. Character A said Y.. "IT MUST BE 100% TRUE!!!" Character B said Z.. "This is how I view this statement..."
  8. You can use the AoR duty rules. They represent earning standing in a group and moving up the ladder (chain).
  9. There's this one. https://www.facebook.com/groups/278733192265422/ It's pretty small and quiet but I've never seen anything inappropriate.
  10. OMFG! It's like they've seen my dreams and combined two of my favorite things. I can't wait! This could be really good to get more people into the game too.
  11. You could always go with a situation similar to the movie Virus (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120458/) or Moontrap (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097911/). Some droids go off the deep end in their quest to become independent beings and theorize since flesh creatures are considered sentient and droids are metal, then they just need to become more flesh. So they kill off most of the crew for parts. Unfortunately since the ship had an extensive and cutting edge medical facility the droids have the technology to preserve flesh and use it for parts. They plan to build a flesh droid army and when they get to the next planet take it over by invading and using the inhabitants for parts. The last few crew members disable the ship so that the droids can never complete their ghastly plan. Should the players discover the flesh droids, replace the destroyed hyperdrive parts, or linger too long they come after the players for parts and/or for their ship.
  12. Since strain is mental fatigue I could see a stim pack, or other item, reducing strain but adding setbacks. Kind of like drinking a pot of coffee to get over being extra tired wakes you up but leaves you wired and jittery.
  13. I don't see why not. I've never actually tried it, it just sounds like a decent way to make shields a little more relevant to me. Say Sil 3 & 4 are 5 per shield point and Sil 5 & 6 are 10, etc. Possibly even 5*(Sil-2). I'm not familiar with larger ships so I couldn't say if it starts to break down or would need to be adjusted. It very well could be, but I've got a head for numbers so I hadn't concerned myself with it. It's an untested idea for a potential fix is all.
  14. Yep. @Ryoden difficulty?