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  1. Ahrimon

    Tie Mangler

    With the size of those things I'd go with making it the A-10 of tie fighters. A pair of linked light turbo lasers would fit that role. For funzies I would make the three points around the cockpit light ion cannons (Linked 2). I could see making the two points at 4 and 8 around the cockpit concussion missile launchers. Although that doesn't really leave any ability to dogfight, but hey, that's not it's role. I could see replacing the light ion cannons with light lasers though though. @AceSolo5 where do you see Fractal's description?
  2. Something that may help is to not think of them as single throwing daggers or grenades. It's one attack's worth. That might be three or four knives with one or two connecting and it may be a couple of smaller grenades tossed out with one or more being in the right spot. If a single attack can take out multiple minions, then a single attack could account for multiple smaller attacks, even with limited ammo items. I like to think of limited ammo for grenades and thrown weapons as the game's mechanic to say however many it is, you get one attempt to use it unless you have purchased more than one.
  3. The armor attachment applies to all weapons while the scope only applies to that one. I don't know if that makes up for the difference, but it cover some of it.
  4. I'm not seeing it to be honest. I'll concede that it's big and heavy, but looking at destroyers from the movie stills there just isn't room for anything that heavy unless they are super dense materials or something. Even then it's a stretch. I'd go with the 15-25lb range. Which is still quite heavy to carry around.
  5. Ahrimon

    Improved reflect vs autofire

    I disagree a bit here. It's a community game, not the GM's game for the players to ask mother-may-I. GM's can set alternate rules at the beginning of the campaign, but if they change things in the middle of a game that's not a good thing. Rulings on the fly and discussing it later is separate, but the whole table should come to a consensus in the later discussion before a way forward is finalized. And to continue assaulting the dead equine... I don't think it has to define immediately. Immediately is pretty clear, it happens immediately as the despair is resolved. "Step 5 - Resolve Threat and Despair" Before it's resolved it's just a part of the dice pool. And since step 5 comes after step 4 it happens after the advantage is spent and the extra hits generated. Obviously your group is ok with the house rule you've come up with for auto-fire despairs and that's fine. However if this had come up in the middle of a game and I had a character that was built towards auto-fire I would feel completely justified in asking to rebuild my character if I felt the rule change was egregious enough.
  6. Ahrimon

    Military Punishment

    Outside of the trial options you could also have word spread about him. Fewer and fewer people want to work with him, etc. So say you drop a mission to go blow up a reactor only one of the NPC teams refuses to go with the PC group because of that guy with the reputation for shooting his fellow rebels. Now the mission is harder for the entire group.
  7. I'll bet if you looked for a Max Headroom quote along the same lines you could find it. It sounds like something from that show.
  8. Encumbrance is more than weight, it's also bulkiness and general unweildly-ness. Try carrying around your IOTV, kit, weapon, etc. Now think of the difference if you just wear it. Carrying around an IOTV is more difficult that wearing it, that's why the encumbrance is reduced by 3 when you put it on. No a non-military example, think about carrying around a bulky or large jacket while you're indoors doing stuff. You put it on to go outside and now things are easier to manage which the game models by reducing encumbrance by 3.
  9. Ahrimon

    Chirrut Imwe Rogue One

    What about Blinkin?
  10. oops. It's been a while since I did it manually. Oggdude's builder takes care of it for me normally.
  11. Here's my thoughts on it. Armor and weapons have set encumbrance values, but when worn you reduce the encumbrance of the armor by 4. So, if you mount the weapon on the armor they effectively become one. A suit of armor with a built in weapon if you will. So I would add the encumbrance together for a total and when worn reduce it by 4. This would rarely come into play, but there are occasions where it could.
  12. Ahrimon

    Creative spaceship acquisition

    You should have someone mysterious person simply walk up and hand them the BOSS pad with their name listed as the owner(s) then simply walk away. Every now and then when they mention their ship roll some dice. Or simply describe the occasional uneasy feeling about the ship. Let the players imagination run wild and they'll feed you with a ton of ideas on what to do with the ship, and when one of their ideas turns out correct they'll be extra excited.
  13. Ahrimon

    Suggestions on Flame Projectors

    It's all theater of the mind so grab some N-57 (mechanics), call it Berethon mk II (narrative), and you're golden.
  14. Ahrimon

    Suggestions on Flame Projectors

    There's a weapon attachment for wrist mounted. You could possibly add that to a hand-held flamer.
  15. Also, consider while the force user is dropping their first 50-100xp into force powers the normies are raising their skills and getting new talents. A force user doesn't really fall behind due to the extra capabilities from the force powers, but their skills and talents won't match up.