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  1. It's in there somewhere. It's not an actual mod in the list. It's a side bar that talks about docking clamps. Honestly it is exactly what the imperial gozanti uses. Anything other than internal storage is docking clamps. There is also, possibly legends, stories of rebels having multiple a-wings attached to a CR-90 via the normal clamps.
  2. I think this is rather easy. The first problem is too many get hung up on the difference between a docking clamp and a hanger bay. A hanger allows full access for repair and work while a docking clamp just allows internal transfer. Any repairs or work on a Sheathipede would have to be done as EVA. So all you have to do is modify the C-Roc so that the four Sheathipede's dock at custom docking clamps place where you normally see cargo containers at the side of the ship. Since the Sheathipedes load from the back they would be ready to go for combat launches. Recovery would be a little more difficult and involved in a combat situation though. The vulture droids could be mounted on custom clamps as well. But for ease of use you could add the custom docking bay attachment to support easier launch and recover the vultures during actual combat.
  3. I accept who I am. 😁 It's not like I make combat monsters or characters that totally mess with the balance of the game. I just go for combinations that are effective at what I want my character to do. It's fair enough to call it splitting hairs, but words do matter. That's why I like to get advice from others when the RAW and my gut RAI don't agree with each other. I do appreciate the insight into the designers intent, that helps a lot. Thanks.
  4. We're players. It's for my son's character. Our GM is very particular about his game so I have to be careful around the subject of changes. It probably doesn't help that he has an inherent wariness of me since I tend to make the most optimized characters for our group even though I'm probably the biggest role player.
  5. It definitely gets into a RAW vs RAI area. RAW I'd say it works, because the character did inflict a critical hit. I could also see the interpretation of "change the result" to change the auto-defeat result to a selection from the table. RAI... I honestly don't know. My group rarely faces anything but minions so I have a feeling that the talents are going to be very rarely used and bordering on a waste due to it.
  6. I know one minion is automatically eliminated whenever a critical is applied to the minion group, but how does that resolve with Precise Strike? I'm ok with regardless of the outcome a minion is removed, but there are some good critical results that can help out the players. Things like staggered, distracted, or discouraging wound would could really help out the tide of a battle. Can you still get the effect of a critical on a minion group?
  7. Wasn't there something about the Hutt empire falling after Jabba died and the Nikto took over their empire?
  8. Slave 1 is small compared to the falcon and the ghost is sil 5* which isn't much larger than a YT-1300. I think the razor crest is on the bottom of the scale for sil 4. * I vehemently disagree with the VCX-100 being sil 5 and think the author did it because they thought it had to in order to have the shuttle dock.
  9. I thought he turned it into his personal palace. In legends wasn't the temple over some old dark side nexus or something?
  10. Perhaps in the past they carried an elector staff but recently lost it due to "events"?
  11. Actually no. It doesn't hit you, you hit it.
  12. The email I received was for an update to a forum thread that I am following if that helps any.
  13. If each one of those sith ships had a planet killer, then admiral what's-his-bucket could consider each one to be worth 100 ships. So saying that they would increase the power of the fleet 10,000 times would make some sense.
  14. Does anyone know if there is something up with the legends of the galaxy site? Or know someone that may know. I got an email from the forums and when I clicked it, I get taken to https://nicojmont.wpcomstaging.com/ and from there the page starts to break down. I can't see the forums or any community resources. If I go to https://www.legendsofthegalaxy.com/ the site works just fine and I can navigate to the forums. Although I noticed that there is a difference in the banners.
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