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  1. When you build yourself a weapon that is designed to kill tens or hundreds of thousands with the drop of a bomb, fully intending to use it on civilian populations, and then actually use it to blow up a city of innocents, TWICE, are you capital E Evil? Or just capital A American? Do all shades of grey go away, no matter how many atrocities the other side may have committed Or good they had done?
  2. I wouldn't mind a 1.2 edition by giving the line a Genesys overhaul. Touch up the books with errata and updates, and it's good to go.
  3. Are they though? Over half the galaxy saw an improvement in their quality of life under the empire. It's not argued that they weren't heavy handed, but the republic had basically left the outer rim to the mercy of pirates and corporations. A few worlds are a small price to pay to bring safety to thousands of worlds. They people were safer and more secure than they had ever been. And the rebels were hardly good guys. Murder, terrorism, telling anyone who was a separatist to go F themselves so that the senators that lost their power in the empire can restore a corrupt and morally bankrupt republic putting them back on top. I don't see how anyone can forgive the atrocities committed by the rebels because we were told they were the good guys but hold the empire accountable for their atrocities because we were told that they're the bad guys. No one is going to forgive their family being killed whether it's a couple of moisture farmers on dirtball executed by the empire or shoppers in the coruscant mall killed by a rebel terrorist bomb. A lot of this depends on your point of view (see what I did there) of how you want to paint star wars. Is it a simple black and white good vs evil, is it a more nuanced grey with good and evil on both sides, or is it somewhere in between.
  4. Unless you are a player who believes in re-flavoring and have a DM that doesn't. Then you're just frustrated. Speaking for a friend...
  5. If he didn't have a problem with it, he shouldn't have put it there. Some GMs look at the book as sacrosanct and any change or re-flavoring is blasphemous.
  6. If you do, I'm hoping to experiment with running them through adobe pro to make them searchable.
  7. I'm half looking forward to this book and half dreading it because of all of the mary-sue special gear that players couldn't have with existing gear.
  8. Many of the talents have been converted to the Genesys style over on their forums.
  9. The Wayfarer is 82 meters long compared to 35 on a YT-1300. The Wayfarer also holds 220 metric tons vs 100 (maximum by configuration) on a YT-1300. I think silhouette 5 is appropriate since it's twice as big and holds more than twice as much.
  10. Except the ghost doesn't have a hanger. It has a hardened docking port. A hanger would be a fully enclosed space where the ship can be worked on from the outside. The phantom is half exposed and is not in a hangar. Additionally the mod requires two silhouettes larger, a purpose built ship does not.
  11. That or GM common sense. You aren't going to find the hard coded black and white rules that clearly define everything in this game. You are going to have to rely on GM fiat a lot more than in other systems.
  12. Also remember that Ben said that Vader killed his father "from a certain point of view". So, even if we wanted to infer and interpret that they wanted Luke to kill Vader, that still leaves the door wide open to turning him back because then Luke would have "killed" Vader and Anakin would be reborn.
  13. While I would normally say that the two don't work together to allow a sil 4 ship to barrel roll, looking at the combat rules I think the wording allows it depending on the GMs interpretation EotE pg 234, Perform a combat check with vehicle weapons step 1: Attack declared on ship piloted by a character with tricky target and barrel roll. step 2: Build the dice pool. Tricky target makes the targeted ship one size less at this point. step 3: Pool results and deal damage. step 4: Advantage/Triumph step 5: Threat/Despair step 6: Reduce damage, apply hull trauma and critical hits. Barrel roll would fall somewhere between step 3 and 6. Tricky target's full wording is "Any vehicle the character pilots counts as having a silhouette one lower than normal when being attacked, to a minimum of 0." If it applies to the entire attack action being taken against the target, then Barrel Roll would be allowed since a sil 4 ship would still be counted as a sil 3 ship during that attack action. If tricky target only applies only during step 2, then barrel roll would not be a valid option for a sil 4 ship. To me the question would be could a regular sil 3 ship use barrel roll in any other situation besides an attack against it? If so, then I wouldn't allow the two to combine. If barrel roll only worked against an attack then I think SZ has a case. I doubt it's RAI, but I think it can be interpreted as RAW.
  14. It's been a while, but did Yoda or Ben actually tell Luke that he had to kill Vader? I remember them saying that he had to confront him and defeat him, but not that he actually had to kill him.
  15. "From a certain point of view." The XP sink aspect of it acts as a gatekeeper IMO. Keeping characters from getting too powerful, too fast in comparison to other characters. And that is partially because Force abilities are themselves very broad, versatile, and powerful. If you place the gatekeeping mechanism at another location you can keep the balance and radically re-do how force powers are gained. I'm a fan of doing force powers like genesys magic skills. I don't see anything wrong with still requiring purchase into the individual powers though. Throwing an idea at the wall, perhaps you can know one power per skill rank, so the first power costs 5, the second 10, etc. You could also make certain options on the chart require certain skill levels. Or perhaps you can buy into separate tiers of powers at certain XP points similar to the heroic abilities in Realms of Terrinoth. What if the individual powers were simply done as seperate skills? Then to max out move you would still have to dump 75 XP into that particular ability. I was tossing around an idea in my head of certain power upgrades requiring certain skill levels as well as costing more strain, but strain could be reduced by skill rank. For example a basic move use would cost 3 - skill rank strain. Adding an attack option (rank 1 option) would increase the difficulty by 1 and increase the strain by 1. So, your force user with 2 skill ranks could move sil 0 rocks around at the cost of 1 strain. But if they wanted to attack someone it would be 2 strain and an increased difficulty on the check. Another tier 1 would be range medium for 1 strain. A tier 2 upgrade (requiring 2 skill ranks to use) would be something like move a sil 1 object with +5 damage on the attack, but would cost an additional strain. So now if our force user is wanting to attack someone at medium range with a sil 1 object it's a total of 4 strain (3 base, +1 range, +1 attack, +1 size, -2 skill ranks) and 3 increases to the difficulty. It would take a lot more work to flesh out, but was just an idea I was musing on.
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