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  1. Ahrimon

    Selling Stolen Ships

    New hypderdrives are fairly cheap now that Fully Operational is out. Sublights however require the ship to be rebuilt and can cost hard points so they're very expensive in several ways.
  2. Ahrimon

    Carbonate Question

    *Whooosh* 🤣
  3. Ahrimon

    Carbonate Question

    It's true. I just finished reading up on it on Wookiepedia.
  4. Ahrimon

    Dear FFG: please convert

    Yep, you have to play by their rules right now. But wouldn't it be great if there was another way... ***cough***Genesys***cough***
  5. Ahrimon

    Dear FFG: please convert

    Allow me to attempt to elaborate on how I am looking at it. First, it's not a matter of XP. Any character concept could be made with an unlimited amount of XP. It's more, for 200 xp I could have the basics of my character to where it's now coming together. I can do the things I want. I'm not great, but good enough and have my desired bases at least touched on with definite room for improvement. VS it takes me 300 to 400 xp to fill in that basic foundation and I had to take several talents that had absolutely nothing to do with the desired direction of my character. Another way to look at it. Say you have a career plan and pick most appropriate school. You've taken the main courses and started your career but want to continue your education down a certain path to get better. Your school doesn't offer any more of those courses so they tell you that you will have to find a different school to take the courses you want. Only when you go there they tell you that before you can take the courses that you want you have to take several other courses that have absolutely nothing to do with your career path. There's no negotiation, it's just "if you want the 300 level engineering course, you have to take history 102, and underwater tapestry weaving 1 and 2 first. Oh, and you have to join the dance team." The Genesys rules are more like a school that says "if you want the 300 level engineering course, you'll have to take some 100 and 200 level courses first to balance out your load. Go ahead and pick whichever ones you want that you think will be good for you though, we're cool like that."
  6. Ahrimon

    Dear FFG: please convert

    Where did I say anything about 6 ranks of anything? I said three or four. Totally within reason. But those talents are often one or rarely two in a spec that barely has anything to do with my chosen shtick. So I get forced (no pun intended) to pick up specs that barely apply and talents that certainly don't for a couple of ranks of something. I dislike spec hopping to pick up lots of "cheap ranks" of a talent. I'd rather let it rank up and cost me more so that I could stay true to my characters shtick.
  7. Ahrimon

    Dear FFG: please convert

    Hmm, perhaps that's a good thing that you can't just run around and get tons of the better talents for cheap in Genesys. I find the specs to be arbitrarily restrictive and superfluous. How many different does A but also does B templates do we need. I often look at the new specializations and simply see a little from spec A a little from spec B throw in a new talent or two and viola. Never mind that the new talent would be a perfect fit for three other specializations. They can't even get it without getting a whole new, and often outside of their career specialization. There's often one or two talents that I want to be my character's shtick. But just to get three or four ranks I have to take three different specializations and spend a ton of XP on talents that I neither want and/or don't fit my character's theme.
  8. Ahrimon

    Flight Suit

    I like that DM. I've noticed that space suits are suspiciously absent or vaguely defined in FFG's SW. The only two real suits we have are in the equipment chapter. All of the armor options are either undefined or cost 5x the price of a regular suit but are limited to about 10 minutes (vacuum sealed). I may try to make something with some handwavium and pleasegmium.
  9. Ahrimon

    Flight Suit

    Well, if the adversaries stats are anything to go off of, it doesn't provide any soak.
  10. So, the rebel and tie pilot adversaries list a "flight suit" in their equipment but I can't find it anywhere else in the books. I know what a flight suit is, but outside of just a pair of space pajamas are there any effects to wearing them? Does it function as a space suit, etc?
  11. You can also add in Reverse Engineering from Fully Operational. When doing an engineering focused check you can spend a triumph to add 1 HP to whatever you are working on. It can only be done once.
  12. I'm totally using this next time someone talks about using the reduced silhouette to make an iron man suit.
  13. That's what I get for glossing over the details... Hmm, Hyperdrive? Shield generator? Armor? Those could probably be tossed out. I suppose you could allow the maneuvering jets or improved ion engines to improve the boots' stats. Maybe the quasi-stealth field thing or whisper-thrust engines.
  14. I'd say that they couldn't add vehicle attachments. Rocket boots aren't vehicles themselves. They "enable a person to function as a ... vehicle".
  15. That's cool. I disagree with your assessment that they're meant for "extra flavor" though. Every spec is extra flavor after your starting one to me. I think a number of the career specializations should have been universal specializations, but that's kind of besides the point. Every spec is nothing more than a stepping stone on a character's journey. Many of the universals tend to resonate more with a character's history though and that is something that is better taken at the beginning. So, coming full circle, I don't see any issue with it.