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  1. New episode of Corp Draw is live. We talk about the Most Wanted List. You can listen here: http://wp.me/p48Bf9-py
  2. I uploaded our latest episode where we talk about Worlds and all the new Mumbad cards we’ve seen over the last few weeks. http://corpdraw.com/2015/11/corp-draw-episode-34-everybody-gets-a-sports-hopper/
  3. Corp Draw Episode 33 is live. We talk about all things Gen Con. http://corpdraw.com/2015/08/corp-draw-episode-33-gen-con-wrap-up/
  4. We posted a new episode today. We go over The Valley and talk about the ANR Pro Circuit. http://corpdraw.com/2015/04/corp-draw-episode-30-special-order-the-valley/
  5. The tournament start got pushed back to noon. The stream should be starting about that time.
  6. Should have maybe tossed Netrunner on there before the store championship part lol.
  7. Corp Draw will be streaming the MTG Deals Store Championship on Saturday at 10AM PST (or there abouts). Hope you can join us! http://www.twitch.tv/corpdraw
  8. We’re back with a new episode! In this episode we go over our initial impressions of the corp cards in Order & Chaos. We also talk about recent and upcoming Store Champs. http://corpdraw.com/2015/02/corp-draw-episode-26-special-order-order-chaos-corp-cards/
  9. The Corp Draw crew is logging online with another new episode! We talk about the Lunar Cycle as a whole and do a bit of Netrunner rambling. http://corpdraw.com/2014/12/corp-draw-episode-24-lunar-cycle-review/
  10. Our one year anniversary episode is a review of the All That Remains data pack! Thanks to everyone who has listened for the past year. Can’t wait for the next one. http://corpdraw.com/2014/12/corp-draw-episode-23-special-order-all-that-remains/
  11. We just posted our newest episode where we talk about everything related to the Fantasy Flight Games World Championship Weekend! http://corpdraw.com/2014/11/corp-draw-episode-22-worlds/
  12. Episode 21 is live! We discuss our thoughts on the Up and Over datapack and Jason sets a new personal record for the number of card pun segues in one episode. Hope you enjoy it. http://corpdraw.com/2014/11/corp-draw-episode-21-special-order-up-and-over/
  13. We’re back with a new episode of Corp Draw! In this episode we answer listener questions about all things Netrunner! http://corpdraw.com/2014/10/corp-draw-episode-20-inside-the-runners-studio/
  14. We’re back with a brand new episode! We discuss our thoughts on the First Contact data pack and giveaway an alt-art Noise! You can find the new episode here: http://corpdraw.com/2014/09/corp-draw-episode-19-special-order-first-contact/
  15. Josh posted his First Contact thoughts in his latest Crash Space article! He even threw in a couple new deck lists that he's been working on! http://corpdraw.com/2014/09/crashspace-first-contact-first-impressions-set-preview-plus-bonus-decklists/