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  1. I would like to be clear with everyone here that I don't feel that the force breaks the game, it is not even OP. What I do have a problem with is that if you decide that you want to take it so that you can take your combat monkey and now make the GM have to upgrade the ability dice cause he has Control Upgrade plus the Strength upgrade skill which adds additional upgrade to the difficulty. You can all see where this is going. The PC also is a wookie that has a mod'd vibroaxe that crits every roll and has a vicious rating that adds 50 to the crit roll. It may seem as if I am whinning I am just saying it is really hard to provide a challenge to this character. I did however send an assassin droid from the CRB that has a built in missle tub which took his wounds down to 0 with one shot so he does have a fear of dying now. Thanks again guys
  2. Well I do appreciate all of the responses and alot of you have some really good points. I have decided to deal with this situation as such. The last mission the party has essential doing a job for the Rebels and in comes Boba Fett, (which they had dealt with earlier in the mission) and captures them by throwing a couple of glop grenades and taking them into custody. They were taken to Jabba on Tatooine and are sitting in Jabba's prision. So without giving away too many spoilers as we are playing this mission on Fri and they will have Mara Jade come to Jabba's palace and the Empire will pay Jabba for thier release, because the Emperor has a job for them. What they will find out is that alll of thier equipment i.e. weapons,ship, armor is gone. A reset button if you will. The job will be to seek out a forsaken Jedi that is out beyond the Dune Sea. The party will essentially need to go to a pawn shop and buy new equipment. They will not be allowed to purchase anything above rarity 4 which makes alot off limits. Now they wil have to deal with this forsaken Jedi that will probably kill most of them and we will have to reset and start of with a new rule set and no force talent trees purchasable unless a solid back story can explain how you learned of the force. Thanks for all you comments this really helped me with my conundrum.
  3. Just wanted to ask some more experienced GM's out there thier thoughts on this subject. My "rules attorney" in my group has expressed that there are no rules that govern that a person can't purchase the force talent tree as long as they pay the proper amount of XP to get it. Myself I don't feel that a PC should be allowed to this after character creation. I think that if you create a FSE then you can get the talent trees, but since the "rules attorney" says there are no rules that say such and there doesn't seem to be as we looked. I had to allow it, but I feel that you cannot just train in the force if you are not a force user. This particular is OP'd as hell without the force but wanted to pick up the force talent tree to be even more OP, but hey that is what PC's do. I also have a conudrum because I have a FSE that at character creation created a FSE and had a totally bad ass backstory. He is also the perfect PC as he doesn't cause problems doesn't ask for ridiculous crap and just wants to do cool stuff, but the other players want everything and be as bad as possible so they can totally derail every adventure that I throw at them. I had the idea of telling the player if you don't drop the force tree I will send 5 emperors hands to kill your PC. What do you all think?
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