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    It does seem that this is a major obstacle for many, which is interesting to me. I love the feeling of flipping the disks onto enemies; a good impact from a cavalry unit, for example, is made so much more visceral and concrete when you flip the disk onto an opponent. Azhag moving to pin multiple units, or a dragon swooping in...will it make it or not? The Reavers charging unbelievable distances, flip after flip, seemingly never to stop... All of these "flavor" moments in the game enhance the play greatly for me, and they all stem directly from the flipping mechanic. I think a great deal of the feel and excitement of the game would be greatly diminished if not totally mitigated by a simple measurement. I love Diskwars! I agree with you that the disk-flipping mechanic really enhances the experience (and works beautifully as a way to move your units around). However, I can understand how people who have never *tried* the game would dismiss the disk flipping as a weird gimmick... I was one of these people.
  2. kazik


    I haven't been to the event, but if you watch the 4 videos FFG posted, you will notice that there were a few Diskwars banners hanging here and there, as well as a number of tables set up where you could play the game. It seems that although there was no news announced (likely, as you said, because of how recent the 2 new expansions are), the game was represented relatively well at Gen Con. Also, it's interesting to note that games for which FFG held tournaments (X-wing, the LCGs, etc.) got plenty of exposure and coverage. I think we will see more excitement for the game once there's been at least one official Diskwars tournament (isn't there one scheduled for the fall or winter?). I think once people see the game played at a high level, they will realize just how good it really is. Another thing to keep in mind is that the game likely has good profit margins (since virtually all the artwork is recycled from the LCG and the components are not expensive to design or manufacture) and that it does not cannibalize any of the other FFG product lines (for instance, running 10 different LCGs may make people pick up one or two since they're all similar; Diskwars is a unique product that doesn't overlap much--in terms of gameplay and mechanics--with many other FFG titles). Sales may not be stellar, but from a business standpoint, I think the game is likely a winner. All in all, I think the future of Diskwars is looking pretty good. At the very least I expect that we will see the lizardmen, dark elves, wood elves, and skaven fleshed out more before the game is discontinued.
  3. Come on FFG, give us the Ogre Kingdoms!!!
  4. They could include a single regiment of Ogres in one of the next ones (fingers crossed)
  5. Judging by the numbers of reviews on BoardGameGeek and the number of posts on the Diskwars forum here on FFG, the game appears to be relatively unpopular (compared to games like the LCGs and Star Wars X-wing). I think the disk concept is a turn-off for people because they don't realize just how well it actually works in practice. Personally, I think this is the best "miniatures battle" game I have ever played. That said, I'm hoping that the game will pick up after the scheduled FFG tournament in the fall.
  6. medium sized Ogres is sweet idea with impact and maybe slow, and gnoblar trapers with some kind of defensive trap ranged attack usable before receiving pining or leadbelchers which applies scaters as hit and still get another target. so many amazing option do it FFG !! Exactly. There are so many interesting things they could do with that army
  7. The following will definitely show up in the next 2 expansions: Wood Elves or Lizardmen for Order; Dark Elves or Skaven for Destruction. We are likely to see a single regiment each for 2 additional new factions. Personally, I would love Ogre Kingdoms.... extra points if they're all medium-sized disks or larger (except for gnoblars)
  8. I'm loving the new expansions (got 2 of each). Diskwars is the only game my group plays these days, we think it's that good. The dwarves and VC play very differently from the other factions, which is really great. Out of the "teaser" armies, the wood elves seem to hit the table the most. I'm really looking forward to the next set of expansions and hope that Ogre Kingdoms get added at some point (pretty please, FG )
  9. That's correct. It just goes at "regular" speed This is cleared up on page 2 of the FAQ, here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/diskwars/support/faq-updates/WHD_FAQ_low_res.pdf
  10. I really hope they include Ogre Kingdoms
  11. To answer your second question, I'm fairly certain that the ability allows you to reanimate 3 "skeletons" completely within short range of Kemmler. The 3 disks will NOT have activation tokens on them, but will have the "reanimated" tokens. You should check out the discussion on the topic over at BoardGameGeek (you will need to scroll down a few posts before people start talking about Kemmler): http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1193857/first-expansion-game-dwarves-vs-vc The general consensus seems to be what I've described above.
  12. I got the following answer from BoardGameGeek Forums: I think you can reanimate 3 skeletons, and I believe that the wording from the Vampire Counts preview proves that you can: "Heinrich Kemmler’s necromancy is particularly effective in that he can use a single action to reinforce up to three “Skeleton” disks. Accordingly, you can throw your Skeleton Warriors into harm’s way turn after turn with reckless abandon, and you’ll want to send them forward as your vanguard in order to pin key enemy units and block enemy traffic." -- Found from the preview here: http://fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4809 They would not have used the words "turn after turn with reckless abandon" if you were not reanimating them. Also they referred to the ability as his "necromancy" which provides further proof that this is a reanimation and not just a reinforcement. So it seems you can in fact use his reanimate to bring back 3 skeletons from the casualty pile. It would be nice to hear from someone from FFG though.
  13. How were you having him Reanimate both of the Knights each turn? I think one of the knights disks had been alive the entire time.
  14. EDIT: I figured it out. Please delete this post.
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