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  1. Indeed I did. By saying "the official statement", I meant that I asked Tim Huckleberry and he gave those particular answers. Which means the question is kinda settled.
  2. You can pretty much distregard my previous post. The official statement confirms that an Untouchable can also be a Discordant, with GM's approval. Further, their abilites have no connection with psychic powers, and therefore cannot be blocked.
  3. I don't think it is. While it is indeed techincally possible, and I too thought about such a character, I do believe it's not possible first, rules-wise. Because I think the Untouchables abilities are quite really warp-based. Disrupting it, as well as the souls of the people. They are a bit like reversed psykers, also counting within the The Assignment. So as much as attractive it may look, it would go against the rules to me. Secondly, fluff-wise. Not just the rules and restrictions, that are present in the advance, but their very abilities are quite similar to that of the psykers. Who can just as well shut down the machines, hide from the sensors and generally be a tech-disrupting nuisance. So, to me, everything suggests that they are also some particular sort of psykers, with innate machine-ruining abilites that are permanently active. Not unlike pariahs, whose tricks are warp-ruining. And due to their minds being fixed on this sole purpose, they are not able to be true psykers. But that's just my own theory. Although it does contradicts with the fact that Untouchables do not block this. But this is just as well maybe an overlooking. Third and forth reasons is the aformentioned difficulties with survival. I don't really like special snowflakes. And because their abilities should make it quite hard to use any kind of advanced gear, such as plasma gun and power armor. Maybe even bolter. And this makes for a challenging characters. Unless it's not an issue for a player. Not mentioning GMing problems. Which is also might be an overlooking. Overall, combining the two makes the kinds of Black Pariah to me, which I loathe. And last. Did you notice Hive Desoleum in the box there?
  4. There's a thing called pict caster, which is basically a 40K TV. And it's probably not mentioned that much do too cheer obviousness of existance of such a thing. So yeah, in the grim darkness of the far future there is also television.
  5. It's right there. In the zogging desctiption. How about you just re-read it? You erase your presence from the minds of others. This power is more than just “invisibility”; targets that this power has been used successfully on literally cannot perceive you at all. While they may suspect that someone else is present, they can only react to the effects of what you do. For example, you could punch a guard while using See Me Not. The guard would know that he had been hit by “something” and would certainly do his best to find the source of the attack, in hopes of stopping a second blow, but he would look “right through you” while he was searching. And it's range is 20m. Within which you must select a number of targets equal to your Willpower Bonus. And no, you CAN be hit with not only melee, but ranged attacks as well, if dice falls in the defender's favour. It's generally better to spam Spasm, rather waste turns and actions on Dominate in combat, since you cannot full auto, and the target too. And I prefer having something for defense, so think about Biomancy or Telekinesis.
  6. It's really easy. Warp is for all warp related. The knowledge of warp itself, what it is, how it works and the dangers therein. Psykers already know this. You can use to identify the cause for disturbances in the warp, it grants the knowledge on warp portals and how to use them with a semblance of safety, also the know of warp-related rituals, such as creating said portals. Identifying things warp-related and/or corrupted, and using them. If it's warp-related, you can use it to extract some knowledge. It's really rather broad. But in dark heresy practice, you are unlikely to use it often or at all, unless you're dealing with chaos and accompanying warp problems. Occult you can use for variety or reasons, such as identifying a particular cult, rituals, or anything (oc)cult-related. How to know the cult, it's practices and marks, a details of a profane rituals, and who may have performed a particular one. Also allows a perfomance of said rituals. Also, there is a whole chapter of hints and tips about skills in the Inquisitor's Handbook. Page 224.
  7. It is not clear in how to interpret this suitable special ability or Talent. The implications of the Gift and Power are another matter. I see no point in continuing discussion. It have just became a matter of opinion. At least, in my eyes.
  8. I already said before. Do I really need to repeat myself? The trait says you can't affect the mortal world normally without a suitable special ability or talent. Which could also include psychic talents. And without anything suggesting restrictions or allowing such things in the description. While any psychic powers hardy can be considered "normal". It also says that Daemons, warp creatures, psychic powers, force weapons and other Incorporeals, interact with you normally, possibly even damaging you. With all of this things having a direct connection with the warp. So I see it only fair that you can affect them with psychic powers in turn. Especially in the case of daemons and warp creatures. I would have even gone so far as to allow attacking them normally. And you can only guess what was intended with the very few glimpses with the said Gift or subject psychic power. So this why it hardly can be called clear. The existance of this same thread I'm posting in right now only proves this.
  9. Nay, what the RAW says is quite unclear and this is exactly why this thread have poped up. Still, I got the similar thoughts too, seeing the Dimentional Instability and this Aegis of Euphedros. It just seems weird to me, so I, personally, prefer to simply ignore this. Nay again, they are not. Psykery-immune beings are immune only to actions more or less directly affecting them. In that case it'll function as described in the talent's description. Just without a WP roll. Powers that can affect them undirectly, however, are perfectly valid. So throwing boulders or enhancing your own abilites to match with the target is okay. And the latter is exactly what Mantle does. Same rule apply to everyone with the similar abilites, like untouchables, Slaught and others.
  10. I always thought that you can not only use Psychic Powers whilst Incorporeal, but quite easy damage anyone and anything with them. Psyker Trait, Psy-Raiting and various powers are quite suitable special abilities and talents, for the requirement by RAW. I actually believe that interacting restriction only affects normal attacks and actions. And psykery things are anything but normal. It's really that obvious. Still doesn't excuse the lousy rulings though.
  11. Pay attention to the power's description. For the power’s duration, the sorcerer gains the Incorporeal (and thus, also the Hover (6)) Trait, gains a +20 bonus to all Willpower Tests, and may only take actions to move or use other psychic powers whilst in this state. It is especially obvious that it allows psychic powers even without said description, cause it grants bonus to WP test and enhances powers. And it is also RAW. Kindly tell your GM to stop being a blind ****. I'd say that ability to use psychic powers whilst Incorporeal is debatable as written, but should have been allowed. Dimensional instability is probably a very special case of this trait.
  12. It's still more useful to create your own daemon weapons with nigh-indestructible bindings. Unless you're confindent enough and want moar abilities. In that case, everything else said above goes quite well. I'd say this is even obvious, unless looking for a loop. I also would like to add that some daemons might not rebel quite often or at all, being more or less content with their lot. Such as a band of inspired and/or persuaded Nurglings to a Plaguemarine. Or maybe a Plaguebearer within a blade gifted by Grandfather to the righteous. And similar things, with the daemons having a semblance of respect for the wielder, compliance to patron's commands and content with the ruination they bring. And if the question is how to make it more perilous to wield, I say just limit the maximum binding strength.
  13. As for broken weapons, there aren't many rules for broken weapons to begin with. Only for quality. Broken weapon happens only in special circumstances with abilities or just when GM says so. It's handled by Tech Use, but the time and difficulty you'd better set up yourself. Using crafting rules for reference.
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