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  1. Nah, double clapping would be out, but I wouldn't get into that much granularity.
  2. The vehicle rules don't play well with the personal combat rules in the game period. I'd say run with it, apply the Talents that make sense, ignore the ones that don't . Honestly strapping a jet engine just above your rectum and getting into a gun fight is all about wanting your character to die spectacularly anyway...
  3. I wouldn't have HP on them, that's what your arms and legs are imo. Some of the Rigger Talents would be a wash, like the vacuum seal thing, since you're also the 'hull'. I think 'Fancy Paintjob' works awesome. You in your chrome jetpack with flames painted on it, wearing it everywhere even when not appropriate, and of course always talking about it....
  4. Beyond the Rim has a swarm of insects in the middle act.
  5. If 1950s Chevy made an A-Wing...
  6. Ships are so ubiquitous in Star Wars there are countless companies zipping hither and yon and all manner of ship service providers. We see the criminal underworld thriving in the movies, so I'm confident there would be options out there for vessels to be worked on where the paperwork is fudged.
  7. Planets that look the other way. Outlaw Tech group that 'found' a mobile fleet tender. Good idea for PCs to set one up. Honestly speaking on behalf of pirates I'd use a cruiser for pure intimidation and would try and avoid any kind of combat at all.
  8. If you're gonna take a 1 I'd only go for Presence. As long as you never have to do anything social, and you pour ranks into Cool, you'll generally be ok.
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